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"I, w-what do you mean, talk to guys?"


"I mean talk to guys," Cassia plainly answered. "We can nail out the finer details some other time." Indeed, it would have to wait, as Leon seemed to have come up with an idea on what to do next.


"Cassia, Yue, we should go meet with Oren and see what he can tell us about the bandits. Sound good?"




Cassia gave a nod in response to the suggestion. Learning more about those bandits before going after them was by all means a good idea. Know the enemy and you will always win or something like that. Cassia tagged along as Leon and Yue went to go find Oren, who seemed to be in the middle of setting up dinner. Cassia couldn't wait to try out whatever he and whoever else was behind this had cooked up. But, even for Cassia, business always came before pleasure. There was a silver-haired girl in the room too, clearly leaving Oren be as he seemed to be a very busy man at this moment.


"Should we say something?"


"I've got this." Cassia stepped up to the plate (figuratively; the literal plate would have to come later), approaching Oren and speaking up to grab his attention. "Hey, Chief Oren, we've got a few more questions for you about those bandits. If we're going to go deal with them in their turf, it's good to know as much as we can first, right?"

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"I thank you. We are truly fortunate to have you at our side."


I'd call your group a lot of things, but "fortunate" isn't exactly at the top of my list.


Eventually, the plan was laid out. There were bandits and foxes and the Pelinna Patrol, and of course the other party members that had gotten split off from that fox ambush earlier. If all went well, they'd save the rest of the group, deal with those bandits, fix whatever was plaguing the frogs, go back to the frog village, and everything would work out just fine and dandy for this unlucky group Azar was apparently stuck with now. And then they could help her with her own little rescue mission, once she was done helping them with theirs.


After some time, it came time for those going with Catriona to move out. Azar included, after everyone had gotten the "masking your scent" bit taken care of.

"We should be careful. Foxes have keen senses."


The group was finally in fox territory. It was night now. Not Azar's ideal time in the endless day-night cycles. She was more of a daylight type, and the shaman - equipped once again with her cloak - rather wished there was a spell to induce an endless day. Before she was able to really get into the thought of it though, a nearby bush rustled. The shaman reached for her tome. She wasn't sure how much fighting would have to be done here, and she'd rather save her uses of the Rashido Method - especially without a healer nearby - for a bigger conflict.


"Whoever you are, come out slowly. e don't want to fight if we don't have to."


Azar fully expected to find a fox protean come out of that bush, and a fight to erupt. However, instead what she was met with was a wolf. Not even a fully-grown one. Just a pup!


"This is...not what I was expecting."


"A forest wolf! Rare beasts, and not usually the type to approach humans."


Is that so? We must be a big deal then, if it came to us. A wolf pup was no threat at all. As such, Azar put her tome away. The wolf turned, and started walking off, before turning to face the group. It seemed it wanted them to follow it, but Glenn voiced that he had his own matters to attend to. Shiro, however, was apparently quite the guy to lead the group through fox territory, if Glenn was to be trusted.


"Should we follow?"


"Show us what you need to, little one."


"Men that turn into foxes and frogs, and now a little wolf showing us the way. Are serpents going to start trying to sell us fruit next?"


"The world is full of strange things," Azar quietly commented in response to the Pontic's muttering. "But if those things try to point you somewhere, it's commonly the right direction. That's what I heard, anyway."

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"Excellent work! Everyone, excellent! Now, we should probably leave here before the vines realize that their prey is about a stone's throw away. Oh, unless you want to tussle with them. I've never whacked a vine before and you know that new experiences are always a fun thing. But the dismemberment is still a very real possibility."


"Just a moment," Lily interjected, making her way to be reunited with the rest of the group before handing the Sun Flower to Jin. It was just a guess, but he was best suited for carrying it around out of everyone besides Lily herself. While Fen and Agina discussed the next ingredient for Zvesda's potion - lemons - Lily turned her attention to the assassin vines. They were just doing their natural thing in the world. Leaving them withered would nearly be a crime to the golem. As such, Lily squatted down closer to ground level, and extended her arms out toward the vines. She'd have to fix these before leaving.


Be reborn.


Had they died of natural causes, or been dead for too long, odds would be that Lily wouldn't be able to revive a plant. But neither of those were the case at all! Lily always made a point to bring back plants that she killed, since it was otherwise just flat-out murder. As life began to fill the assassin vines again, the golem slowly nodded, and said "I apologize for putting you all through that. I was unsure of your strength, and had to make sure to protect myself. I have heard great things about the strength of assassin vines, and if it is not too much trouble, I would like to ask if any of you would accompany me on future adventures. You will have a chance to see the world, but I must urge that you would have to restrain your violent tendencies."


The response Lily got was... not quite words. More like feelings, straight from the vines. They seemed to be content with this location, and as such were ultimately uninterested in Lily's offer. "I understand. Please enjoy your location then, and try not to get tangled if vines do that."


Now, Lily was ready to get the next ingredient.

The next ingredient, as it turned out, would be the leaves of the azure oak tree. At a glance, it seemed to be any ordinary tree. However, glancing up at it from beneath revealed - alongside a sparse few more assassin vines - glorious azure-colored trees. Agina went on to explain the tree to the group, and the tree's distinct ability to take leaves from nearby trees to protect its own. Fascinating. I may have to return one day to ask this tree about how it takes leaves from other trees. Lily had a number of theories as to exactly why it did this, but wasn't about to prod about it. It seemed like a rather personal subject to discuss with a tree you'd only just met.


"Anyone else wanna try and get the leaves for this? I mean, I could easily get them down...but... I want to make sure I keep at least some of my magical energy at the ready."


Lily was perfectly eager to get her hands on those leaves. It was a very unique tree, distinctly unlike anything she'd ever seen before, and she'd seen some rather interesting plants lately, even by her standards. At the same time, however, her emerald eye shifted its gaze toward Jin. He had helped defend her from the assassin vines, not to mention building the bridge to get over. He was a very capable man, most likely. Lily also couldn't bring herself to the conclusion that the tree would hand over some leaves just because she asked nicely, since clearly it put a lot of effort into defending those very leaves. There was the option of climbing up, but Lily's body was not built for that sort of thing. Humans were much better at that than she was.


"I believe Jin or Fen should retrieve them," Lily suggested. "Whoever is better at climbing trees. However, please be careful not to harm the tree on your way up."

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Points: 117

W/L Record: 1/1

The fight was over. Aurora took a deep breath; she'd earned it. She didn't think she'd pull that win off, but she somehow managed. It was getting pretty close there, and she seriously underestimated how much of a beating Xia could take. In the end though, Aurora pulled the win out of her hat, and she was pretty proud of herself for it. Her points had shot up too. Winning definitely felt better than losing. And speaking of losing, her opponent seemed to take that in stride.


"Heyyyy! Man that was a good fight Aurora, it was suuuper fun. And congrats on winning. Sure I wish I could have won but it was still great! I'll do my best next time and be sure to win though! Unless you're not ok with playing again. I guess that's fine too, but..."


"We'll definitely have a rematch sometime," Aurora answered. "I wouldn't mind fighting somebody with your kind of strength more often. It reminds me of home." Of course, the last time she'd sparred with somebody that had super-strength, they weren't also capable of firing jets of water at Aurora. She made a mental note to watch out for that. Perhaps plan ahead for a way around it? Aurora didn't linger on it for long before something else occurred to her. She still had to speak with Angel about the missing persons case. Aurora returned the thumbs-up gesture Xia had given her, before excusing herself.


"I'd really love to hang out and chat," she said. "But I need to see someone about something important. Let's hang out later maybe." With that, Aurora started forward and pulled up the messages on her watch. It was time to send another message, once again to Angela.


Hey. Just got out of my fight for today. If you aren't busy, we still need to talk somewhere.

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"I don't really know vampires work, but I doubt much of anything can survive without a head. I can't tell exactly what you are playing at, but if you plan to use me as some kind of buffet, you might be surprised by which one of of loses more blood in the process."


"How violent," Camille teased. "As much as I admire your straightforwardness, try not to get yourself too worked up. Stress is bad for people." With her powers having been put on proper display to her partner - much to Patton's dismay, apparently - Camille returned to her spot across from him. Although she was rather confident she could win if a fight broke out, the two were still in class, and she didn't want to get on any of the staff's bad side. They were still fully-fledged and proper villains; the type of people Camille and the other students were here to train to become. It stood to reason that if The Globe decided a fight wasn't okay and should be dealt with by force, Camille didn't think she could take him on. Even if his disposition seemed particularly unlike what she'd imagined villains to be like. She always imagined them as being more the brooding type, possibly a bit of a gun nut, with long red coats and demonic familiars.


Camille rather liked that mental image.


She was perfectly ready to start up a question related to the subject at hand, but soon a pair of hands slammed down onto Patton's desk. It was the electric girl with the delectable blood!


"Let me just borrow this git here for a minute. Best say your name nice and loud for the class, Peashooter. Make sure everyone here'll remember it when I polish you off."


Oh. This should be interesting.