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A minute ago

Absolutely amazing in bullets.

You can special summon before using it, you can normal summon after, and giving up the battle phase is a joke half the time. It is one of the crucial advantage-generating cards in the deck, and a huge part of why it works in the first place.

Also, playing it under kid is just a shit ton of value.

In Topic: Because Giga didn't want it to Exist [Spider Vapor]

8 minutes ago

Dude Maxx "C" is an insect what the fuck.

Also, you know, Inzektors.

I think it's pretty clear why this is something I don't want to exist.

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11 minutes ago

As an aside, I'd like to mention that, given context, this thread would make much more sense in the casual multiples section. This isn't meant as a slight to the design, merely that they are made for a fic, with no respect toward the current game, and no design notes to speak of.

Anyway, time to power through these.

Tuxquito: The reduction of ATK and levels to boost itself is an interesting mechanic, if nothing else, but doesn't really seem to fit the rest of the archetype. Since the effect is spell speed one, its options in the field of disruption are minimal, and to be used to gain levels for synchro summoning limits your own plays based on whatever the opponent is using. In my opinion, the biggest issue with this card is that any monster it can target, it can destroy in battle, and considering that it is searchable by cards like one for one, where arf thou, and idk something probably searches for insects, it just fills that role a little too well, especially considering I doubt that was your intent with it.

Socialice: Okay, so you can just equip this from your graveyard (or hand) for free. Yeah, it has hard OPT, but considering how the archetype requires having the equip cards for various effects, this just feels like free value. More on that later.

Bed Butler: So, it is a strange form of hand-trap, that doesn't actually net any advantage, rather it simply reduces atk. Hell, if the monster is removed from the field, it destroys itself, so that discounts the idea of using it as material for ED summons. It reduces atk by a bit, and reduces the level greatly when equipped to a monster, though it lacks no effect to do that itself, instead relying on other cards to make it happen (when there are vastly better options in the deck to equip).

Tsetsnob: okay, so this card is ridiculous. Zazi mentioned it was better than swift scarecrow, but didn't elaborate on just how much better it was. This works with any attack, rather than just a direct attack, so it could be used to protect one's own monsters. Then, it can equip an eleetch to a monster on the field. Considering that its own equip effect is VERY good (negating the target's effect) this means it could just be used on its own. Negate an attack, end the battle phase, negate an effect. All for one card. Much of the archetype may be weak overall, but this card is just bonkers.

Heiressfly: this is one of the examples of some really haphazard design. This card directly works against itself. The way to summon it (aside from just normal summoning/using an outside effect) requires you to destroy one of your equip cards, but then its purpose (synchro summoning with equip cards) goes directly against this. By using its summoning effect, it makes itself weaker. It helps that you basically get a free +1 each turn from socialice, but that only hurts it from a design standpoint.

Fancflea: this is another card that works against itself. Its first effect allows you an additional normal summon, and the second allows you to equip something from hand. The issue with this is that both of these effects are pulling from the same resource. This means that if you want to equip a monster, you will be less likely to be able to utilize the additional summon, and vice versa. Furthermore, since both of these effects pull from the hand, they aren't generating any form of advantage, forcing you to already have everything you need before starting your plays. Finally, it had what I'm assuming all non-tuners to: an effect for when it is equipped. This one is so much lower impact that I can't help but wonder why it is included, beyond completeness.

Queen Victoria: okay, so here is the first boss you included. She doesn't seem to be too difficult to summon, beyond the difficulty in doing much of anything with this deck, but I immediately see an issue. She stops Heiressfly from working. Yes, summoning heiressfly is less important after performing a synchro summon, but this just feels like a blatant oversight. You included a card that requires the destruction of equips, and then your boss stops equips from being destroyed. What is it supposed to stop? MST? The atk gain effect feels clunky, if nothing else. You are pretty much guaranteed a boost of 500 to each monster, due to socialice, but that boost is gone once the equipped monster is destroyed. Boosting the entire team doesn't do much good when the boosts fade away as you clear the opposing board. Her effect when equipped is very powerful, but requires multiple copies before you are really getting much out of it.

Tycoon Jondee: okay, first off, you left out the synchro materials, so I recommend fixing that. Second off, what the god damn hell is this card. That first effect is absolutely ridiculous. You will routinely be able to draw 2-3 cards off of it, if not more. Card draw is a powerful thing, and though the archetype as a whole is horrid at generating card advantage, you shouldn't put it all onto one effect like that. Furthermore, if you had anything left, or drew into something, you can then equip it, but honestly this part doesn't even matter because the first effect is absolutely insane.

Plasmodium: What was your plan with this card? The archetype has a huge subtheme of reducing the atk of the opposing monsters, yet this single card wants them to stay high so as to increase burn damage. Furthermore, it triggers at the worst time possible, and the common effects of requiring an equip and only being allowed to have one contagion push this card from confusing to awful.

Trypanosoma: what? So, if you have an equip, you can activate this, so that at your next standby phase, you can get a raigeki? Why against are you only allowed to have one of these mediocre continuous spells at a time? This could be completely generic and still be bad.

Borrelia: completely stopping attacks with just one card is a bit silly, especially considering tsetsnob does it so well already. Silly craziest part is that it is still so easy to out that it doesn't really accomplish anything.

Gala: so, you have to destroy one of the equips (lol queen Victoria) to search for one of these monsters or... Aztekipede, I guess..? Searches at a -1 and has hard OPT, honestly this card is just awful.

As a final note, you should probably mention on the cards that levels can't go below 1, because the rules kinda get fucked once a monster is level 0.

So yeah, I know these are for a fic, but you posted them in advanced cards and asked for feedback, so there you have it.

EDIT: it seems this is now in casual multiples. If was there the whole time, my mistake

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Today, 02:27 PM

Make sure it is cropped to the borders of the image, then use the percentage options. I used to have issues with it turning out blurry, but haven't recently, so I'm not totally certain what causes the problem.

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Today, 02:18 PM

Save what? I think if you save the splice after zooming it'll still be the same size

Not zoom. Resize.