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In Topic: What should my next RP be

Today, 12:43 AM

I'm also tossing my lot in for the RPG RP. Team healer reporting in. Won't be asking to recycle Melethil since technically I'm already doing that in Persona.

In Topic: Cells at Work! (Hataraku Saibou)

Yesterday, 06:20 PM

Also, Macrophage is best girl. Fite me.



Best girl is red blood cell.


This show was one that I knew from the start I'd have to keep an eye on, and I'm glad that I've chosen this season of all seasons to start watching anime episodes as they air instead of binging the entire season when it's done. Despite being a whopping three episodes in, I'm already calling Hataraku Saibou a 10/10 show, since the animation and characters are pretty fucking great, and the changes in pace are quick, but not ever in a particularly jarring way. Everything is done just right so far, so hopefully the show can keep that momentum going.

In Topic: I'm back (again)

Yesterday, 05:54 PM

and about time too

In Topic: Pokemon: Mind and Soul [IC/PG-13/Not Accepting]

Yesterday, 10:24 AM


Location: Islesbury Town

Poké: 1340

"You know, you could learn how to too if you wanted! It's not too hard. Are all your clothes clean?"


"They're clean." It was the comment that fishing wasn't too hard that caught more of her attention though.


"Oh, are you interested in fishing too?" Fishing was always something Kanon had wanted to try her hand at, the more she thought about it. The closest she'd ever gotten to that was her surprise encounter with Bubbles, so maybe learning more about it wouldn't be such a bad thing? "Do you want to hear of the history like your friend did?" And the history of fishing might not have been bad to learn either. However, it sounded like Oswald would beg to differ.


"Let's hold off on that! After all, you have a competition to judge! Don't wanna be late for that, right? I can pass down the lesson for you!"


"Er, yeah," Kanon started, not really sure why Oswald was so concerned but opting to play along anyway. "You've gotta be a busy guy, would hate to hold you up." Meanwhile, people were gathering at the pier. For some sort of fishing competition, right? Oswald went over to sign up... only for Kanon to notice Nomi had been kind of missing. At least it's Nomi. She couldn't have gotten far. Kanon glanced around, only to find her on the floor, sleeping. It was only mildly surprising.


Kanon made for the sleeping girl, and nudged her face with the boots on her feet. "Hey, wake up."

In Topic: Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

21 July 2018 - 12:22 PM


Location: Mowloo (Team Alola, Day 15)

Poké: 500

Inventory: Good Rod, Potion, Antidote x2, Kasib Berry

"...I-I'm...not...done.. Not...until...I get...back home..."


"Oh dats a dirty lick'n."


"Yep." It was pretty obvious there was no getting out of this fight, but between Randy's tenacity, Keanu's attack after all that time plotting up... whatever he was thinking of, and Marie's follow-up, things were sure to work out, right?


"Chasers. Very well. Let this be your test. Pass. Or. Die."


We're not Chasers though. It was a word the people in Adarid sure did like throwing around. People who challenged Legendaries to prove their might. It was something Yveltal had clarified. Nani, for one, was never much for fighting unless she had to. Challenging such mighty figures as Legends just seemed stupid. Something reserved for muscleheads with nothing better to do.


"It's decided...if this'll make me stronger...then I'll do it. Sign me up for being one of those Chasers...I'll fight however many I need to, just to rise to the top spot back on Alola."


As nice as it was that Randy was suddenly a lot more motivated to fight, it didn't change the fact that he wasn't actually doing much right now. Just being there all like "challenge accepted". At least he was in a convenient spot. Nani burst out into full sprint, moving directly toward Randy. As she got closer to Randy, the Mimikyu jumped up, planting her feet on the Incineroar's head and leaving him with a quick "Less talking, more not-dying," before jumping up a second time, legs glowing that same distinct pink again. If Yveltal was going to hover in the air where she'd be harder to reach, then Nani would just have to find other ways up there, right? And so, the Mimikyu swung her legs briefly up, then straight down in a kick attack aimed at the murder bird.