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In Topic: AMAEO: The Road to 1000 Questions

Yesterday, 06:21 PM

If you were to take anything from the program and use it to aid you in a zombie apocalypse what would it be?  

In Topic: AMAEO: The Road to 1000 Questions

Yesterday, 04:29 PM

hahaha i can imagine you just quietly singing mockingbird or something!


what was the last thing you watched on tv? 



In Topic: AMAEO: The Road to 1000 Questions

Yesterday, 04:09 PM

Why have you become nothing? 



In Topic: Ringhost Archetype (9/?)

Yesterday, 03:27 PM


Ringhost is an Archetype of Zombie/EARTH Union/Spirit monsters with various Levels. They focus on returning themselves from the field to the hand and equipping mechanics. As they are both Spirit and Union monsters, they play into this combination of mechanics, so they can still be Special Summoned by their own effect. Each of them has the same effects, a normal Union effect and protection, as well as the End Phase return to the hand of Spirit monsters, then an effect that allows you to equip them when they return during the End Phase, and some unique effect to them.

Imediately like the sound of this seems creative AF; Kind of reminds me like a glad beast special summon engine except with equipping and from the hand! 


Okay, so lets get started! 

Base Effect Review: So from what I can gather from reading the basic archetype effect is that instead of returning it straight to the hand you can either equip it (then Special summon it next turn if you dont combo it off with monster/ spell trap effects) or return it to the hand to further utilise the archetype, drawing cards and adding what you need to your hand (correct me if I am wrong!) Really like this idea, especially as you will still get a normal summon ontop of a special summon  if you are able to keep an equipped monster on the field (that I think might be a slight issue; will explain more as we go through) this will allow multiple link/ synchro/ xyz capabilities which would be really cool. Another thing to note is they fit the zombie type in a different way but I am sure you can still utilise most zombie support with the archetype which would be really cool to see!



Ringhost Apparition: Okay so the draw discard effect is nice, gets un wanted cards into your grave and allows you to hopefully draw more into what you need! the fact that you have kept the cost the same means you cannot abuse this cards effect too much unless you had something that returned to your hand when it would be discarded (could be a cool combo to look into!) The fact you can activate this effect probably twice a turn with the support from Ringhost Zombie! Because of this I really like the fact you have kept its level and ATK DEF stat as low as possible to stop it being used as anything other than link support or to draw cards.


Ringhost Spirit: you forgot to put add in the cards secondary effect!!! Balanced again; Its obvious you have thought about if from a playing perspective. This card allows you to set up your big combo (probably to get the field spell or reaper into hand.) the restriction stops you grabbing anything else unless you are popping apparitions effect which keeps it nicely balanced. 


Ringhost Zombie: The catalyst, I assume designed to help cycle apparition plays? (pops the draw, goes into this card then activates Ringhost Marital Unity to equip apparition and special summon it to get another draw off?) Not that great of a card on its own however the nice chunks 2000 def stat aids it but with future link support I assume coming from this archetype it will be very useful into creating key combos to get mass special summons off!


Ringhost Reborn: I like this card although I would change its effect to a (Quick Effect:) to activate it in your opponents turn. Again waiting for the link support to really make an opinion on this card! it does set up the board quite nicely being able to be special summoned from either hand or gy!


Ringhost Reaper: da boss monster at the moment! Really like its effect; destroy and discard can be painful for anyone. ATK and DEF kept low I assume because of the field spell! only thing I am worried about this card is having its effect negated because without it it doesn't really have that presence unless the field spell has multiple counters stacked!


Ringhost Chapel of Eternity: I am all for field spells that REALLY support an archetype and this is definitely one of them! allows you to return equips to the hand to pull off a normal summon to recycle their effects, gives you a 500 atk point boost each time and has the ability to keep the cards on the field. If you can find a way to stack counters very quickly could definately hav otk potential (although I can tell that is not the route you are going down by reapers effect!)


Ringhost Marital Unity: the glue to the archetype, allows you to get off multiple effects and protects your cards! Also Searchable with spirit which is very nice. the limit to once per turn is needed! I would also add their can only be one ringhost marital unit; one because i think this card would be absoloutely abused if you had 2 face up. 2) its on about maritial unity, you are only intended to get married once so that would match the theme of the card :) 


Ringhost Wedding Deathbed: nice basic but does the job. This card would be mostly used for turn one set ups and to get combos popping as you can search any card from the deck (possibly spirit then SS into a draw?) 


Ringhost Bond of Attachment: so this card provides a monster with one turn immunity until it gets returned to the hand? you can then keep cycling this to keep the boss monster on the field? although you wont be able to use it the turn straight after as you wouldnt be able to set it until mp1 of your next turn! final effect is nice as this card will definitely be a target as it will be basically a wall until your opponent final destroys it then you can add spirit to your hand and recycle the combo!


If I have got this review completely wrong I apologise; Its quite a complex archetype to understand unless you practise with it a bit first! Other than that really like this sets creativity and it is obvious alot of effort went into creating it!



In Topic: YU-GI-OH Duel Links Discussion Page!

Yesterday, 12:40 PM

Dragunity were definitely the biggest selling point for me when I saw the card list for the new box! reached dl16 with them and thats without double cyclone and parallel twister! 


How is everyone's climb for rewards going?