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#7113737 Black's Opinions

Posted by Kazooie on 08 August 2018 - 06:42 PM


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#7093377 Kazooie as a New Moderator

Posted by Kazooie on 08 April 2018 - 01:49 AM

Ultimately, I weighed the ones who spoke in the thread higher than the silent voters.
Yeah, I could have accepted it with pretty much no trouble from the mod team. I considered it.
I also considered what everyone had been saying over the course of the thread, and I considered it heavily. Ultimately, I found myself agreeing more with the opposition.
I think the more important thing is getting the staff on the team into the position where they can discuss with the community openly, and I don't think I'm required for that to happen now. Between Josh, Cow, and Tormented, the start has already begun. After reading what others have said, I mostly agree, I don't think I'm what the forum needs to progress now. I think altogether, those three will cover what I would have brought to the team just fine, and as I said in the thread, I don't see fit to force myself into a position where I don't feel I'm needed.
And I'm saying this again, I was always taking into account the people who spoke up more than the ones who just quietly voted. I encouraged people to speak up, I wanted discussion from the community and I wanted to see what the thoughts were. In the end, I felt like those who opposed me returning had good, fair points and a valid rebuttal to those points was difficult.


I do appreciate those who supported me, and I considered both sides heavily, but I don't think what I bring to the team is unique now, before, it was different. And that's why I insisted it be discussed before anything happened.

I am disappointed in Birdie for both allowing herself to be discouraged and not being the one to make this thread and speak on her own behalf. I did think she could have made an articulate and level-headed presence as both a liaison and a moderator where necessary and that's why I voted in favour of her promotion, but the fact is she couldn't play that role because she doesn't have the will to.

If this announcement were made in C&S it would garner just as much notice from those invested. I do hope she speaks for herself.


Wasn't discouraged by the thread, honestly. You're welcome to think that about my will if you want, I can't stop ya and it would be pointless to try and change your mind here, the decision is made.


And it wasn't really my place to make the thread, it definitely belongs in News more than C&S. I did intend on speaking from the start though, don't worry about that.

#7089709 A School of Villains [IC/Not Accepting/PG-16]

Posted by Kazooie on 25 March 2018 - 01:40 AM

"You see, Oxie, I kidnapped these kids off of the street so they would come to our school instead of someone else's," 
This is okay. Mari's divine will has never failed me before.
Such a simple thought to run through the girl's head as she watched the two bicker below her. No matter just how odd this underground world seemed to get, there was always something even stranger waiting around the corner. Kidnapped? No, she was happy to be here! Any place so thoroughly occupied by the villainous kind she was looking for would work...
"Follow him, if you please." 
The girl gave the strange man a brief bow of her head as she was released confinement finally, her arms stretching into the air slowly as she hummed and turned to follow after N. Ox, her bag tossed over her shoulder. The anger from him was so powerful, so overwhelming even...  It was delicious, his passion would make a wonderful asset! But she was getting ahead of herself, no she needed to wait and establish herself in the school...


4th Period




"Take care of them, as I take care of some business." "My cabbages!"
Elita tilted her head a little bit as she watched the strange scene unfold, and the vice principal's departure was only the beginning. No, indeed, things were only beginning to get little weird, thanks to the little girl about to stab out someone's eye. The blood trail that creeped around the redhead's body seemed to catch Elita's attention as she clapped her hands together, a little gasp escaping her, such a talent! Shame it was no doubt connected to a lost soul... Perhaps there was a glimpse of potential there, in any case. She would just have to keep this in mind.
"... Can't he teleport?"
Teleportation? Along with his pure passion! If only she could convince him to work with her... But that was a pipe dream, and for now she was content to work herself into the good graces of her new... Classmates. After all, that's what this place was... A school.
"Well... That is quite the... Ah what is the word..."
The girl tapped at her cheek a tiny bit as she looked into the room, her accent stood out, certainly before her appearance. She hummed softly as she tilted her head at the little spectacle that the two in the room had gotten themselves into. Her hand brushed off the front of her dress as she held her purse over her shoulder, a grin appearing on her face as she looked towards Mary, "That pique, miss, is very sharp. Very impressive! You could certainly harm someone with that... But perhaps it should not be so close to her eyes?"
The tone of Elita's voice was very excited, her words trailed off into a little hum as she clasped her hands together, giving a warm grin even as she looked at the potentially disastrous display. The emotions coursing through the room, so thoroughly emanating... It almost brought a renewed sense of vigor to her as she laughed a tiny bit, "It is wonderful to finally be here. There was a scheduling error that I had to attend to, I hope that you do not mind, professeur!"
She bowed her head as she turned to look towards Carnivile, giving her a little smile. She hummed softly as she took a little glance around, "Might I just take a seat?"

#7089433 A School of Villains [OOC/Not Accepting/PG-16]

Posted by Kazooie on 23 March 2018 - 06:44 PM

Well... From thinking about it, Biology switching to Chemistry definitely seems like the best course of action for Elita, so that's what I've done right now.


Ultimately, I can't think of a super... Great way to swap the free periods around to make 7th period Math great, because ultimately it isn't a subject that matters a ton to her character, and neither is the alternative in that period. Chemistry and Biology are both overall more useful to her character, Biology was if I wanted to go with the extremely rare physical component of Empath Healing which I decided against, so swapping to Chemistry seems better...

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#7088999 A New Member of the Staff Team

Posted by Kazooie on 21 March 2018 - 10:27 AM

Okay, I have a question about how this thread is going to work. Are the arguments people present in this thread going to be determine whether or not Bree should be added to the team, or is it just going to come down to the poll having more votes in her favor than against?


I would hope the former. It holds more weight than the people who voted yes and then just never look at the topic again.

#7088813 A New Member of the Staff Team

Posted by Kazooie on 20 March 2018 - 10:40 AM

Heeey just woke up, so this is gonna be a fairly short post cause my brain isn't entirely functional just yet. It just didn't seem right to not actually say anything here.


Yes. Bring her on.

What the tem needs is people open to communication. Birdie fits that to a T.

If she is active on the team, she will improve it.


If she is inactive, she will not hinder it. 


It seems as simple as that

Honestly, it's about fucking time she got her job back. Her previous resignation derailed a good change for YCM, and I'd like to see that continue with her back at the helm. #PowertoBirdie


I appreciate the support, and the sorta support from Isaac, but I just wanna take the time to say that their opinions are definitely not the only ones that matter, if you have concerns, it's just as important that those get out there.


I have honestly probably seen her post maybe 10 times total over my entire history on YCM ever.

Juxtaposing these two posts to highlight my main concern. I've really not seen her active enough to justify the seemingly high desire to welcome her back to the team. That or the people who want her back and extremely passionate about wanting her back, and I don't quite understand it.


I want to know what she brings to the team. Giga says that she's open to communication, but mido's comment kind of flies in the face of what Giga says she can do.


Totally fair concerns, and honestly, I can't say anything about it. I could say that I'll be more active in posting, but really...


I already lurk around the site most of the time. I've always got the tab open, it's just a matter of actually making posts, and I don't really believe in making posts just to make them. Even when I'm posting in Misc, I at least try to have a joke or a reason for posting what I'm posting, I'm not so much about the lolrandom humor.


So it's totally understandable to be concerned about my activity, that's what I was getting at. The only thing I can really say about it is that I wasn't able to be active last time, and that's why I stepped down from the position. I don't want to wind up being a moderator who's never around, I know how frustrating that is to us, I really do.


But... I will say that not posting is definitely not the same thing as being unopen to communication. I definitely don't mind listening to people's concerns, and it's mostly a matter of just being kind of quiet. If there's a significant amount of ya'll who don't think I should be in the position cause of that, I totally get it and I'll refrain from taking it. This position is about the members in my eyes, not some personal agenda.



Rodrigo posted while I was writing this and I just want him to know I didn't ignore his post, it would be quoted with mido and Roxas's posts but the quote system can be a jerk sometimes. What I said is still the same, if enough of you feel like them, and don't want me in the position, say so.


I'm not going to push myself onto the members when they don't want me as a moderator, that's entirely counterproductive to the position.

#7088168 A School of Villains [OOC/Not Accepting/PG-16]

Posted by Kazooie on 16 March 2018 - 10:58 PM

hi i'm back friends, i was inspired
How Divine!

#7085570 Restructuring the Mod Team

Posted by Kazooie on 06 March 2018 - 05:43 PM

If you want a PR mod, just bring Birdie back.


Not sure what sayin' this is supposed to accomplish, since it wasn't really up to the members if I returned or not. As far as I'm aware, it was a brief mention in the mod forum, never got talked about more, when it was brought up, it was passed over again when I just wanted some clarification, so...


Feels kinda dishonest to try and use me like that. It's already been made clear to me that I don't feel particularly wanted on the team by the other moderators, and I'm not gonna try to fight upstream against a river that's flowing downstream. So please keep me out of the discussion at this point.

#7082955 I ain't going around to all your threads

Posted by Kazooie on 25 February 2018 - 06:06 PM

Thoughts on rum?


Not something I've ever tried. I ain't opposed to it, I just haven't actually given it a shot so I can't say too much about it.


imma post here again just for fun


yer a butt, yui.


My opinions on you don't seem to change a lot. You're a fun person to be around, and I wouldn't mind being in an RP with you sometime, but there's been a lack of stuff that's caught my eye and since I'm gonna be around less, I'm not really gonna be keeping up with potential RP's either.


Keep on lesbianing it up, bud.


How do you feel about narcotics and mind-altering substances?


Not just alcohol, but like, everything from benzos to meth.




I know my feelings on 'em doesn't do much. I wouldn't do the harder stuff, and even the lighter stuff, which would pretty much only be marijuana, would probably be once in a blue moon, cause I don't know if I have a personality that would result in that stuff being addictive (in a crippling way).


I've always had the opinion that trying to make this stuff flat out illegal is just going to hurt more people in the long run than regulating it would, but... It's a very touchy subject and definitely not black and white, so I don't talk about it much. 


Shy, but fly.


You're an alright dude. I wish I could say more, but... Honestly, we're both pretty quiet around YCM. When I do post and make the rounds, I don't tend to see ya around, so it's not like we have a ton of chances to interact.


I hear good things about you, and people were passionate about bringing you back, so hey, you can't be a bad dude, we just don't talk much or have much in common it feels like. Definitely have nothing personal against you.

#7078143 Brand New Game of the Year

Posted by Kazooie on 10 February 2018 - 05:30 PM




#7077113 I ain't going around to all your threads

Posted by Kazooie on 07 February 2018 - 10:38 AM



I took a break over January cause of stress getting to me. I only popped back in around the midpoint to provide input in the mod elections, and then started being around more regularly once February rolled around.


You're... I dunno, honestly.


I don't dislike you, I don't want you to think that, it's just one of those situations where we have very, very little in common, so it's just a matter of not really having a reason to talk much. I think you're a nice enough guy, who gets a little carried away with jokes sometimes, but there's nothing criminal about that.


does it count if I've already given you an opinion? 


totally counts


Gotta say, I didn't expect that opinion coming from you, but that was pretty nice to see. The last couple of weeks with you getting to actually getting to make changes through the CP has legit been amazing. I know it's mostly cosmetic stuff, but that's something. We have something to show, which is way more than we've had in ages.


It's good for moral, it's good for the members who are here. While it might not bring people in, it'll keep those of us who are here, well... Happy, for lack of a better word. Things are looking up, especially since whatever had disabled you from being able to make changes was seemingly reverted, last I checked.


So, needless to say, my opinion of you is pretty damn high right now. This is the most productive the site has been in a while on the functionality side of things, and the energy and work you've put behind it is really great. I don't know how difficult it might've been, but you've put in the time, and that's huge. You're a damn cool dude, Torm.




you're a total dork, but you're my dork


Do I even really talk politics anymore?


Not as much, outside of the obvious sections for it, which I don't really touch. So I haven't had much issue with you lately as a result. :P






close enough

#7077099 1: Borges; The Library of Babel (31-1-2018)

Posted by Kazooie on 07 February 2018 - 07:59 AM

Well, after reading this, I can safely say that my fear of a worthless future has been kindled for a day or two.


One of my personal biggest fears is the future, not knowing what to expect or how I'm going to make it from day to day. This is basically the exact opposite of that, with these people knowing what they're going to do for all of life, but our narrator, and more than likely a large number of others, know that there is hardly any purpose to what they're doing, the chances of finding anything truly revolutionary is almost absolutely zero, and that's one of the things that scares me about life more than anything. That, no matter what you try to do, you may leave no lasting impact on the world. Yeah, it wasn't the focus of the story that this guy wouldn't find anything and that's what is important, but it's what would have been going through my own head in that kind of situation I'm sure.


The fact that there's an editor's note to specify that in the 'original manuscript' there were only 22 letters, space, comma, period. Obviously that means that this isn't 'our' universe, but what I want to know more about is who the editor is. Could it be that almighty Book-Man God Librarian that our narrator talked about near the end, perhaps? The reason this one stood out so much to me is because the other two footnotes aren't labeled as [Ed. note.], which pretty heavily implies they were written by the original narrator. I don't know if there's enough information to know for certain, but... I like to imagine it's the Book-Man that our narrator so dearly hoped existed.


The fact that people wanted to see what the books had to say about their own lives, only to go mad doing it... It's not surprising. That sort of theme is common in a lot of stories, but usually the going mad part happens after they've found out what they want to know. But when you're going through a massive library that may or may not be infinite, you're probably gonna go a little mad faster than usual...


The narrator being so certain that nothing in the library is absolutely gibberish, well... I can understand that feeling. When you devote your life to something, the idea that it might have been a waste is definitely not something you want to take seriously. 




Not gonna lie, this line gave me goosebumps. Really puts into perspective the scale of the universe not as one big thing, but as an endless journey of discovery and wonder. When one finds answers to one thing, they end up asking many other questions that they have to find answers for. An endless cycle that keeps going even after death, as Tormey said:



For me, it was this line.


"Someone proposed searching by regression: To locate book A, first consult book B, which tells where book A can be found; to locate book B, first consult book C, and so on, to infinity. . . . It is in ventures, such as these that I have squandered and spent my years."


That one line basically summed up how futile the search is for me, even if it was in reverse. You can spend forever trying to find even the first book in the chain, then you have to keep looking. Keep going. And even then, it would supposedly go on 'forever', even though it's finite, you would die before you got there unless you were inconceivably lucky. Maybe I'm just looking at it in a pessimistic view, but I do not envy these librarians one bit.




I love this, the idea that whilst something may not be "true" there are indeed discussions that the possibility of something being the truth exists, for everything, at least that's what I'm getting from it.

I'm glad that was brought up too, actually. It only makes sense, if the library would have literally everything down in writing, it would only make sense for it to have that idea written down as well, discussions over things that we might take for granted nowadays had to have happened at some point.
More than anything, the thing that caught my eye about this short story was definitely that mysterious editor, because it clearly wasn't our narrator, and it wouldn't have been worded the way it was if it wasn't meant to be taken as someone still in the story. I might have more to say later, but right now, my head is a little achy so I'm gonna wrap it up here.

#7076731 I ain't going around to all your threads

Posted by Kazooie on 06 February 2018 - 12:56 AM





Unlike Black, I do think you've changed. I think you do concern yourself with trying to improve, but I think you focus too much on what's happened and... Think other people do too. At this point, the crowd that was around back in the day? They're mostly gone. Most of us who are still here, well, aren't going to hold what happened against you personally now, and it feels like you're still afraid that people do. I don't think you're a negative influence on the site, and I do think you're a good presence in Contests, but it seems like any bit of praise you get, you either run with it forever, and you hold onto the negatives forever as well...


And I get it. I really do, because I do the exact same thing. Compliments, I have a hard time letting them through, but I always hold onto what was said.


Negative opinions? Those'll keep me awake at night for dumb, dumb reasons, but the difference between us is that... I've sorta learned to keep that stuff to myself. It's not easy, I know that, but it'll be better for you if you can do that.




That's perfectly fair!


You're a very, very important person to me, just by virtue of what you've meant to me in the past. We've kinda grown apart, because of my inability to actually talk to people without fucking it up in some manner and then hiding, but I still consider you a big influence in my life. 


It's... I know you weren't exactly GONE, but for a while it seemed like you had taken some time to be away from YCM, or just lurking, and it's good to see you post more. And I'm gonna try to read the thing you posted in Lit tomorrow, if I can get up without falling back asleep in the morning...


You're a good person, who people misunderstand because your flowery speech either confuses them or makes them think you're more stuckup than you really are. But you've got a really good heart and I know you mean well.


I do need to thank you for something later, so I'll probably message you on Discord either tonight or tomorrow, depending on when I log in to check my messages again.


isn't Banjo the bird


no you uncultured swine >:C


real talk, I have no idea who you are so I can't really give an opinion, sorry bud


I'm super nice though and stuff


If it makes you feel any better, I had one person ask me if the avi was a Genesect gijinka, another thought it was a Crobat gijinka until I told them otherwise, and Striker thought it was a onesie (which I don't fault him for).


yes you are a nice. nice yuibutt


okay, you can't fault Crobat gijinka either, I can totally see why someone would think that. It's not that far off. And that's totally a onesie.





#7076379 I ain't going around to all your threads

Posted by Kazooie on 05 February 2018 - 01:43 AM



More like I'm able to put up a tough front. Still useful.


I feel bad for being suspicious of your concerns when I was up in the discussion to be a PR Mod. I've been burned by people who were worried about me in a position before, not related to YCM, and whenever that sorta thing comes up, I get paranoid and it causes me to question things more than I should.


But you're a sweet dude who puts up a tough front, and gets more shit than he deserves at times. Though lately, I think that's less true cause it seems like you've dropped the tough front at least a little bit, but maybe I've just been seeing the bits that aren't holding the tough front.


You're a good dude with good intentions, that's how I see it.




Heck yeah, bird members.


I don't really know you, and I know you're mostly a shitposter, but every now and again you hit a shitpost just right and it really gets me. You've had a good run on the status bar too, your reaction to the anime recommendation stuff was perfect, the bit about them sounding like instant noodles. Leaves me with a good impression.



Talking to people is spooky af man.


Holy fuck I didn't recognize her without her silly hat. No wonder the character looked a little familiar. I feel like a dummy.



I miss birb, that's my opinion :T

silly cows don't miss birbs LUL
You're a good cow. I think you're a good person for modship nowadays, I wouldn't have supported it as much in the past, but I think you've grown a lot since your wideeyed newbie days and I think you're a good, balanced person to be on the team. I'm not gonna put pressure on you and say I expect MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF AMAZING THINGS from you, but I do think you're a positive force to be on the team.
As a person, it's a lot like Yui, I wish we had more reason to talk. Unfortunately, as I continue to be the hermit that I am, talking to people gets harder and harder, so until I eventually join an RP and have to communicate with people, I'll probably keep being my reclusive self. :P
I wish I could say more, but honestly, it's all kinda been said. You're a nice person, fit for modship, and I look forward to seeing how things go with you from now on. 

#7074000 torm's monthly ama thread

Posted by Kazooie on 31 January 2018 - 02:21 AM

this isn't a question but good work buddy guy