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Maybe we need something with a little more... goodness.


I know: We have Florina, and Shanna. Why not have an Elibian Pegasus Banner:


Flier of Honor: Fiora She's have a HorseSlayer, better stats than Florina, and a better kit.


Greedy Flier: Farina. A Killer Lance with Sol.


Caring Flier: Juno.


Strict Flier: Thea.


Anyway, Ashnard would be a wyvern rider with his... Does he have a Sword or an axe?


And Rajaion without his rider? That would be interesting to see. We do need more dragon units that's for sure.


I disagree. Goodness is stale, and pretty much all the other banners have been good. I want more evil characters xD


Not too keen on a Pegasus banner. Feels to monotonous to me and IDK if it would attract the spending players. Personally I wouldn't be interested on it and would rather have novel or alternate versions of characters, but that's just me. If there have been banners with only armoreds like the Winter one, albeit seasonals, a pure Flier banner with new characters is a possibility.


As much as I dislike that he rode a dragon Laguz, yeah, he would be a Wyvern Rider. If he is ever added to FeH, hope he will be given a regular Wyvern like in Awakening. He is a sword user.


Also I wonder how far into the future they planned the summons and the story...Eventually they have to have an ending after all unless we go into shonen levels of bs


Really hard to tell when they can just make the story depending on the longevity/popularity of the game and, assuming they listen to the community, the changes they make accordingly. I mean, even if they planned to wrap things up with Muspell, nothing stops them with coming up with new characters and chapters, or seasonals, as silly as they may be.

Hmm... now I wonder if they will ever dare to make a ballot/poll for seasonal/alternate forms for characters, to make the dreams of some become true, especially those aiming for character emblems. I would request an Elincia variant for sure xD

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That would make it really good and take it to a competitive level, IMO. Whether it keeps the monster on the board or not, we would be speaking of a more defensive but less versatile Forbidden Chalice that doubles as an indirect searcher of a monster, albeit placing it on the opponent's field. Jack Knights could have some fun with it.

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Double post to unclog this thread and try again





A Pokemon with the following ability:

Wavedasher: Increases the priority of moves with 55 or less Base Power by 1.

(This also applies to moves that already have a priority value. For instance, moves like Aqua Jet reach a priority of +2).

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I would appreciate it. Sometimes I have had to cram in the thread title a short introductory line of a card I post in CC, and without it or just the card name alone the title could be misleading.

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Give your opponent the monster that doesn't let you Tribute it xD
Next unrelated best play is giving your opponent a Ra Sphere Mode and finding out they teched in a regular Ra to troll the play.

You can stun up to 3 if you are fortunate enough to see your opponent's middle, corner, and EMZ surrounding an empty space. 
At the same time it doesn't negate the effect of the monster you give them, so give them something like Destiny HERO Defender (which you previously Destiny Draw'd) and draw an extra card without worrying about the ATK. Or sudden Banisher of the Light because Macro Cosmos can be fun too. Arcana Force Temperance is a Kuriboh that can halve your or your opponent's battle damage so you could probably do something with that risky play. Old but classy Giant Kozaki play (although it wouldn't retain the stun part of my card).
Labyrinth Wall for 6k DEF to clash into under Rainbow Life :v

Those sorts of plays.
Best target in terms of just min DEF and ATK possible is actually Cocoon of Evolution, strangely.


Then just swap Diabolos for anything that Afrima can grab and is Level8.


Still, an issue I see with this card is that you need to set up said 2000+ DEF monster in your GY first, and even if you wanted to stun multiple monsters, if you let the opponent Summon 2+ naturally he/she will use the effects as he/she Summons so you rarely will stop 2+ effects at once, except for Continuous Effects or monsters summoned in multiples that are not placed next to each other. It's still effective at stunning a single monster, but for that you may as well play other Monster Effect negation cards. I guess it's fine as a Casual Card but it could be better, IMO. I do give you that it can also be used to disrupt Link markers, for instance locking out an Link monster in the EM Zone with a single marker to the player's MM Zone would be a funny thing to do.