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#7128307 Advanced Multiples Review Thread

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 14 November 2018 - 04:50 AM

@Major'S SHADOW: Reviewed mate :) 

#7128179 Qóut, Juggernaut Slasher

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 13 November 2018 - 09:36 AM

I really like this! (although whats its atk? If it is on the hyperlink I apologise as I cant see it through my internet provider) I like that it can be used in any deck (I.E not tied down to a monster type) the 1000 atk boost is always nice and adds to the potential otk potential which is in the current generation of yugioh!


Over all solid card!



#7128175 [Written] Pot of Dirt

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 13 November 2018 - 09:18 AM

Like it; good for fueling the gy with plant monsters and also getting 2 cards out of it! could be slightly over powered if you were to run it with sylvan as they can control whats ontop of your deck (send kumushroomo to the gy, destory a set card and then draw 2 could be quite strong) 


Like the concept though and the once per turn does at least balence it slightly!



#7128169 [Written] Prime Hunter Archetype [10 + 7 Cards]

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 13 November 2018 - 08:25 AM

Hey there :) 


Okay lets get started!!!


Lee, a Prime Hunter: Okay I like the concept of changing card type! that will really effect monster types like plants/ zombies and also puts them at a disadvantage with the cards secondary effect! (can chew down any monster under 3500 ATK, which for a level 4 with 2000 atk could be a bit to strong!) Final effect is really nice! it means if it was targeted you can get rid and add a resource, when it could be just destroyed anyway!


Martini, a Prime Hunter: Okkayyy so the first 2 effects are the running archetype effect! I like it! Effect of this one is nice; getting the special summon off! surely it would be when this card declares and attack special summon a monster before the damage step? unless you intend for the attack to have to go through first?? 


Snider, a Prime Hunter: Love this effect! really shuts down an opponents means of countering the stat loss as a prey monster! Good that it is once per turn but I also liek that it is either players turn so it remains a protective force on the field!


Enfield, a Prime Hunter: I assume this card is used to get as many of your opponents monsters to prey type as possible? Again like the escape factor I am seeing so far with this archetype...really does feel like a hunter hunting its prey! trap them in with the type change protect your cards with return to the hand, negate their effects etc. 


Henry, a Prime Hunter: 'Or for a summon' Is this designed to potentially stack synchro summons on more archetype support? Like the fact you can use your opponents monster adding to the lock control you have!  Iwould lower this cards atk (personally) as it is quite strong in this arcetype as a level 3 tuner ( I would make it 1200) 


Metford, a Prime Hunter: I would personally change its effect to battling all prey type monsters, but have a summoning effect of turning all of your opponents face up monsters to prey type monsters. Nice little resource recycle as the secondary effect their as well! 


Bountiful Game: really dont get the draw back of this card at all... Why would you summon a token that isnt prey type to your opponents field that has better atk and def stats than all of your monsters. I ge t that you could potentially make it prey type but all of that just for summoning a level 4? I could ties of bretheren into this archetype for the cost of 2000 life points and have 2 more monsters! 


Luring Game: really like this card, this archetype lacks swarm atm so that card fits nicely!


Easy Game: again really fits in with the lock however I wdo think this could be slightly over powered. you have an effect locker and a spell and trap locker; although  there is no real search method for this card in the archetype so could be allright!


Endless Game: would change that first effect to cannot be destoryed by battle. the 500atk reduction isnt needed due to the core of the monsters having relatively high attack! I would add an effect like this: When a Face-up 'Prime HUnter' inflicts BAttle Damage to your opponent: return 1 'Prime Hunter' monster from your GY to your hand. This focuses on keeping hand resources as there isnt that much of a GY / BAnish Swarm aspect to this archetype!


over all I really like it! I would like to see a link monster htat links to your opponents 'Prey' and is really disruptive!


Good set keep it up :) 



#7128158 howdy partners

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 13 November 2018 - 02:58 AM

welcome bruva!


If you need anything round these ends drop me a PM and I will more than happily help in any way I can!


Hope you enjoy your time here!!!!



#7128037 [Written] Bamzuki

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 12 November 2018 - 06:41 AM

Not the early 2000 throw back you were expecting (for anyone bought up on CBBC you know you know!) 









Main Effect


Hope you guys like it/ think it would be a suitable staple. 



#7127607 [written] Morphtronic Power Drill

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 08 November 2018 - 03:45 PM

Hello All! 


Morphtronic was always one of my favourite Archetypes to run as a kid and its addition to Duel links has sparked an interest in them for me again! This card is designed to work as a more fact paced way of summoning power tool dragon (in a morphtronic set up deck; hence summoning conditions for balance of the effect.) I have also made it centred around using equip spell cards to maximise the use of playing a more traditional morphtronic deck.


Name: Morphtronic Power Drill: Not gonna state the obvious but I thought this was needed as it is a direct support to power tool as oposed to monophonic like most of the special summon effects in the archetype.



Morphtronic Power Drill
Please feel free to somment and critique, critisim is the best way of improvement.

[spoiler='Ghostrick Zomb-On

#7127599 High Stakes Gambler Archetype ( Coin-Flip Based )

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 08 November 2018 - 01:02 PM

Love the concept its definitely really creative! 


High Stakes Gambler - Newcomer: balanced effect for now (but it all depends on the upcoming boss monster for the set!) For now he works really well! 


High Stakes Gambler - Rookie Better: my favourite of the set so far, and the one i think you desperately need that heads for! the addition to it not being able to be targetted by card effects is massive! also cycling out greed of the gambler to fuel your field spell is always welcomed (I think looking at it so far that will be the way the archetype is most competitive!)


The Grand Gamblers Casino: A couple of things with this one, only opinion preference nothing negative at all:). I would change the +200Atk to +200 ATK for every heads coin flip (you obviously know its gonna land on heads due to the field spell it just gives in more beef! I would also change the second effect to if you pull off a heads flip, special summon upto 2 monsters! that way your opponent could negate an effect and not have to worry about 2 monsters coming in; both with guaranteed heads flips leading to more special summons and spell / trap activation. I would also think about them having their effects negated but I assume they will be used as fodder for an xyz / link monster?? 


Edit: forgot to review: Greed of the Gambler: nice and balenced card by its once per turn effect and the fact you have to have a face up gambler monster!



Really good so far love the creativity!



#7127483 OP god cards

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 07 November 2018 - 04:27 PM

Yo! Good to see a new face around here!


This section is for cards you yourself have created :) you can read the rules of this section here!: https://forum.yugioh...pdated-6142018/


Other than that welcome and enjoy your stay 



#7127279 [Written] Mokai Mokai

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 06 November 2018 - 05:59 PM

So here is something different... I will always remember that episode of yugioh GX when I saw a level 1 fairy type monster with 3000 ATK as if it was nothing; So its safe to say I have always had a soft spot for mokey mokey. Is the archetype playable in this day an age (or ever); probably not but it was always a fun deck to pull on people and surprise them. From this I thought I would try something different with the mokey mokey theme; making this card playable without having mokey mokey smack down on the field. So here is the beauty itself, rumoured to be Ultra Rare in this next coming booster... Mokai Mokai!


Mokai Mokai


If my OCG is slightly off feel free to critique! I am slowly learning the new format as opposed to OCG ten years ago!


Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!



#7127239 Random Support ( For Archetypes )

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 06 November 2018 - 01:50 PM

****Prepares for ultimate review post*****

I am only going to cover the archetypes I know; as I want to be able to give a 100% constructive opinion and i cant do that if I dont hagve a clue what I am talking about!


Base For The Allies: Like the first add on effect, allows you to make multiple combos with genex army and set up for a synchro summon by controlling attribute. however to balance this slightly I would add that you have to have a face up genex monster to activate the effect. for the second effect I would simply add either destroy/ banish or return them to your hand at the end phase. Overall this card will fit nicely speeding up synchros and loading the field for potential xyz, link or synchro summons! I would be buzzing if you could add a link monster (even if its just a link 1 with genex controller somewhere as the material!

Genex Creation: nailed it!!!! 10/10 perfect effect for the archetype.

Ice barrier

Icefyre, Dragon of the Ice Barrier: Nice set up support. the first effect is perfect, not allowing to pull from deck balences out that effect. Like the level modification effect, you can pul back a tuner / non tuner (from the speical summon effect|) and be able to set up for a synchro monster of your choosing.

Ice barrier ties: from what it looks like a type specific bretheren. I like the fact that you have limited to water special summons but I would make it more specific and say ice barrier monsters as you have a free summon into whatever you like that can attack. also there is no limit to levels, being able to pop the higher leveled monsters effects for free might also make this card slightly over powered.

Frozen Heart of the Ice Barrier: I like this card, not to over powered but allows field protection and also swarming possibilities if you were to special summon using the ice barrier monster that you special summoned. I would potentially add equal or lower level than the monster originally special summoned so that it is nt overpowered.


Volcanic Gun-Cano: nailed it with this one! burning hand resources was quite often an issue with volcanics back in the day! like the fact you can pull any card you need and also potentially pull a tri blaze, use the field spell as its summoning condition and bring doom fire straight out!

Volcanic Backshot: nice again! it seems like the right time for an addition like this! combined with the field spell and recharge you can cycle back row destruction and monster destruction giving you a nice control variant, while inflicting life point damage!

Volcanic Supply Squad: this would be slightly OP with backshot, not only would you be wiping a monster, all their back row and inflicting life points you could potentially be drawing 2 cards while doing so. the bottom effect is fine but I would change the top one to something like add one volcanic monster from your deck to your hand.

dark world:

Blu, Creator of Dark World: nailed it again! the effect is in my opinion definitely balanced. yes it could wipe out all spell traps or monsters but that effect can probably be easily negated. you are also pulling what you want as well and keeping resources in hand. it also acts as an agent to discard cards which sometimes darkworld suffer with!

Orran, Prince of Dark World: this card is perfect, acts as a recycle and swarm mechanism. I would amend the effect of returning a banished card to shuffle it into the deck and draw one card as you can pull exactly what you wanted, swarm upto 3 monsters with this cards effect and pop what ever spell trap you just got back from the graveyard. at least shuffling into your deck slows down the combo ever so slightly. if you go second you can cause mass field destruction and swarm which would be monstrously over powered.

A Treaty in the Dark Word: 3 for 2 (draw 2 and add this back to the hand) for 2 discards that actually help this deck. I think this is a very over powered draw engine and catalyst. I would potentially change it to draw 1 discard 1 if you can keep recycling it back to your hand.


Toon Stone of Wondrous Fun: really like this effect and it has been kept balanced. I might even add that toon monsters special summoned by this effect can attack directly the turn they are special summoned!

Blue-Eyes Alternative Toon Dragon: would definitely look forward to seeing the art on this one if it was ever made IRL hahah! I would change the summoning effect to by discarding one toon monster, at the end of the day your special summoning a high atk monster effectively for free that can destroy a card (yes it cant attack the turn its summoned but you know there would be a way of abusing this cards effect if there was no draw back to summoning it!)

Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Toon Dragon: pretty much the summoning conditions I was going with regarding blue eyes! I do think this card is slightly over powered, being able to special summon any toon then nothing stating blocking its special summoned effect could allow for high swarm (correct me if i am wrong but it could summon itself which could allow quick summons of high rank xyz monsters??)

Toon Card Trader: the fact your opponent cant target it while you control a toon monster makes me worry that getting a +1 each turn while this card is untouchable will be over powered as anything. from the support you have made swarming the field with high atk and decent effect toon monsters will be easy to be able to recycle while this card is treated as toon world makes it a scary ask for any player to come against! like the concept but I think recycling your resources that easily while this card is protected is over powered! (if you disagree please let me know :) )

Thats all the archetypes here I think I know enough about to make constructive criticism on!

I like the concepts of all the cards I have read, if you disagree with anything I say feel free to respond; I am no expert and if you explain it in a way I understand you will probably change my opinion!

Overall good stuff!


#7127101 Invoker with Eyes of Blue [ written ]

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 05 November 2018 - 12:20 PM

I really like the concept of this card however I think it is slightly overpowered! 

the first effect is fine although you can effectively add a resource and play it straight away which for a link 1 of a simple to summon blue eyes tuner monster easily done on the first turn.

The second effect is really over powered for me and here is why: 

Protector with the eyes of blue -> special summon white stone of legend -> link into invoker with eyes of blue using white stone of legend as material-> special summon a blue eyes monster with invokers efffect -> add a blue eyes white dragon from your deck to your hand -> potentially summon another blue eyes monster using protector. from 2 cards you have 2 blue eyes monsters and a link monster available to fusion summon and do what you desire with them.

The third effect I like to recycle resources back in but I feel you need to amend the second effect to keep the over all balence of what is a link 1 card here!


I like the concept and  once fixed would fit into any blue eyes deck!



#7126724 {written.} Equilibrium Dragon

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 02 November 2018 - 10:00 AM

So here we are, the first written card I have produced since my return! I apologise if the OCG is a little off, its been about ten years since I have designed anything YU-GI-OH related so I have been reading zaziuma's thread on repeat (fantastic thread BTW!)


So lets get to it!


Equilibrium Dragon

Level 10


Sun Dragon Inti + Moon Dragon Quilla

ATK 3000 DEF 3000

Must first be Special Summoned (from your Extra Deck) by sending the above cards you control into the GY. (You do not use "Polymerization".) This card cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. When this card is Special Summoned: destroy monsters on your opponent’s side of the field until there is 1. While this card is face-up on the field each player can only control 1 face-up monster. If this card is targeted by your opponents Card Effect, activate the following:

Banish 1 ‘Sun Dragon Inti’ or 1 ‘Moon Dragon Quilla’ from your GY to negate the activation of a Card Effect that targets this card.

When this face-up card leaves the field; Special Summon 1 ‘Sun Dragon Inti’ or ‘Moon Dragon Quilla’ from your GY.


Reason for creating: I absoloutely loved these cards when they first came out in the OCG, even if they were completely shut down when banished! The recycle effect where I could always have a monster with at least 2500ATK on my field at most times made me really enjoy playing around with their terrible tuner monsters! The anime also did the cards justice and in my opinion was one of the best duels in the whole of 5Ds!!!


Card effectiveness: I have been away from yugioh for probably about 5 years, although I do still by a couple of packs a month in the hope I get an insane pull (never happens) and I have noticed that quite alot of cards shut down monster effects. Equilibrium dragon is able to fuel your graveyard for the sun / moon combo should this card be detroyed and it also negates effects that target this card, at the risk off losing one of the components to the combo (kind of balancing out the effect) I have added the only 1 face-up monster ruling as yes; it shuts down most link etc summons and could be OP but its ATK and DEF stats are balanced enough to make up for it (IMO) It is also added because of its name 'Equilibrium' (An Equilibrium balance of the Sun and Moon) 


Please critique accordingly and be as honest as you like; criticism for me is a way of improving!


Hope you are all having a good day!



#7125494 Report Stats

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 26 October 2018 - 07:20 AM

The urge to necrobump this, if I could, was unreal...

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#7125036 [Written] Thunderbolt Dragon

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 23 October 2018 - 01:48 PM

This card is definately quite powerful! to make it more balenced I would change it to: 'When this card is sent to the GY or banished by battle or card effect' that was you wont be able to swarm (which I know is the soul purpose of the card and I know you wouldnt want to do that!) Although only being able to fusion summon it stops re swarming etc after you pop its effect to get two thunder dragons out. (could summon it with instant fusion, link it / xyz / synchro it to something else, pop its effect, bring it back and have 3 level 5 monsters available to link/ xyz summon, use it as material with another card, 2 more thunder dragons would pop etc. you could have a full field turn 2, which even in modern yugioh seems quite op! I do like the thunder dragon concept though maybe making it three thunder level 5 monsters?