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In Topic: OCG January 1st 2019 Banlist

9 minutes ago

I would need to see the deck in action to understand better how losing a Needlefiber is a big hit. I would think it's good enough to keep the 1 copy on board to make it float during the opponent's turn and use the 2 pointed Zones for ED follow-ups.


Dino Dolls with Construct around seems promising, yeah. I have not tested any Shaddoll builds in TCG because they don't dare to allow Construct back yet.

In Topic: OCG January 1st 2019 Banlist

19 minutes ago

I mean it was the preferred tuner in the game....


And now that Tuner will be O-Lion. Get used to Summoning Wendigo instead of our lady and savior Sheky :v

In Topic: OCG January 1st 2019 Banlist

25 minutes ago

Bulb may come back eventually I guess?


IDK. Does it have to? For Link laddering purposes, O-Lion should be close to an effective replacement of it as it also translates into an extra monster when it hits the GY. A notable difference is that Glow-Up as a Tuner could be used for Synchros like Borreload Savage Dragon, but other than Pendulum Magicians, I don't see other topping decks that ran Synchros along Glow-Up.

In Topic: OCG January 1st 2019 Banlist

46 minutes ago

@Darj Basically with Glow-Up an Dandy, it was just link spam stuff. Summon Glow-Up off of Needlefiber, make a link with it, revive Glow-Up with its own effect to serve as a link material again. Basically just free stuff for Needlefiber to abuse. Dandylion, I presume, was because it farted out 2 free tokens nearly effortlessly, which is 2 more link mats.


Well yes, but were they that problematic? I know Needlefiber --> Glow-Up could easily lead to a Borrel or Link4 and go for an OTK or break a board, but was it that much of a problem to go as far as banning Glow-Up? Then, looking at the banlist and Gouki topping decklists, Mathematician --> mill Dandy is a glaring combo, and they went as far as to hit both. Not to mention Sorceress and now Firewall were dealt with. I'm skeptical on their hits and I think they instead could have just hit more Gouki stuff in addition to Invoker. Besides, it seems Goukis took advantage of Math and Dandy as Level3s for Invoker and I'm guessing Cherubini as well, but with Invoker no longer around, they may not need them as much anymore, so it really looks like an overkill banlist move.

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