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Today, 12:52 PM

You know that GX ended over a decade ago, right?

In Topic: Edible Algebra

Today, 05:49 AM

I thought you said this was edible

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Yesterday, 03:49 PM



"Excuse you...I was having a conversation with my new boyfriend. Your death shall be a most painful one." This girl was really starting to get on Akira's nerves. The raptors hadn't made a single scratch on him, but still she was going on and on with the threats? Suddenly, she smiled, her eyes shifting the slightest bit, prompting Akira to turn around to figure out what was going on.

Or at least, he tried. He had barely made a move when the fist hit him. While a small barrier intercepted it as part of his panic response, it only managed to lessen the blow as the hulking mass of steel impacted the back corner of his skull, slamming him down onto the ground. His attacker landed into a crouch beside him, and he struggled to identify her through his blurred vision. He only managed to hear bits and pieces between the heavy sound of his heartbeat in his head, as the girl rose her steel fist once again, clearly making for the finishing blow. "Bad... hero... Bloodstone... kid... inside!" Akira realized in an instant that they managed to track Asuka when she left. He had sent her away, only to be caught by her mother, or perhaps even worse.

Heroic Aspiration

Rather than hitting Akira on its second swing, Hadley's gauntlet met a pair of brightly glowing hands large enough to match it, sprouting directly from Akira's back as he rose up onto his hands and knees. "Don't you lay a finger on her." The constructs didn't appear quite as normal. Their edges seemed fuzzy, and they flickered back and forth, almost like a television with poor reception. Turning his head to Hadley, a steady stream of blood could be seen running down it. For a split second, his expression registered nothing but shock, as he realized the identity of his attacker, but it was quickly replaced with complete and utter rage. "You." A sudden burst of hard light erupted from the ground surrounding Akira, launching Hadley into the air and away from him. Pillars sprung up from the ground underneath his palms, pushing him into a standing position as he stared down Shiki once again. "If you dumbasses even think of hurting her, you'll regre-"

"Rex. Speak."

Akira's sentence was cut short as the monster lying before him let out yet another roar. Though he had heard it before, it was an entirely more dreadful experience at this range. He could feel the sheer force of the sound as it impacted him, and his eardrums felt like they were going to burst. Perhaps they already had. The shockwave knocked him off of his feet and into the air, and he could see it having the same effect on the dog girl and snake boy, as well as many of the heroes who were attempting to do something about the Snake Charmer at the epicenter of the destruction. As he flew backward through the air, he squinted and blinked, blood running into his left eye. His ears were ringing so loudly, drowning out all the sound around him - Shiki's cackling, the screams of those afraid or injured, Akira couldn't even hear his heartbeat now. But, through the deafening ringing, he remembered a voice, cheerful, but never naive. Brave, but never aggressive.

"Heroes exist to protect those of us who can't always protect ourselves. Make sure you grow up to be someone who can protect everyone who needs it, Aki."

Extending both of his arms forward, toward the rest of those caught in the blast, Akira winced as the palms of his hand glowed brightly. Spheres of hard light formed around everyone he saw who needed to be protected. First the dog girl, then the snake he fought earlier that day, then one of the heroes who was doing their best to save everyone, then a bystander who managed to be in the exact wrong place at the exact wrong time. In the split second during which he flew backward through the smoke, dust, and chaos, he managed to encase each of his allies, each soul in need of rescue. As the protective bubbles hit the walls, they shattered gently enough to cushion each landing, preventing further injuries.

In all of this, however, Akira did not devote any attention to protecting himself. He felt his right leg hit an upturned chunk of concrete, and though he could not hear the snap, he could absolutely feel it. His momentum carrying him through, he began tumbling backward through the air, completing at least three full flips before his body skipped against the ground once, twice, and a third time, eventually skidding to a halt on the ground, leaving a trail of blood in front of him. Using all the effort he could to pull himself up into a half-slump, he could see the damage done to his leg. It was bent at nearly a right angle halfway down his shin, a splinter of white bone piercing out through his skin. He felt as if he were about to vomit, but in a miracle of adrenaline he somehow managed to keep it down. "Alright... I guess it's time to play field medic," Akira squeezed his eyes shut, as hard light formed around his fractured leg, a band at both his knee and ankle, with a straight bar running alongside. He clenched his teeth, as the constructs forced his leg back into a proper alignment, and couldn't stop himself from letting out a scream he couldn't even hear. "The nurse is going to be pissed about this rush-job."

Rising Star

Taking a deep breath, Akira pushed himself up onto his feet once again. Turns out, broken legs hurt even more when you try to stand on them. Push through the pain. You have a job to do. Suna said to protect them. Creating a platform beneath his feet, Akira flew as quickly as his injured leg would allow him, landing evenly between the two young villains. His landing was fairly rough, as his mostly-ruined leg faltered beneath him briefly, only to be reinforced by more hard light. He turned his head slightly toward Hadley, before shouting as loudly as he could, if only so that he could detect a hint of his own voice. "So that's how it works? You want all of the heroes gone?" Armor slowly formed around his entire body to match the heavy plating on his broken leg, visible cracks already forming, as each individual piece was repeatedly shattered and replaced, Akira doing his best to maintain his protection with a failing mind. "I can't fight back. It's not my place to. But I will protect them, all of them."

Each of his constructs glowed brighter and brighter, as he addressed Hadley directly, blood running out of his ears, down from his forehead, and matting his hair, "You want to destroy all the heroes? Then you're going to have to start with the Shining Star Hero: Procyon!"

In Topic: Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

18 August 2018 - 09:21 PM



"Although, there's nothing in the law that prevents you from helping people.  Go do that.  Now."


That was all he needed to hear. A regular-sized hand of hard light appeared over his shoulder, pulling his hood up over his head, and adjusting his sunglasses slightly. Luckily, he had managed to get a simple pair to match his broken ones before the award ceremony. After all, every hero needs their costume, right? Looking forward toward the carnage, Akira quickly took stock of the situation. This entire scenario was playing out to have him be far more heroic than he had planned that morning. So, I guess the real question, is what would Mike do? 

Something Stupid


Akira could see a few of his classmates running toward the danger zone: Asuka, the vibrating girl, the snake kid, and one he didn't recognize who looked almost canine, probably a 1-B student. Asuka. Does she know her mother is here? Akira has lost track of Bloodstone in all the chaos, but if Asuka had planned to fight her mother, that was a fight that she absolutely wouldn't win. Those lizards don't look too happy. Maybe I can cheer them up. Plunging the fingers of his pair of giant arms into the ground before him, Akira pulled off as hard as he could, launching himself forward through the air. While he hurtled toward the center of the action, he let one of the arms dissolve away, using the other to catch onto the ground and slow his approach, landing beside where Asuka stood. By the looks of things, the group was well-occupied with the raptors, seemingly controlled by the green-haired girl. "Asuka!" It felt a bit odd to be addressing her when she was busy with all this, but he needed to know, "Where is she?"


"I..." Asuka looked toward the giant lizard again. Asuka knew full well who Akira was talking about... but she wasn't there? Directing a pair of crystals toward the head of a raptor looking to bite her, Asuka replied "I-I don't know!"


That's what Akira was afraid of. Bloodstone was a dangerous individual, with a famous kill count. With the pro heroes occupied, she was probably the most frightening known variable. "Do we know how many enemies there are? The people inside might be in danger if she's MIA"


"Too many for me to count right now. We should assume everyone's in danger. Ourselves included."


Akira chuckled lightly, as a pillar of hard light emerged from the ground, pinning a raptor against the wall as it tried to dive at him. "I'll be alright. If your- If Bloodstone is missing, there might be more of them that snuck in. You're not suited for a fight this big. I'll handle things here, see if anyone inside needs help. Call for help if things go bad" He felt a bit guilty sending her in, but... If there were anyone Bloodstone would spare, he hoped it would be her daughter. He just wanted Asuka out of this chaos.


"Got it! Kobayashi, try to help him with the raptors. Ino, come with me. We can't split off alone right now, so try to stay close."


"Oh, and Asuka," Akira paused for a moment, fearing the answer to his next question, "are these the guys who brought that bomb to Kashyyyk?"


Asuka looked over to the villains assembled around the stadium. She pointed toward the large, red monster of a man, and said "He was, and so was the woman with the masks. There was a third, but he's not here." Asuka started down, intent to enter inside the stadium building to find anyone else that needed saving.


"Stay safe."


"You too."


Hoping he had just sent his friend to the safest place in the stadium, Akira directed his attention back to the green-haired girl. She had a tail, and seemed to be having far too much fun with all this. She almost seemed familiar, but Akira pushed that thought aside, assuming it to have been confusion after a long day. Behind his sunglasses, his eyes darted back and forth, noticing the tailed girl from earlier running up at the villain girl from behind. With a wide swipe of his arm, a fist the size of a car appeared nearly instantaneously, violently pushing aside the raptors that stood between him and the mystery girl. "Hey, kid! How about you stop going for all those easy targets in the stands and take on someone who can actually make things interesting?" Truthfully, he didn't intend to fight her head-on, as he had been strictly instructed not to, but the least he could do was direct the aggression away from the civilians, and maybe even provide Sayuri the window of opportunity she needed.


In Topic: [Theory: Gameplay] Are we ready for Extra Linking Variation?

18 August 2018 - 03:05 PM

the biggest problem with the idea of upward diagonal arrows is that it allows extra links to be built with cards that provide other utilities. I think it's pretty clear at this point that a big reason why we have so many that point down diagonally but not vertically is because konami wants there to be a clear distinction between cards that can be used for extra link, and cards that can't.