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Petition to Start a New Website

24 March 2017 - 09:42 PM

We can call it Cardgame Coalition.

[Written] [YGO] Fortuitous Outcome

20 March 2017 - 11:44 PM

Fortuitous Outcome

[ Spell / Continuous ]

[1] Once per turn, while this card is face-up on the field, if a "Fortune Lady" monster is Special Summoned to your side of the field:  You may pay 800 Life Points; Special Summon 1 "Fortune Lady" monster from your deck with a different attribute.  If you do:  Banish the monster originally summoned that triggered this effect.

[2] Fortune Lady monsters that would be destroyed and sent to the Graveyard are instead banished.

[3] When this card is destroyed by your opponent's card effect: Special Summon as many of your banished "Fortune Lady" monsters as possible.


Weird wording, yes, but it's designed to squeeze and get as much tempo out of the Fortune Lady engine as possible, intending to trigger both Water and Light and allow for quick spamming to access Synchro options.  Fortune Ladies are not a deck that is inherently consistent by design, thanks to the wording of Fortune Lady Light and Fortune Lady Water's requirement of having another Fortune Lady on the field.  Fortune Ladies are also not sticky in the slightest, so to remedy this you have to be able to pump them out at a comfortable rate.  This card offers them (or intends to offer them) scary long-term consistency in the spam department, while also allowing for counterplay with your opponent being able to trigger its second effect/reliably on your turn and clearing your board as they please.

Wisteria [Interest Check]

20 March 2017 - 05:44 PM







The cold winter's night nipped at the heels of the guardsman posted at the southern gate of the town of Vale.  Guard duty here was mandatory; every male in the village was charged with protecting the walls from beasts and men alike every once in a while.  Tonight was Rickert's first time guarding the wall, at the ripe age of sixteen.  Barely old enough to be called a man, he was understandably nervous, despite the lack of activity past the walls in the Black Woods and beyond for nary his entire life.  Even so, he couldn't shake this feeling of dread that nestled in the small of his neck.  Every rustle of the snow pushing aside a leaf was noticed and made his hair stand on end; add that to the fact that he could barely see six feet in front of him with abundant torchlight around, one might feel easily sympathetic.  Night time in Vale was almost always unsettling, for one reason or another.  Just another normal night, though Rickert with a defeated sigh.  Just like a night out with the boys.


Dawn soon began to break through the snowy canopy looming just around the edges of the hidden village, a welcome sight for the virgin guardsman.  "...finally." he stated, as if to punctuate his shift.  Another night over, another safe day.  It was time for his much needed and well-earned rest.  Rickert began to head back inside, climbing up a ladder left for him and hoisting himself over the edge, onto the inside of the wall - into safety.


Or so he thought.






Witch hunters.  Tongue takers.  Silencers, the Will of God.  Many different places have a name for the ancient, ever-present order, but very few are privy to proper knowledge regarding the order at all.  Those who they take do not come back; those they silence never speak.


Faceless in all but motive, the hunters of Wisteria have but one charge; rid the land of 'witches' - immortal, lunatic creatures born of stress, hatred and desire from the souls of broken people.


Their word - their blades - are an absolute authority, and few dare question the order or its methods.


None else have been able to match their murderous efficiency - and none wish to try, lest they be consumed by the very despair that births witches in the first place.





Basic Rules

Hey there!  Before you go about posting in my roleplay and making applications and whatnot, there are going to be a few rules you have to adhere to.  By the authority vested as the creator of this roleplay, I reserve the right to fully enforce any of the following rules and punish those who fail to adhere to them, with punishments ranging from a strongly-worded report (lol) to a blacklist from any and all future roleplaying games I deign to develop - and both include a swift kick and a pat on the back for myself congratulating a job well done.  By applying to my roleplay or posting in this thread, you agree to adhere to these rules unless said rule has been overridden by a moderator of the RP forum or a Super Moderator.


  • The Advanced Clause Must Be Followed.  Further information regarding this can be found below.
  • You will strive to maintain perfect grammar in any and all IC posts in this roleplay.
  • Romance between characters is allowed.  You will not, however, derail the RP with smut.
  • If a player is found to be 'godmodding' or 'metagaming', report it to a gamemaster (me).  I will review your case and make a decision accordingly; a warning will be given to the offending parties.
  • I expect you to make posts promptly and often.  Failure to participate will have my exercise my right to kick you from the roleplay.
  • To add to the above, I reserve the right to kill off any character and I will exercise this right during the roleplay.  I will always inform a character's player beforehand, unless an aforementioned rule has been broken.


Advanced Clause And Further Expectations

As a participant in any YCM roleplay you are expected to follow both the site's rules and the advanced clause.


The Advanced Clause is as follows:


"a. All IC posts require at least 100 words, roughly 4 lines at standard formatting.

b. Posting in script format is forbidden.
c. Copy-pasting or “expying” characters without tailoring them to the new roleplay is forbidden."


As the host of this roleplay, these rules are what are to be considered the bare minimum for any roleplay on this website.  However, I expect better from those I accept into this roleplay, and thusly the Advanced Clause has been amended to 300 words per post.  If you cannot muster a way to write that much?  Find inspiration.  Find a way.  It's not hard.


And yes, I will check.




The Story So Far...


You are a member of Wisteria, an elite squad of witch hunters.  Specifically, you belong to a special operations squad known as "Amen", a squad with a rather colorful history in Wisteria.  Once the most powerful and prestigious squad - one of the original Founding Three, in fact - Amen has since lost much of its glory after the old squad commander 'gave in' on her comrades, slaying a great majority of Amen and forcing a large bulk of Wisteria's other squads to lend a hand in putting her down.


Few original members of the squad remain.  Now led by the husband of the deceased commander that gave in, Amen has been set to pursue smaller, lower stress missions in lieu of concern for his mental state.


As you are all new recruits, from places unknown, you have been assigned to Amen specifically because it only handles low-intensity missions, now.  Your first call?  To investigate the village of Vale.









Post and I will respond with something I actually do appreciate about you

20 March 2017 - 02:57 PM

Contrary to popular belief, hate is not a word I use much in my vocabulary.

[POLL] The Christmas Lights

19 March 2017 - 05:41 PM

I mean, they kinda un-pretty the darker themes of the website.  On the other hand, the meme is kinda funny.


Simple enough issue, vote as you please.