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#7070044 Sudoku Archetype [WRITTEN]

Posted by Mr. Melon on 19 January 2018 - 12:18 PM

Thanks for looking at this, Dov!


I can't believe I forgot to put the "other" in the monsters' column destruction effects!  That's pretty critical for how they needed to be played (can't have them constantly destroying themselves on-summon, huh?).


Other changes:

- Changed Chosen from destruction to banishing

- Fixed Transport's effect.  It was meant to summon from Grave (since Traveler pretty much covers a Summon from Deck) + slapped a hard OPT on it so it doesn't loop with Traveler.

- Changed Archfiend Channeler's last effect to a more continuous wording.  Tbh, I wasn't really sure how to word its effect at all, and it still sounds.. off.. but w/e.

- Changed Battleship's last effect to summon in defense position and made it not work if sent to the Grave by its own effect (Unlike the rest of the monsters, Battleship destroying the monster it summons was intentional.)


In terms of weakness to Xyz and Link decks, that is a possible concern, though not one that I'd ignored; this deck does have a few means against both.  First, this deck's playstyle is one that enables you to hit the fuel.  You can't go into Xyzs or Links without first boarding monsters that have levels.  Hit those monsters and you stop the Extra Deck from getting on the board.  Second, Xyzs entirely focus around same levels, something this deck can hurt pretty effectively on its own.  Finally, some of the best Links currently out there are ones that bounce, something that this deck has no issues dealing with, and most of them generally have a low enough ATK that even outside a hard counter, these can generally run them over.  Maybe I'll devote a bit more Spell/Trap support to addressing this a bit more though.


Thanks again!  Glad you like 'em!

#7069677 Sudoku Archetype [WRITTEN]

Posted by Mr. Melon on 17 January 2018 - 11:38 PM

Hello, fine peoples!  This is an archetype I'd been thinking about making for a while, but I'd had real difficulty trying to capture the spirit behind Sudoku in card form.  I'm still not sure if I got it, but I settled on a bit of a theme, but moreso a story behind the cards and decided to run with it.








Ok, I'm way too sleepy right now to complete this archetype and I'd rather just post this as-is over coming back to it sometime later and finding out that my computer decided to restart itself while I was away.


Playstyle is supposed to swap between beatdown and control with the Synchros being reactionary and a bit more disruptive while the main deck is full of easy-to-summon beaters and is pretty straightforward.  Field spell has that recycling effect exclusively because multiples of any of the monsters is utterly pointless.


In terms of Sudoku the game, that's... pretty much all captured in the monsters' first effects as well as the Normal Spell.  I didn't do too much after that, instead getting wrapped up in the story that I wanted to tell with these cards.


Basic card story lore


Will have Synchros from levels 3-9 (excluding 5 and 8, as Chosen and SU-DO-KU themselves were not corrupted), and possibly some Links (2 to replace the missing Synchros?).  Will definitely have more Spell/Trap support.


Anyways, CnC appreciated.  Suggestions for the rest of the Synchros' effects (cuz I'm burnt out right now) would be nice too.



#7068035 [FLOD] Selective Reborn

Posted by Mr. Melon on 12 January 2018 - 10:29 AM

Target 3 Lonefires?

#7062258 Replacing Card Text + "Archetype" [WRITTEN]

Posted by Mr. Melon on 17 December 2017 - 12:49 AM

Hello, fine peoples!


Ok, so I was writing a yugioh story, and this idea just happened to hit me for a character and she used a deck that.. well, had the ability to change the card text on each other.  It might not make sense, but I might as well toss up a few card ideas that I'd had and it should be pretty self explanatory.


KaleidoScope Monsters


Fairly clear how these work.  Simple monsters: one beatstick and one searcher, both with an obvious disdain for Spell and Traps.  However with a simple text replacement card...


Text replacement card


...and the cards' whole dynamic shifts entirely. Hornet suddenly gains a "Mage Power"-type boost for each Spell/Trap you control while Ladybug can possibly mill more cards than any Lightsworn monster (up to 6 with all Spell/Trap Zones filled + field spell)


I know that there are cards that can change other cards' effects, but not in this kind of way.  Since there isn't any kind of precedent to this, I'm not fully sure if this text would be considered accurate in any sense.  If anyone would be willing to help brush up on that, that'd be awesome.  Since this is a character deck, I am liable to keep making cards for this archetype in particular, but I did want to share this as an idea for others to play with if they wanted to.


Thanks for checking these out and, as always, any CnC would be much appreciated!  Cheers!


#7062057 Action Spell – Full Turn

Posted by Mr. Melon on 16 December 2017 - 01:38 AM

I'm not sure I like the design of this card.  What it does is effectively halve your opponent's LP for the turn.  Limiter Removal is on the OCG banlist, right?  This feels like 3, more generic Limiter Removals that any deck that can OTK can run to OTK easier.


Seeing how this card exists, however, I might as well make the best of it, huh?  Personally, I'm partial to throwing this in Cubics since it is another way to facilitate an OTK and it can dump extra Karmas in hand which could come in handy.


There's also this in combination with Utopia the Lightning.  A 5000 ATK Armades with doubled damage?  That'll be fun.  Slap down a Linkuriboh, I dare you.  Alternatively, you could be silly and run Heartlandraco and swing directly for 4000.


Lightsworn could probably run it to pull out an OTK from nowhere since it would be fairly easy for them to get to it (what with its ability to bring itself back).  Granted, it won't be consistent, but none of these suggestions are what I would call "consistent".  This card is a game stealer, not something to exactly build a deck around.



@Jolly: Wait, quick plays don't get the same ability as traps for having graveyard quick effects?  Huh, that's good to know.  I'd assumed that quick-plays had the same GY properties as traps in that case.

#7061292 Magnet Reverse!

Posted by Mr. Melon on 12 December 2017 - 12:48 AM

does this have the "the monster had to have been properly special summoned first" bs?


Yea.  This doesn't bypass Nomi clauses, but it enables them to be recovered once they have been summoned properly.


This is a really cool find.  It, like Cattle Call, is one of those that could easily jump into the spotlight under the right conditions.  I think it could potentially be a strong play-extender, but it might need one more super generic interaction/card before it becomes a gimme card.

#7059222 Umbral Horror Ghost

Posted by Mr. Melon on 05 December 2017 - 05:05 PM

Doomdog Octhros to search Grinder Golem?

#7057983 Archetype Generator Meta

Posted by Mr. Melon on 01 December 2017 - 08:33 PM

Element Colossus: https://forum.yugioh...es-written-agm/

#7057576 I Need a Bodyguard

Posted by Mr. Melon on 30 November 2017 - 06:13 PM

I am a guarder of bodies.

I am a protector of Dad.

I am doing this just for reps


#7057345 One Winged Angel.mp3 (Darklord support)

Posted by Mr. Melon on 30 November 2017 - 11:59 AM

Cool cards. It thematically fits in. I really only have a couple things on the Link monster though:

ATK at 2300 seems pretty strong for a pseudo-generic Link 2. I get the flavor of it being equivalent to Kristya's DEF, but I'd recommend pulling it back to 1900 or less since that's been more/less been the precedent so far. Alternatively, if you can restrict its materials more, it would be fine to stay at 2300.

The other concern is the fact it returns banished cards in general. As it is, it can basically turn Pot of Desires into something better than Pot of Greed (since you then are able to reliably thin your Deck out of cards you may not need while shuffling those you do need back into the Deck). Maybe just restrict it to returning monsters so it doesn't have that interaction?

#7057043 [DPR] Clockwisdom Cuckoohawk

Posted by Mr. Melon on 29 November 2017 - 09:06 PM

I guess something else that's notable is that even though it's normally 1 arrow, it "acts" as 2 down arrows since you can just summon to is arrow slot then rotate it.  Further, if the opponent doesn't expect this, it can be easy to play around and give them nothing since its effect can typically cover 3 possible zones (far left, far right, and middle).  Hilariously, though, if the opponent takes control of it after its used its effect once they'd get the awesome-but-impractical 2 free summons from Deck/GY based on how taking control works with the EMZ).


It's really interesting to say the least.

#7056691 Naruto

Posted by Mr. Melon on 29 November 2017 - 10:55 AM

FIRE? Check.
Level 6? Check.
Self-summoning condition? Check.

Welp, looks like I'm grabbing this for my Hazy Flames.

EDIT: Never read the GX Manga, but "Goka, the Pyre of Malice" wouldn't also happen to be a Bastion card, would it? The interaction between it and this seems amusing.

#7056053 [Written] Dark Magician Support

Posted by Mr. Melon on 27 November 2017 - 04:54 PM


I really like the idea of revamping some of DM's old forms and tricks and bringing them into the modern game.

Before getting into any particular card though, I do have to stress that it is unlikely for any of these particular cards will be a significant help to the DM deck overall because of its inherent problem of brickiness (i.e. not having enough starting plays). These cards encourage different ways of playing the deck and opens up some interesting things, but they do not ultimately give the deck that powerful starting play it needs.

Wicked Warlock - A light retrain of a really awesome card. Its effect is fine. By being treated as DM, it opens up extra Circle banishes and grave targets for Eternal Soul. The biggest problem with it really isn't the effect, condition or anything. It's its searchability and inherent reliance on the original DM. Once it hits field, it should do wonders, but it simply adds to the brickiness factor otherwise.

Wicked Sorcerer - I've gotta say, that summoning condition is pretty cool... But it is impractical considering there's only one viable target in the Spell/Trap department: Circle (since, by using E. Soul, you'd just nuke the field and, generally, equip spells aren't what I would call "viable", generally). If you did want to allow ES to be used, you could make its condition shuffling them into the deck since it wouldn't trigger then (a la Reborn Tengu ruling), plus it would keep the flavor and strategy of continually cycling your cards. As for this guy's effect, I'm not sure I care for the anti-kaiju protection. It seems a bit.. forced tbh. It seems pretty impractical otherwise when one could very easily remove this with some other effect then tribute over your DM's anyway. I'd feel its ability to become DM on field would give it much more practicality, albeit being a bit redundant alongside Warlock. Trap protection I won't really touch on since it is a callback more than anything, though being able to hit Dimensional Barrier and Evenly Matched is pretty cool.

Apprentice Illusion - I 100% agree on Apprentice Illusion being a DMG. It simply opens up new avenues. Admittedly, they probably did not want to outright replace DMG, so I can see their reasoning for not doing that, but in context of all these retrains, it makes perfect sense.

Call of Atem - Eh... It does give another 1st turn play, but it requires running Mahad which is.. ok at best. On the plus side, it is searchable and is a T1 play, which DMs desperately need, so... I guess? I'm honestly not sure what to think about the card as it is, though it kinda feels like it doesn't do enough. Maybe have it banish itself to turn a Spellcaster into DM for a turn or something?

Magician's Tome - It's a bit better than Formula and is a more viable target for Wicked Sorcerer (as it can enable the latter on its own). 2k+ ATK is pretty neat, but as it only works on the opponent's turn, it feels like it still doesn't do much. Maybe have the 2000 boost effect be a trigger effect, so that you can use it to summon Magician of Dark Illusion/Robe/Recover Rod. As for its boost, maybe you can make it specifically for DARK Spellcaster level 7s? It already is searchable off its first effect, so that might be as specific as you could make it to DM.

DM Hats - Gimmicky, but really fun sounding. Instead of adding it to the hand, maybe you can have them get set directly into the Spell/Trap zone, so that if they hit a trap, you can activate it during your next turn instead of waiting for your following turn, but then it is more susceptible to spell/trap removal, so I guess you pick your poison. Yeah, I really cannot say that there's anything overly wrong with this card, but I do like the idea of pulling spell/traps from your Deck as well so it has early game applications.

Illusion Daggers - Probably the most all around useful card in the set. Considering it needs DM, I wouldn't begrudge you making it quick-play, especially if it enables some of the other DM cards (that said, maybe Warlock should work on quick plays, but if so I'd lower the burn damage a bit)

Hat Trick - Really, I think this is fine as-is. It's a conditional A Warrior Returning Alive. Only real problem I see with this though is the fact that won't work while you have Wicked Sorcerer on the field (since it prevents tributing). I do like the idea of shuffling it into the Deck as cost though as, flavorwise, DM killing himself to bring back others when he's the key card doesn't sound right. Functionally, though, it makes minimal difference.

Twin Boxes - I like the card. It ends up a 1 for 1 since the DM comes back, but it can also be used to dodge removal and stuff so it has greater utility. I'm not sure how much I like the fact that it's un-counterable, though I don't think it would be a huge issue. Maybe you can replace the un-counterable aspect with an ability to SS the Dark Magician instead of simply returning it, but that has its own issues as well. Ultimately, it's probably fair as-is.

All in all, I like the designs and I think these definitely open up new potential avenues for DM to take, but in the end, the deck still feels like it'd be clunky and bricky without the capacity for making early game plays if they didn't open really well.

#7055275 Let's Fix the Card Maker!

Posted by Mr. Melon on 25 November 2017 - 05:36 PM

I am literally just making this thread as a means of gathering together anyone who has any skills in programming who would be able to help with implementing the newer mechanics to this website.


I really like the idea that's been spread around about programming it off-site.  That said, I have been looking around for possible collaborative programming websites.  "Collabedit" seems like it could possibly be a good one (the cardmaker is programmed in java, right?), but I'm sure if we actually want to go forward with this, we could find something else that could possibly fit our needs better.


I admit, I know very little in java, but I do prefer for us to move forward with something than simply running in circles.  If we program a thing to be implemented, we can present it to YCMaker as something to slot in rather than bothering him with actually having to fix everything himself.


If you have programming ability, please just comment and let me know if you'd be willing to help.  Further, if you don't program, you can still help support through looking around for possible collaborative programming sites and such, and also making suggestions/maybe drawing out a possible format for the finished product.


Comments and suggestions would be much appreciated!

#7055270 Neo Zombie World [WRITTEN]

Posted by Mr. Melon on 25 November 2017 - 04:36 PM

Thanks for the look!  A lot's happened irl in the past few days that I'd almost forgotten I'd made this XD


I say make this condition to having only zombies in your grave as well since this protection is pretty powerful, won't be broken either way.


Also by your wording, your opponent can not target their own monsters with their own effects. That generally won't be relevant but little stuff like Forbidden Lance, Metalfoes, and Double Iris Magician it'll hurt a little, although there's no deck that comes to mind that get's blown out by it.


Yeah, I was hoping to make it so that if you have only Zombies in grave, your opponent cannot target their own monsters on the field and also in the GY (though admittedly, that aspect is even less than on-field targets).


I might restrict the targeting protection for your Zombies, but the field spell has no natural protection, so getting rid of it before hitting the Zombies shouldn't be too big an issue which was kinda my thought in keeping the full target restriction.  However, if this is a bigger issue or if there's a combo or something that this protection might break, I'd be more than willing to change it!


Thanks again!