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#7130040 Legacy Link Support, part 2

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 28 November 2018 - 04:47 AM

Herald of Radiant Light: 

Nice first effect, gives you a chance to fuel your cost for its second effect, get whatever fairy type monster you need in the gy and remain at +1. Fits in with the herald archtype, stats and effect included and also quite handy link 1 support for fairy as a whole! 


Eternity Shield    

Concept is nice but in my opinion far to powerful for a link 1. You have to think to yourself would i be able to set a level 4 or lower monster with 3000 ATK? ontop of this you can put any warrior type monster in the gy for free (I am thinking doppel warrior in a synchro swarm deck; have protection first turn with this cards massive defence and effect and then swarm next turn with link and synchro monsters.) If you are wanting to fix this I would halve the ATK straight up as the effect of this gives full protection for any monster below it. 


Guardian Faust:

This card is really nice and focuses on quite an old school, niche arcetype! nice that you gain a +1 in hand and field; which if you were planning on making the archetype competitive you would need to give it something to give it an edge! The additional effect is nice, making really out dated equip spell cards a tiny bit more playable!


Evil HERO Lilith:

This card is also really nice (as I have loved the evil hero archetype since it debuted back in the GX days!) I think the first effect you have given is enough as it isnt a once time effect and something you can use repeatedly if you manage to keep the monster on the field! granted the material cant be used as link material but level 6 is a nice level to combine with a multiple of really competitive level 1/2 tuners to get staple synchro monsters out on the field (after activating evil hero's destructive effects) If you were wanting to keep the secondary effect I would maybe change it you can only activate one of these effects once per turn?


Predaplant Poison Poppy:

seems alright to me! it will definitely do well against high level decks and reminds me of a better version of rali the star bird! I am not that familiar with the archetype so I cant properly review this card as the additional predator counter effect might be a bit too much (but I wouldnt know!) 


Genex Comptroller:

this one is really nice! I like how you have kept the archetype theme centred around genex controller to gain additional effects. the main effect is very nice, means you can make full use of the arcetypes high level monsters and their effects alot more easily! 


Genex Signal Booster:

Again really like this card! the synchro summoning from the gy right after its summon might be a little strong though as you can effectively link summon this with synchro material monsters that you want to pop this cards effect with (although this cards effect could obviously be negated) The add on effects are nice but I already think the primary effect is too strong so I dont think it really needs any additional (although they are really creative and really match the archetypes goal!)


Overlord Kristya: 

I would say this card was OP, purely because there is no additional text regarding the prevention of link summoning (so your effectively saying once this card is link summoned your opponent cant at all) I would change that to while this card is face up on the field. its first effect is nice if you manage to pull it off but although the middle effect is broken atm once fixed I think the last effect is a little to weak for a link 4 monster... maybe make it so you can draw 2 cards upon destruction?



I Have only reviewed the archetypes that I feel confident enough to talk about (due to my absence from the game during most of the zexal and all of the arc v period!) I like the ideas of multiple archetype support and overall with a bit of tweaking these cards will slip straight into the archetypes you have assosiated them with!



#7130036 Hello's All Round!

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 28 November 2018 - 03:48 AM

welcome mate :) 


need anything drop us a PM! If you need a hand with anything give us a message! I might be able to help with some card grammar bits and pieces (although I am rusty myself!) but if you are looking to learn here is a good place to start!: 



enjoy your time here!



#7130035 [Written] Spiritual Awakening

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 28 November 2018 - 03:24 AM

I really like this card! (thinking combos with this beast:

http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Fenghuang )


The fact its a quick play rather than a continuous keeps the balance factor of this card so you cant chain multiple effects once per turn (however the fact you can pop this during your opponents turn is really cool if your wanting to keep a monster either alive or on the field for your next turn) |This card will definately give spirit monsters a bit more potential and help you get and keep the higher leveled monsters on the field!


Keep up the good work make you are creating some really good stuff at the moment 



#7129956 Post a Pic of the Real You!

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 27 November 2018 - 06:50 AM

Because I don't have enough stalkers already...
Think all my pictures (either good or embarrassing are public!) I am the fat ginger kid who is basically a cross between Kyle and cartman (enjoy)
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#7129951 Mausoleum of the Emperor Support ( Tribute Summon Support )

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 27 November 2018 - 05:43 AM

Looking back on it, the way I would describe the text of Servants would be "any card whose effect text states "Tribute Summon" in it, but I wasn't exactly sure on how to word that. 


Field spell can definitely be nerfed a bit, if it's not weakened enough here, I might have to re-work it. 





- no longer adds from gy

- no longer searches the original Mausoleum 

- it's gy effect can no longer be used during the same turn you send it to the gy ( both effects can technically still be used in the same turn with the right set-up ) 


High Guard 

- both effects are now a hard once per turn 

- in order to search any Tribute Summon monster, you must control a Mausoleum field spell ( if you don't, he only searches for the emperor ) 



- both effects are now a hard once per turn 



- after the tribute summon occurs, "Guard Tokens" (Level 5/Dark/Warrior/ATK: 2000/DEF:2000) are special summoned to the opponent's field in defense position equal to the number of tributed monsters ( these tokens cannot be tributed ) 

Brilliant job on the fixes! Its definitely balanced out the set very nicely while still having the core design you set out to achieve from the get go! 


@Major's shadow: absolutely fantastic review! 

#7129862 Deep Sea Dredge (Diva's Got a Brand New Bag)

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 26 November 2018 - 07:17 AM

This deseves a like just straight up for the story ;) (before reviewing just want to say absolutely love the artwork and it matches the imagery captured upon reading the storyline!) 


Pretty much cards of consonance with no atk limit but also not specific to a tuner so you can clear your hand if its dead! would definitely be a nice addition to a deep sea diva focused synchro deck!



#7129860 [WRITTEN] Magical Lord of Time

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 26 November 2018 - 07:00 AM

this card is pretty broken (yes I know you have the draw effect to stop it but you are effectively fuelling your gy and choosing what you want after 2 cards) To be special summoned after a level 4 or lower monster is sent to the GY makes it broken. theres no specification of being destroyed so you could literally use this in any deck! you could link summon, bang free level 6 monster with attack protection, field control and draw modifiation! (not even gonna specify how busted this thing will be with dark world as your activating the cost before gaining the draw effect.) I think there needs to be an amendment to just sent to the gy (i.e destroyed, hand, escavated etc) 


I think each of these effects are powerful enough on their own let alone being sandwiched together and being able to be special summoned pretty much for free! I like the concept but it needs some restriction otherwise it is just broken



#7129554 Tarragon - The Fusion Wyrm Archetype! (Updated W/ Images, 18/18)

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 22 November 2018 - 08:17 PM

Thanks for the detailed review!


Yeah, I intend on adding some additional cards into the archetype eventually, which is why I left some design space open w/ the Tuner aspects & XYZ plays. Glad to see I did an alright job balancing the archetype, but I think Lilly being a generic form of protection w/o an additional cost is pretty hefty. Maybe it could also protect the activated effect(s) of a "Tarragon" monster you control, or something along those lines? I'll do some more brainstorming on that part. 


That sounds good to me! cant wait to see more support!!!!




Also, Ruby doesn't banish, it destroys. It being a generic 2 banish would be a touch too strong w/ its other effects. I also didn't want to give the boss monster a SUPER OP effect in-grave, simply cause you'd be able to cheat out sending it to the GY with other mechanics. It's already a powerful enough standalone card as-is. Also, it allows you to add any "Tarragon" card that is banished, including the spells (recycling Fusion, anyone?), so it's pretty good already.


Anyways, happy Turkey Day, and thank you for your time!

- YugsterMajor~

My apologies must have missread it! yeah that makes sence! I recon you could squeeze a future boss monster in there that has to be summoned through the grave (maybe like 5 wyrm monsters with a similar effect to the vampire archtype! Also make it so Wyrm type monsters can only activate their effects from the graveyard! thats me personally but I do really like the concept of play here :) 


enjoy your turkey my friend!!!!



#7129518 Tarragon - The Fusion Wyrm Archetype! (Updated W/ Images, 18/18)

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 22 November 2018 - 01:01 PM

So from what i can see here; before i start reviewing the concept is worms working under ground and fusing into different things (seems really cool to me!) 


Fusion summoning from the gy: at first glance this seems overpowered however its fairly balenced because of a number of reasons:

the materials are low level and dont pose any threat on their own

the materials are banished and not left in the gy to continue the combo

with only 4 monsters currently released you will be cycling through your resources very quickly as you are losing 2 tarragon monsters to the discard effect per turn.


Lets Get started with the monsters then:

Tarragon Flare: a 2 for 1 which is definitely balanced although it allows you to pop off a fusion summon in your first turn and add protection by the form of lily to your hand (although to activate its effect it will cause you to lose another 2 cards!) thi swould be in my opinion the first turn catalyst, fuels your grave and adds what you need to your hand 


Tarragon Lilly: I would change its effect to discarding just this card. with the fusion monster being able to cycle your banished cards out on the field (you wouldn't be playing lily turn one) you dont need that extra card drop for protection (I know you have put it there to keep up with the archetype theme and potentially a needed cost for protection) As its only selected tarragon monsters for protection I would consider changing it or adding an additional effect like draw 1 card to make it just a tad beefier 


 Tarragon Ore: for a -2 you garentee a 3 wyrm monster fusion which would be handy, although early game I don't think it would really do much (which kind of balances this card out a bit) definately a handy one to have to keep the GY constantly fueled and getting the bigger monsters out to keep replenishing banished monsters to your gy 


Tarragon Dusklight: This could be pretty broken if you drew it turn one but it would probably be the card you need to draw turn one to make this deck competitive so its a double edge sword! this card garentees 2 in the grave for pretty much no cost so you can pop off other effects from other monsters that weren't caught up in it. With ore that puts 5 wyrm monsters in the GY that allows you to get a first turn ruby out with the ability to banish 2 face up cards. Now I am not saying its op or anything it would have to be tested but you can definitely get monsters out pretty quick with this card!


Extra Deck: 

 Tarragon Crystal Skies: you could use this to first turn celestial soulfire if you were lucky enough to pull the fusion card on first draw! (activate any tarragon effect, special summon it, special summon the 2 banished monsters, normal summon a tarragon monster, tarragon fusion) although that would burn all your resources you would get one back by popping this effect form the gy (I would choose twist of fates) and continue the special summon spree! Although this relies on luck the ability to access the card pool this offers and the ability to get a spell and trap out of it makes it probably stronger than the 3 monster wyrm monsters in my opinion! the atk stat does balance this slightly as if you cant get the combos you want out of it its basically a sitting duck!


Tarragon Emerald Woods: really like this card! this is the defensive wall; and really suits its name! Every modern day set has to have a protection card and I think you have nailed this one! the ability to revive an extra deck monster is also a nice touch! 


Tarragon Ruby Eclipse: Probably my favourite card in the set! I usually do a lot of imagery when I review sets but the name of this one is perfect and its effects match it! the ability to banish 2 cards by banishing 2 tarragon monsters is nice; especially as its limited to face-up (making it not broken...although you could probably get away with just stating 2 cards!) if it inflicts damage you can return the banished monsters (deals with the problem of teh archetype and when its destroyed a turn later you can pop into an effect negated 3300 beater, or a standard fusion to set up for a non effect negated 3300 beater!


 Tarragon Aqua Marine: with this one I kind of feel like it doesnt fit... maybe thats the intention? returning tarragon monsters for a draw? unless you had a large mass of them this effect isnt really helpful unless it stays on the field a while and allows you to control your hand. its defensive effect is nice but being able to end the battle phase that quick for a level 5 could be a bit op (although you are ruining future combos with the wyrm effect and if you summoned this turn 1 you wouldnt be able to defend it unles you used ore or dusklight) I dont feel the last effect is needed; this card allready does alot for a level 5 fusion. It is a nice touch though. 


Tarragon Twin Crystals: Soul purpose is to revive worm extra deck monsters from the grave and fuel the gy with tarragon monsters. works really well at it. You wouldn't really get this on your first turn it would be a mid game link monster to allow you to get more combos off! although in theory you could summon crystal skies first turn and link straight into this following its special summon! Nice card and keeps the flow mid game! not the best early game though.


Tarragon Celestial Soulfire: the big daddy. first effect is really cool! takes 2 banished and puts 2 monsters of your choice in the gy instead, much needed for the archetype! The second effect is really nice especially as its a quick effect ( can be used on your opponents turn to completely shut down your opponent. final effect is a bit meh for the boss monster. I would say banish it and another one to special summon one monster from your extra deck or something like that! 


Tarragon Fusion: this card is sooooo cool!!!!! I really like the way you can make use of banished monsters with this card! when reading the monster cards I thought the main aya to fusion summon but would be throught the grave but htis card opens up so much more for the archetype! Banishing was my main concern although their are plenty of ways to get them back into play but being able to utalise them for fusion does it in a much better way! the not being able to banish form your gy for the rest of your turn balences it because it means that you cant pop many of the extra deck effects on the turn you use this card! the recycle effect is nice as well now you can keep pressure up by pulling off another fusion summon next turn.


Tarragon Cosmic Strike: basically a galaxy cyclone that fuels the grave with tarragon! seems fine to me hahaha!!!


Tarragon Twin Twisted Fates: could be broken might not be! It would be dependent on what position you are in when you pull this card! if you get it going second you open up a lot of possible plays. I think with this archetype it relies on having multiple extra deck monsters on the field at once to keep the combos and control aspect going. The second effect is really not needed in my opinion but again you are following with the archetype rule which I can understand :)



Overall really creative set :) Look forward ot seeing a couple more effect monsters and maybe a xyz level 1 monster (thats what I am personally hoping for haha)  ialso did see a tuner there so I am waiting patiently for more!



#7129394 [Closed - Reviews Up!] Major's Card Competition: Turkey Day!

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 21 November 2018 - 05:24 PM

Sadly I am from the UK and we dont celebrate thanks giving :,( but I hope you enjoy your day :) 



#7129239 [Written] Attack Attribute

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 20 November 2018 - 04:41 PM

Really unique card :) especially like its potential plays with ehero and the ability to deal 3600 damage is lethal! although to be able to inflict that much damage might be slightly op (people running mill 60 card decks to get this effect off multiple times!) Obviously it will be luck but I am sure they would be able to make a very defensive grass is greener build and potentially pull it off in three turns (obviously all luck based) I would change it personally to 500 ATK, with all attributes that will be 3000 as opposed to 3600 and with less attributes say you have 5 (500x6x3= 9000) (500x5x3=7500) that will limit the destructive potential in this card and make it able to be used more in the way you want it too!


Do really like the creativity behind it!



#7129094 Ringhost Archetype (14/14)

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 19 November 2018 - 03:27 PM


Ringhost is an Archetype of Zombie/EARTH Union/Spirit monsters with various Levels. They focus on returning themselves from the field to the hand and equipping mechanics. As they are both Spirit and Union monsters, they play into this combination of mechanics, so they can still be Special Summoned by their own effect. Each of them has the same effects, a normal Union effect and protection, as well as the End Phase return to the hand of Spirit monsters, then an effect that allows you to equip them when they return during the End Phase, and some unique effect to them.

Imediately like the sound of this seems creative AF; Kind of reminds me like a glad beast special summon engine except with equipping and from the hand! 


Okay, so lets get started! 

Base Effect Review: So from what I can gather from reading the basic archetype effect is that instead of returning it straight to the hand you can either equip it (then Special summon it next turn if you dont combo it off with monster/ spell trap effects) or return it to the hand to further utilise the archetype, drawing cards and adding what you need to your hand (correct me if I am wrong!) Really like this idea, especially as you will still get a normal summon ontop of a special summon  if you are able to keep an equipped monster on the field (that I think might be a slight issue; will explain more as we go through) this will allow multiple link/ synchro/ xyz capabilities which would be really cool. Another thing to note is they fit the zombie type in a different way but I am sure you can still utilise most zombie support with the archetype which would be really cool to see!



Ringhost Apparition: Okay so the draw discard effect is nice, gets un wanted cards into your grave and allows you to hopefully draw more into what you need! the fact that you have kept the cost the same means you cannot abuse this cards effect too much unless you had something that returned to your hand when it would be discarded (could be a cool combo to look into!) The fact you can activate this effect probably twice a turn with the support from Ringhost Zombie! Because of this I really like the fact you have kept its level and ATK DEF stat as low as possible to stop it being used as anything other than link support or to draw cards.


Ringhost Spirit: you forgot to put add in the cards secondary effect!!! Balanced again; Its obvious you have thought about if from a playing perspective. This card allows you to set up your big combo (probably to get the field spell or reaper into hand.) the restriction stops you grabbing anything else unless you are popping apparitions effect which keeps it nicely balanced. 


Ringhost Zombie: The catalyst, I assume designed to help cycle apparition plays? (pops the draw, goes into this card then activates Ringhost Marital Unity to equip apparition and special summon it to get another draw off?) Not that great of a card on its own however the nice chunks 2000 def stat aids it but with future link support I assume coming from this archetype it will be very useful into creating key combos to get mass special summons off!


Ringhost Reborn: I like this card although I would change its effect to a (Quick Effect:) to activate it in your opponents turn. Again waiting for the link support to really make an opinion on this card! it does set up the board quite nicely being able to be special summoned from either hand or gy!


Ringhost Reaper: da boss monster at the moment! Really like its effect; destroy and discard can be painful for anyone. ATK and DEF kept low I assume because of the field spell! only thing I am worried about this card is having its effect negated because without it it doesn't really have that presence unless the field spell has multiple counters stacked!


Ringhost Chapel of Eternity: I am all for field spells that REALLY support an archetype and this is definitely one of them! allows you to return equips to the hand to pull off a normal summon to recycle their effects, gives you a 500 atk point boost each time and has the ability to keep the cards on the field. If you can find a way to stack counters very quickly could definately hav otk potential (although I can tell that is not the route you are going down by reapers effect!)


Ringhost Marital Unity: the glue to the archetype, allows you to get off multiple effects and protects your cards! Also Searchable with spirit which is very nice. the limit to once per turn is needed! I would also add their can only be one ringhost marital unit; one because i think this card would be absoloutely abused if you had 2 face up. 2) its on about maritial unity, you are only intended to get married once so that would match the theme of the card :) 


Ringhost Wedding Deathbed: nice basic but does the job. This card would be mostly used for turn one set ups and to get combos popping as you can search any card from the deck (possibly spirit then SS into a draw?) 


Ringhost Bond of Attachment: so this card provides a monster with one turn immunity until it gets returned to the hand? you can then keep cycling this to keep the boss monster on the field? although you wont be able to use it the turn straight after as you wouldnt be able to set it until mp1 of your next turn! final effect is nice as this card will definitely be a target as it will be basically a wall until your opponent final destroys it then you can add spirit to your hand and recycle the combo!


If I have got this review completely wrong I apologise; Its quite a complex archetype to understand unless you practise with it a bit first! Other than that really like this sets creativity and it is obvious alot of effort went into creating it!



#7128306 Marauding Captain Support - Pirate Archetype! (13/?)

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 14 November 2018 - 04:48 AM

okay let the review begin! 


Marauding First Mate: the search engine of the special summon combo! (basically beat for the swarming fur hire.) 


Marauding Boatswain: Love this effect; means you get a free summon for nothing and if your playing second to a fast first turn player you are gonna need that. the restoration effect allows you to pick up: Marauding Powder Lackey / Marauding Quatermaster and combo 3 cards! like it! The once per turn is needed as this would surely be abused! 


 Marauding Gunner: the fact the cards have to be face up saves it from being broken (you can tell that you have really focused on getting the balence right with these cards!) It could still be quite op as this is a swarm archetype and you can easily destroy 3 cards however with the amount of effect negation / protection in the game it is justified! 


Marauding Powder Lackey: a blackwing esc engine there! they got away with secondary effects on special summon, so why cant this! even if its just a simple effect like all warrior type monsters gain 300ATK until the end phase of this cards special summon. You have limitted yourself to only special summoning marauder monsters so the ffect can be more flexible in my opinion! :)


Marauding Quartermaster just an improved option to the original captain himself! the fact you can replen from the graveyard is also nice as well as you will be using alot of your hand very quickly to pull of special summons; thats probably going to be one of the key cards to the deck!


Marauding Sailing Master: this is probably the most overpowered one of the effect monsters, even though it limits to special summoning a marauder monster! The fact that the special summon is open to warrior type monsters as a whole makes me think that hey would be ran as a hybrid with another warrior type archtype to bring as much value as possible to link and xyz summons! that being said you are discarding a card to pull this off and as I have previously said hand resources could be quite an issue with a fast paced swarm deck like this so it kind of balences it out! (despite the fact you could easily get 3 monsters out with this effect! 


xyzs: really like the archetype effect brw, means you can really utilise xyz summons, nice little niche!


Marauding Ash Conquerer: okay now I like the concept of this card, the not being able to attack directly balances out the 3000 atk however the fact that you havent limitted the effect to when this cards effect summoning a monster and returning to the hand it is quite busted! you can easily swarm 2/3 cards out a turn with this archetype, 3 hands return to the hand a turn is op for a rank 3 xyz monster; (IMO) especially as the arcetype effect means you can summon this straight off the bat with 2 summons!


Marauding Ash Captain: again same effect but with spell/ trap destruction...you are more likely to get away with this card being just overpowered as it only destroys spell or traps; although it is basically a heavy storm. I would limit it as I said to special summoned with this cards effect (if thats intended allready I apologise :))


Lullaby For A Marauding Pirate: Lullaby For A Marauding Pirate nice! you can use this to pop the trap card if they try and destroy any of your monsters on the turn you set it! with the lullaby protection you are pretty much garenteed to keep your monsters on the field the turn its played! the limitation to maurauding spell and traps is needed as this is quite a powerful card in a way (no where near broken) last effect is nice, the fact you cannot pop the secondary effect that turn is needed! the effect itself is really useful and keeps resources up in the hand (which I said was my biggest worry)


Thrill Of The Marauding Crew : really good support!!! the pot of avarice effect is so strong with this arch type! the atack boost is a nice extra defence mechanism as well!


A Familiar Town For Marauding Folk : you know allready I will like the first effect ;)1) = will never get used so I think thats justified! 2) could massively break this archetype... it was in my opinion quite balenced before but this would definately allow a full swarm and make you able to get out probably both xyzs monsters in a turn! 3) justified! You cna get away with this purely as I dont really think there will be a time where you have any more than 3 on the field unless you pop it before link summon! nice protection although I think you have covered that amongst the other spell and traps! 4) will never be used, seems quite pointless to me! I would swap this with effect 5! maybe replace this effect 5 with something like banish one marauding monster you control and one from the gy; link summon one appropriate Marauding XYZ monster from your Extra deck or GY? 


When Marauding Pirates Collide! Nice protection aspect! its fast paced sumoning and cards like this will make a clear difference!


Overall: It is clear that you have looked into this fully. You have balenced a what easily could have been broken archetype, highlighted the areas that need progression and added them in with spell, trap and monster effects and your OCG looks absoloutely insane. Idea wise I think you have really made this work! I was a bit dubious when I started reading that it was going to be a marauding set but you have genuinely suprised me! 


Probably the best set I have read in a while! Look forward to seeing more!



#7128179 Qóut, Juggernaut Slasher

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 13 November 2018 - 09:36 AM

I really like this! (although whats its atk? If it is on the hyperlink I apologise as I cant see it through my internet provider) I like that it can be used in any deck (I.E not tied down to a monster type) the 1000 atk boost is always nice and adds to the potential otk potential which is in the current generation of yugioh!


Over all solid card!



#7128175 [Written] Pot of Dirt

Posted by MarshyK-XS on 13 November 2018 - 09:18 AM

Like it; good for fueling the gy with plant monsters and also getting 2 cards out of it! could be slightly over powered if you were to run it with sylvan as they can control whats ontop of your deck (send kumushroomo to the gy, destory a set card and then draw 2 could be quite strong) 


Like the concept though and the once per turn does at least balence it slightly!