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#7124268 [LVP2] D/D/D Abyss King Gilgamesh

Posted by (Mizzet) on Today, 06:51 AM

It should also be noted that this card enables D/D/D Kaiser the Conqueror, which can use the Pendulum Summon to negate the opponent's board and then pop the Pendulum Scales to attack 3 times with 2800.
That cards biggest problem thus far was the fact it was too risky an investment to set up one's Scales from one's hand, yet with this Link that problem is solved, so it might be a fun idea.
Though to be fair they might need another Link 2 or 3, given these resrictions.

black and I spoke about this at length.

The optimal scales don't allow you to pendulum summon much of anything, but literally just including Kepler gives you the ability to, and considering Kepler is already a 3-of, it's really not an issue.

As for other links... Honestly I doubt it. As much as I would like another boss to actually play ygo on turn 1, that's not what D/D are about. They are by all means a turn 2 deck, and this just increases the consistency of their pushing plays. The way you want to be playing is to push out more threats than the opponent can answer, and counting to 8000. In this respect, Girugamesh fits perfectly.

Given the mechanics of Temujin, Alexander, and to a lesser degree Caesar, it really only makes sense that this card operates precisely as it does.

All this being said, I would really enjoy seeing a link 3-4 High Girugamesh, if only to keep theme.

Though this feels unimpressive at face value, and doesn't alter the deck in any meaningful way, it makes the value plays infinitely more consistent, while also providing further power plays by making pendulum summoning truly feasible.

#7124033 [LVP2] D/D/D Abyss King Gilgamesh

Posted by (Mizzet) on Yesterday, 08:43 AM

It's worth noting that after both zones this points to have been used, you can remove it from the field with lamia to regain access to your EMZ.

#7123473 BEHOLD!

Posted by (Mizzet) on 15 October 2018 - 11:37 PM

Best monster 2018

#7123320 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by (Mizzet) on 15 October 2018 - 02:10 PM



“Why did you attack the villains?”
Akira sighed. This interview, or more accurately interrogation, had been going for nearly an hour, and yet they made no progress. “I made no attempt to assault the attackers. I stepped in to shield civilians, and was subsequently attacked. Even after that, I did not fight back. I have done nothing wrong. What's your next question?”
The officer looked unsatisfied with the answer he received. “And what of the incident with young Mr. Rosenfeld? You assisted in sending him to fight the villain Bloodstone, is this correct?”
“No. The goal was never to fight her. We all know that a head on fight would get him killed.” Akira leaned back his head, staring at the ceiling, “He is the fastest, probably faster than most of the pros there, even. Definitely faster than I was in that state. He was sent to evacuate the students who were trapped inside. Bloodstone's presence simply made that mission more urgent.”
“Fine.” The police officer shuffled through his papers, pulling up another. “Did you fight Otoma Shurui, also known as the Traitor Hero Sunspot?”
“Have you seen my leg? How much fighting do you really think I am capable of now, let alone then?” He tilted his head back down, looking the interviewer in the eye, underneath the edge of his sunglasses, “and wasn't that the guy Gin fought? I'd be amazed if he would say he got help.”
“You are correct in that young Mr. Otoma claimed he fought alone, but we are not confident in his story.” This entire case was rough on the police interviewer. He had spent all day talking to children about what was ultimately a horrific event for everyone. He couldn't imagine what they had been through, but had to make an attempt. “You were unaccounted for immediately following the action you took with Rosenfeld, and did not reappear until the evacuation was complete. Before you disappeared, you were sighted speaking to multiple other students who also went missing. Where were you?”
“I was passed out. Blood loss, head injury, doc had a long list of ways I got fucked up. Decided to take a breather.” It was a flimsy lie, but it didn't seem the police had anything else to hold against him.
“Well, whatever happened, we will get to the bottom of it. We have one final question.”
“And that is?”
“The girl, Hadley. You fought her one on one, and witnesses reported you spoke to her both then and earlier. UA is aware of her quirk, and its destructive potential, so what we must ask you now, is…” He shifted uncomfortably, savoring the last moments before he asked the only question that really mattered in the current state of affairs.
“Is Hadley a threat? Is she capable of committing the same atrocities as those other villains?”
The first day of classes breezed by. The workload was a joke, presumably because faculty thought the students deserved a break after everything they had been through. As Takeda sensei wrapped things up, Akira looked upon all the students from his seat in the back corner. Though there were only 3 empty seats between them, Gin seemed to be miles away in his own corner. He didn't want to sympathize with him, but after their battle with Gin's father, Akira found it difficult not to. But he knew he had bigger things to worry about.
Akira began reaching to his sides, before Suna's exit was interrupted by Lord D, the Number 2 Hero. He was there to scold the class, not the least of which Akira, for their actions during the invasion. Akira didn't care. Though he could acknowledge his numerous lapses of judgment across the incident, the one thing he was certain of was that it was right for him to act. Nobody could convince him otherwise, not even Lord D. The only thing he said that was of substance to Akira was that the class would be taking the exam for receiving their provisional licenses early, an important step for Akira to become the hero he wanted to be.
As the two pro heroes left the room, Suna gave a quick reminder to the class about their dorm rooms. Due to increasing hostilities, those who weren't already living on campus were being moved in. Akira sighed quietly to himself. He had been living in one of the dorm rooms since a few days before he started school at UA. He was lucky enough to have a room as far as possible from Terro's, so the noise wasn't too bad, but this many people moving into the block wouldn't take long to get on his nerves. It was probably best for him to head to his room as fast as he could, so as to try to avoid the annoyance that he knew his classmates would quickly become. But first...
Akira turned his head to the left once again, "Gin, we need to talk." With that, he reached to his sides once again, and tightly grabbed the handles on either side of his seat. Pushing them back carefully, he rolled back away from his desk. Apparently, the injury to his leg was great enough that he wasn't allowed to walk. The nurse put him in a wheelchair in the time being. Akira wasn't used to feeling so constrained, but he only had to deal with it for another day or so. As long as he took it easy, the damage would be 'Nyan-permanent'. Without saying anything else, he rolled out of the classroom, opting to open the door with his quirk so that he could pass through without trouble.
He waited a few feet away from the door, tapping his finger on the wheelchair's armrest impatiently.
"Tomoaki, you spoke to her at length during the assault, we need to know what she is capable of." The words stirred Akira out of his almost trance-like state. He hadn't been able to get a good read on Hadley, or what her intentions were. All he was able to see in her was fear.
"No, sir. She is just as much a victim in all this as..." Akira paused, taking a shaky breath before continuing, "she is just as much a victim of these villains' actions as anyone."

#7123309 [DP21] Train Support

Posted by (Mizzet) on 15 October 2018 - 01:03 PM

Similarly to how the previous two xyz trains were named after models of the Schwerer Gustav supergun by Krupp, I'm reasonably certain that Libe is based on Landkreuzer P. 1500 Monster. Rather than just being a big gun, Monster was a platform for multiple weapons, matching the art on this card. It was only conceptualized, but if built it would have dwarfed its older brother and sister, matching the overwhelming atk of this monster.

Or it's just a fictional train covered in guns, idfk what "Libe" is supposed to mean.

#7123258 [DP21] Frozen Roar

Posted by (Mizzet) on 15 October 2018 - 06:49 AM

So, it searches lonefire/predaplants, but requires you to field a non plant first. Honestly, the game has so many thrasher variants at this point that this feels pretty workable to make predaplant engine a bit more consistent.

Not great, but workable.

#7123256 Breaking News: Sears Finally Declares Bankruptcy

Posted by (Mizzet) on 15 October 2018 - 06:25 AM

I mean, they have been in limbo for a decade, so the "finally" in the OP's title is truly the most telling thing about the entire situation.

It was nearly two years ago that I went to a Sears to find a replacement band saw blade (their Craftsman products use nonstandard measurements because of course they do). It was staffed by literally 3 teenagers who had no idea what was in there. Two of them were literally eating McDonald's, lounging in a furniture display, while the third played mobile games at the register. The only other souls in the store were seniors escaping the heat. And this was years ago.

So yeah, not really a surprise. They adapted incredibly poorly to the changes in retail over the last 2 decades, despite previously being the front-runner on innovation (their early adoption of mail-order by all means paved the way for future companies like Amazon, which ultimately put Sears out of business when the latter took far too long to shift toward the now internet-centric economy).

As much as I love market diversity, I feel very little pity for companies like Sears, K-Mart, or Toys 'R' Us, which refuse to shift with the market into something viable in the new age, instead blaming "the millennials" or similar buzzwords.
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#7123094 The Time Has Come...

Posted by (Mizzet) on 14 October 2018 - 12:50 AM

I miss when it was called SSJGSSJ
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#7122666 [SAST] Guardragon

Posted by (Mizzet) on 11 October 2018 - 01:14 PM

If for whatever reason you don't want to just summon a huge negation boss/GEDMD, this is probably the closest King Dragun is going to get to being good.

#7122441 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by (Mizzet) on 10 October 2018 - 07:44 AM



Akira looked on across the ruined neighborhood, working his hardest to even catch his breath. Hard Light: Holdout had exceeded his expectations, and with the set-up Terro and the snake kid afforded him, it managed to almost completely disable the enemy, for Gin himself to finish off. By all means, it was a success, but Akira couldn't manage to revel in the victory. He found his heart still pulled back to the arena, to the people left behind.

Hadley… The girl so afraid of herself that she had teamed up with villains, people so horrible even she could acknowledge their derangement. No matter what was going on inside those metal gauntlets, Akira could feel just how powerless she thought herself. And yet, even when she was within his arms’ reach, he had failed to save her. He was too afraid of what his quirk could do, and let himself lose as a result. It seemed that the girl wasn't the only one terrified of just how much destruction she could wreak.

Asuka, Mike… vibrating girl… He felt personally responsible for the danger they were in. He had sent Asuka away from the action to protect her, but that only allowed her to be isolated and caught by her mother, a ruthless villain. He didn't think that Bloodstone would kill her own daughter, but he could never be sure about someone so twisted. And Asuka wasn't alone, either, the other girl had gone with her, and Akira doubted Bloodstone harbored much sentiment toward her daughter’s classmates. But the fear of the results of his actions caused him to put yet another person in danger, as he had literally fired Mike out of a cannon so that he could intervene. What was I thinking? He was already severely weakened, sending him there was a death sentence.

Suna, all those other pros, even the class cripple and the other students still fighting… The villains attacked with overwhelming force, and even if Omega Star managed to arrive on-scene, the odds seemed stacked pretty heavily against the alliance of heroes. Even though he had helped to take down a villain, he knew there were plenty more back at the school, and those fighting against them hardly stood a chance. But Akira knew he could do even less than the average UA student by this point, so… What would even be the point of trying to help? This sense of powerlessness was something Akira was completely unaccustomed to, and he couldn't stand it. Was he to stand by, far from the action, and allow all those horrible things to happen, or force himself into the fray even when he knew he had so little to contribute, possibly endangering even more lives than if he had stayed away?

Akira remained silent as the group discussed their future actions, unsure if his input would just throw a wrench in the works. He wanted to go back to the school, to find a way to fight back more, fight back harder, but knew he was well past the limit of his ability. "We don't… I don't what to do. We need to regroup with our class. Gin and I, even Terro, can't do much else but receive medical care,” he paused, wrestling with his thoughts, afraid of putting anyone further into danger with his carelessness, "so we stay together. Acting on our own hasn't helped us yet, so it's about time we change tactics.”

#7122432 Two Students Hooked Up. It Was Clearly Consensual. He Still Spent $12,00...

Posted by (Mizzet) on 10 October 2018 - 05:56 AM

A case being public does not ensure the verdict will be just, and no amount of vitriol slung at the supposed guilty party will fix things. Consider Brock Turner as a far extreme away from this.

Telling everyone who is accused of rape and who is accused, while by all means being a well-selling story, does nothing to assist the system. As much as people would like to claim that public knowledge prevents mistakes from being made, they are far more likely to latch onto things they really know nothing about. Justice, as well as sensitive information relating to it, should not be held by the public.

A big part of the mentality of "the people deserve to know" is constructed by mass media to allow them to push any story they want, and yet so many people get caught so far up in their emotion that they cannot grasp the fact that they really don't know how these matters should and do proceed.

#7122282 Pre-halloween AMA

Posted by (Mizzet) on 09 October 2018 - 12:03 PM

Since I didn't quite get an answer in the last two AMAs I asked this in:
Would you consider (non-FTK) Mayakashi a banish deck in any capacity, and if so, to what extent?

I don't believe in deck classifications in Yu-Gi-Oh

How well do you think the 5 colors of MtG cover the basis of what makes a person? And what is it missing?

I genuinely believe there isn't a big gap, but Black's pragmatism is often underplayed.

The biggest flaw in using them to describe people is the lack of acknowledgement that any half-decent character, may they be real or fictional, is all five colors. The trick is figuring out not where they lie, but where they lean.

#7121916 Member Services Request Thread

Posted by (Mizzet) on 06 October 2018 - 04:22 PM

make my member group red and blue idgaf what shades just take my points
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#7121907 Pre-halloween AMA

Posted by (Mizzet) on 06 October 2018 - 02:24 PM

I'm wanting to cosplay as Orgoth the Relentless. For the blue skin I was thinking of just wearing a blue shirt and trousers. What do you think I should make the armour out of?


You're going to want a headless zentai, much more form-fitting.

As for the armor, I'd personally make it out of fiberglass, but that is out of reach for most people so I'm going to recommend EVA foam, sealed with plasti-dip spray and painted with a metallic purple rattlecan (alternatively a chrome finish with translucent purple layered on top). There are tons of tutorials for such armor, from YouTube to the replica prop forum. Though I doubt you'll find something for this specific build, there are plenty of proofs of concept that could be adapted, something similar to Reinhardt's Valkyrie Armor would probably be really instructive.

#7121753 [SAST] Sunburn the Flaming Calamity

Posted by (Mizzet) on 05 October 2018 - 11:15 AM

Even if this could trigger on self-destruction, it still wouldn't be great.

As is, it's terrible.