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Right/Write from My Soul - Seckond Chaynce

08 February 2019 - 11:34 PM

The way the tracks are titled in this review is how they show up on the physical copy



The album dropped January 21st, 2019, releasing two music videos the night prior, Country Girl Magic and I Just Want a Truck

Seckond Chaynce revealed that the next track that will have a music video with it is I Don't Like That Part... it's a gutwrenching yet beautiful song that talks about how him and his daughter's mom split and how he hates the fact he doesn't get to do things like tuck her into bed at night.

The album as a whole is a top notch country album, ranging from southern rock (Write/Right from My Soul & No Games) to contemporary country (Haters Gon Hate & Whiskey No More) to the pop country that's popular now (Country Girl Magic and 0 FUX).

If I had to pick a favorite song on the album... it'd honestly be either Haters Gon Hate or Doorknobs for two totally different reasons.

Haters Gon Hate is a real uplifting song about how you should do whatever you want because you're always going to have people talking about you and not let them get to you

Doorknobs talks about how if somebody, in the case of this song it's a woman, doesn't want to be in your life then they should let the doorknob hit them where "the lord God split you" and don't ever go back to them.

Mortal Kombat 11

15 January 2019 - 10:28 PM

This site was down since right after the announcement of Mortal Kombat 11, so I thought I'd post this now



This is the official cover art for the game!


While I wasn't a fan of 21 Savage being on the trailer at first, the more I watch the trailer, the more I like it!

AJ McLean... Country Star?

17 November 2018 - 10:11 PM

Yes you read the title right, Backstreet Boys' own AJ McLean is doing a country side project, going back to June of this year (2018), now I personally wasn't a big fan of his first country single, Back Porch Bottle Service

HOWEVER his latest single, Night Visions, is a GREAT song, plus AJ can SANG! Night Visions is a gorgeous mix of pop and country, with a cool video that features his own little girl, Ava, at the very end. The whole song actually goes really well with the video too, with AJ being locked up and taking the blame for shooting the mugger, even though his wife did and having Night Visions that keep him awake while he's not there

My 16 Favorite Underrated Country Songs

29 September 2018 - 05:34 PM

16 Underrated songs... what does that mean? Well it means these songs may have gotten SOME airplay on radio, but not much for whatever reason!


Best Shot by Jimmie Allen

I first heard of this song, and artist, a couple weeks ago on Sirius XM The Highway and man he blew me away! Not very often we see black country artists hit mainstream, but he's getting some airplay on Sirius XM. Hopefully this guy keeps coming out with songs like this!


Drunk Me by Mitchell Tenpenny

This guy broke onto the country scene with a song called Bitches... but I definitely prefer this song over that. It's kind of a break up song, saying that that when he's been sober since she broke her heart. This song is actually real to his life, he said this song is about his ex girlfriend... and if that not only makes this song personal, but powerful, I don't know what is!


Man Enough Now by Chris Bandi

Man this song really hits you in the heart, talking about how she fell in love with the kid he was and he grew up and she took off. Wow, such a powerful lyric and an amazing voice!


Tailgate by RaeLynn

RaeLynn found her way to fame through The Voice, she's had a few big hits (Love Triangle and God Made Girls), this song is getting SOME airplay, but Carrie Underwood is getting more plays. It's more of the pop country that's popular now on radio, but maybe this is what RaeLynn needed! It's an awesome song, and if Tailgates could ever talk RaeLynn would be rich because of this song!


David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs by Travis Denning

A song about getting a fake ID that's actually a really great? Catchy lyric, fun message and a cameo by the real David Ashley Parker in the music video make for a great song if you ask me!


Granddaddy's Gun by Aaron Lewis

Yes THAT Aaron Lewis, the lead singer of Stain'd. He's successfully crossed over to country, and he's the original singer of this song, within the same year however, Blake Shelton covered this song and put it on his album, Based on a True Story..., and that version arguably had a better reception for whatever reason. Beautiful song with a beautiful message


Stuck on Me & You by Emily Ann Roberts

This song just got sent to radio, but with how country radio is, I'm putting her here on this list because she will get outplayed by Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert, while I do enjoy both of those ladies, I just wish more women would get radio play!


Got Your Name On It by Jade Eagleson

Don't let the majority of the music video fool you, the little kid isn't him. I've never heard of this guy, this song just popped into my suggestions when I was actually doing this little project, so I had to put it on here. It's a great song with a really beautiful message, and a great video.


When a Momma's Boy Meets a Daddy's Girl by Aaron Pritchett

I first heard this song shortly after it dropped in 2016, fell in love with it, unfortunately I haven't come across any other songs by Aaron Pritchett. The song is absolutely amazing, the video is breaking barriers on it's own for country music, which explains why it was never featured on CMT or GAC.


Quarterback by Kira Isabella

In Kira's own words this song is about "trust being broken - and how in today's world social media can amplify that pain immensely." The song has 2 different endings, the one linked above is the alternate ending, here is the true ending both endings are extremely powerful, the song is just... wow!


Make Him Wait by Abby Anderson

This song only came out last month and this song is already, in my opinion, one of the best songs of the year! Talking about making a man wait on you, not rush into things, especially if you love them. Wow, just beautiful!


Chevy and Daddy by AJ Sanders

A song about a boy and his dad, working on dad's truck. Typical country song, but MAN! Powerful, powerful lyric!


Criminal by Lindsay Ell

That opening guitar strum sold me before the first time I listened to this song, then I heard her voice... just WOW! Now she's gotten more airplay than the other women on this list, but not by much. She's so talented, it's crazy!


I Thought I Knew It All by Electra Mustaine

I was looking for an official version of her song Life is Good, but I couldn't so I'll settle for this country cover of Megadeth's I Thought I Knew It All... after all, she is the daughter of Dave Mustaine, so I thought it was only fitting. She's definitely talented like her dad, hopefully she gets more recognition over the next few years!


Midnight Daydream by Jameson Rodgers

Why isn't there an official music video for this song? My god, this song has been on repeat since I downloaded it a year ago. Absolutely amazing song by a guy with a surprising voice!


Good Ol' Boys Like Us by JJ Lawhorn

A song about reflecting on one of his friends, we've all been there and MAN this guy can sing and needs more airplay, I don't recall any of his songs, except maybe his duet with Colt Ford, hitting radio and I feel like this should've been the song to get him some airplay!

Untitled Mister Rogers Film

28 September 2018 - 01:30 PM

Earlier this year we had a biopic of Mister Fred Rogers (Won't You Be My Neighbor?) and yesterday (according to an article from USA today) we got our first look at Tom Hanks as Mister Rogers in an upcoming feature film, sporting the red cardigan and all. I will update this thread as more news comes out... but here is that first look! It's set to release in October of 2019.