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In Topic: Disciples of the Strongest Hero: A One Punch Man RP [IC/Waitlist/Started/PG-16]

13 December 2018 - 09:48 AM

The resulting force of the two's combination attack sent out a shockwave that blew its head clean off, exposing the internal robotics and mechanics as sparks flew off where its head used to be. Yukio returned to a battle-ready stance as she watched the hulking machine skitter up a building, its legs firmly planted on the apartment walls while its long, serpentine body coiled around the building. Its movements did not seem to slow at all, despite losing a large part of its internal components, nor did it seem to be off-balance even with a lot of its mass missing, a fact Yukio did not miss. 


She glanced to the side of her aid, the A-Rank hero Muay Tie, who landed right next to her as the dust settled. 

"Have you ever considered martial arts?!"


He shouted at her. Yukio, not one to converse on the battlefield, looked at him with a look of confusion, as she had been using martial arts the entire fight. "I've been using bajiquan this entire fight- Ah... Nevermind." Before she could finish her sentence, she noticed he had already shifted his attention to the robot, shouting some hot-headed declarations before leaping into action as a second volley of shells were launched at them. Right before the cannonballs would reach them, the A-Rank hero called out to her once more.


 "You can handle one of those things, right?" 


Only for him to use some incredible physical prowess to scale the shells and redirect them towards the robot. Seeing this, Yukio simply shrugged, and extended her right palm outwards to meet one of the shells flying toward her.


"This much is trivial for me." She replied in her usual calm manner. The projectile came into contact with her palm, and almost immediately exploded upon impact, as if it had hit a solid surface, a jet of flames and material expanding outward, away from the girl. As the explosion settled, it was clear that the repeated explosions was not something Yukio could handle indefinitely, her hand was burnt, the cuffs of her expensive-looking coat reduced to a tattered mess as smoldering tinder escaped it. "I need to figure out a way to redirect the heat...." She silently lamented, looking at her wounded palm, before once more focusing on the enemy in front of her. "....And to take care of that thing." It seems her thoughts escaped her mouth as she stared down the behemoth robot. 


Analyzing all possible scenarios as it unfolded before her, Yukio froze in place, closing her eyes amidst the chaotic battlefield. The robot did not stumble at all despite being hit. The 'king' was already taken. The 'grandmaster' is not bound by common sense. The 'puppetmaster' is still haughty and confident, despite the slew of heroes taking down his forces. All these factors, what do they lead to?


The centipede is merely a "Distraction." 

The true position of the ringleader is "Not here."

The objective is to "Reclaim the king." 


Yukio opened her eyes after a brief half a minute, and quickly rushed along with Muay Tie, before mustering up her voice to shout the conclusion she came to towards everyone present.


"We're wasting our time here! The real target is that hostage!" 


Upon arriving at the apartment's base, she got ready and positioned herself below one of the centipede's mechanical legs, noticing a crack in the wall. She decided to use the shells Muay Tie was launching at the robot, which would cause a tremor and a surge of kinetic energy transferred to the robot, and inevitably, to the walls. Her plan was to use her powers to hit the wall in time with the shells exploding, causing the already fractured, damaged wall to be hit with two clashing forces of equal strength in opposite directions, causing a resonance which she hopes would bring the building crashing down, taking the big hunk of metal with it. 

In Topic: Ama about mtg

08 December 2018 - 04:33 AM

abzan, izzen't, junk, WBG or ain't abzan't

In Topic: Paradise Lost: The Forsaken Sin [Seven Deadly Sins RP/IC/PG-16/Co-Host Wanted]

28 November 2018 - 12:25 AM

Lavinia's ears perked up at her comrade's snide remark, she could tell she's being teased for her height, or lack thereof. Still, picking fights with him before a mission would not only be a waste of time, but also a waste of mana. She simply expressed her frustrations by pouting and channeling Kingsblade's overflowing magical energy to her hands, causing a swirl of blue mana to flow out, in a display of strength. With that issue done and deal with, she began scanning the nearby area for things that would be needed on a long journey. The town's marketplace is an area filled to the brim with vendors and sellers of various wares and services. Whatever it is they needed, she would probably find it there. 


Before realizing it, Lavinia and Elysium parted ways, each looking for something to buy in the marketplace. Unlike Elysium who immediately set his sights on something, Lavinia spent a bit more time gauging her options. Potions and so on were probably important, but she had more than enough confidence in her skills and mana reserves that she decided they weren't worth it. All the Sins had their own equipment and gear, so that was also irrelevant. Same with other more luxurious items on offer, such as jewels, spices and whatnot. Though she disliked the rowdiness and loudness of the marketplace, she did find it somewhat enjoyable to have commoners move out of her way as she made her way around the stalls. 


It felt nice to have her power recognized, she thought.


Not much later, she found something relevant to her and the group. A shop selling various items, curios, and trinkets. It looked shady. And felt shady, too. The stall was ran by an mustachioed man, looking ready to swindle less experienced adventurers and townsfolk out of their money. It was dimly lit, so one couldn't see the items he were selling properly. Not to mention, all the inventory was displayed without any organization, making it easy to get lost trying to find more relevant items. All tricks that would help the man grab a quick buck selling junk to newbies.


And to a certain overconfident elf.


Lavinia walked into the store, hands on her hip, displaying an aura of confidence as she scanned the shop. Though it was dark, she could still make out some of the items for sale, and she decided it was interesting enough to take a second look at.


"Welcome, welcome young miss! How may I help you, esteemed customer?" The vendor stood up from his seat behind the counter, and started spouting the same line he uses the lure almost everyone who comes in the shop, a fake tone of excitement and pleasantry. 


"It's a bit dark in here." She remarked in a cold voice, barely paying attention to the vendor's words, as she was busy scanning the stacked shelves full of trinkets. Before the owner could do anything about the lights, Lavinia cut him off by raising her left arm and casting a fire-based spell, creating a torch out of magical flame atop her palm, keeping the flame small enough to keep it from burning down the wooden stall.


With the items now in plain sight, Lavinia had her attention taken by a rather innocuous-looking object. It looked like a compass, but had way more gears and moving parts to be an ordinary compass. Whatever it was, it seemed like a very important object. 


"My my, to be in a place like this..." The elf reached out and took the compass in her right hand, analyzing its crafty metalwork and construction with sparkle in her eyes.


"Ahh, excellent eye miss! That compass is actually-" 


"A Witching Compass. Correct." 




Before the man could finish his swindling ways, Lavinia interrupted him, seemingly filling in his bullshit on her own, while he looked completely befuddled as to what was going on. The mage would then channel her mana into the object, causing the various gears and dials to spin rapidly, a swirl of magical energy jetting out and wrapping around the compass, before eventually settling, all its directions pointed towards the source of energy, Lavinia herself.


"An old artifact built by dwarves... It was used in the old wars to weed out our hiding spots and predict our movement. For it to wind up in a human settlement, it seems Eden's merchants are more impressive than I thought." 


The girl rambled on and on for what felt like ages, explaining its history and various mechanisms, all of which were apparently laid out in one of the grimoires back at the Royal Institute. As all this went on, the man simply kept his best fake smile, trying his very best to not laugh out at the girl's stupidity.


"I'll take it off your hands. This doesn't belong to you, after all."


"Of course, miss. That'll be..." 


"Give my bill to the Order." Using her left hand, she would draw her Kingsblade and point it square at the vendor's throat, her attention still focused on the "Witching Compass" in her hand. With a crystalline sword emanating magical energy at his throat, the man finally realized who he was dealing with; The Fox Sin of Greed of the Seven Sins, Lavinia. He could simply sigh and put his hands up, not wanting to draw conflict with a group of such fearsome reputation. "Oh and for that matter, I'll be taking these too." 


Lavinia left the shop with some pillows, blankets, and a witching compass that would apparently point to sources of magical energy, an object that would be very useful at finding Alabaster's location, if it were the real deal. What she picked up was but a cheap imitation, and though it responded to magical energy, it is nowhere near as fine-tuned and sensitive as the real artifact. Still, it was a compass, and one that resonated with very strong sources of magical energy, such as the Kingsblade, or another of the Sins, so it should prove useful regardless.




"That supposed to be a joke, smartass?" The two rendezvoused at the wooden cart Elysium had bought for the group. Her response was more thorny than before, simply glancing a look at him as she set her purchases in the cart, the compass, pillows and blankets for the long haul. With all her stuff safely in the wagon, she took a step out, leaning against it with her arms crossed while surveying the area.
...Check yourself...We are being watched...More closely this time…
"That snake took my words literally, didn't he?" She uncrossed her arms, gathering magical energy to her right arm to the point a faint yellowish glow was visible on her palm. "Shall we strike first?" She asked Elysium, while her focus remained on the silver-haired knight of the Order, ready to summon a bolt of lightning to smite her.

In Topic: Paradise Lost: The Forsaken Sin [Seven Deadly Sins RP/IC/PG-16/Co-Host Wanted]

18 November 2018 - 09:08 AM

The road to the capitol was a rather long and dull one, and Lavinia spent all of it on Bright's shoulders, her arms crossed beneath her chest, holding back the urge to say "Onward, noble steed!" while pointing waywards. As she neared the capitol building, she noticed that townsfolk would avoid them, and whisper amongst themselves, it did not occur to the elf at all that what she's doing with the young knight is a rather unsavory act. To her, she was only doing what felt right; a display of her superior might and intellect. Upon arriving at the building, Lavinia once again used her magic to force Bright to kneel down, before stepping off of him, not forgetting to use his head as steps, of course. With a stride that exuded confidence, the mage entered the meeting room, where she would be greeted by the others in her group, the rest of the Sins.


In that room, she saw the figure of a man whose presence alone made her blood boil, the stench and aura of an absolutely despicable being; a symbol of authority that Lavinia has long resented since her forced exile of the mage order - High Chancellor Damian. It didn't help that he was a shady personality, who would withhold information from her and the other sins, like with the letter he sent earlier. Needless to say, though she seemed to put an air of indifference and confidence, she was on edge, Kingsblade ready to strike if he said or did something she disagreed with. 


"As you might not have heard by now, the Lion Sin of Pride has been missing from Eden for a period of over a month." Lavinia raised an eyebrow at the news, seemingly surprised at the turn of events. "The reason we have you labeled as Sins is not because you're any better than our Royal Echelon, it's so that we may keep an eye on your whereabouts.  You're also assets for the protection of Eden, and it's citizens.  However, if you show any signs of hostility towards the City, or the Holy Order in any way, you will be disposed of, just like the monsters who attack us on a regular basis."  Hearing Damian's bile, Lavinia gritted her teeth, holding back her urge to unleash a storm of spells. "That being said, we have doubts that the Sin of Pride will stay loyal to our Order, and therefore have labeled him a rogue."  


Still... To hear Alabaster disappear was a surprise for her. The Sin of Pride, the strongest among her peers was one of the few whose strengths and skills Lavinia acknowledged. It's not even a far cry to say she respected him, to a degree. For him to disappear was something that came out of left field, but it meant the elf was in the mission without even having to hear the rest of Damien's disgusting spiel. Perhaps it was desire to see someone she respected return, or the chance to steal his abilities and store them in the Kingsblade, either way, Lavinia paid little to no attention to Damien's thorny words.


"Suicide mission he says... Who the hell does he think he's addressing? I'm The Great Lavinia. Nobody's dying here, you snake."


With court dismissed, Rock suddenly addressed her, going on a tangent about how awful Damien is, with his usual jovial tone. "Yes... Certainly, he has reason to despise us." She replied, her tone cold and disdainful, crossing her arms once again. "The more he hates us, the more I want to show him our worth. My worth." The elf gritted her teeth as she finished her words, her serious, brooding voice a stark contrast to her partner's playfulness. Before she could add anything though, she found herself escorted out of the room along with the others. 


Before fully leaving, the mage paused by the door, and turned around, facing Damien as her crimson-dyed eyes burning a hole through his soul. "Watch me." She boldly proclaimed, as she clenched her fist and stood her ground, a swirl of mana surrounding her. Having let out the proverbial tip of the iceberg, she followed her comrades out of the room, back to Eden.



As the group strolled through town, Lavinia stayed at the back of the pack, arms crossed with an unpleasant expression on her face, radiating an aura of "Don't talk to me." as per usual. 


"-if she wishes, Shortie can come join us too," He looked over to the giant ice golem. "I'd invite Dreamer Boy, but he doesn't do parties. Or booze."


"A party... How fitting of you, you damn Meatslab." Not taking kindly to having her 'private time' interrupted by conversation, Lavinia responded in kind with a nickname of her own. "In any case," She paused, running her fingers through her hair and closing her eyes. "Alcohol is good for calming the nerves. I shall accept your invitation, provided my schedule allows for it." That was a lie of course, her schedule is more than free enough, and she only said that to make herself seem more busy than she actually was. 


As Rock took off with Alistar, she found herself left with Elysium, the ogre and Corra already departing on their own earlier. 

“...Lavinia...We ought to go gather supplies...The others will likely return with nothing but hangovers…”
Elysium called out to her. As usual, his voice rather unpleasant to listen to, like a dangerous sleep-inducing spell. Still, he had a point. Venturing out of Eden would call for supplies, and the other four were most definitely not going to gather them. 
"How rare of you to address me directly." She paused, shifting her gaze upwards to meet this eerie-looking coworker of hers, cradled on his golem as usual. "Very well, leave it to me to help you gather supplies. Those kids can't be trusted with doing anything responsible after all." Crossing her arms once again, she would lean forward, standing on her tiptoes to push her small frame as close to Elysium as she possibly could.
"But. Be Fore. That. Can't you do something about your familiar? It hurts my neck having to look up to talk to you all the time."

In Topic: Disciples of the Strongest Hero: A One Punch Man RP [IC/Waitlist/Started/PG-16]

06 November 2018 - 07:35 AM


Yukio stood on her guard after taking down the robot, her posture stuck in one of the opening stances of Bajiquan, one of the martial arts she practiced in her spare time. Around her she noticed more and more heroes arriving on the scene, gradually getting the situation with the ground robots under the control. Using this lapse in intensity as time to think and parse everything that was happening around her, she noticed the flying humanoid that carried a hostage away was taken down by a projectile shot, though from who it was fired, she couldn't figure out yet.


The heroes assembled before her were mostly B-Class, with one A-Class and one she did not recognize. Though not intimate with any of their names or powers, she at least had seen their mugs while scanning the hero rankings. Looking at the situation, she surmised that her two main courses of action would be to either subdue the falling robot and attempt to gather info from it, or to catch the hostage and rescue him off-shore. Neither option seemed plausible at the moment, at least for her own to handle.


Before she could decide on her next course of action though, an unexpected intruder destroyed her concentration.


“Foolish heroes! Your efforts to stop my perfect stratagem is in vain! As you have been busy capturing pawns, I have already taken your king! You have already lost, now it is just a matter of time before L-City is mine! Now die!”

The giant insectile behemoth suddenly burst upon the scene and laid waste to the surrounding area with a barrage of cannon fire, prompting Yukio to quickly take cover behind the lifeless hunk of metal that was the robot she took down earlier. 
"So this is the man behind the scenes. That suit of armor is annoying, but not invincible. Legs seem weak." 
She closed her eyes and tried to formulate a plan, taking into account what she had seen from the other heroes. Not that she'd ever call on them for help, but at the very least, create an opening where they could act. From here on, her priority should be to "Neutralize the leader." A contingency plan was set in motion for the hostage and even the robot, with help from her allies in the police force, but for now her main target is the giant centipede of a robot laying waste to the city. 
The heroine's eyes open once again as she used a brief pause in the robot's firing to get out of cover, extending her right arm in front of her to shield herself against the shells, which, conveniently happened to be larger than her body. For the most part. As if on cue, a shell flew right into Yukio's palms, which exploded in a fan of fires outward, as if being repelled from Yukio's body. Still, she did not walk away completely unharmed. Though her palm itself was fine, her forearm was burnt, and the sleeves of her shirt was in tattered. Looks like her power has its limits after all.
Still, it's not as if she went out without any plans. She noticed early on that the only A-Class hero, Muay Tie, was not cowering at ground level like the other heroes. Since she saw him leap into the air earlier to take the first move against one of the ground soldiers, she gambled that he took a similar line of action, a gamble that paid off.
Using the explosion as cover to deflect attention from herself, Yukio glanced at the sky, noticing the red-haired hero was in position to perform an elbow drop from the heavens, she took it as her cue to run headfirst towards the centipede, the one she identified as the ringleader of the circus. With a pace that matched Muay Tie, she positioned herself beneath the giant robot's head, palms extended upward. 
With the hero's elbow hopefully bringing the centipede's head crashing down, she would be able to direct its entire mass onto a single point on its chin, similar to bringing a giant falling down onto a nail. 
"Crush him, Muay Tie!" She shouted out in uncharacteristic fashion, seems like the heat of battle got to her a bit.