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#7070876 Post and I'll give you a theme song

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#7070780 Love Comes in All Forms

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#7070732 Post music and I'll rate it out of ten

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Well I do like Deadpool. 6/10 though.




>says 9 minutes is long

*laughs in Dream Theater*


#7070061 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Yui on 19 January 2018 - 02:56 PM




Physics. Not Haruka's greatest subject by any means. Most types of science tended to give her trouble, but it always seemed as though physics in particular just had it out for her. As such, rather than her usual procedure of simply paying attention to what the teacher had to say and taking mental notes while drawing up whatever fantasies came to her mind - a real shame, since she'd been hit by a sudden stroke of inspiration this morning - Haruka made sure her time in physics was time spent taking actual notes. Actual notes, about the actual school subject, that the actual teacher was actually teaching. Unless I want to be a scientist, how will any of this help me anyway? And I don't want to be a scientist at all! It's like, here, let me just teach you this thing you don't care about and you don't have a choice. Ugh.

After School

Well, one thing had turned into another. At first, Haruka was simply finishing up the illustration she'd started that morning after her stroke of inspiration, but then finishing that up gave her more ideas. The next thing she knew, it was a three-page mini-comic that she would have loved to finish right then and there, but that wasn't happening. Not here, anyway. It would be troublesome if I tried working on it more here, Haruka mentally huffed to herself, heading down a hallway in search of the Dedicated Fiction Club with a moderately flushed face. It came out a bit more stimulating than I thought it would be. The fact that I'm the type of person who let the comic get to that point in a public place... I'm a terrible human being, aren't I? After a bit of checking, Haruka finally found the club she was looking for, though she was a bit later to the meeting than she would have liked.


Way to make a first impression, Haruka. I must seem super-unreliable right now.


As she opened the door, Haruka stepped in and announced "Yes, I know I'm late; I got a bit sidetracked on my way here. I'll try to keep it from happening again."


"I know why you're late," said an excited Janet. "Were you prettying yourself up for me?" she cooed.

"Alright, you're going back into timeout," Amanda announced, pulling Janet by the ear.

"But Amanda! She's so cute!" Janet pleaded as she was dragged away.

"Hey. Welcome back. Glad you could make it," Paul said as he pulled out an extra chair for Haruka. "We're just finishing the first chapter. Did you get a chance to read at all?" There were five chairs now around a large wooden round table, and different copies of the club's reading material for the next month.


"I read a couple chapters last night before bed," Haruka answered, seating herself at the spare chair while Janet was pulled away. And don't come back. She opened up the book she'd taken home with her to where everyone else seemed to be so far. "So, who wrote this anyway? It doesn't seem like a normal thing for a school to have its own manga."


"Some alumni. He's hoping to get it published but it looks unfinished to me. It was probably something they did for fun," Paul commented.

"Sorry about that," Amanda said as she returned. "So, where were we?"

"End of chapter one. Looks like Haruka is all caught up," Paul added.

"Nice. What do you think so far, Haruka? Any characters you can resonate with?" Amanda asked.


"Jeffery," she started. "...and Roto." Although, resonating with them might not be the first way I'd phrase that. Even so, they were solid characters. Two brave men fighting against the apocalypse with the help of some people they'd only just met. If it were Haruka who was writing this, they'd probably be the only characters. "I like the dynamic between them the best."


"I like Jeff. He feels like a real person. Like, someone I'd hang out with," Leo commented.

"I like the uh, Australian guy. Leonidas? Yeah, he's funny. I like his upbeat attitude. Having hope in the middle of the apocalypse. That's hard, man," Paul added.

"I think I'm closest to Daphne. I would've given up all hope, if--" Amanda's phone buzzed loudly. "Sorry. Just a sec."

Amanda's face suddenly lit up with urgency and she snatched her bag from beneath her chair, disturbing the top floor of the library. "Sorry! I gotta run! Duty calls! We'll pick up Monday! Uh, Paul, you guys can read up to about chapter 5. I'm gonna be busy all weekend probably, so don't get too far without me!" she screamed.

"Ma'am! Quiet down, please!" demanded a librarian.

"Sorry!" she hollered back.

Paul shook his head. "Wonder what that was all about. Anywho, how do you guys feel about the plot as a whole? Alien invasion. Time travel. A talking A.I. It's a lot."


"I've seen plots that are more out-there," Haruka shrugged. "It's kinda crazy to have powers based on all these gods and stuff, but it's not like everyone outright summons them or anything. That would be a lot, and a bit of a stretch if you ask me."

#7069977 Australia

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cat person but stop you cant make seriously funny jokes about australia

they have to be all about how dangerous and terrible it is


this isnt allowed

Heavy metal: Drop C

Really heavy metal: Drop E

Djent: Drop G
Australian metal: Drop Bear

#7069908 Heya y'all! (: I'm Cobalt!

Posted by Yui on 18 January 2018 - 08:11 PM

I know Yui will be here with a more detailed report of the site shortly. 



Anyway, hello there, welcome. Just sayin', Turquoise Warbler is cuter so shut the fuck up. I'm just playin', glad to have you :) so welcome aboard Cobalt! I'm Yui, former mod who may end up back in the saddle since we're currently trying to elect in a new mod or two. Before going on, make sure to look over the site rules and any section rules for places you'll likely be frequenting. Speaking of which...


I'm also into Role-Playing, and I saw there was an RP forum here. Is it active enough to warrant joining an RP? (:

Absolutely! I don't recall if any RPs are accepting right now, but there's actually been talk in the section of setting up a subforum specifically geared toward helping newer RPers or perhaps even just people new to this specific site's RP section get into the swing of how RP works, meet some members, etc etc. Any questions you have about RP-related stuff can be directed to myself, Lord CowCow, or perhaps Zai (currently BANZAI!!!, the RP section mod) if he happens to be online at the time. Questions about stuff pertaining to the other sections should be directed to members you'll find in those sections, such as Sakura (the CC mod) having a presence in CC, or Black being a frequent visitor to the TCG sections.


I would have liked to be the first one to respond to this thread, but my usual intro shtick takes a bit to type up since I don't just copy-paste it all. So please, as you can see, we're a friendly bunch, so don't be afraid to put yourself out there a bit and get to know people. We love getting new blood, especially in RP. Be good, don't make an ass of yourself, and most importantly, have fun during your time on YCM! After all, you are here forever now, barring some horrific scenario that ends in you getting permabanned. Might as well get comfy :)

#7069622 I have precisely too fucking many nominations, ama

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This is the time where I wished I had a thumbs up gif. Where is Yui when you need him?



#7069515 Fake throwing a ball

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#7069332 Name a more Iconic duo... I'll wait.

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#7069195 Yui's AMA Thread

Posted by Yui on 16 January 2018 - 07:29 PM

give me 5 good reasons I should support your re-modship

Not a question and I don't exactly like endorsing myself, but I'll humor you.

  1. I have varying degrees of experience with all the major sections on YCM (RP and General are the biggest ones of course, though I also dipped in to do some mod work in CC when Sakura was offline and there was a report that needed taking care of), which helps when considering that this election isn't for a mod for any particular section so much as someone who just does the work in general and acts as another voice of the mod team.
  2. Aside from the Enguin incident, which I've established the causes behind already (I'll be honest, I'm still a little baffled I screwed that up so badly), I made sure to stick to the procedures associated with the job as best I could. I PM'd everyone I punished, regarding why and how I punished them, and explained why I locked threads when I did. This one also implies I have mod experience already, so I won't include that later.
  3. My personable nature even while I'm doing mod work, which should help bridge relationships a bit between members and the team. Bar the above blunder, I'm pretty sure the only time I've heard anyone speak poorly of my work and/or how I handled it was when Wahrheit made a thing about how I was enforcing the necrobump rules in General. Even members who were against me having the spot at first seemed to have a change of heart when they saw me at work (I know Speedroid did at least, and I barely talk to the guy).
  4. If I recall, the team was looking for someone who's not afraid to crack the whip and get the team working (I'm paraphrasing like crazy right now), is somewhat critical of the team, etc. While Black would be a better choice with that in mind, I wound up having something of a big shift on my stance toward the mod team near the end of my modship. It's definitely not to the extent of people like Black or Parenthesis, but I've been looking, I know the team is flawed, and I know (or at least, I think I know) why. I'd love to see them improve, both for the sake of their reputation and for the good of the forum as a whole.
  5. I'm made of spare time, and am available to talk to about stuff more often than not.

And now for a bonus: One very good reason not to vote for me. Remember how Birdie has an open invitation to return to the team as something outside of the election? I haven't actually checked if I have one as well, but if I do, putting me in via the election would waste a spot that could otherwise go to somebody like Black (my favorite pick for returning mods, tied with myself), CowCow, or Parenthesis.


Dunno if it was asked already, but is your top waifu favorite female character from the Fire Emblem series?

Nina. You made me and CowCow play an extremely painful 15-minute guessing game to get me to remember this. I hope you're happy with the lengths I went to for this answer. Also Cow said to note that I have basically zero FE knowledge; I only know about Nina (and Nino, who was the initial target for the guessing game) because Cow was assigned them to me as "which FE character am I" based on my personality. 90% of my Fire Emblem exposure is the two active Fire Emblem RPs that don't teach me anything about the characters so much as mechanical stuff, and the other 10% is that Marth, Roy, Lucina, Ike, and Corrin (and Chrom kinda) appear in Sm4sh.

#7068976 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Yui on 15 January 2018 - 08:16 PM


"I'm already in the car of someone I've only just met. Might as well live it up while I'm here."
As Haruka took her first steps into the school building for her senior year, she wasn't sure if she regretted saying those words or not back when she was in that dangerous-looking boy's car. On the one hand, it was actually more fun than she expected, once she got past the initial thought of "he's going to crash into something and we'll both die a horrible death". Plus, just look at how fast he'd gotten her to school! On the other hand, her steps were wobbly and her balance thrown off by the sheer speed the boy had used. Haruka didn't even know cars not specifically meant for racing could do those kinds of things. Was he into street racing perhaps?
Not that it really mattered. She'd probably never see him again. Even if she did, Haruka didn't see any reason to go out of her way to try and be all buddy-buddy with anyone. If she didn't get going though, she'd be late for orientation. The fact that she got here on time at all after that little incident earlier was still surprising her. I guess that's how strong the bond is between a man and his car.

Orientation was - as were the three before it - a sickening waste of time. Haruka picked up her schedule, and her first class as it happened was economics. How convenient! She lived with somebody who was successfully running their own small business. Surely she could learn plenty of things from Uncle Ayumu that would help with this class. Then again, he might take that as a sign that I want to spend more time with him as uncle and niece. I'll pass; after the first fishing trip, I'm not exactly dying to have another one. As the teacher - who wanted to simply be called Kelsey - went over her own little introduction, Haruka flipped open her notebook. The one that wasn't really for any class in particular. Taking notes wasn't something she did anyway. She was a smart girl; she'd definitely be able to remember all this.
Instead of notes, Haruka got her trusty pencil, and started to draw. Right now, it was just basic figures atop one another, but she could have this wrapped up and looking good by the end of the school day. As she started the finer details of the bottom figure, working as the image came to her mind, she put a bit more of her attention on the teacher. She was asking a question.
"So to anyone who can open this class with a bang, how should goods and services be produced? You. Big guy. Wanna give me answer?"
"Should've asked the Japanese broad. I bet she knows."
"Sorry, I didn't catch that. What'd you say, young man? Did anyone else hear him?"
"Are you saying I'm too stupid to answer the question? Buyers should express their preferences with certain goods, which then influences what is produced."
"Correct. Demand influences production, which in turn, influences demand. It creates a cycle which moves our society to this very day."
Buyers express preference with goods, and it leads to influence over what's produced. Isn't that just supply and demand?? She'd have to figure out what to do with the wise-cracking boy in the back of the class sometime. Right now, however, she would rather focus on her drawing. She made sure to keep an ear open for anything else the teacher said over the course of class too of course.

Before Haruka knew it, the first day of school was over. And it wasn't even nearly as much the arduous grind as she'd expected. Not to say it wasn't, of course. As she entered the gymnasium, intent on joining a club simply so that people would stop pestering her about joining one when she told them she was already in one, she took a moment to appreciate her latest work, before closing her notebook. The drawing she'd started in economics was done. She didn't like that she had to draw the top figure - the boy from that morning - entirely by memory, but what was a girl to do? Haruka looked around at the different clubs. Among others, there was a kendo club, a fiction club that she felt was her most likely choice, an automotive club...


She briefly glanced back down at the notebook in her hand, its first page containing the fruits of today's labor if anyone were bold enough to take it and have a look inside. Haruka made for the booth for the dedicated fiction club. Better to get the pain of signing up out of the way first. And so, Haruka briskly made her way up to the fiction club's booth, and stated "I'd like to join the dedicated fiction club." She briefly glanced over the students at the booth. The one she assumed was the club leader was the shortest one of the club's present members, and even she had a good few inches on Haruka. This was something she was used to by now, nont exactly being the tallest of sorts, but the two boys had nearly an entire foot on Haruka! They all looked so happy and stuff.


Not the overly energetic types, I hope.


"Hey. We'd be happy to have you. I take the liberty of making a quick little card for you to fill out so we can get to know you better. It'll be easier when we dive into books and share. It just asks for your name, your grade year, and your phone number or email. Last two are optional," Amanda said with a smile as she handed Haruka the plastic card and a pen.


She looked over it real quick. It was still a bit weird to not write her name using kanji, but it was something she'd gotten used to in her years living here. She scribbled down her information, opting to include her phone number but leaving her email out of it. If it was important enough that somebody had to call or text her over something, it was clearly a bit too urgent for email anyway. That was one reason not to share it at least. "Here you go." Once she'd filled out the card, aside from her email of course, Haruka handed the card back to this Amanda girl.


"Nice. Thank you. Welcome to the club, er-- Haruka? Did I pronounce it right?" Haruka nodded as Amanda briefly continued about the smaller girl's name. "It certainly is a pretty name," Amanda began to mumble to herself. "Oh! Uh, this is Janet. This Leo. And this is my boy Paul."

Leo gave a wave and Paul moved to shake Haruka's hand, but they were both intercepted by Janet who practically squealed with excitement. "Oh, my word," she began. "You're so cute!  I can't wait to read with you!"


The energetic type, just like I hoped they wouldn't have. Go figure.

Amanda leaped in and pulled Janet away. "Sorry. She's eccentric. We're all kinda weird. Welcome to Ded. Fiction."


Haruka nodded. Her business here was handled, and now other clubs wouldn't pester her about joining some club that she cared about even less than she did this one. Time to go home.

#7068967 Why Humanity Can't Have Nice Things

Posted by Yui on 15 January 2018 - 08:01 PM

do u kno de way?

#7068704 New Staff Member Election

Posted by Yui on 14 January 2018 - 10:54 PM

 We'll give it a little more to see if any of the 2s move up, but does anyone in this group not want the job?

Didn't want to bring it up last page, but I don't remember if I had the same invitation to return as Birdie did. If I do, I'd be fine with passing on the election and letting everyone else run in the election as-is, then potentially come in a bit later after all that's settled down depending on if y'all feel you could still use another mod or two.


Alternatively you just put me and Birdie back on the team then still elect two new mods to bring in a whole new generation of mods

#7068676 New Staff Member Election

Posted by Yui on 14 January 2018 - 07:23 PM

Plans change. Sometimes return offers turn into something else.


That's the nature of the position, nobody is entitled to it, regardless of whether they were "offered" it beforehand.

I think the point Birdie's making is that if her return offer was warped into an election, which it shouldn't be in the first place, she should at least be informed about it. And if it isn't, she should at least be filled in that this election has no standing on her return offer so that it doesn't look like it became that.

#7068427 [Discussion] Interest Check... kind of

Posted by Yui on 13 January 2018 - 02:38 PM

Being primarily a Yu-Gi-Oh forum, as well as a site where most if not all the memberbase has at least a working knowledge of the game, a Yu-Gi-Oh RP would be the obvious choice. But, duels can drag on for a bit if you let them and there's an insane amount of bookkeeping that goes into even short duels. It's arguably easier on the host than it is the members to run a YGO RP. So not that. I think the best type of RP to help newbies out for familarizing themselves with how an RP works is a good old-fashioned swords-and-sorcery fantasy type deal. The rules of how things work in-universe are basically limited only by what the host says, and there's vastly wider angles you can tackle character creation from. Plus, come on, who doesn't love high fantasy shenanigans?