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#7004358 Winter's Ban

Posted by Not-so-Radiant Arin on 26 April 2017 - 10:54 AM

"On YCM, if you have a different opinion about someone, then you're wrong and you should feel bad" is the vibe I'm getting from this thread.


In regards to Winter as a person, I only talked to the guy maybe once. It was clear he was incredibly antagonistic, and I will admit I have been antagonistic back to him multiple times which has led me to getting in trouble. But the intent that he just kept piling it on and on afterward was incredibly unbecoming. I never really hung out in Debates all that much so I can't say for sure whether he is in the right or wrong in regards to those kinds of threads, but the way his intent coming off was incredibly rude. And I keep bringing up intent because you can be an asshole on this site. No one really gives a crap. I know I'm an asshole, and I've gotten into trouble over it in the past. But if you just keep piling it on and on, over and over again, like what Winter did repeatedly with his inflammatory posts, then that's when action has to be taken. It's not about who it is, but what they are doing. I could go into Debates and start shit right now with "this person shouldn't exist", and I would immediately get punished for it. Would I feel bad about doing it? Yeah, probably. Winter as far as I know never owned up to any of his actions, which implies that he is truly set on being inflammatory and generally toxic and hateful.


In regards to the actual thread as a whole...well, nobody wins in this situation. Winter gets banned, the majority agree while those that actually tried to defend him continue defending him. Winter doesn't get banned, the majority disagree and claim it's the Moderator team's fault for not taking any action. But sometimes, as a Moderator, you have to be willing to make those decisions and to power through all the backlash you're going to get. Personally, this was handled in the best way possible, and the reactions created from the general public are livid enough to warrant attention. Making a giant post about it with the Moderator team saying "so and so was banned" would have drawn a lot of unnecessary hate and inflammation to the thread. Being discreet with the ban and not telling anyone, which should be the proper way to go, created a lot of disposition within the Moderator team and the general public saying "Yo, this isn't cool, why did you do this behind our backs?". If every perma-banned member got their own thread with as much controversy as this one did, there would be a lot of threads with the same message in them: "Our Moderator team didn't do the right thing, this is how it should have been handled."


It could have been handled differently, who knows. The public's reaction would have been different, but there would still be hostility towards them for banning a member behind closed curtains. But even then, you still can't win. There's no real winner in this situation. Which is sad because if Winter had actually changed his behavior this probably would have never happened and we can all get on with our lives.

#6985605 Medium-rare Steaks

Posted by Not-so-Radiant Arin on 27 February 2017 - 10:20 PM



Now THAT is a steak.

#6985262 Why did you get involve in the YCM community?

Posted by Not-so-Radiant Arin on 26 February 2017 - 11:21 PM

I originally joined for the card maker, but ended up getting involved in the game because I wanted to see how my cards really stood in terms of the game (and they were horrible by design). Got better at it, ended up dropping off the face of the earth for some time, came back, hung out in RC again, and then the Advanced Clause rule came into effect by card design, and I also ended up experimenting with RP'ing on here a bit. Couldn't really get much enjoyment out of it, though, especially since every bloody RP fails 10 times out of 10. Now I just kinda stalk the forum and make fun of people. In their face.

#6984070 So I hit my head pretty hard last night

Posted by Not-so-Radiant Arin on 23 February 2017 - 02:20 PM

Go to your doctor and get your head scanned so that, if something bad DOES happen (like your brain is bleeding, worst case scenario), you can be prepared and take the necessary medication.

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#6983719 "If God Exists...x shouldn't happen" argument

Posted by Not-so-Radiant Arin on 22 February 2017 - 11:07 AM

Aww, did I hurt your feelings? So now you have to publicly mock me and try to witch hunt me?


That's cute.

#6982288 [Shadowverse] Classic Dirt tm

Posted by Not-so-Radiant Arin on 18 February 2017 - 09:31 AM

I'd start by maxing out Crafty. I understand the importance of hitting 2-drops with Goblin but most of the time you'll be drawing into Crafty/Levi/Dwarf anyway. You can also probably maybe get away with dropping Price of Magic entirely for something else that benefits the Deck altogether. Maybe Remi and Rami? You're already going hard on the banishing by maxing out Petrification and Curse, and Remi and Rami ensure good field position while still maintaining control of the board. Price of Magic I feel doesn't maintain tempo. I'd also take a look at Teaching of Creation; it allows you to keep drawing for stuff that you want while putting down an Earth Sigil. Pretty good card imo. I don't think Juno and Taboos in the same deck really works that well; you have one card competing over the other for good field advantage, and most of the time you'll opt for Taboos anyway. (Taboos can't be banished by Priest of the Cudgel, unless you really screw up.) Having all of those Guardian Golems blocking the field prevent Taboos from actually doing his thing as well. Again, just my opinion.


EDIT: Incidentally, Rune Guardian might be a thing to look up as well. Dropping a 3/4 Taunt on T3 is pretty nice.

#6957358 Overwatch

Posted by Not-so-Radiant Arin on 05 December 2016 - 12:40 AM

Yeesh, even at low level play, teammates are absolutely garbage. I go D.Va on Route 66 Defense and I actually end up doing really well for the round. 30-2. We're on the final checkpoint of Route 66 and the Lucio, who, may I remind you isn't a very good healer in the first place, says that I should be using my charge better to get closer to him. Excuse me, but I actually know how to play D.Va and then this Lucio isn't healing us. And then one of our other team members switched out from I don't know what they were playing before with Mei, and then had the nerve to say "We won that only because I switched to Mei". Yeah, not like I was doing any work taking hits for the team so y'all dumbasses wouldn't die. Yeah, Mei TOTALLY won that game.


I also got a PoTG with a Triple Kill suicide and then finished off a low-health Reaper. 


I think this game has gotten so horribly toxic and infuriating that, even when we succeed, our team mates still have the audacity to nitpick at us how to perfectly win the game, by saying "Oh, that D.Va isn't using her charge right, must be a bad player" when clearly I know how to play my character. If you go into my career profile, it literally says D.Va is my most played hero.


So yeah. Suck my dick whoever you are.

#6956371 Overwatch

Posted by Not-so-Radiant Arin on 02 December 2016 - 10:30 AM

Wait, they have a competitive scene on the PS4? lol

#6955828 [DISCUSSION] New Skin: 2edgy4me

Posted by Not-so-Radiant Arin on 30 November 2016 - 10:34 PM

I like it because the front page actually works now. 

#6677077 f*** it. This thread has needed to happen for a long time.

Posted by Not-so-Radiant Arin on 27 July 2015 - 09:10 PM

On YCM, if you have a different opinion than the above poster, it's considered wrong and hateful and stupid and that person is immediately shunned for THE lamest of excuses.


I rest my case.


In any event, the only real thing here that can actually be done to "fix" the section is to just stop with the hateful, spiteful, douchebaggery attitude. Has it never occured to someone that if they are at a different skill level than you, it might be because of several reasons other than "you're bad at the game"? It feels like to me, that whenever someone, anyone, posts something in TCG anymore, it's always about how it can go in a COMPETITIVE state. What happened to all ends of the spectrum? And when those sides of the spectrum eventually do meet, it's filled with jargon about how "I'm better than you" yada yada yada.


I'll try to phrase this delicately since we ARE talking about the potential fix this section can get:


Stop flaming. Stop shouting. Stop being all that. Stop being elitist. Think about someone else's opinion and if you don't agree with it, have an intellectual conversation about it instead of knocking head around. For example, if A CASUAL PLAYER says "X card is broken", it might be a better idea to actually refute their argument and tell him how they are wrong or how they are right. If they are not willing to change their view on their opinion, LET IT FUCKING GO. If they don't want to change their viewpoint on a card, tossing insults and throwing them around at people like everyone is in a fucking blender isn't going to solve anything. In fact, it pushes them away from that spectrum and eventually they just give up on the game.


I've been around for a long while, and I know TCG has always been the most elitist place. But the only real "fix" that we can do to the section starts with the people inhabiting said section. If the people fix themselves, the section fixes itself.


Simple as that.

#6674428 Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest

Posted by Not-so-Radiant Arin on 24 July 2015 - 08:42 AM

I agree with Klav on this one.


You have to actually wait for something to die before putting it out. In that time it takes for something to actually be killed off, you could already lose the duel.

#6666853 I'm edgier than you

Posted by Not-so-Radiant Arin on 14 July 2015 - 09:10 PM

So Edgy



#6664626 This is for all of you guys that pretend to be females online.

Posted by Not-so-Radiant Arin on 11 July 2015 - 11:24 PM

@Klav: There's too much to quote here so I'm going to summarize everything you've said into one post.


I will admit that I was a bit exaggerating on my part, but it's happened to me and my friends so many times I lost count. Since you wanted me to share a story, I had a really good girl friend that I used to have a crush on. This was back when I was still interested in this one game and we would have Skype calls all the time in private. It was almost like the perfect relationship, except that her heart was already taken by someone else. But because of it, she had to give up so much for this one person: her social life, the friends she had, basically everything. And when the guy who was supposedly a girl came to confess, it broke her down. It made her want to kill herself. And it was pretty much due solely to the fact that he just...didn't care. At all. He was nothing but a toy to her, destroying everything she loved because of it. And when I tried to comfort her, it only made things much worse. She wanted to kill herself. She wanted to kill everyone else. She disappeared for a month and I never saw her again after that. All because of this one man.


Before that, she had two men claiming to be females online confess to her, but to a less...drastic degree.


Now, you might be saying to yourself of this whole situation "it's her fault for being gullible in the first place". But you have to remember as well, we tend to disregard logic and only seek out affection because it's what we WANT to feel in a relationship. The phrase "Logic never applies to love, it's based purely on romance" comes to mind. And besides, we're not omnipotent; we can't know everything that's going on at once. This man that I had referenced before had played his cards so well so not even the picture trick would work. He even made an alternate account on Skype that was just a ruse to get people to win him over to his side. And because of that, I feel as though I've been pushed in the opposite direction when it comes to finding romance in online dating. If someone as truly as despicable and deplorable as that can get away with doing something as heinous as this, then it doesn't surprise me that the person I had a crush on really did break down and want to die.


After leaving and quitting that game, I started falling for someone again, but then that's when I got cheated on. That's a whole different story that I would like to leave out solely because it's not important.


After that, I've never really been trustworthy of people who claim to be female. Even if they would show me a picture of themselves, I would always dismiss it. In this day and age, you can NEVER be sure that the person on the other end is a faker. Skype Calls and voice chat? Voice modulators exist to raise/lower the pitch of your voice. And pictures? They could have been f***ing Google'd. Who honestly knows? So in regards to the "make sure" post, you can never ever ever be sure.


I then found someone named Sam who had a few..."quirks". Unfortunately, I picked up on these quirks quite quickly and noticed some things wrong. But I want to stick around just to be sure. I honestly hope this judgment call of mine is wrong, but with the way things are looking now, it's not looking good.


Yesterday, I was having a Skype call with her. But while they were sharing their screen with me, I couldn't help but notice that there was the name "Ben" in the top right-hand corner of that little Chrome screen. I didn't want to assume, since she DID claim to have a brother and that could just be her brother's Google account, but with the way she's been avoiding me now constantly I feel as though I've been betrayed. 


It's a dangerous game to play, honestly. Sometimes you go all-in and the payoff is big, other times, you have to know when to fold and take a rest. I just haven't known when to fold yet, I guess.

#6664100 This is for all of you guys that pretend to be females online.

Posted by Not-so-Radiant Arin on 10 July 2015 - 11:13 PM

Fuck you.


I hate you all.


It's because of you jackholes that I can't trust anyone anymore. Male or otherwise.


It hurts even more because when I'm really looking for someone that I really like that happens to be this lying piece of shit scumbag that wants to get into another girl's pants, it makes me hate males even more.


All you jerkoffs want to do is just fuck around and when you're done with us you'll move on to the next bait. It's fucking disgusting and offensive.


And I don't give a fuck that I'm swearing so much, this needs to be said.


Of course, I understand the people that ACTUALLY have a reason to portray themselves as female because they're transsexual or other reasons, like myself. I'm talking about the straight, horny, fuckbag dickheads that PURPOSELY claim they're female because they can. And have no actual reason to do so. THESE are the people who I wish would have their dick shrink by an inch each time they type something on their fucking screen.


You're fucking despicable.

#6661901 Clockwork Souls [OoC/A/Started]

Posted by Not-so-Radiant Arin on 08 July 2015 - 09:05 AM

So are we ever going to start?