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In Topic: Food(s) and/or drink(s) you don't like that most people like

30 November 2018 - 04:09 AM

halloumi; tastes absolutely tasteless for cheese and I dont see what the hype is? 


And turkey has no flavor and is only slightly less dry than the goddamn Sahara Desert. How do people eat that stuff every year?

this a million times over usually have goose for christmas dinner for this exact reason 



In Topic: Childhood fears

29 November 2018 - 03:33 AM



But not being on top of them, looking up at them.

I went to Westminster Abbey once, but the ceilings are so tall that I nearly passed out.

I am the complete opposite I hate looking down... had to do high ropes for part of my job and had a full blown panic attack half way up in the air hahahaha



In Topic: Uh What?

29 November 2018 - 03:25 AM

should never have been put to a vote in the first place but then again I am a solid remain as the area my folks live in receives EU funding as it is the poorest county in England.


Remain, remain no deal. 



In Topic: Yui's AMA Thread

29 November 2018 - 03:18 AM

are you aware there is a second season (although not as good as the first) of: Yahari one no seishun love comedy wa machigatteiru?


Also how much of a bribe would it take for you to watch toradora? (seen it twice  and definately up their as one of my favourites?) 



In Topic: Legacy Link Support, part 2

28 November 2018 - 04:47 AM

Herald of Radiant Light: 

Nice first effect, gives you a chance to fuel your cost for its second effect, get whatever fairy type monster you need in the gy and remain at +1. Fits in with the herald archtype, stats and effect included and also quite handy link 1 support for fairy as a whole! 


Eternity Shield    

Concept is nice but in my opinion far to powerful for a link 1. You have to think to yourself would i be able to set a level 4 or lower monster with 3000 ATK? ontop of this you can put any warrior type monster in the gy for free (I am thinking doppel warrior in a synchro swarm deck; have protection first turn with this cards massive defence and effect and then swarm next turn with link and synchro monsters.) If you are wanting to fix this I would halve the ATK straight up as the effect of this gives full protection for any monster below it. 


Guardian Faust:

This card is really nice and focuses on quite an old school, niche arcetype! nice that you gain a +1 in hand and field; which if you were planning on making the archetype competitive you would need to give it something to give it an edge! The additional effect is nice, making really out dated equip spell cards a tiny bit more playable!


Evil HERO Lilith:

This card is also really nice (as I have loved the evil hero archetype since it debuted back in the GX days!) I think the first effect you have given is enough as it isnt a once time effect and something you can use repeatedly if you manage to keep the monster on the field! granted the material cant be used as link material but level 6 is a nice level to combine with a multiple of really competitive level 1/2 tuners to get staple synchro monsters out on the field (after activating evil hero's destructive effects) If you were wanting to keep the secondary effect I would maybe change it you can only activate one of these effects once per turn?


Predaplant Poison Poppy:

seems alright to me! it will definitely do well against high level decks and reminds me of a better version of rali the star bird! I am not that familiar with the archetype so I cant properly review this card as the additional predator counter effect might be a bit too much (but I wouldnt know!) 


Genex Comptroller:

this one is really nice! I like how you have kept the archetype theme centred around genex controller to gain additional effects. the main effect is very nice, means you can make full use of the arcetypes high level monsters and their effects alot more easily! 


Genex Signal Booster:

Again really like this card! the synchro summoning from the gy right after its summon might be a little strong though as you can effectively link summon this with synchro material monsters that you want to pop this cards effect with (although this cards effect could obviously be negated) The add on effects are nice but I already think the primary effect is too strong so I dont think it really needs any additional (although they are really creative and really match the archetypes goal!)


Overlord Kristya: 

I would say this card was OP, purely because there is no additional text regarding the prevention of link summoning (so your effectively saying once this card is link summoned your opponent cant at all) I would change that to while this card is face up on the field. its first effect is nice if you manage to pull it off but although the middle effect is broken atm once fixed I think the last effect is a little to weak for a link 4 monster... maybe make it so you can draw 2 cards upon destruction?



I Have only reviewed the archetypes that I feel confident enough to talk about (due to my absence from the game during most of the zexal and all of the arc v period!) I like the ideas of multiple archetype support and overall with a bit of tweaking these cards will slip straight into the archetypes you have assosiated them with!