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#7131339 Opinions

Posted by (Mizzet) on Yesterday, 07:35 AM

I'll leave some questions to answer:
Favourite color to wear and why?
What do you think of the decreasing amount of trees on the planet?
Also Niv is just one letter off HIV and that's pretty homosexual so why choose them as a profile?

not an ama but whatever.
Grey. I have grey eyes.
It sucks.
Niv Mizzet is too busy doing science to have any real sexual inclination.

Opinion on American football? Any teams you like? Dislike?
Any other sports you're fond of?

no strong feelings on it tbh, but I live in WA so I'm basically surrounded by Seahawks propaganda. A bit annoying, but nbd.

I have a lot of interest in old boxing, like late 20th century, but I don't keep up with it these days. I highly recommend watching some of Tyson's fights, dude's a fucking animal.

I keep up with MLB, supporting various terrible teams such as the Red Sox and Mariners. Cubs' win was a pretty big deal to me.

I also watch the fencing in the Olympics, because I did it when I was young and honestly find it fascinating. Iirc fencing is one of the most popular for viewership, because you don't need to know anything to get entertainment out of it. Like figure skating with metal sticks.

#7131300 Pornhub sets the example

Posted by (Mizzet) on 09 December 2018 - 11:11 PM

That last point had me laughing hysterically

#7131205 ask me deep philosophical questions

Posted by (Mizzet) on 09 December 2018 - 07:23 AM

u gay?
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#7131054 Ama about mtg

Posted by (Mizzet) on 07 December 2018 - 11:34 PM

Best deck in MTG Arena?

skyfang brigade

Realtalk idk what the card pool is, so just build mill

#7131008 (Serious Tag) Report your local internet E-Girls to the IRS today

Posted by (Mizzet) on 07 December 2018 - 04:30 PM


theoretically, all income of currency and goods (even gifts over a certain value) is to be taxed. It may not be automatically pulled from a paycheck, like most conventional careers, but it should still be reported when taxes are filed.

That being said, I see no concrete evidence that these costs are not being reported. Hell, how do we know that the man posting these videos is reporting his YouTube revenue? Should we report him to the IRS while we're at it?

Harmful speculation at best, slut shaming at worst.
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#7130886 Opinions

Posted by (Mizzet) on 06 December 2018 - 12:25 PM

RS3 vs OSRS?

both provide an opportunity to grind like there is no tomorrow, which through greatly delayed payoff brings satisfaction. Neither are something I'm interested in.

Oh, right. Opinion on Ninja Sex Party (And Danny in general)?


gimme a krowpinion

you have to bow down before winter, since firewall bring banned proves he's right about everything all the time, your format is trash and so are you

#7130860 we have reached the singularity

Posted by (Mizzet) on 06 December 2018 - 12:12 AM

a new challenger approaches

#7130849 Opinions

Posted by (Mizzet) on 05 December 2018 - 09:35 PM

on me

you gucci.

Obviously I wanted your opinion on dark matter, like, did I really need to specify?

careful, you might get me talking science. I'll keep this one simple.

Dark Matter is honestly a really fascinating concept to me. Since the effects of gravity have been observed to be far greater than other methods of observation would indicate, it implies that there is massive amounts of mass (like 80% of the universe) that is functionally invisible because otherwise we would detect it through EM radiation and be like "oh, no, it's right there".

So basically, either there is a ton of shit that we can't see, or the most widely accepted model of the universe is essentially wrong. I'm gonna lean toward the former.

Right back atchu, my guy. Speaking of...


Opinions on this bad boi?

this will always be the best removal spell ever printed. If it's not, then removal will have simply become too good, and I don't see that happening any time soon.

Oh, I got one.

Favorite scene from Gurren Lagann and why.


The scene when rossiu attempts suicide is my favorite moment in Simon's character arc, as it shows (very directly) how he has evolved from the child unsure of his own path, to the man who would lead the entire universe out of oppression.

Also it was the first time he drilled through space time so that was neat.

+1 for subverting my expectations. Well played.
Thoughts on 43-45?

objectively worse than the number that precedes them

#7130839 Opinions

Posted by (Mizzet) on 05 December 2018 - 08:45 PM

Hello darkness, my old friend. Whatchu got on me?

you're pretty fantastic tbh. I have no clue why we don't talk often, we have plenty to talk about.

#7130836 Opinions

Posted by (Mizzet) on 05 December 2018 - 08:29 PM



I can't imagine you won't skip me and Yui given WE SHOULD ALREADY KNOW
But still posting anyway

on what

Portland vs Seattle. Choose your opinions wisely...

I think it's annoying when people brag about the city they great in/around, when they had absolutely no say in said location. It's like bragging about one's eye color, or whether or not they know how to operate a gasoline pump.

#7130677 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by (Mizzet) on 04 December 2018 - 07:48 AM




Akira sat in his wheelchair, staring up at a large concrete wall that had largely been bleached white by the heat of the blast that had swept through the area. Apparently, in explosions like this, the silhouettes of victims could be seen as areas that had not been burned as badly, but here… Here, the heat wave had been so powerful that it simply vaporized those in its path. This concrete wall only had one silhouette on it, all the lives lost simply forgotten by the landscape.

He looked down at the chair in which he sat, a constant reminder of his failure at Starkiller. Thanks to Nurse Neko's quirk, he had already recovered to the point of being able to stand, and physical therapy already had him walking fairly well, but he was urged to stay seated for the rest of the time, so as not to overexert himself. A sharp exhale through his nose marked his amusement. Does she really think she could keep me down? He had too much to do to rest now. He had spent all week developing his quirk, tightening his responses so they could work better in combat. If nothing else, his loss to Mike in the tournament was incredibly educational to him. By honing his mind, he would be able to adapt more quickly to different combat situations. With proper training, a quirk like his could make him into a one-man army.

Reaching down to the handles on the wheels, Akira turned himself away from the wall, rolling himself further toward the center of the destruction. He had figured it would be the easiest spot to explain to Gin. Akira made sure to avoid rubble as he moved through the ruined district. Considering the fact that each overturned sidewalk could have what was left of a person under it was truly all he could stomach. Despite how difficult it was to accept, the heroes suffered an absolute loss here. Even with heroes as powerful as Lord D. and Omega Star, nobody was near strong enough to enact lasting change. They needed someone to step, to say everything was okay, because they were there.

But no such symbol existed.

It wasn't long before he reached his opponent, who was waiting for him at ground zero. "So...why this place?" Gin asked. "It mean somethin' to you?" Akira watched as Gin brought both hands together into his signature gun position "You don't have to tell me now." He said, with a rather arrogant tone. "You can tell me once I pick you off of the pavement."

Akira's response was humorless, his sarcasm left at the edge of the field of destruction, “Sure. If you beat me, I'll explain.” It was almost as if the air itself surrounding Akira was glowing, as microscopic particles of hard light propagated across the area. “Seeing your father gave me a pretty good insight into how your quirk works. You absorb EM radiation to power your own abilities.” A pair of giant gears, each about two meters in diameter, appeared on either side of Akira, slowly turning as their teeth meshed together above his head, “my constructs give off a considerable amount of visible light, and probably even more in the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums. Even though I don't have any kind of “mana bar” to draw off of for my quirk, using it actively fuels your own.” Akira looked Gin directly in the eyes, his pupils clearly visible through the shaded lenses by the light they gave off. “It's important we acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses. Otherwise we just develop the wrong areas.”

“All this being said, it benefits me best to win this fight quickly, before you gain too much from my own quirk usage.” As he finished his sentence, the pair of gears separated from each other and hurtled toward Gin, their high speed of rotation creating a chopping sound like that of a helicopter. It was far from a killshot, as they were both aimed toward his center of mass, to test his reaction.

#7130301 Food(s) and/or drink(s) you don't like that most people like

Posted by (Mizzet) on 30 November 2018 - 02:27 PM

I hate coconut.

Not the taste, the consistency.

#7130166 Hopes for the New Banlist [Nov 2018] [Also finished btw]

Posted by (Mizzet) on 29 November 2018 - 10:22 AM

Armaknight was a good call-out. It has aged ridiculously well, and is one of, if not the, best combo starters in the game right now.

Aside from things that form loops, I honestly am against hitting the bridging monsters like needlefiber (which isn't even a tcg card) and Isolde, as removing these plays just cuts out functionality of a lot of decks.

I don't want to see decks be less good, I want to see decks be more fair.

Isolde may be incredibly strong (potentially too strong with upcoming samurai link, but I'm not going to get into that right now) but I don't believe that it itself harms gameplay in the same manner that gumblar does.

Also I've been against banning things on principle for years, and honestly principle is the only reason to ban Isolde at this exact time. You might notice that there seems to be a contradiction in my reasoning, in that I want armaknight banned, while defending needlefiber, Isolde, and firewall on multiple occasions in the past. This is due to the fact that armaknight resides in the main deck. This creates a significant difference between it and the others. If you deck is properly constructed, you should theoretically always have access to needlefiber, Isolde, and firewall, whereas armaknight requires considerably higher amounts of RNG. Even if your deck doesn't need armaknight to function, the difference in quality of a hand containing it and a hand not containing it is far greater than I am comfortable with.

#7130097 Liking Statuses

Posted by (Mizzet) on 28 November 2018 - 07:26 PM

Whether it is possible or not, I honestly feel it would cause even more contention over reps.

Some members have reps that others believe they don't deserve.

Others disagree on which reps are deserved.

This just adds another factor to the equation.

#7129978 Sakura's opinions

Posted by (Mizzet) on 27 November 2018 - 02:29 PM

In your opinion, what would be the best steps to fix these issues you speak of?