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In Topic: Make a Xyz Monster Game (v. 2.0)

Today, 01:20 AM

^ Just a quick future-proofing concern with your card. Make sure to include "the" when referring to Phantom Knight monsters specifically, otherwise you're opening up a bigger door than you might realize.

One of the posts here explains it better: https://amp.reddit.c...phantom_knight/


In Topic: Early Generaid Deck

Yesterday, 11:07 PM

After some testing, I'm finding the deck to be a bit more competent than I'd initially gave it credit for.  Admittedly, I didn't play vs meta, but the deck held up against a wide variety of opponents.


The floodgates are kinda the soul of the deck.  "There Can Be Only One" has been particularly useful.  While it lessens the number of tokens you can generate per turn, the benefit seems to outweigh the cost.  If you can't draw any floodgates, you're in a bad state.  I also decided to go with "Summon Limit" instead of "Powersink Stone".  I found that even though the deck has lots of Quick Effects, the lineup that I'm running tends to be more reactive than proactive, so the lock tends to not be as useful.  I also replaced the Generaid Battle trap w/ Territory since I haven't had much problem getting to the field spell and Territory has a unique way of solidifying all the deck's plays.


I almost never needed to go into the Extra Deck.  Really I only went into it to get to the initial Mardoll and once into the Generaid Xyz to change out my monsters and beat face.  While the deck is more than capable of having 2+ level 9s, a lot of the time it's actually worth keeping them alongside the floodgates over ditching 2 of 'em for 1 monster.  My version of the deck doesn't run a ton of revival either, so it's much more critical keeping the monsters I do have and playing a slow advantage game... which surprised me considering how many cards I'm letting my opponent draw.

In Topic: [RIRA - TCG] Dream Mirror Archetype

Yesterday, 10:35 AM

This is interesting, but the whole thing feels so... self-contained.  It doesn't really benefit from anything else and it doesn't really benefit anything else either.  That'd be fine except there's just not enough here to make a deck.  I really hope they continue with this theme, but I'm not holding my breath.

In Topic: Generaid [DBMF]

Yesterday, 10:05 AM

Mardoll is a Rose Bell target, and its Summon gets you another Plant or Generaid. Not the best, but it's obvious what was intended for this, more than I can say for the other Generaids. Since its their primary monster searcher, however, 6.5/10 should do for it.

> "more than I can say for the other Generaids"
> Proceeds to give it the second lowest rating.


Jokes aside, Mardoll searches CARDS not just other Generaid monsters. I dunno, might you be undervaluing it a bit?

In Topic: [TCG] July 15th Banlist

15 July 2019 - 12:54 PM

Holy-- !


Dang, this is a pretty big list.  Although... I spy a big, chained up dragon sized elephant in the room.


That said, all the top decks got hit and Salads look like they might be nerfed out of T1 status.  Wow..