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In Topic: Ama about mtg

2 minutes ago

Some of my cards to play in YGO are the Gemini and Spirit monsters, and Unions are pretty cool too.
Are there any MtG cards/creatures that have special mechanics, similar to abilities found in YGO?


In Topic: Opinions

Today, 05:19 PM

Would you say gravity is pulling us towards the core or is space-time squeezing us towards it?

we are just following a straight line that looks like a curve from our fixed perspective in time

It is the very tendency of mass to grow closer to mass.

In Topic: Ama about mtg

Today, 05:18 PM

Can Eldrazi be effective in today's meta? If so, how?

eldrazi aggro is one of the best legacy decks. Thought-Knot Seer is one of the best midrange creatures ever printed and eldrazi temple/eye of ugin/city of traitors/ancient tomb make it come out as early as turn 2.

Not to mention that eldrazi mimic is a fucking mistake.

In modern, I wouldn't bother. There are much more interesting aggro decks, and they are much better.

Goes without saying they aren't standard-viable.

EDH would need an out of theme general, but Jodah absolutely fits the bill. They just play as confused slivers.

Canlander makes heavy use of eldrazi, particularly in 4c aristocrats. They play well with birthing pod, too.

What formats are left..

Um, I won a BFZx6 sealed event at a GP three years ago using them, I guess.

In Topic: [Interest Check] YCM Custom Card Tournament

Today, 04:28 PM

I'm in if you'd like my help looking over cards, though I'm gonna have to count myself out for participation.

In Topic: [VJMP] God-Eyes Phantom Dragon

Today, 07:31 AM

I mean, it is a scale 0 searchable by revolution.

I don't like anything on this other than the scale and typeline, to be perfectly honest.

Effect 2 not working with pendulums is ultimate feelsbadman

needs a second D to have usability, otherwise I'd rather summon Zefraath over this

wait, do people actually summon zefraath post-MR4? Why?