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In Topic: [SEMI-SERIOUS] Required information for undisclosed reasons

Today, 09:13 AM

Video Game:
Movie: Peter Parker/Spider-Man from MCU
Anime:Toogata Mirio from BNHA (I know he's only in the manga so far, fuck you I don't care)
TV Show:

I'll fill out the rest after work.

In Topic: Don't give your opinions on me

Today, 06:35 AM

Let me ask you again for the final confirmation.
Do you, SasoriNara/Atomic Scrap Dragon/Flufflepuff/Giga Drill Breaker/Jakuzure Nonon/Giga Hina/Giga Something Something/Sakurako Ohmuro/Kinuhata Saiai/Giga/The Spiral Nemesis/~Accelerator~/「R—as」/Gigaplant/Kinuhata Saiai/Sogiita Gunha/Tsuchimikado Motoharu/Mσonlight/Gσddëss/Snake Jesus/Giga()/Metal Bat/Yui 4.0/The Gigrog Monster//(Bill Cipher)/(∅)/(™) /(Nuttyatta)/(Rocchi)/(Magikarp)/(∅)/(Zetta)/ (Nano)/(Recyclops)/(៚)/(Φ)/(: 76)/(‡)/(2op)/(M̄)/(C-4)(Cirno-4)/(C-4)/()/(◊)/(爆)/(temmie), solemnly, sincerely and truly swear on your life and your cosplay clothing that you're telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
Are you 100% sure you don't want any opinions on you in this topic from any Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker Forum registered user, including members who are in Ace Investigator, Administrators, Advanced Members, Advocate, AGM Founder, Aurora, Back Alley Alliance, Bad Luck Charm, Banned, BEARS, Bird, Casino Dealer, CC Contest Prize 1, CC Contest Prize 2, CC Judge, CHAZZ IT UP, Crime Fighter, Daddy's Kids,Damage Control, DANGANRONPA, Debater, Deleted, Demon Hunter, Do Not Delete, Dova, Easter Egg Hunter, Elite Members, Endless Nine, Entry Number 17, Eternal Memory, Face-Down Untapped Position, Gawd, Giver of Puppies, Goddess, Golden Witch, Hallohallo, Head Moderator, Hero, Highlight Me!, Inactive AF, Innocencia, Jack of All Trades, Japanese Imperial Demon Army, Junior Moderators, King of Miscellaneous, Leaderboard Chairman, Leaderboard Champion, Legendary Members, Lost Logia, Lovely Members, Madolche, märchen romantik, Members, Moderator Emeritus, Moderators, Monokubs, Night's Kids, Night's Watch, Omnic, Otherworld, Otherworldly, Performa✩Star, Permabanned, Phantom Thieves, POTUS, Presidential Candidate of YCM, Pretentious Prick, Professional, Quiastias, Reindeer, Rep Spammer, Resident Trap, Retired Monster, Royal Despair, S.S. Showdown, Sage's Bond, Sapphire Guard, Senior Members, Signature Abuser, Snowman, Soothing Star~, Springtime Hero, Super Moderators, Survivor, Taylor Swift Fan, Tech Support, Tester, The 1%, The Four Horsemen, The Last NetMonster, The Nutcracker Witch, Time Out, Top Hat Regulator, Ultimate Luck, Validating, VIP, Water Blue, whom'st'd've'ed, Wise Wolf, Witch of Theatergoing, Xyz, Yatagarasu and ZPD member groups?
Are? You? Sure? You? Do? Not? Want? Any? Opinions? From? Anyone?

now I'm second guessing myself

In Topic: Don't give your opinions on me

Yesterday, 09:20 PM

can i give my opinions inside you instead

I'll have you know I'm in a committed, loving relationship.

In Topic: Don't give your opinions on me

Yesterday, 06:58 PM

*insert opinion about blue cheese here*

thank you for properly observing the purpose of this thread.

In Topic: Don't give your opinions on me

Yesterday, 06:41 PM

the second was directed at monokid.

on the bright side, you have disproven the notion that anyone can be cool if they just make fun of striker