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#7095780 Neo New Card maker - 1.1.1

Posted by Hachimitcher-Lemon on 19 April 2018 - 08:24 AM

Can you explain in laymans terms why the old card maker could save files on YCM, but we currently can't with the new card maker?

I'll try to explain.


YCM the site has a storage, or like a box, that stores stuff made with the old cardmaker. We don't know how it works or how to access that, and we don't know if it would accept information/images made with the new card maker. YCMaker is the one who created that storage space so that it would receive cards from every account and index it such that the card data could be returned to the right user whenever they called for it. Chances are that storage space is paid for with site traffic as well.


The new cardmaker has a storage that has all the templates required for making cards, but doesn't have a way to add new images to it. For something like that, I'm betting we'd need to pay for a server to store and index them.

#7095769 Neo New Card maker - 1.1.1

Posted by Hachimitcher-Lemon on 19 April 2018 - 07:25 AM

I was pleasantly surprised to see the thing I made last time without saving and just closed the tab was still there.



#7095374 Cherry Heart: A Quest Based RP [Main Thread/IC/Starting/Currently Not Accepti...

Posted by Hachimitcher-Lemon on 17 April 2018 - 12:16 PM


Auburn stood dumbstruck as he watched the two women exchange words. He had no context for either side and could not contribute in any meaningful way. He had a ominous feeling this meeting was perhaps a prelude to a larger, greater event somehow though. The tough, stern guildmaster with a past he didn't know about, and a blue-haired girl whose resemblance to the guildmaster's friend was almost uncanny, and was 'supposed to be dead'. Before he realized it, Celia had already disappeared into the guest room. He hoped that wasn't the last time he was going to see her.


When Florentia addressed him again, he didn't even remember the little quarrel he had with her, nor did he feel dissatisfied she didn't look more surprised. Before she left to continue the conversation with Celia, Auburn felt he had to get a word in. "Guildmaster. Celia, she isn't a bad person. I don't know what's going on, some of your conversation just now was real shady, but I think she's trustworthy...That's all. Hmph, sorry to interrupt you."


Once he was redirected to Mina, his mood was lifted a little. "Behold. This is fine furniture right here. The wood and craftsmanship is sleek and old-fashioned, and it'd certainly improve the presentation of this guild building."



Report of Celia C.C. Cannes

Auburn Peachfield


I encountered Celia C.C. Cannes on the streets during my outing to buy furniture. I had mistaken her for a common thief, but the only valuable I had at the time was my quest reward from Myrdain, a small, magical artifact, so I wasn't very concerned that it could've been stolen. The reason I chased after her was because, for obvious reasons I mistook her for Miss Secretary. Once I caught up with her, she gave me her name and that she was looking for Miss Secretary, so I decided to take her back to the guild building. Before that, she assisted me in selling off the quest reward so I could afford the furniture, but not before both of us tried using it at least once to share a dream. Afterwards we properly sold it off and brought back the furniture you have seen earlier. On the way we encountered a corpse in public, and decided to quickly return, details to be elaborated on in a later paragraph. The expenses were entirely covered by selling the magical artifact, which I have earned myself.  There should be no complaints, I hope.


I believe what Guildmaster is most curious about is her resemblance to Miss Secretary, Celica C. Cannes. I had initially thought Celia to be Celica, but after we cleared our misunderstandings I thought they were sisters. However, Celia said Celica could not be old enough. Combined with your statement that Celia should have been dead, I've arrived to several possible conclusions, although those are not important right now. Celia's behavior is similar but not so to Celica, Miss Secretary is meeker and less adventurous. That is to say, Celia is more bold and daring as a person. It struck me that she is seemingly experienced as a traveler. Beyond that, no other details come to mind, other than the interesting coincidence that Celia C.C. Cannes is just Celica C. Cannes with the C moved around a bit. I don't know if you've noticed, Guildmaster, but that is a fairly unusual coincidence.


My evaluation of her is based on our interactions in the shared dream space. We merely held conversation while exploring several scenes from the books I have read before, and hers as well. Nothing struck to me as strange.


The corpse we both stumbled upon was in a public square, with a crowd already formed around it. It was the corpse of an elf with wings, and there were tiny lacerations all around it. I had found a bloodstained wallet on the ground nearby that I assume to be the corpse's, so I returned it. The  cause is unknown but judging from the crowd's reactions, the corpse's appearance was sudden. That was all I was able to infer.


If you will allow for some closing personal comments, guildmaster, then what the hell is going on? Who on earth is Miss Secretary and Celia and even you, guildmaster? This is fucking suspicious and the only way for me to express my very reasonable and justified doubts is in this part of my report. Maybe it's not something that concerns an outsider, but after spending some time with Celia C.C. Cannes I do want to help her, and there's no fucking damn way you and Miss Secretary are entirely unrelated to this. I would like to know even if I have to if at all possible. That concludes my report. ~ Auburn Peachfield

#7094741 [RP Poll] Gauging the Interests of the RPers

Posted by Hachimitcher-Lemon on 14 April 2018 - 01:52 AM

That would also mean it would have to be designed almost perfectly to a tee and balanced well enough that it couldn't be broken.


But then again, you do have a point. RP Hosts could find ways to actually create a new TCG in the process and have the applicants learn the game at the same time.

I don't think that's necessary. It's fine to be broken and have the characters/players discover and abuse that as they play along, that's part of the immersion and can really help to set the characters' decks and personalities apart from each other. After a while the story can just ban or do something to mitigate those issues, and let players try to find another thing to abuse. It's not an actual card game so you don't have the same constraints for say, making a banlist.


As for designing individual cards, they'd have to go through a  host or co-host first(in such an RP, a co-host can just be someone who's eager about creating cards and likes the game, not necessarily someone who'd have to participate in the RP a lot). if said custom card game has a cost-system then you can have that be the guideline for how much a card of a certain cost can accomplish.

#7093408 Kazooie as a New Moderator

Posted by Hachimitcher-Lemon on 08 April 2018 - 03:52 AM

I'm pretty busy among other reason is the why I opted out of getting promoted. I also want to do a good and fair job if I was promoted. In a months I will have more times on my hands but atlas the lack of activity in the CaC section of this forum also makes me not want to be part of group of mods. As a mod you are required to do a "shift" doing x amount of time and if the site is dead (or near dead) aka super lack of people doing stuff on YCM, would be super boring just staring at a screen for hours on end with nothing much to do. Hope the site picks up during the end of spring and/or beginning of the summer.

yeah man all of us in this thread were so eager to have you as our new super mod shame to see you go bro

#7092952 "RP Rewards" Discussion Thread

Posted by Hachimitcher-Lemon on 05 April 2018 - 11:33 PM

i dont think we need one. i mean i guess a completed RP could give all members like, 5k points per page or something. but points arent a very good incentive in the first place and there isnt really anything else to give, and to be cheesy its about the journey rather than the reward. as far as incentivizing people to, aside from a simple points reward like what i suggested there really isnt a need for a reward. 

#7091451 Hallo Reborn Reborn

Posted by Hachimitcher-Lemon on 31 March 2018 - 11:36 AM

"Umineko!" - the lamb answered.

my sides are fucking dead

#7091338 Umineko read-through thread

Posted by Hachimitcher-Lemon on 31 March 2018 - 02:00 AM

wtf stop posting so much good content


I'm not sure how much I should say so that it won't ruin your experience. If you don't want any kind of hint at all, don't read on but I'm trying to not give solid hints while still giving you things to think about. Here goes: I guess I can say that Battler's sin is highly pivotal to the events of the island happening at all. That he doesn't know about his sin is absolutely his sin, if he knew about it he could've done something about it. As to what his sin is, you actually have been told about it before in the game. It's not a fresh new reveal of events you've never heard of.


And you have to consider how the mansion building was gone entirely by Ange's time. I don't remember if the cause for that has been mentioned yet but it's a valuable hint. If you haven't been told of the cause, then think of one and think of what would be required to make it happen. How would that play into Kyrie and/or Rudolf? At this point I think it's a given that they've been shown to be willing to commit the murders. Would just willingness be enough to get someone to commit murders though?

#7090880 A New Member of the Staff Team

Posted by Hachimitcher-Lemon on 29 March 2018 - 11:37 AM

@Phantom Roxas

i feel like there's some things that can be dismantled here, either for rebuttal or elaboration. and it feels like you're a little unfairly biased against black in this argument so i'll chip in a bit. (also black ninja'd me while i'm only half done so go figure)

You and her both took active measures to oppose any actions the rest of the mod team took, especially if it didn't meet your own personal approval, and that goes beyond your issues with me. When general concerns were raised about preventing harassment, you both completely rejected those ideas, and you went for the "People should just grow a spine" nonsense, because you would have rather put the onus on someone else to not get upset than actually do anything regarding harassment. You didn't make it a matter of "Constructive criticism is fine." You encouraged flaming, and said that if anyone was upset about those insults, then chances are that they probably deserved it.

you're saying two things for your argument in this paragraph, that kazooie essentially follows black's personal moral standard(the problem here being that kazooie becoming a mod just means black will have more control over the team, according to your accusations), and that he acts off personal opinion against the mod team's actions (the problem in this case being lack of professionalism by having personal bias leak into moderatorial decisions(moderatorial is apparently not a real world good to know)). the first part is elaborated on better in the next paragraph so i'll ignore that and focus on the second one. also your final paragraph restates those points you've made better so thats a thing too i guess but your elaboration of those points are here so i'll ignore it.
the one example you raise to support that second claim is vague. what's the context behind the concerns against harassment in this case? what degree of harassment is being debated at that time? because there is a degree of harassment in which it is reasonably the offended side that should take care to not be offended, rather than the offending side. where that degree lies exactly is up for debate and depends on several things but it exists. it is possible to be reasonable when suggesting that people should grow a spine in regards to harassment, and unless you'll provide the context that answers that, you can't say your example proves black's personal bias in mod decisions(said context has also been provided by black btw, which seems reasonable to me). in fact, the way you phrased it sounds more personally biased. you may not like it but growing a spine is not automatically an invalid rhetoric against harassment. saying that rhetoric is nonsense and grounds for dismissing that argument is your own personal opinion, and is not automatically a position the mod team should hold.

You claim that "If it took swapping me for her, I would take that option", and really, that's all it would be anyway. You and her both agreed on the same things, so replacing you with her would functionally keep the team exactly the same. All I ever saw from Birdie was her supporting you without question, and I want to refer to Winter's reasons for supporting Birdie. He believes that the team needs a steady hand to guide them, and while I believe he is making a good argument in a broader sense, I believe the kind of person he was describing is not who Birdie is.

goes back to the first point made earlier, but you are aware the two are close? that makes the nepotism accusations hold water, but it also means there's a good chance they share the same opinions on a number of things, that they're like minded enough to become close in the first place(again black's also elaborated on this in the post that ninja'd me).  that kazooie supports black 'without question' does not necessarily mean she mindlessly parrots his opinions, they could equally likely be people who both would arrive to the same conclusions. unless you can provide some posts where it's evident kazooie mindlessly supports black then your argument here isn't solid enough either. black's ninja post provided some personal accounts where they disagree on things. maybe that's good enough or maybe its not, but i think the onus is on the side claiming that one's a mouthpiece for the other.

the last paragraph's points have already been answered by everything else i typed so far so i'll skip that. its fine if you're against her becoming a mod but make more solid arguments against her. provide more concrete evidence or instances that support your doubts. argue better.

#7090670 Umineko read-through thread

Posted by Hachimitcher-Lemon on 28 March 2018 - 06:49 AM

also whenever you feel like it, maybe a post with detailed thoughts on each of the characters now that you got to this point?

#7090419 A New Member of the Staff Team

Posted by Hachimitcher-Lemon on 27 March 2018 - 09:31 AM

I will say this. If we didn't get Black and Cow and Torms all within a (relatively) short period of time then I would have no problem voting yes. That is what's changed, as far as I can see.


It may be restating the same thing as before but well that's really the only noteworthy addendum I could make to what I said earlier.

#7090022 Site Changes Discussion

Posted by Hachimitcher-Lemon on 26 March 2018 - 11:39 AM

It should work if you go to the full editor instead of trying to quickpost. I had the same issue with necrobumping a misc thread for a joke before.

#7090004 all my reaction gifs

Posted by Hachimitcher-Lemon on 26 March 2018 - 10:37 AM

now you can crash peoples' browsers without even resorting to bbcode exploits

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#7089486 Umineko read-through thread

Posted by Hachimitcher-Lemon on 23 March 2018 - 11:01 PM

「good dess」

#7087385 Well...now what

Posted by Hachimitcher-Lemon on 13 March 2018 - 08:00 AM

There's no objectively correct response to that. Pick the side that makes you feel less sad about it.