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In Topic: "You cant fix Vylons in two cards" "Bet." [2/2]

Today, 08:45 AM

You put me on check with these cards.

On one hand, from a balance standpoint, that are on the "a little too good" side, since despite their hard OPTs they can still enable sweet plays. For example, in a vacuum Prima may be a +0, but outside of the vacuum, it translates to pluses by popping, let's say, a Vylon Equip. Not to mention that being a semi-splashable searcher of any Equip is really good and has potential in plenty of decks and build. Now, I'm saying making pluses is a bad thing, because if things didn't make pluses then On the other hand, IMO they are only acceptable because of the powercreep. If Hornet Bit, Electrumite, etc. weren't things, these most likely would come off as too strong, but the thing is that the meta & powercreep can handle this kind of things.


I like them. I find them on the "a bit too good" side, but that's not a bad thing. IMO you managed to hit the sweet spot of "good enough for the powercreep. but not broken". I'm impressed. I very much like how Prima is a semi-splashable searcher of any Equip, giving it potential in different decks, if only to grab a key or archetype Equip.

A bit wary of the Vylon "Hornet Bit" because it's a +1 once you set up up, but making pluses isn't, again, a bad thing and it's pretty much the incentive of plying this, so it's cool. Not to mention it makes fair competition to Hornet-->Kagari.

If anything, I would change the materials of Prima to 2 of the same Attribute, so it's accessible by Vylons which include Fairy, Machine and even Thunder type. Also I'm a bit puzzled at making this card as Thunder, but that's ok. Wondering if there is any advantage in that. Searching Prism with Summon Sorceress? :v


I'm cool with archetype support deviating from the original intent of the archetype, if that will let them shine in one way or another. Besides, in a way these 2 still support the intent of Vylons by interacting with Equips and swarming, respectively.


By the way, the combo above says you can make Isolde with Hornet Bit + Kagari but... Kagari isn't Warrior so what am I missing there?

In Topic: DPAM Match 2-3

Today, 08:25 AM

Going for Lilo & Stitch. It brings me memories of the days the move was released. Good times.

In Topic: Super Showdown Society

Today, 03:35 AM


What do you mean with "Glamr meta? Got curious on this.

In Topic: DPAM Match 2-8

Today, 03:31 AM

Going for Frozen on this one, mostly because like Cow, I don't remember the other two, and have not felt like re-watching them even if they were being played on the TV. While I would at least stick to re-watch Frozen if it was there.

In Topic: DPAM Match 2-6

Today, 03:25 AM

The Emperor's New Groove, hands down.

Kronk kind of carried the movie IMO, but Kuzco was funny too, to be fair.