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Super Smash Bros Ultimate

08 March 2018 - 06:15 PM

Official site: http://smashbros.com/en_US/index.html

Let it be known that this is not a mere port, and that I will edit the thread title upon the reveal of an official name.

We'll probably have Bayonetta again, since she integrated into Nintendo since the previous titles, though my main hope is for Bomberman.

I resolve to update this post as we receive more information.

Post and I'll give you a Umineko character

20 February 2018 - 09:46 PM

While I write longer messages for the other thread—of which the first is yet days away—I'll do this now so I don't have to wait for Black to do it and help tide over the wait for my other thread.


They'll include short justification, (maybe) a track and the character image/name. The track is meant to further communicate the sort of tone and aesthetic you invoke.


**Plot spoilers will be in actual spoilers


If I don't know you, you're Mitch or a Lithuanian then you'll get one of these generic goats:




Substantive Substantial Stances (opinion thread)

10 February 2018 - 07:50 AM

In face not of the fad, but of my recent, sincere efforts to participate in the community, I gained the right to finally write one of these with intellectual honesty. Aware people are befuddled by me, this should clarify my position with anyone.

Now, the title is not mere wordplay: I am resolute in sharing my most sincere and felicitous thoughts. The posts will be pretty long, basically, so don't mind a wait.

2: Borges; Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius (9-2-2018)

09 February 2018 - 09:23 PM

Here is Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius as a file to be downloaded. This is the longest of Borges' stories in this project, and it connects well to The Library of Babel; those who have read the predecessor should find it in their artistic interest to juxtapose the works.


This will be the main literary discussion until February 17, 2018. For those who arrive here in the near or distant future, feel free to prompt a discussion regardless and others will join graciously


Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius discusses worldbuilding, especially outside fiction, as a creature of consensus. This Berkeleyan ideaーsubjective idealismーis the obverse of materialism and goes like this: reality is how the subject's mind perceives and understands it. The table is dependent on the subject seeing it and never fully exists without the mind's approval, as do all its features. This logically continues to information fed by others, which exist in the same mode and plane as truths. A new person exists truly as the rumors and information you hear before you see them; the person's conceptual avatar is made up of a homogeneous thought substance, where mere rumors and direct experiences meld together into for a complete synthesis


The subjective idealist predicate explains Tlön's graduation from rumor to invisible country. As a mere rumor, its existence is chimerical and not necessarily true to anyone but its few demiurges; as more of its mythos is published, curious onlookers accept the more sincere source of information as a matter of fact, and a place named Tlön, with enough of this, will find itself taken for as real as the moon or arctic poles, which are, too, thoroughly documented and undoubtedly considered real but never experienced by the onlookers (us). The keenness of this story's input is in the universality of this human behavior. Most beliefs are chimerical leaps of faith founded on what amount to mere rumors.


Remember that this is only meant to be a prompt to stimulate your mind and prime it to useful traits to acknowledge to enrich your insight on the work.

1: Borges; The Library of Babel (31-1-2018)

31 January 2018 - 01:21 AM

Here lies The Library of Babel's PDF: the first reading of many, and a legendary, seven-page piece. 


This will be the main literary discussion until February 8, 2018. For those who arrive here in the near or distant future, feel free to prompt a discussion regardless and others will join graciously.


I'll typically spur a discussion with a terse interpretation of a piece of the work I find interesting; the new reader can explore the piece without the subconscious pressure of an omniscient authority who induces dogma (pitiful for any artistic venture). 


The very library that encompasses the universe is found in front of a mirror:


"In the vestibule there is a mirror, which faithfully duplicates appearances. Men often infer from this mirror that the Library is not infinite-if it were, what need would there be for that illusory replication?" 


     Borges, a lover of Schopenhauer, was no doubt aware of the 108 Upanishads—holy Vedas of the Vedanta Hinduist school. Eastern religions akin to spiritual philosophies, the Upanishads teach the reader of the illusory dichotomy between the Atman (the self) and the Brahman (the ultimate reality or transcendent self; the universal, Spinozan apeirodimensional fractal). The outward universe is shown to ultimately stem from the self—the trees are a magical illusion, as are the atoms and galaxy clusters, and in symphony, the Atman unites with the Brahman. They are initially a dichotomy as subject to object but are ultimately subservient to the same will (Schopenhauer's World as Will and Representation is precisely about this).


     The library is a compendium of all linguistically-encompassed human cognition: an infinitude of tomes consisting of an infinitude of linguistic combinations results in all possible expressions preexisting (this is more so Platonic). The mirror is meant to show that the library (the universe/Brahman) is, in fact, a reflection of the self (Atman) in the way that reality is a reflection of art. These connect because art (effable expression of the soul) is the self's precedent reality manifest while the mundane, scientific "reality" inspires—as a simulacrum—for the artist and is never directly experienced. The mirror is in the vestibule (a chamber beside an opening) like the senses are the window to the mind, and thus the Atman a mere illusion of the Brahman, though this placement seems merely symbolistic to me. 


This was an impromptu example of one of the genres of content expected in these discussions (particularly of the philosophical ilk) and was meant to help prime the reader's mind for one sort of thinking they'd have to do to truly experience the piece in question (don't betray yourself, of course). I'm more interested in what the participants want to bring to the table, though, so I encourage discussion of passages and themes the reader finds interesting be invoked by the reader when he becomes a participant. Don't wait for my permission or agreement—you're free voyagers. Of course, if the sort of thing I wrote is what appeases you, do quote and inquire, but always remember to bring what you find interesting up.


For anyone who wishes to participate, you are free to as of the moment this is posted and you have read the appropriate story.