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#7009941 @everyone

Posted by Trebuchet MS on 19 May 2017 - 05:45 AM


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#7008680 So Hot [Chain Burn]

Posted by Trebuchet MS on 14 May 2017 - 03:38 AM

Personally not a fan of Balance of Judgment at any more than 2. It's great because you frequently put yourself behind on advantage so you can refill, but it tends to clog in multiples. So that is what I'd cut for Fairy Wind.


Reckless Greed vs Jar of Greed and Legacy of Yata boils down to personal preference. I prefer 2 Legacy + 2 Jar so I don't get bummed out if the Reckless Greed happens to brick.


Rest of the Deck is pretty standard for Chain Burn. We haven't received a lot of support, but in the end, we often don't need it.

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#6984954 Mundane Facts About Yourself

Posted by Trebuchet MS on 26 February 2017 - 12:18 AM

I manage a cesspool of shitposts and salt.

#6977522 "Crystal Infinity"- A Crystal Beast support card

Posted by Trebuchet MS on 03 February 2017 - 07:48 AM

1. While it's OCG-only, Crystal Vanguard exists. Needing to Tribute slows down the plays a little, but being a Pendulum Monster within their archetype helps in keeping things going once the scales are set and protected. Also it provides a slightly more concise search criteria.


2. Very unusual interactions are likely to arise from that. From what I gather, Crystal Promise becomes a Monster Reborn, Rainbow Ruins becomes a nigh-indestructible engine that draws you bucketloads of cards even without the appropriate setup, and so on. How does this work with cards that want you to send S/T Crystal Beasts to the Graveyard? For instance, can I use Rare Value as a Pot of Greed, and can I cast Crystal Abundance for free? I understand this one effect allows Crystal Infinity to function properly and avert field-clogging, but it's also the most problematic one.


3. The lack of a once-per-turn restriction can open up some silly combos. Let me try to break it.


SS anything, even a Pendulum Summon -> dump and SS Pegasus -> put Pegasus in S/T Zone -> Crystal Promise Pegasus -> put a beast in S/T Zone, dump and SS Pegasus, put another beast in S/T Zone -> Xyz Summon with 2 Pegasus -> dump and SS a LV4 Beast -> Detach a Pegasus to use an effect -> Xyz Summon with the remaining Pegasus and LV4 Beast -> Dump a Crystal Beast, revive Pegasus, put a beast in S/T Zone -> etc


Yyyyeah, this is busted. Oh, and there's nothing constraining how many copies of this card you can control at once? I've just demonstrated what silly things I can do with just one; imagine 2 or 3.

#6965787 [Shadowverse] Dorky Daria Deck

Posted by Trebuchet MS on 01 January 2017 - 11:24 AM

I've actually got a variant of Daria that runs neither FD nor RBS, but makes up for it with a full 3 Piercing Rune. Really uncertain of Wind Blast in this as it's rare that you'd boost it to a point where it can hit significant things (that, and a nonbo with the large number of followers in this) and I'd personally run Conjure Golem and/or Petrification.


Petrification has the extra perk of being able to hit problematic amulets early or denying problematic Last Words, like tripping up Disco Dragon's on curve Dracomancer's Rites to deny their value or shutting down Mordecai, along with creating a Kaleidoscopic Glow target (if you run any). Variations aside, seems like a standard Daria aggro.

#6952585 [Written] Mask Change X

Posted by Trebuchet MS on 21 November 2016 - 07:13 PM

Bear in mind this card is ridiculously similar to, and perhaps maybe outclassed by, Form Change. What sets these two apart such that one would run Mask Change X over Form Change?

#6948208 Shin Megami Tensei

Posted by Trebuchet MS on 09 November 2016 - 10:04 AM

I have played SMT4A since its launch. Its plot is a little contested, with many mainline veterans saying its atmosphere feels a bit too Persona-esque, i.e. "power of bonds can do anything". However, its gameplay makes several improvements over SMT4's flaws. Smirk isn't overpowered or excessively luck-based, DEX actually works properly now, negotiations are less rage-inducing, it's pretty good.

#6948202 (Written) Uria

Posted by Trebuchet MS on 09 November 2016 - 09:16 AM

14. The following threads will be locked on sight.


Cards that are copy/pasted without any changes: Recall in rule 8 that posting anime/manga cards is permitted, however that comes with the condition that you actually change the effect enough so it’s clearly your idea.

The card being posted is no different from the anime incarnation, and as such this is grounds for an instant lock.


Your Raviel and Hamon edits at least have enough differentiation from either print or anime incarnations that they would go untouched.


Inquisitor, stick with "report and move on". No need to threaten.

#6948191 What's your real name?

Posted by Trebuchet MS on 09 November 2016 - 07:56 AM

My name is Kai Li. It gets mistaken for Kelly or Kylie a fair bit, so I am often known as Kai. I simply picked that nickname up from when Beyblade was the talk of the town (had a Dranzer to go with it) and now it's stuck with nearly everyone I know.

#6946359 Suggested Rule Revisions

Posted by Trebuchet MS on 04 November 2016 - 07:36 PM

Not bad, actually. Some penalties might have to be modified, but this would be a good baseline from which we can better define the rules.


Sexual content is one hell of a grey area, though, and we've settled with some degree of tolerance for suggestiveness in the previous revision. But I'm sure we can reasonably meld that in.

#6939698 Judgement of the Desert: A battle of wits

Posted by Trebuchet MS on 16 October 2016 - 09:23 AM

Assuming every gunman thinks logically, Probably is most likely going to go for Definitely to ensure his survival, while Definitely would gun for Probably given his higher chance of being shot.


Let's assume Unlikely aims his shot at Definitely. If he succeeds and gets his 1/3 chance of killing Definitely, he now has to roll against a 1/3 chance of Probably jamming followed by a 1/3 chance of killing Probably - a 1/27 chance of this chain of events happening. It's a little more likely for Unlikely to jam after Probably does (2/27), but also far more likely for Probably to kill him (2/9). If Unlikely jams, Probably goes for Definitely. A 4/9 chance of Definitely dying by Probably's hands, though on the 2/9 chance that Probably fails, Definitely will surely kill Probably, leaving Unlikely with just one chance of winning, boiling down to a 2/27 chance. Should Probably actually shoot Definitely, the chance of Unlikely winning becomes 4/27 out of the chain of events, with jamming subsequently reducing his chances to negligible. So by aiming at Definitely, Unlikely gets a net of 7/27 chance of winning within the first 4 shots.


Now assume he aims at Probably without any change in the other gunman's decision to fire. Should he jam, the chances play out similarly. Should he successfully kill Probably in his first shot, he is guaranteed to die by Definitely. 2/9 chance of winning.


But what if Unlikely doesn't aim at either? By intentionally missing, he passes his turn and the events work out a little differently. Now it's a 2/3 chance of Definitely dying, followed by a net 2/9 chance of winning down this chain of events. If Probably jams (1/3), Definitely kills him, and Unlikely now has a net 1/9 chance of winning down this chain of events. Add them up and we actually get a 1/3 chance of winning, better than all the other possibilities.


Unlikely should aim at no-one to stand the best chance of winning. Now backed by calculations.

#6939637 Unsticky an outdated stickied thread (sorry if this isn't the right section)

Posted by Trebuchet MS on 16 October 2016 - 02:44 AM

The thread has now been updated.

#6930535 Paradox's Stardust Dragon

Posted by Trebuchet MS on 17 September 2016 - 11:31 PM

No. A card type will only be added to the card maker if it's a card type that has been in official print. If the card maker accepted any person's requests for their custom templates, it'd be a fair bit more needlessly complex. Not to mention that even if what you seek had gotten regular official print, there's the problem of waiting for the one who programmed the card maker to integrate it. We've still been waiting on Pendulum templates for a good couple years.
But, if you directed your request towards Graphic Requests I'm sure someone will be willing to whip up a card template that is to your liking, for your personal use.

#6927261 Pokémon GO

Posted by Trebuchet MS on 07 September 2016 - 07:00 PM

>Hatched a 2km egg
>Bah, it's just a Pidgey. Better prepare to send it off to the prof
>Hm? 388 CP. Not bad.
>"ATK, DEF, HP is the best I've ever seen!"
>Fully evolve it
>Wing Attack + Hurricane
The Second Coming.

#6926559 [Finished]CC Monthly Series [August 2016] | JUDGING

Posted by Trebuchet MS on 05 September 2016 - 08:19 PM

I honestly didn't expect to score this well.


Designing and balancing high-input/high-output cards are hard.