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In Topic: The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

06 August 2017 - 01:47 AM

Team Ed - Hallway of Origin


Ed failed in his attempt to defeat Arturia in one shot and rightfully so. The Arturia he fought was the real Arturia. He had not intend on doing that, but that's just how things turned out. Ed stayed down on the ground where landed. He turned his head and found Arturia had kicked him next to Gon. Their impromptu ice armor had been a good idea, letting them survive the dragonfire.


A shadow passed over the two of them. Elsa had retreated with the icy siege weapon from Arturia. She extended her hand and Ed accepted it. He grunted as she hoisted him up. She did the same thing with Gon.


"Well, that went about as it should have been," said Ed as bullshit happened around them.






It wasn't that much of a big deal for the three of them. It was...dealt with to say the least. The dragon Arturia had transformed into had become the newest obstacle to respond.




Every started their final attacks. Ed raked his mind for he could do. Ed had already wasted his final attack...wait. Yes, he already used a final attack. His final attack, but not the rest of Team Ed's. He told Elsa and Gon what he had in mind.


All three of them faced towards Arturia. Gon stood in front of the two of them. Ed and Elsa moved closer to each other, holding each other like they were going to dance with their held hands thrust forward. Black flames spawned around Gon's feet. He lowered himself into position for his Hatsu. The flames erupted skyward, carrying Ed and Elsa with it. The dragon Ed summoned appeared different from the ones he normally summoned. This one had clawed hands and fins and spikes along the back of its flaming body.


They stood atop the dragon's head as amour made from Elsa's magic formed around the dragon. Black flames flared out from between the segments of armor. The dragon wore a helmet that exposed its face and snout. It looked like it was holding something in its mouth. Something black leaked out of the corners of its mouth, but it wasn't flames. The dragon opened its mouth and Gon's Hatsu expanded with it.


"First comes rock! Paper!" The ball of Nen was propelled out of the dragon's mouth with swirling column of ice and black fire.

In Topic: The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

11 June 2017 - 10:23 PM

Team Ed - Hallway of Origin


Elsa is quite the cat. She crossed the battlefield undetected, avoiding any and all obstacles and attacks. Despite knowing Ed for less than a day, she knew how to maximize his offensive capabilities. She immobilized Arturia Three and he leapt at the opportunity with great vigor. She barely knew Gon at all, so his Nen attack was an added bonus. It was all for naught, however.


Arturia Three broke free, but Elsa expected her to. Ed had managed to slip his black flame dragon through her counterattacks. Arturia Three retaliated by throwing Gon with Invisible Air. Elsa created an ice ramp in real time to redirect Gon away from Chandra. The ramp ended next to her and Gon slid in a sitting position next to Elsa. "That was fun!"


"I've had a lot of practice."


Arturia Three let out a wave of white hot dragon breath towards everyone. Gon grabbed Elsa and he jumped out of the way. Elsa erected a wall of ice when they were a safe distance away. Arturia Three's flames burned so hot, Elsa had to occasionally replenish and reinforce the ice.


"Scatter!" Revy called to Ed and Rhadamanthys. Ed retreated a distance and skirted around the the battle towards Elsa and Gon. He baseball slid behind the ice wall.


Safely behind the wall, Ed lamented, "I knew a guy named John and he had white flames just like that. Back then I couldn't stand up to John's fire magic. But I'm stronger now, much stronger. My black flames are essentially the opposite of white flames. They freeze and burn instead of char. I can fight fire with fire, but I'm not so sure about Arturia herself. I can certainly give it my best shot."


Arturia Three's arrows rained across the battlefield. Elsa extended her ice wall into a half dome shape, giving Team Ed cover from the sky. "I know this whole conflict is called the Origin War, but right now, being pinned down, this feels like real war."


Gon poked his head over the dome. Arturia Three had put a good amount of distance between herself and everyone she was fighting. She maintained that gap with the heat of her white flames and a volley of arrows, but that didn't stop Revy from leading an assault. Gon hopped down and looked over the ice wall, chewing his tongue. He knocked on the ice. "How cold can either of you make your ice?"


Together, Ed and Elsa combined their ice magic and transformed Elsa's ice wall into a makeshift siege engine. One person moved the engine while the other reinforced the ice against the heat. They stopped every so often to let off some ranged attacks at Arturia Three and that was when they would switch off. They moved closer and closer until they closed the gap.


It was Gon's time to shine. Gon used Elsa's ice shield as a pivot point and jumped over Arturia Three's fiery defense. Decked out in crystalline ice armor for fire protection, courtesy of Elsa, and his fist shrouded in black Nen, Gon shouted, "First comes rock! Rock!"


Ed was against the idea of Gon doing something stupid he was equally as guilty of doing. Gon insisted on being the distraction. Covering himself in black ice just in case, Ed rushed the dragon's den. He summoned a black flame dragon ahead of himself to open up the white flame wall. She was only armed with a bow and he knew it would take her time to transform her weapon back into one meant for close quarters combat. The only other weapon in her arsenal, as far as Ed knew, was her dragon breath. He could tank a blast point blank range, he had to, he wasn't going down that easy.


With Arturia Three distracted by Gon above her, that left Ed with a small window to attack, but it was enough. Ed jumped with his sword outstretched through the opening he created. His sword glowed with all the Reiatsu and magic he poured into it. As he landed he executed a two handed overhead swing, slashing Arturia Three down the middle.

In Topic: The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

06 June 2017 - 02:29 AM

Team Ed - Hallway of Origin


Ed didn't realize the kind of firepower that was being leveled at Arturia, and he was charging headlong into it. Luckily, Rhadamanthys was enough to cancel out everything Arturia had redirected him into. He hopped out the extinguishing husk of his dragon and onto the ground.


"Are you okay, Ed?" Arturia Three asked, her tone temporarily returning to its prior, warm voice.


"Oh, you know, just surviving by the skin of my teeth. Typical stuff, I'm sure you're aware of."


After ascertaining his condition, she continued,
"In the short time you knew Emiya, you admired him. You even went out of your way to attempt to be by his side, way back in LERNA's barrier. I know that feeling... Like you, I only knew him for a short while, but it was enough to know how amazing he was. You must know that, even during the Shadow Realm, he shared the same goal as I." In the aftermath of the collision, she appealed to the black swordsman, reaching out her hand to him. "If anyone here will understand our mission, it's you... Help me. I cannot do this alone." Having said that, her weapon took the form of a spiral spear as she eyed the God of Death, as well as the newly-transformed witch. Both members of the Divine. "If people like them obtain the Door... everyone would be doomed."


"And if you had it your way, you'd kill everyone and everything.  I'd take a chance on tall, dark, and ugly over there before I agree to your terms," Revy said, gesturing towards Rhadamanthys as she interrupted Arthuria's speech.  "Don't listen to her, kid.  She's a God damn maniac.  Whether you help her or not, she'll kill you in the end.  Once a traitor, always a traitor."


"Dark Witch I may be, but I have no interest in dooming everyone. That's rather counterproductive really given that everyone could conceivably include me, and destruction of everything isn't my style."


Rhadamanthys simply looked at the young swordsman. I have seen your kind before. Young lion cubs who hunger for what you call an "honorable battle." You will not find that here. There is no honor here. You are millennia too short to stand on this stage and yet here you are. Accept your fate whatever it is young one... Rhadamanthys then points his sword at Arthuria 3...Unlike this COWARD who still doesn't want to acknowledge their loneliness.


Rhadamanthys started glowing. Foul remnant of a king, YOU ARE ALONE! No one sides with you, no one sees your point of view, no one follows you and THAT IS YOUR STORY! You don't even have the conviction to truly defend your beliefs on your own.


Ed had never got this much attention in his entire life, and honestly, he was flattered. "Straight up, I don't know what's going on here most of the time. Hell, when stuff does go down, I haven't really stepped up. I bought what Emiya was selling, not because I liked it and believed in it. I joined this war because I wanted the kind of power of he had. A little selfish of me in hindsight..."


While everyone was paying attention to Ed, no one was paying attention to Elsa and Gon, who were busy sneaking up behind Arturia Three. Elsa raised her hands and shouted, "Now!"


Oh thank god she has a plan because I was about to get existential.


Jagged chunks of ice ripped through the ground. Before the ice had even reached Arturia Three, Ed raised his swords above his shoulder and behind his back. She was immobilized in a pillar of ice. He swung in a circle and launched two dragons, one made of ice and another made of black fire. "Black Dragon Sword Style: Twin Dragon Spear!"


On the other of the trapped Arturia Three and Ed's attack, Gon charged up his Nen. "First comes rock! Paper!" Gon hurled a ball of his darkened Nen at the pillar.

In Topic: The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

21 May 2017 - 04:24 PM

Team Ed - Hallway of Origin


The Hallway was nice at first. The golden plates containing information on everyone in the Hallway. Everyone milled about, reading the plates and talking among themselves. Gon went off with Killua while Ed and Elsa shared what was written on their plates. Ed could feel the atmosphere of the Hallway change. Not physically, but tonally. The words bandied about became sharp and heavy. Ed put his plate back up on the wall and stepped closer to Elsa.


"Things are turning up in here."


"You've noticed, too? I've been to diplomatic meetings that have gone sour before and this is shaping up to be one of them."


As if one cue...


“I fail to understand.


You… None of you grasp what is genuinely at stake here. Why are all of you such IMBECILES?!


Do you not understand the dangers that anyone would pose if they were to access the Door of Origin? Yes, it may be true that Isamy ended several million universes… Yet as terrible as that is, that means little compared to the rest of reality. It is a marginal number, a speck of dust compared to the grandness of the whole multiverse.


Returning home? ‘Fixing things’? Making them how they used to be? To think that their insignificant lives hold more importance than this, how much more selfish can the Counter Corps be? There’s no difference between them and the Divine!


Making sure that there is zero possibility of reality being threatened. That’s our job as Counter Guardians.

I cannot state enough how much of a danger the Door is to all of reality. That is why we must all spend the rest of our lives in this Hallway and perish, never to advance. It is time to carry out my assigned mission.


Hence, I will destroy you.


And in the process,




The leader of the Counter Corp's words set things off to say the least. Elsa tugged on her jacket sleeves and flexed her hands. Ed thumbed his sword out of its scabbard but did not draw it.


Ed scanned the crowd and found Gon and Killua. Kenpachi, Yachiru, Kratos, and Revy weren't difficult to spot. Ed and Elsa first met up with the two boys then headed towards the big guns, but not before Nero. It's been awhile since Ed last saw Nero.


The situation was not alleviated when Arturia herself reappeared. And why should it have? Her idea of damage control was to feign ignorance while standing next to Yukari's body. One speech later, she said, "I must say, whatever did I miss? Why do you all have such expressions on your faces?"


Proponents questioned the Counter Corp's leader while critics read the Counter Guardian's receipts. Revy went off and Killua tried to stop her. "Killua!" Gon reached out to try and grab his friend but missed. Gon didn't know what to do. Was he supposed to follow Arturia or fight her?


Gon stood next to Killua after Kratos knocked out Revy and summoned an undead legion. They watched the angry march of two giants and countless undead pass by them. "What should we do? Should we help her..." Gon motioned to Revy's unconscious body. "Or should we fight her?" Gon pointed to Arturia.


Gon didn't need a response from Killua, Arturia responded form him."Then I shall take this as treason."


Ed drew his swords, but Arturia's attack was blocked on a united front. Arturia was caught off guard by a gruesome headshot. She recovered from that and kept on the pressure. She caught Darcy, the person who burned her face, and used her as Excalibur's second wind. The wall crumbled and the blast scattered across the battlefield.


Reimu fired her own blast at Arturia. Rhadamanthys closed the distance and attacked her up close. Butlerok summoned his own undead army and attacked her flank. That left her other flank wide open for Ed. "Kiotso Kurokoriwa! Black Dragon Sword Style: Dragon Avatar!"


Ed arms were first covered by his Zanpakuto, and then his entire person in black flames. The flames expanded outwards until they formed a coiled oriental dragon. The dragon uncoiled and rose into the air. The black fire solidified into black ice. The dragon pulled its long serpentine body back into a coil. It lunged with an open mouth and icicle fangs at the Counter Guardian's other flank.

In Topic: The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

13 March 2017 - 12:28 AM

Kenpachi almost knocked Ed over when he bumped into him, and he almost knocked him over when he gave him a pat on the back. "I look forward to not dying again when I catch up with Kratos. And I look forward to a fight between us." Ed gripped his sword and lifted its handle in agreement with Kenpachi. "I'm sure it will be legendary."


Elsa covered her mouth to stifle her amusement. Ed was being so politely manhandled by his much larger friend. It was quite the site. Slipping away from Ed, Elsa turned towards Gon. She saw the young boy being bullied by his white haired friend.


"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I got a little side tracked," Gon shouted in between laughs.


Killua stopped the noogie but kept Gon in the headlock when Elsa approached. "I'm guessing you are Killua, correct? Gon mentioned you."


Gon reached his arm up and clapped his hand on Killua's shoulder. "Yup, this is Killua."


Ed waved back to Kenpach and Yachiru. He returned to Elsa's side and saw Gon and Killua. "Ah, looks like you found your friend. Good. We should probably be heading to that tree-clock, clock-tree thing over there. And I'd rather not get separated from anyone else from now on, so lets try to stick together unless that portal forcibly separates us."


Gon popped his head out of Killua's grip. He dragged him behind Ed and Elsa as they walked. She created a platform for all of them to stand on at the base of the tree and lifted them to the top. They all stepped off the platform and through the Portal into the Hallway of Origin.