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Sky Strikers Maybe For YCS

02 October 2018 - 12:50 AM



Monsters: 10


Raye x3

Ash x3

Ghost Belle x2

Ghost Ogre x2


Spells: 30


Engage x3

Widow Anchor x3

Multirole x3

Shared Ride x3

MST x3

Eagle Booster x2

Airspace x2

Galaxy Cyclone x2

Called by the Grave x2

Terraforming x2

Drones x1

After Burner x1

Shark Booster x1

RoTa x1



Ash: Generic as hell. Good against pretty much every deck. Solid card

Belle: Maining at two. Hits pesky rematches, Kagari, Gamma etc. Side out when not needing it

Ogre: Also generic as hell. Good against most decks minus Trickstars really. 

Shared Ride: Most decks I'll see will be Gouki and the mirror, this card is important playing against both. Has it's place against others as well. Side out when unneeded 

MST: Generic s/t removal. Good for starting my own plays with Airspace. Extra Rayes.

Eagle Booster: Very important card in the mirror and for not getting hit with that sweet sweet OTK when you brick.

Galaxy Cyclone: Decent in the mirror. Great for sniping your Gouki opponent's Mid Breaker when they Gumblar combo. Just ditch this when they discard. Also important for getting over Imperial Order seeing as I can freely dump it to grave then activate it a turn later.

Called by the Grave: Important to main because I'm not playing Gamma. Incredibly useful in the mirror. After resolving a Kagari use this on your own turn to make their Kagari dead on their turn, but alive again on your next turn.

Unending Nightmare: Important to turn off floodgates. Using this over Heavy Storm Duster due some nerds that think Waking the Dragon is a good card and I don't want to lose to that. Unfortunately vulnerable to Ghost Ogre.

Jamming Waves: I don't play bad cards. 

Krow's Bad Sky Strikers

24 September 2018 - 06:53 PM

Playig this jank at an OTS on Saturday.




Monsters :12


Ash Blossom x3

Raye x3

Volcanic Scattershot x3

Ghost Ogre x2

Volcanic Doomfire x1


Spells: 27


Engage x3

Twin Twisters x3

Shared Ride x3

Widow Anchor x3

Multirole x2

Terraforming x2

Foolish Burial of Goods x2

Airspace x2

Called by the Grave x2

Afterburner x1

Eagle Booster x1

Hornet Drones x1


Traps: 3


Blaze Accelerator Reload


Side: 15


3 Gamma

3 Wattgirafe

3 Unending Nightmare

3 There Can Ounly Be One

2 Infinite Impermanence

1 Driver 


Volcanic Scattershot: Widow Anchor their Cerberus and proceed to pound town essentially. Pairs will with Kagari if time is near.

Volcanic Doomfire: Honestly I only made this deck cause I found an ulti 1st edition Doomfire in my box of jank lmao. Raigeki burn. Good guy. Only one cause he's actually not that great, but if I see it and resolve it wew.

Twin Twisters: Playing at 3 cause I expect a lot of cucks to play Altergeist, Draco and Paleo. Also to hit Trickstars who main Rivalry and Gozen.

Called by the Grave: Generic "no" to hand traps. Hits other niche targets. Playing for the mirror match cause I would use Called on my turn to banish their Kagari. This turns Kagari off on their turn but makes it live during my turn.

Shared Ride: Maining and not siding because this card is the shit in the mirror match. I know at least 3 players who are playing the mirror that I expect to be playing against at the top tables so worth the spot.

Multirole: Not playing pure so no room for 3.

Foolish Burial of Goods: An outdated tech in SS. Playing this because it has the added bonus of sending Blaze Accelerator Reload from deck to GY.

Blaze Accelerator Reload: Really just to abuse Scattershot and prevent my opponent from setting up. Great with Twin Twisters because I can activate it in the same chain link I activate Twin Twisters.

Isolde Without Cherries: Using this to play around Rivalry of the Warlords. Hornet Drones and Raye are both Warriors. If Rivalry is up I can be kinda fucked depending on the game state. Allows me to link up and activate my Sky Striker spells.

Gamma:  Catches opponents off guard. Good for Multifaker, Draco, Naturia Beast etc.

Wattgirafe: The cheese mcgoo. Funny in games close to time but we are mostly using this for it's effect. Gets past decks that set 5 pass. Important for turning off Strikes, Ash, Droll etc. Main Phase 2 link this in Clara and Rushka to activate Sky Striker spells

Unending Nightmare: Siding this over Jamming Waves. Turns off annoying floodgates like Rivalry, Gozen, Imperial Order, Anti-Spell. Pops Altergeist continuous traps. Good against Dracos.

There Can Only Be One: Threw this in last night. This card is fucking crazy. Literally has 0 clash with Sky Strikers. Tricktars can't summon Lycoris because Lycoris hits the field before it returns a monster. This shuts off their reoccurring engine. Gamma can't activate due to summoning 2 psychics. Multifaker gets blocked. Gouki's cry. Good card.

Krow AMA

21 September 2018 - 05:09 PM

Serious or not serious hmu

Temple of Loliqueens

13 September 2018 - 08:07 PM

15 Monsters
2 Ashe Blossom
2 Ghost Ogre
3 Droll
1 Mystical Beast Serket
3 Trickstar Candina
3 Trickstar Lycoris
1 Trickstar Lilybell
16 Spells
2 Called By the Grave
3 Temple of the Kings
3 Engage
2 Terraforming
3 Trickstar Light Stage
1 Trickstar Light Arena
1 Monster Reborn
9 Traps
3 Trickstar Reincarnation
2 Gozen Match
2 Rivalry of Warlords
3 Infinite Impermanence 
Basic Trickstar Package + Arena which I'll explain further down. 2 Ashe because the card actually sucks atm, but still want to see it sometimes. Considering Ghost Belle. 2 Ghost Ogre cause it's actually decent at the moment. It fell out of meta for a bit but it starting to make a comeback. 3 Droll cause Trickstars and we play bad cards with mathematically shitty combos. Better now that Ash is seeing less play.
Sometimes I decide to be bad at the game and do stupid shit. This deck is one of them. Temple of the Kings is funny. It makes cards like Rivalry and Gozen not as awful going 2nd. You can activate them the turn you set so you can just clear your opponent's sweet ass U board. Rarely you would want to Reincarnate somebody on your turn but if you're playing against True Draco you can take advantage of their search effects during your turn and just Reincarnate + Droll combo them. Also works if Maxx C comes back to 3 for shits and giggles. My favourite is Infinite Impermanence. You can already activate it from hand, but if you set it in a column your opponent has a s/t set you can target their monster and negate its effects + the additional locking their card out. This combo is funnier with Light Stage if they have multiple backrow.
So the main idea of Temple of the Kings isn't the ideas above but rather taking advantage of the fact that Mystical Beast of Serket is a fucking Fairy for some reason. It's possible to summon him straight from deck with Summon Sorceress, and then activate Temple of the King's effect to send itself and Serket to Grave to summon Naturia Exterio from the extra deck. Can get creative and use it to summon Kristya from deck or other Fusion targets such as Last Warrior from Another Planet (he is garbage though pls don't) or Bloom Diva the Melodious Choir (Also don't)
I'll probably cut Scapegoat from the deck cause the current build just looks like a brick house. I've yet to play this deck cause I don't enjoy playing online but changes will be made to try turbo rather than play like traditional Trickstars.

Quokka's Bored AMA

29 August 2018 - 05:20 PM

Nobody online on WoW so it's bored time. Ask away boyz