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[Duel Links] Temporary Sylvans (usable until 7.26.19)

Yesterday, 05:36 PM

Hello, fine peoples!
Just showcasing a deck that I've been having quite a bit of fun with since unlocking Sartorious' "Three Lord Pillars" skill.
As of right now, the skill is written as follows:

If your Deck contains both "The Spiritual Lord" and "The Sky Lord," begin the Duel with "The Material Lord" Set in your Spell & Trap Zone. All copies of "The Spiritual Lord" and "The Sky Lord" will be placed at the bottom of your Deck.

...basically, this means that if you have 3 copies of the 2 cards, you suddenly have a 14 card deck.  This increases any deck's chances in opening up a usable hand.  However, I didn't really want to run a deck that relied on search power, otherwise this beneficial opening hand could be offset by potentially drawing into 6 awful bricks; that's why I chose Sylvans.  They work with their visible resources and the Plant support in the game allows for the deck to play out of the GY enough to deliver a quick victory.


The deck is next to useless against pretty much every meta strategy in DL, but it is really fun sniping pretty much any other deck types and its consistency/advantage gain is fairly ridiculous.


Deck List:

3 Guardioak - The heart and soul of the deck.  2400 ATK with the ability to (essentially) mill out a third* of my deck.  It's on-excavation effect also puts in a lot of work.

2 Hermitree - Technically the real boss.  Kinda forced to use this as a means of getting over the 2400 ATK threshold, but its excavation effect to stack my deck has been really useful.

2 Bladefender - 1900 ATK that can keep the advantage train rolling.  Honestly a bit useless though and I'd be more than willing to replace.

2 Marchalleaf - Monster destroyer that's not OPT.

1 Komushroomo - S/T destroyer that can mill half* my deck on flip.  I only have a single copy, otherwise I'd replace Bladefender with more of 'em.

2 World Carrotweight Champion - Really solid card that can SS itself by discarding a plant.  It allows me to really put massive damage on board while also getting useless stuff out of my hand.

2 Amarylease - I'd love to use Rose Lover but I can't alongside Marshalleaf.  Either way, this allows me to summon my big monsters for cheap.  I don't have a third, but I feel running 2 is perfect anyway.

3/3 Spiritual Lord/Sky Lord


*These mill assumptions are based on the fact I only have a 14 card deck and draw 4 cards for my opening hand - essentially having 10 millable cards.


The deck is only usable in this form until 7/26 because there's gonna be a skill re-balancing for the "Three Lord Pillars" skill that doesn't place the cards on the bottom of the deck, but I'm gonna be using this deck as much as I can in the meantime.








Early Generaid Deck

15 July 2019 - 03:16 PM

Hello, fine peoples!


I said I'd post a list for the Generaid deck within the thread, so here it is. I also made sure to put explanations for each of the choices.  I might post a picture of the card list whenever they get uploaded to 'pro.

Monsters (16)
3 Mardoll, Generaid of Light - Searcher for Quest in order for the deck to make any plays.
2 Nidhogg, Generaid of Ice - Probably the best of the trigger-able Generaid. Powerful disruption on a decent body.
2 Hel, Generaid of Death - Recycles any of the monsters.
1 Fraudir, Generaid of the Sword - Pop that lets you trigger the field spell.
1 Naglfar, Generaid of Flames - Protection for your board. You should often have your tokens to offer up as tribute.
3 Lonefire Blossom - Summons itself, itself, then Mardoll/Predaplant Engine (i.e. searches Quest)
3 Orphys Scorpio - Engine to summon Aromaseraphy Jasmine (who can then search Mardoll > Quest)
1 Darling Cobra - Engine w/ Scorpio

Spells (17)
3 Instant Fusion - Searchable w/ Predaplant Engine. Summon Millennium-Eyes in order to keep yourself from interruptions.
3 Pot of Extravagance - Extra Draw power. Good Ash bait.
3 Called by the Grave - Extra Protection vs handtraps.
3 World Legacy Monstrocity - Best Level 9 support card.
3 Generaid Quest - Key card of the deck. If you can get this off, you can get the correct things on board easily.
2 Generaid Stage - Primary means of fielding your monsters. Searchable off Quest if going second.

Traps (7)
1 Generaid Territory - Searchable by Quest.  Helps solidify your plays moving forward.
3 There Can Be Only One - A bit conflicting w/ the field spell, but the card is powerful enough to really shut out plays, so I think it's worthwhile.
3 Summon Limit - Helps slow down opponent's decks so your bigger monsters can beat face.

Extra (15)
3 Aromaseraphy Jasmine
2 Millennium-Eyes Restrict

1 Thousand-Eyes Restrict

1 Linkuriboh

2 Knightmare Phoenix
6 Various Rank 9s


The deck is obviously not perfect.  It also really depends on how people will find to play it effectively.  Maybe Rank 9 Turbo is best, I dunno.  If you have any suggestions though, feel free to let me know!



The Eurobeat Intensifies [WRITTEN] (Super-archetype)

14 July 2019 - 03:17 PM

Hello, fine peoples!

I had this idea that I just couldn't get out of my head. It is a "Super-archetype" (which I kinda see as a single archetype that encompasses other archetypes under its umbrella - i.e. "HERO", "Number", etc.). As such, it is comprised of several normal sized archetypes, so it is way larger than things I'd conventionally make.

I haven't finished it, but I've got the main "glue" for the archetypes - the cards they all revolve around: the "Drift" Quick-Play spells!

I have the basic mechanics of the regular archetypes planned out (they're detailed in the spoilers below, along with the archetype's "Special Drift" card), but I've yet to write the monsters out. I also have a very basic lore story for the cards too.

Anyways, onto the cards!


Blazing Wheels

Destiny Racers

Galactic Flash

The Яeverse

Dimensional Speedstars (DS)

I may post a full description of the lore, but it should be pretty obvious from what I wrote for the Dimensional Speedstars and The Яeverse.

Anyways, thank you so much for looking through this! Any CnC would be much appreciated!


Worldeater Infinipede [WRITTEN]

13 July 2019 - 03:05 AM

Worldeater Infinipede

DARK 10*


You can destroy 1 face-up spell you control to Special Summon this card from your hand.  When this card is Summoned: Banish all Field Spells.  If a Field Spell is activated, banish it, and if you do, this card gains 400 ATK.  This card can attack your opponent directly.  Your opponent can banish cards from the top of their Deck face-down to reduce the damage they take from this monster's ATK by 200 for each card.



Just a rando boss insect monster that uses the ol' mill theme insects used to have.

Bits & Pieces

12 July 2019 - 11:38 PM

Hello, fine peoples!


I've had a specific series in my head since I was very young.  I've tried writing it out on multiple occasions, but lots of things often happened that necessitated starting over.  And over.


In any case, I'm not probably not gonna post individual short stories on here nor write and post my full novel on here, but I want to be able to write down critical bits and pieces of that series whenever I get around to writing more of it.


I'm not expecting readers, but if you have any interest in the story at all (questions, critiques, wanna know a quick plot synopsis, etc.), feel free to post or PM me.





Only real thing to note:

SPP = "Super-Powered Person".  Any sentient being (or any being given sentience by the SPP transformation process) is a "person" whether or not they're human.  Not called "superhero/villain" because both are terms that is a label given to an individual by others rather than a generic identification of what one is.  There's also no real consensus on who constitutes a "hero" or "villain", and it's ultimately a pointless task that would a) divide the SPP's power base as a whole (as they are already a super-minority in terms of total universal population), and b) demean any individual labeled "villain" which could (and historically has) lead to many problems.


All the characters the story follows are SPPs.


Ilmeni's Flight