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Soul's Last Resort - My first set. How's that for ironic? Updated 19 May · 0 comments

About Me

I didn't register here to write an essay about me. I came to make Yu-Gi-Oh cards.


But I guess I could tell you what I'm up to. I love making decks and working out strategies. I was number one among my circle (2 bros and a cousin) for a very long time, until I fixed my cousin's deck and he started mopping the floor with me. That was when I realized my deck's strategies were actually pretty... lame. So I became obsessed with making strategies and building the perfect deck.


I have 2 major problems with this. 1: I love dragons. 2: I love magicians. You can't really make a deck that brings out the best of both worlds. At least not with the cards I love.


Oh, and a few minor problems:


I love Black Luster Soldier.


I love stuffing my deck with cards I can't use right away. SUPER powered, but can't use. XD


I keep making new cards that I can't put in my deck. >.<




The below are my Sets.


Soul's Last Resort


Soul's Last Resort introduces a monster archetype called "Soul Monsters". They're basically your ultimate back-up. I'm working on a way to make these cards actually playable (i.e. give them weaknesses), but there are a couple that I have at the moment that are pretty much unbeatable. (Yamu, the Golden One; Guardian Angel Eatos)


Soul Monsters have white backgrounds, and have blue circles with white stars, instead of red circles with yellow stars. soul monsters go into your extra deck, and you can only have one soul monster in your deck. Then, the only way to summon them is by "Soul Summon", which can only be done under very specific conditions. Soul Summons don't require cards, they activate when a player is about to lose. You reduce your life points to 0, and Soul Summon your monster. As long as that monster is on the field, you can't lose the duel, and if it is removed from the field, you lose automatically.


In my story, the card(s) responsible for your imminent demise are negated and removed from play, but that's a little overboard for real-world playing. Soul Summoning is treated as a Special Summon for the purpose of negation, and Soul Monsters cannot be removed from play, returned to the player's hand, and can only be controlled by its summoner.


Soul monsters are pretty much just a way to save your hide. The idea is each duelist only ever gets one, and no one else can ever use that one. And in reverse, a duelist can only use the one they've been given. I'm still working on the strategy, and the overall playability of these cards, but basically that's what's going on. I can take suggestions, but the biggest reason they're up here is so I can see them. I work better with visual stuff.


Of course, with every specific way to summon something, there's always gotta be some card out there that makes it easier. So I made two. A "Ritual" Soul Summon, and a trap summon. You know. To make them easier to play.


So. That's Soul's Last Resort.

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