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AGM Legacy Support Thread 2: Electric Boogaloo

9 minutes ago

Hello, fine peoples!


I am here to formally continue my previous Legacy Support thread where I make a single card to add to each AGM archetype (except my own).


Legacy Cards: Hell Stinger to (ongoing)



Planning Thread for Story Ideas

Yesterday, 08:39 PM

Hello, fine peoples!


I had a bit of a thought on making a thread like this for a while as a help for me personally, but also for other people to run with as they see fit.  Basically, it is a place to post story prompts that you are thinking about writing or just ones that you think might be cool for someone else to run with.  Further, you can expand your post with basic story elements and pieces that you think you might use in writing that prompt as well as a place to receive ideas for said prompt/story elements before making it into its own topic (or simply as outside criticism).


This thread is meant to help "get your creative juices flowing" as they say: the Creative Writing section equivalent of CC's Planning Thread for Card Ideas thread.



(if anyone has particularly good resources for writing/finding prompts, I'll place 'em in the OP)


Happy Writing!


5 Generic Cards [WRITTEN]

Yesterday, 05:55 PM

Hello, fine peoples!


I know that I've posted some cards that are fairly close to these (or posted these exact) ones before, but I wanted to know how they would hold up in today's gamestate, what with Links now firmly grounded in the game.  Anyone have thoughts?




Sudoku Archetype [WRITTEN]

17 January 2018 - 11:38 PM

Hello, fine peoples!  This is an archetype I'd been thinking about making for a while, but I'd had real difficulty trying to capture the spirit behind Sudoku in card form.  I'm still not sure if I got it, but I settled on a bit of a theme, but moreso a story behind the cards and decided to run with it.








Ok, I'm way too sleepy right now to complete this archetype and I'd rather just post this as-is over coming back to it sometime later and finding out that my computer decided to restart itself while I was away.


Playstyle is supposed to swap between beatdown and control with the Synchros being reactionary and a bit more disruptive while the main deck is full of easy-to-summon beaters and is pretty straightforward.  Field spell has that recycling effect exclusively because multiples of any of the monsters is utterly pointless.


In terms of Sudoku the game, that's... pretty much all captured in the monsters' first effects as well as the Normal Spell.  I didn't do too much after that, instead getting wrapped up in the story that I wanted to tell with these cards.


Basic card story lore


Will have Synchros from levels 3-9 (excluding 5 and 8, as Chosen and SU-DO-KU themselves were not corrupted), and possibly some Links (2 to replace the missing Synchros?).  Will definitely have more Spell/Trap support.


Anyways, CnC appreciated.  Suggestions for the rest of the Synchros' effects (cuz I'm burnt out right now) would be nice too.



Gouki + Troymare (Deck help needed)

12 January 2018 - 07:54 PM

I'm obviously super excited about Troymares and I wanted to see if I could build something around them.  I've got a general skeleton of the deck, but I feel like I'm missing some really obvious core pieces.


Numbers of cards are still up in the air, but cards that are bolded are ones that seem like definites.




3 Gouki Suprex - Necessary to get things out of your hand and going.

3 Gouki Octostretch - Level 1 makes it able to Summon out Linkuriboh which is the quickest means of getting the Troymare Co-Link stuff online.

1+ Gouki Twistcobra/Headbat - Other low level targets.  Enable Suprex to summon + gives more searches.


3 Red Resonator - Tuner status enables Needlefiber and also helps get stuff out of hand for opening plays.

1 GUB - Summonable off Needlefiber + another target for Linkuriboh.

1-2 Destroymare - Mostly because it helps start up the Troymare portion and is the only Summon for Mermaid.  Leaning more toward 2 since you can summon Mermaid off 1 and then summon out the second.

? Goblindbergh/Motivating Captain - Warriors that also help get stuff on the field.  All these Normal Summon trigger monsters are to benefit off of the additional NS Troymare Goblin gives.  Goblindbergh has the benefit of being a game opener and not negating effects while Captain is an additional level 1 while also touching on a potentially more plentiful resource anytime past (or even during) turn 1.

? Synkron Resonator - Level 1. Tuner.  Recycles Red Resonator even when being used for Link Summons.  Provides the Deck with more Resonator Call search targets.

1 Gofu - ...It's Gofu.

? Hand Traps - well, this is probably a definite, but first I need to get the remaining deck numbers before I decide on this.





3 Gouki Re-Match - Should be pretty self-explanitory

? Gouki Face Turn - Well, it should be solid to use, but without any kind of testing, I can't exactly think of how many I should run since it also depends on the numbers of the other Goukis run.

1 Soul Charge


1 141

3 Resonator Call - Grabs Red Resonator.

3 Instant Fusion - Lets me field a level 1 without going into my Normal Summon.

2-3 World Legacy Inheritor - Should be a definite, but I'd like a second opinion.

? Scapegoat - Not a definite because this deck REALLY focuses on getting down a dominant first turn board.  Getting this in hand in an opening turn means less cards to get your plays started which can't be afforded until you can establish a co-link.






6 Troymares


Thousand Eyes Restrict

Sea Monster of Theseus



Different idea directions