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#7081630 Peace Enforcer [Written]

Posted by Darj on Today, 09:49 AM

Give your opponent the monster that doesn't let you Tribute it xD
Next unrelated best play is giving your opponent a Ra Sphere Mode and finding out they teched in a regular Ra to troll the play.

You can stun up to 3 if you are fortunate enough to see your opponent's middle, corner, and EMZ surrounding an empty space. 
At the same time it doesn't negate the effect of the monster you give them, so give them something like Destiny HERO Defender (which you previously Destiny Draw'd) and draw an extra card without worrying about the ATK. Or sudden Banisher of the Light because Macro Cosmos can be fun too. Arcana Force Temperance is a Kuriboh that can halve your or your opponent's battle damage so you could probably do something with that risky play. Old but classy Giant Kozaki play (although it wouldn't retain the stun part of my card).
Labyrinth Wall for 6k DEF to clash into under Rainbow Life :v

Those sorts of plays.
Best target in terms of just min DEF and ATK possible is actually Cocoon of Evolution, strangely.


Then just swap Diabolos for anything that Afrima can grab and is Level8.


Still, an issue I see with this card is that you need to set up said 2000+ DEF monster in your GY first, and even if you wanted to stun multiple monsters, if you let the opponent Summon 2+ naturally he/she will use the effects as he/she Summons so you rarely will stop 2+ effects at once, except for Continuous Effects or monsters summoned in multiples that are not placed next to each other. It's still effective at stunning a single monster, but for that you may as well play other Monster Effect negation cards. I guess it's fine as a Casual Card but it could be better, IMO. I do give you that it can also be used to disrupt Link markers, for instance locking out an Link monster in the EM Zone with a single marker to the player's MM Zone would be a funny thing to do.

#7081030 [Leaderboard] D'Sceptyr vs. Batmed (Challenger's Choice III) (Cards U...

Posted by Darj on 20 February 2018 - 06:35 PM

That doesn't help its case IMO. Curious is Warrior and this a Fiend, while Twilightsworns retained their Types. Also you are converting a Link into a maindeck monster, which has no precedence in Twilightsworns either. Also that's the sad part about it: I called it a beater because IMO that's it's main highlight, and yet 2400 isn't an impressive number. IDK,feels more like an overkill card for LSs, while Card A offers more strategic plays, making it more interesting IMO.

#7080838 [COD] Diabolos Support

Posted by Darj on 20 February 2018 - 08:51 AM

I realized Lilith could be a funny tech even in Shaddolls, by grabbing SInister Shadow Games or Dark Renewal before being used as material for Midrash/Winda.


Also I have been thinking about combining the Field Spell with Advance Draw plus Level8 Kaijus, as well as Grinder Golem.

#7079608 Discussion Time: Geminis, Unions, and more

Posted by Darj on 16 February 2018 - 04:14 AM

How do you feel about giving Geminis more than 1 additional effect?


Do you feel that the use of the multitude of Normal Support might break them? Also, based on the changes in gameplay since the introductions of Geminis, do you think that some of the existing Support has become ineffective while lacking any alternatives in the real/current game? 


Do you think Equipping from the hand should be an internal mechanic, or a boon provided from outside sources? exa. monsters on the field and/or S/T support?


Do you think there is any way to improve the presence of Spirits without removing their current mechanics? I do like the SS-able option. I feel like the forced return is a big enough draw back, and some aren't even that powerful.


1. Some Geminis already do have more than 1. Like that Chemicritter Ox. This shouldn't be a problem as long it's not anything broken as an attempt of compensating the effort needed to enable the effects.


2. Nope. Heck, most Geminis have effects that are barely overpowering, so them getting more Normal support could even balance thing outs. If anything, strong Gemini effects I can think of are Gigaplant, Doom Shaman, but they have shined mostly due to their lack of hard OPT clauses. With clauses in place, they should be fine.


3. A boon provided by archetype support or generic cards. Not build-in though, at least not yet.


4. Yes. IMO extra Normal Summons is key, in addition to Aratama. It works just fine for Yusenjus, which are already Spirit-like.

#7079456 [COD] Grinning Grave Virus and Lair of Darkness

Posted by Darj on 15 February 2018 - 06:27 PM

Krow beat me to it. If the translation is correct, then it's a Continuous Effect, and those don't need clauses like "during either player's turn" to apply in both turns. (e.g. Verdant Sacntuary).


You can. As long as it's an effect that Tributes things, you can Tribute your opponent's DARK monsters. You could, hypothetically, GGV a Trickstar player using their own Lycoris on their turn to make them kill 3 cards in their own Deck, and because they can't use the Graveyard effects of the things they send that turn, you have an opportunity to remove said things from their Graveyard before any effects can be used. You could CCV a Pendulum Magician player and kill their Harmonizing in the process. Yubel maniacs can Tribute their opponent's shit during the End Phase to keep their boss waifu alive. Et cetera, et cetera.


A correction here: Yubel Tributes as part of her effect, not for the activation of an effect. So this card's effect wouldn't apply in that case.


And answering the question on the Koa'ki Meiru rocks asked above, AFAIK you would indeed be able to Tribute an opponent's monster instead. Rock Stun just got better? Funnily enough the Tokens are Fiends, so... Dark Calling pro tech anyone? Bonus since as Tokens their DARK Attribute won't interfere with Block Golem.

#7079135 [DBDS] The Brandish Maidens

Posted by Darj on 14 February 2018 - 07:36 AM

Huh, really wish the 2nd effect of the WATER Brandish activated on-Summon but still got you the search on End Phase, like Majester Paladin does.

#7079132 Guide of Forsaken Souls

Posted by Darj on 14 February 2018 - 07:31 AM

There is also Evenly Matched for banishing cards face-down, although this would only apply when you are on the receiving end of the Trap.


IDK about this one. Clearly it's intended to be played along Desires/Eater of Millions, and rewards you with a 2200/1000 Level6 body that gets you a draw and benefits from Zombie support, although it isn't exactly compatible with the Level4 Zombies. It can potentially do Synchros bigger than Level8 along Unizombie, as well as Rank6s with Il Blud and of course most Links, though. Plus the revival Zombies benefit from can let you use its draw effect repeatedly.

#7079130 Discussion Time: Geminis, Unions, and more

Posted by Darj on 14 February 2018 - 07:17 AM

hmmm in that context probably not as failed as i thought them to be, but my stand is that they don use them consistent enough... people abuse the "sent to GY" effect  more IMO


I would not say abuse, but rather used the intended way, as Fusion material or sent to GY by effects. IMO a better and more accurate way of looking at them is as if the Flip effects were actually bonuses/icing of cake, rather than their main trait.



Back to topic. I can't complain about Subterrors either: they take advantage of the Flip effect mechanic with their Set effects. I agree they need stronger support to get better, but that's a different matter.

#7079114 Discussion Time: Geminis, Unions, and more

Posted by Darj on 14 February 2018 - 05:35 AM

Hold on there, how are Shaddolls a failed experiment? I would say the opposite: the Flip effects complement their floating effects: if the opponent attacks them, you get the Flip effect, and if they sent them to GY by an effect, you get the float effect. Either way you are gaining something.

#7079045 Discussion Time: Geminis, Unions, and more

Posted by Darj on 14 February 2018 - 01:19 AM

Ideas I have for improvement:


Geminis: Treated as Normals including in the hand, Deck and banished, pretty much anywhere as long as they aren't "Gemini Summoned". That would give them access to so much Normal support, namely Rescue Rabbit, Unexpected Dai.


Unions: Equippable from hand. More support to equip them during either player's turn. "Floating" effects as Sakura pointed out, and that don't miss timing like Machina Peacekeeper does, are welcomed as well.


Spirit: make them Special Summonable. They already took this step with the 2 Pendulum Spirits.


Toons: Adapt the "cannot attack the turn this card is Summoned" condition to allow them to attack, but not directly.

#7078793 Spark Inspiration

Posted by Darj on 13 February 2018 - 09:18 AM

Wow, this looks really interesting. It makes the effects of some Geminis so much accessible, especially potentially devastating ones like Darkstorm Dragon. The "drawback" of course, is having to run those Geminis in your Deck, which inherently come with the risk of dead-drawing them, but at the same time, the milling can be used to set up some plays, like a target for Supervise for example, or simply revive them.

Or you can just copy Future Samurai or Dioxogre, whose copied effect will be instantly live due to them milling the monster xD


Really, evil me wishes this card was a bit more advantageous or generic somehow, just so you could use it as an effective, splashable engine. But at the moment I cannot think of how one could do that. Perhaps target any monster instead of only Normals? IDK

#7078791 [Leaderboard] BatMed vs Dova

Posted by Darj on 13 February 2018 - 09:05 AM

I'm no expert on Darklords so you can reject my vote if you believe it's not appropriate enough.


Card A:

I don't quite see how this would greatly helps Darklords. Most of them are of high Levels besides Ukoback, so that means more often than not you will have to Tribute monsters for the Extra Normal Summon of a Darklords, and AFAIK they are too precious to remove them once they are on the board due to their Quick Effects so unless you are Summoning Ukoback you may as well keep your Darklords on board instead. I guess oyu can use tricks like Normal Summoning a Darklord during the opponent's turn after using the Tributed monster's effect that is hard OPT, so you get an extra Spell/Trap copying effects, but that requires moderate setup (this card in the GY and Darklords in your field and hand) and thus doesn't look like it's worth it.


Card B:

This looks like a good boss for Darklords. The self-Summon condition from both the hand and GY is sweet, and the effect not only can both pseudo-fix hands and get Darklords cards in the GY, where most of them want to be, also it strengthens your board with more Darklords. And as a bonus it carries their signature Spell/Trap copying effect.



My vote is for Card B.

#7078790 [Leaderboard] Dova vs. Dragon Sage (Cards up!)

Posted by Darj on 13 February 2018 - 08:54 AM

Card A:

Practical to Summon, ATK is a bit too high for a 2-material monster IMO, but should be fine since Ancient Gears are more about strong punches so you could say that it goes on theme. The effects look solid as well.


Card B:

I will just say nope to this. I could have been fine with it... if it couldn't use any number of monsters in the GY. Really, with such condition it's screaming of FTK/OTKs by massively milling Psychics, then Summoning this for game. With the assistance of milling cards like Lawnmowing, Magical Merchant, Lightsworn engines and maybe some loops, that should be possible. This is not something the personally I encourage.



So, I vote for Card A.

#7078764 Summoner of the Outer Planes

Posted by Darj on 13 February 2018 - 04:57 AM

Agreed with the above: really solid card.

GY disruption, laddering potential, or keep it on the board backed up by its effect to repeatedly banish and generate more Tokens. WIND is nice for compatibility with Wind Wtiches and Speedroids, too.

For some reason I keep pondering on how different this card would be if it was Level4 instead, but that stems mostly from a personal desire of seeing more Synchro4s in the game. Level5 is just fine.

#7078558 Aliens

Posted by Darj on 12 February 2018 - 02:02 PM

I have a bunch of thoughts that IDK where to start, I guess I will just drop them in any order:


A trick I have seen in Aliens is running the Blue-Eyes Field Spell and Shocktrooper. The Field can mill a Normal monster from your Deck and gives you an extra Normal Summon for a Level 1 LIGHT Tuner, so in Aliens that means Ammonite In other words, it can almost single-highhandedly set up a Gol'gar. I say almost because you still need to target a monster on the field for the mill, so you would have to control a monster first, then Normal Summon Ammonite.


I'm curious on how efficient the Deck is at generating enough A-Counters to make Telepath, Hypnosis, etc. live. Regardless, I don't think Alien Brain is any good: it depends on your Reptile being destroyed by battle, but without a Reptile it's dead, plus depending on battle is not reliable nowadays.

Have you tried Planet Pollutant Virus? How effective is it?


I feel the backrow is lacking. I get that Fiendish Chain and CoTH are for Gol'gar bouncing, but still, hand traps like the Ghost Girls, and a couple of Solemns (Strike and the recently unbanned Judgment) may be more effective. Also, could you somehow benefit from running the Phantom Knights' Fog Blade plus a Cloak/Boots to grab them? I mean, for example, you can use Foolish Burial on Cloak/Boots to search the Fog Blade. Or that's too much of an stretch?


At the same time, you could take advantage of floodgates like Deck Lockdown by bouncing them with Gol'gar during your turn, make your plays and activate them again before ending your turn, as a on/off switch.


Maining Raigeki and perhaps even Dark Hole may give you better chances vs. top tiers.

Standard Link stuff you can run is Scapegoats, Linkuriboh, Gofu and maybe even Grinder Golem and its Link kit despite being Limited, since it doesn't look that you suffer from ED space constraints.