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#7124928 [Written] Scrap Engineer

Posted by cp49100 on 22 October 2018 - 02:25 PM

I like its first effect, its all it needed to be; simple destruction effect trigger.

But the second effect, the more I look at it the more I dislike it, while the special summon is really nice the banish is not really something you want to do in the deck, it needs the graveyard for resource recursion which sadly isn't much to begin with by today's standards. It negates effects, which is fair enough as it would only mess with the Synchro Monsters, and it can't summon those (keeping in line with Scrap Twin and Atomic Scrap I see), the special summon must also be in defense position, nice anti-link meausure I guess tough really, the highest attack monster this can summon is a 2300 ATK monster with no destruction effect, and the other one, Scrap Shark, has 2100 ATK, sure you can boost that with Scrap Sheen and what not but is it really THAT frightning? (You're most likely going to use it as an Extra-Deck monster material but still).

But its a Link 2 and its materials aren't obnoxious, nor does it have a xenophobic "You can only summon "Scrap" monsters during the turn you use this effect" so even with those gripes I still like the card, it IS useful.

#7124241 N to R - L(R) to L

Posted by cp49100 on 18 October 2018 - 01:13 AM

N to R - L( R ) to L

Normal Spell


At the start of the duel, before drawing your starting hand: You can banish this card, apply its effects and decrease your starting hand by 1.

For the rest of the Duel;

• The Level, Rank, Link Rating, Pendulum Scale, ATK, and DEF of monsters and either player's LP can be a real number (e.g 0, -3, 3.532, etc...).

• Xyz Monsters also have an original Level equal to their original Rank.

• Link Monsters with a Link Rating of 1-4 also have an original Level equal to triple their Link Rating.

• Link Monsters with a Link Rating of 5-6 also have an original Level equal to double their Link Rating.

• Link Monsters with a Link Rating of 7-8 also have an original Level equal to their Link Rating.

#7123147 Evapordrake

Posted by cp49100 on 14 October 2018 - 07:51 PM

Ah there we go, a FIRE Sea-Serpent with a clever name!

It has the traditional WATER effect of sending cards to the graveyard without destroying, maybe you should give it the traditional FIRE burn damage, like 500-800 for each card sent to the GY via its effect.

#7122964 Effect Monster

Posted by cp49100 on 13 October 2018 - 06:15 AM

The really funny part is that it would be destroyed by game mechanics the momment you summoned it.

#7122866 [Written]Lineage Protection

Posted by cp49100 on 12 October 2018 - 01:54 PM

Lineage Protection

[Continuous Trap]


Activate this card by declaring 1 Monster Type and 1 Attribute;

You can only Summon monsters with the declared Type and Attribute.

Twice per turn, during either player's turn, if a monster(s) with the declared Type and Attribute would be destroyed (by Battle or card effect); that monster(s) isn't destroyed.

If you control no monsters OR control no monsters with the declared Type and Attribute; Send this card to the GY.

#7117621 [Written] Cursed Eye

Posted by cp49100 on 06 September 2018 - 11:30 AM

Cursed Eye
✪✪ LvL 2
At the start of your Standby Phase, if you have no monsters in your hand: You can reveal your hand; Special Summon this card from your Deck in face-up Attack Position. If this card is Summoned: You can't Normal Summon for the rest of this turn.
ATK/ 900 DEF/ 400

#7008138 Padded Cell

Posted by cp49100 on 11 May 2017 - 04:39 PM

Well here I go:

Spirit Reaper isn't destroyed when it's targetted.

Monsters summoned by Limit Reverse are not destroyed when they are changed into defense position.

Chimeratech Overdragon doesn't destroy your field when it's summoned.

Monsters Summoned by Future Fusion aren't destroyed when sayed card leaves the field.

Spyral Sleeper is nullified.

Cards powered up by Thousand Energy and Limiter Removal aren't destroyed.

Jurassic Impact only ends up activating its last effect (which can be good).

Call of the haunted and it's clones don't destroy the special summoned monster when they leave the field.

Same thing for D.D.R..

EDIT: Also Double Cyclone just becomes MST and Scrap Dragon is Free.

EDIT 2: Assault Slash becomes Raigeki in Trap form

EDIT 3: Demise, King of Armageddon only destroys your opponent's field.

More stuff I can't currently remember.


GG 10/10 card, whould run 3 of and 3 terraforming for it.

#7008089 Alternative Strategy

Posted by cp49100 on 11 May 2017 - 12:04 PM

Alternative Strategy

[Normal Trap]


Activate 1 Continuous Spell Card or 1 Continuous Trap Card from your deck and if you do; Apply 1 of these effects during the End Phase.

● Banish that card.

● Discard 2 cards from your hand

You can only activate 1 "Alternative Strategy" per turn.

#7006668 Starforming Nebula

Posted by cp49100 on 05 May 2017 - 06:43 AM

As usual you never fail to unintentionally support Fortune Ladies and in turn make me the happiest person ever.

After you use this card's effect you can then activate Xyz Universe if it helps you push for game, as that card makes Xyz Monsters gain double the ATK this card provides, however that should only really be a last resort.

And hey, it makes monsters like Mefist The Infernal General and Ghost Knight of Jackal easier to use!

#7006666 [Written] Translation Mishap

Posted by cp49100 on 05 May 2017 - 06:26 AM

Or as I endearingly call it: "Konami of America's Translation Team"


Translation Mishap

[Quick-Play Spell Card]


Declare the name of 2 cards; Treat the 1st declared card's name as the 2nd declared card's name until the End-Phase.

You can only activate 1 "Translation Mishap" per turn.



The slight redundancy on the card's effect is just to make it as clear as possible.

And now, a small number of examples on how to use this card:

Rename "Advanced Ritual Art" into any other Ritual Spell Card so that monsters that require specific cards, like "Lycanthrope", can be summoned by using it. Except that's something that ARA already covers so Ignore my stupidity if you whould.

•Rename a Machine-Type monster with 500 or less ATK (i.e "Hack Worm") to the name of any monster you'd like to special summon from the deck with "Machine Duplication" (It dosen't have to be a machine, so you could summon even "Elemental HERO Stratus" if you wanted).

•Rename any non-Archetype specific card into an Archetype specific card (i.e Rename "Raigeki" into "Amazoness Village" so you can easily search it with "Amazoness Call").

•Rename any card in your hand into a missing piece of Exodia (This and the above mentioned example are the reasons you can only use this card once per turn).

•Rename a "Number 39:Utopia" into anything else, watch your opponent be sad/Rename a Rank 4 Xyz you control into Utopia after you have used up its materials (i.e Number 101) and Rank it Up!

#6984413 Cards of Promised Return

Posted by cp49100 on 24 February 2017 - 04:30 AM

Oh boy, this one makes me happy:


Use it in combination with Spell/Trap cards like Future Vision(Banish a Normal Summoned monster, it returns during it's controller's next Standby Phase), Fortune Slip(Banish a Monster that's being attacked, it returns during your Standby Phase), Dimensionhole(Banish a monster on your side of the field, it returns during your next Standby Phase), Premature Return (You're effectively trading a card from your hand for a card from your Deck and still getting your monster, plus the card is banished and thus opens up more plays) and maybe even Different Dimension Gate.(If you get rid of it before the start of your Main Phase of course). If you're playing in the Traditional Format Return from the Different Dimension will make your opponent very VERY sad. Monsters like Fortune Lady Lighty (Special Summon a Fortune Lady (Watery, Draw for every other Fortune Lady I control?) AND Draw 2 next turn!? Now you're speaking my language) give you an extra boon by being banished. Ritual Beasts just Banish and Special Summon themselves from Banish as part of their mechanic, if you can fit this card in there it will definitely give you a boost!

#6944332 [Written] Avante Garde Proposal

Posted by cp49100 on 29 October 2016 - 10:37 PM

I was gonna writte support for Charmers and Familiar-Possessed but I'm too sleepy right now so have this instead:


Avante Garde Proposal

Normal Spell


Reveal this card to your opponent before the start of the duel; Both players may have up to 20 cards in their Extra-Deck and add 1 extra copy of 1 card to their decks, except for "Avante Garde Proposal", even if it would exceed the number of that card that you can have in your Decks.

If your opponent also reveals this card to you apply this effect instead;

• Both players may have up to 25 cards in their Extra-Deck and add 2 extra copies of 1 card to their decks,except for "Avante Garde Proposal", even if it would exceed the number of that card that you can have in your Decks.

You may only have 1 "Avante Garde Proposal" in your Deck.

Remove this card from your Deck before you draw your starting hand.


#6935454 Meatstery Meat

Posted by cp49100 on 03 October 2016 - 11:25 AM

That name is Konami level 10/10


In addition to what the others said:

If you really wanted to use this in a Fortune Lady deck (or any deck in general really) you could use it to special summon The Tricky or combo it with Magical Dimension (you only need a spellcaster on the field to activate it) to special summon a spellcaster and search!


Use Foolish Burial to effectively thin your Deck by 2 cards


Plus 1 out of Dark World Dealings!


Use Generation Shift to destroy one of these guys and then add another and a searched monster to your hand (and discard it next or during your opponent's turn if you can!).


or just Synchro with it/detach it as an overlay unit etc etc.

#6902938 [Written] Reversal of Fate - Final Gamble

Posted by cp49100 on 09 July 2016 - 11:10 AM

Reversal of Fate - Final Gamble

Normal Trap

Lore: If your LP whould become 0 or if your opponent whould win the game due to a card effect; Shuffle your Deck and Banish all but the bottom card of your Deck, face down and if you do; declare 1 card and excavate the top card of your Deck, and if it is the declared card, you win the duel.

Cards and effects can't be chained to this card's activation.




Also, at first I thought of making the player declare the names of 2 cards (this card didn't banish the bottom 2 cards of your deck instead of just the one) instead but that whould be way too hard to pull off and not as fun.

#6902921 (Written) Melon Dog Marron

Posted by cp49100 on 09 July 2016 - 10:15 AM

And as such after activating my counter traps, then getting hit by your previous card, suffering from massive battle damage, using my Soul Charge or paying for my contracts I can just tribute/discard/detach/Foolish Burial this card to make all the pain go away, sweet relief!


It's 2300 DEF should make it last a little longer than the average LV 4 defender.

And it's a plant so I can Lonefire Blossom it away, get a monster and heal!

Furthermore since it's a WATER monster I can just Salvage it back into my hand whenever needed!

Finally, Stall vs Burn 2016 can happen

And the artwork this whould have whould probably be super cute, which is always a bonus.

I like it!