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The Warden

The Warden

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#7131430 [Writing Discussion] Personal Strengths & Weaknesses

Posted by The Warden on 11 December 2018 - 02:22 AM


  1. Natural grasp of English with a vast dialect allowing me to rotate and spice up my writing.
  2. Fast writing allowing me to produce large pieces of work over a short period of time.
  3. Good grasp of world-building such that I produce a vibrant world over time.
  4. Good characterization to ensure characters I design act and grow as intended.
  5. Jack-of-all-trades mentality that allows me to tackle anything and work with those themes.
  6. Vast imagination allowing me to dream up over time creative pieces of work.
  7. Adept at using elements already present in canon franchises for use in fanworks.


  1. Motivation to write is non-existent 95% of the day.
  2. Shaky beginnings when working with new stuff.
  3. At times dialogue is too similar between characters.

#7130369 Gimmick Puppet - Chimera Doll

Posted by The Warden on 01 December 2018 - 09:03 AM

Okay, resident Gimmick Puppet player here. And the problem is this won't help GPs too much, because Argent Chaos Force is banned. Argent is, effectively the whole reason they could get away with shit because it allowed for stuff like Ultimatrainer. With Argent banned they cannot reliably make powerful Xyz because Dreary is still their primary playmaker and it is xenophobic as hell. Argent helped because even though you were stuck making N15, you could Argent into a stronger Rank 9.


Onto the card itself, it can easily be brought out using Humpty Dumpty into any other GP, preferably a Dreary Doll to get it nice and cosy in the GY. Alternatively, Black Salvo to pull from the GY, or Tin Golfish in lieu of Humpty if you swing that way. However, once it's out, in traditional Gimmick Puppet xenophobia, you're pretty much locked into using only the GP Xyz, compliments of the first effect locking you into only summoning machine Xyz from the ED for the rest of the turn. You can use that trap that changes machine monster levels to be 5 to 9 to make use of other machine Xyz, but it's not worth using in GP.


Now, the search is good, considering that it also helps with GPs most prevalent and glaring issue: Hand advantage. GP hemorrhage cards like someone with a missing limb hemorrhages blood, so this card is handy in at least trying to give you another card to use. However, the xenophobia requirement for the SS is so entirely unnecessary considering how super xenophobic GPs already are, in spite of the fact that this card existing pretty much sets the SS up.


That said, this card simply doesn't do enough to justify how xenophobic it is. And even though you can use its effect once per turn, it absolutely will not last long enough to pay back what you put into it, and frankly I feel it could have had an effect that lets you SS a GP Xyz from the GY upon this card being sent to the GY. At least it might, and this is a very tentative might, make people think twice about Ash Blossoming it.


But again, it's not like it matters since Argent Chaos Force is banned, and it was GP's bread and butter in terms of being able to do ANYTHING worthwhile. Granted, if I can give this card one thing, it's that it can pretty much set up an Inferno Reckless Summon by being able to search and then SS any GP from your deck. But given the machine xenophobia, it still ain't worth it since you can't make Giantrainer or any good stuff Rank 8s by summoning out 3 Magnet Doll or Shadow Feeler.



I suppose you could use this in a Rank 4/Level 7 synchro hybrid deck thanks to being able to use Tin Golfish, Black Salvo, and Humpty Dumpty to get the materials needed out. But with Salvo in the deck you might as well ignore this card's xenophobic ass and make Needlefiber instead.



Funny thing though, I was just thinking earlier how unlikely it was that Konami would make a GP Link, yet here we are. And I very much wish they hadn't bothered.

#7127585 [DP21] The New Lunalight Support

Posted by The Warden on 08 November 2018 - 07:53 AM

@The Highlander Unfortunately Perfume cannot be searched, as, for a reason I cannot fathom, it is Luna Light Perfume, so it's not a Lunalight card. And unfortunately it does not have a "This card is always treated as a Lunalight card" clause, so it is still very much unsearchable.

#7125280 Report Stats

Posted by The Warden on 24 October 2018 - 08:15 PM

Winter there is absolutely zero point in slut shaming folks for doing the right thing. Because doing so would deter people from the act if they know we’d have to tell people who reported what. I mean I understand why you specifically would be so dogged about this, considering how often you get reported.

But here’s something: Instead of asking who’s reporting you, stop doing reportable things.

#7118463 Enguin's One-Stop Cyberse Meme Shop

Posted by The Warden on 14 September 2018 - 06:33 AM

lol bro the egg's on your face not the thread


Very true.

#7118461 Enguin's One-Stop Cyberse Meme Shop

Posted by The Warden on 14 September 2018 - 06:24 AM

Then he should spread salt on the thread.

#7118457 Enguin's One-Stop Cyberse Meme Shop

Posted by The Warden on 14 September 2018 - 06:11 AM

Huh, ain't that just egg on my face? Really got me good. The funny thing is though is that I was genuinely considering rescinding your ban, but ah well, a few more weeks won't kill ya :)

#7117836 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by The Warden on 08 September 2018 - 07:52 AM



They thought to expel her, did they? Fools. You foolish fools foolishly fooling about. You can't destroy what is you, not unless you intend to destroy yourself. And you will when Leukemia comes into play. And what better Leukemia was there than one where a Ragnarok destroyed their Crona? "Fools."


The kernal that made up the Heartless, Isamy's Heart, was safely ensconced within the corners of her Black Blood, to keep it safe from the swings of the blade. it was quite precious, too precious, but foolish. It wouldn't work. She had to win here, so naturally it wasn't going to work. Not when she could see into the harmony of the two. Fools. "Heartless Alpha!"


Each eye screamed, but it was a slow and soft scream, almost impossible to hear without being an animal of some kind. But as they did, a calm ran through Butlerok's own Mad Blood in a wave, forcing it to be still and calm, and above all else, obedient. He was just a man, a simple man playing games far beyond his ken. it was sad. Tragic. A real sob story true. But that's how their endings were unfortunately, sad ones. It could have been avoided, but... they made their beds now that his wavelength was indistinguishable from her own. "Heartless Beta!"


The screams became sonic, impossible for the average man to hear. But not impossible for a soul to hear the call. "Come to me souls consumed by greed and lust. I can set you free if you join with me. Come! Come be free and earn the endings you desire! You will find nothing in the dark, so please, come to my light, and finally find your Happily Ever After!"


Her words were like honey, alluring, enticing, mesmerizing. You'd be a fool not to follow her, to want to join with her, and live in the eternal joy of Happily Ever After.  And with it, Butlerok's Mad Blood was silent, silent save for the Heartless' calling.

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#7117295 Yu-Gi-Oh! Rulings Questions

Posted by The Warden on 02 September 2018 - 08:55 PM



If your LP is to low to pay for a LP maintenance cost, then the cost cannot be paid and the card will be destroyed. Same with most other maintenance costs. Oftentimes these effects will include a "Pay X LP or destroy this card" or "Pay X LP, and if you cannot, destroy this card" clause to denote what is mandatory payment and what is optional. However, neither can make you pay more than what you can give.

An exception is when the cost includes a “ Pay/Loss X LP (this is not optional)” effect, which I believe pertains only to the Chess Archfiends. Those with the not optional clause can make you pay until you lose.

If you cannot pay the LP cost to activate a card, then the card cannot be activated. Same with a discard effect when your hand would be empty.

#7113482 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by The Warden on 07 August 2018 - 08:30 AM



The Shadow Cavern




It wasn't a cry of distress, but something of a command. "Do not toy with them, toying is pointless. End them quickly, so they may become one with Origin. They refuse us. They refuse ME! They refuse all that we stand for. Do not toy, just end them and make it quick. Their suffering should not be long."


Bone cracking, Isamy's light shone directly onto Butlerok and Rhadamanthys. The Heartless observed, and then unleashed a piercing cry of rage and anguish.


[Void Inclusion: Veigar, the Tiny Master of Evil]


Eye-light glowing more intensely, Isamy's Heartless let out another roar as the air of the Shadow Caverns filled with large black balls, hundreds of them, potentially thousands. With another roar, they all scattered, aiming to pound every last inch of the Caverns to draw those fools out, with many aimed specifically at Butlerok and Rhadamanthys, but also indiscriminately at Killua and Gon as well. And you better hope you don't take damage~ Isamy's now stacking Phenomenal Evil stacks to amp up her power.


Isamy's Heartless

Phenomenal Evil Stacks: 0

#7111897 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by The Warden on 27 July 2018 - 10:47 PM


The Shadow Cavern
Entropy. That one word defined this creature. Her near-empty heart, although thoroughly shattered five years, had now let in an ancient, ALMIGHTY DARKNESS. With open arms she embraced this pain, this hatred, this pure evil for herself, and thus it flooded into every fiber of this foolish heart. Driving her desperate desires down into a new level of depravity. This mysterious source of power had resided within her heart ever since she first obtained her Omni powers, but she never quite understood what it was. However, nor did she care. In this state, her nature had been amplified more than ever.
It didn’t matter if she had to become a monster, a Heartless… Now she had the power to destroy. And though it seemed pointless, she knew she had more than the power to destroy, as now she had more than enough power to make them see her way. Those beautiful, delicious hearts. They will offer them to her, or be destroyed instead. That was her ultimatum. There is no other way now. The head of Isamy's Heartless twitched erratically, gruesome cracking noises coming from her neck as she clung to the ceiling of the Shadow Cavern, her new home, her new kingdom. An even nastier CRACK! resonated as her head completely did a 180, now looking at the barely lit ground below. And with one good eye, a beam of yellow light issued forth, scanning the doom and gloom for her first victim. "Defying me is pointless" the Heartless spoke to the cavern's occupants. "Please see this. Fighting me will avail to nothing. Just give in, and you shall have a merciful end. It is better than resisting and being annihilated."
The light continued sweeping, searching for the first heart it would take, or destroy.

#7111471 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by The Warden on 25 July 2018 - 09:07 AM

"Everything has a limit," Finite claimed.  "You have met yours."


"Then, my lost little lamb, allow me to assess yours."


Descending like a flock of doves, the many Hapshiels stared at Finite, and then, there was only one. One was enough, and it was fair; fair as he stood between children and their would-be butcher. The angel regarded Kenpachi, and his juicy purple lips curled into a very displeased grimace. "How ugly" he commented. "How very, truly, ugly."


In a flash of light, and a flutter of his wings, the angel stood ready to fight, clad in brilliant golden armour, his wings spread at their full, rather impressive size. Hand to his waist, Hapshiel drew a simple sword, marked only with the symbol of infinity on its guard. "We all have our limits, butcher. Let us test how far you can go before your delusions break" Hapshiel hissed with deadly venom, his sword raised and ready to defend.



Lydia observed the battle unfold, each new fold revealing more ugly creases and other stains. It seemed insane really, to fight something that just kept changing like this. One moment guns, another ice, and now dracoliches. Yeah, she was very aware of the ugly bony thing circling around her tower, just waiting for her. But... why? "What a despicable excuse of a dragon!"


The girl's eyes widened as a familiar presence returned to her mind. "Avalon, you're back!" she uttered with relief.


"I was never gone! Something severed our bond, leaving me lost in your consciousness momentarily. I have only managed to find one of few cracks that allowed me back in."


"Could it have been Isamy?"


"It might have been as a consequences of that attack on our existences she used. But, something was impeding my return. I have had my apprehensions, but I think you should discard that sword. It is... unnatural, and has clearly been having an impact on your fragile senses!"


"Discard Hopeless Black?" Lydia uttered, only just now realizing she held that sword in her grasp.


"It is an unholy amalgamation of despair and arrogance. I was a fool to even suggest that we craft the thing. No, can I even call it a thing? It is clearly... alive, somehow, filled to the brim with the essence of that Witch. Discard it, and let it fade away as we worry about that sorry excuse for a dragon outside!"


The girl stared at the sword, and it seemed to stare back. The hand that held it, it felt like ice. She could barely part with the sword, as if it had become part of her. Gritting hard, her stubborn fingers slowly bent, and Hopeless Black fell to the floor, an inert blade. And with a sudden cry, Lydia kicked it to the other side of the tower room. "Why did I... feel so angry all of a sudden?"


"It was clearly poisoning you, and now you feel the emotions it had been repressing. Leave that ugly thing behind now, and focus. We need to destroy that Dracolich and then Isamy, so this madness can end."


"Okay, let's slay them both, or die trying" Lydia said with new confidence as she leaped through the window, her wings catching the cold air. "What would I ever do without you Avalon?"


"Die, clearly."


"After what happened with LERNA, dying would have been better to the alternative" the Sorceress Supreme admitted as she faced off with the dragon whose attention was all hers. "Get out of my sight" she commanded, channeling Avalon's haughtiness.


With a hand raised, she fired a searing beam of light, intending to annihilate the disgusting undead with one pure burst. And as she did, Hopeless Black faded from the tower room.

#7110293 Nigga, Who?

Posted by The Warden on 16 July 2018 - 09:27 AM

I was eating Papa Johns when I heard about this.


You should probably see a doctor.

#7110047 BREAKING NEWS: YCM member Dova accidentally reveals himself to be 60% Komodo...

Posted by The Warden on 14 July 2018 - 07:54 PM

He still has plenty of kin, as komodo dragons are part of the monitor lizard group, of which there are many in Australia.

#7108120 [TCG] Danger!

Posted by The Warden on 03 July 2018 - 01:01 AM

Gotta say that Bigfoot looks like he could've been one of the Baboon of the Forest monsters, like Green, Red, and Yellow.


These are pretty neat, though the whole random discard thing is pretty amusing since you've got to reveal the Danger! monster first. Also Danger! is an amazing archetype name and I hope Konami makes many more with names like it, especially since we got a Danger! Zone. I have 0 doubts that that name was an accident.