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Bujintei Tsukuyomi

19 July 2017 - 09:13 PM



i like drawing cards


fuck off tornado dragon


(real talk tornado dragon is better to end the turn with for obvious reasons, but let's be honest with ourselves, magibullet ED has 12 flex spots so there is no reason not to run this)

Shooting Stars [Magibullets without links because YGOPro is awful]

16 July 2017 - 04:18 PM




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Post and I will say something I find interesting about you

13 July 2017 - 06:13 PM

Don't worry, even if I find you wholly uninteresting I will just make something up.

Top-secret investigation leads to proxy server in pakistan

13 July 2017 - 03:08 PM

If you are reading this know that I am onto you and YOU CAN'T STOP AN ACE INVESTIGATOR

I found the ycm deep web

12 July 2017 - 02:19 AM

I'm using this color so Yui can't see it. This needs to be kept quiet. If I disappear, Sakura killed me. Don't trust the mod team.