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In Topic: [Debates] U.S. Jewish Community

Yesterday, 09:46 PM

Enguin is a infanticide advocate 


This is what Winter actually believes!

In Topic: [Debates] U.S. Jewish Community

Yesterday, 07:00 PM

As a Winter-certified Nazi, I'm not allowed to speak on this matter. :c

In Topic: Fabled Fraudulence

13 July 2018 - 07:44 PM

Goodness why were we ever arguin' last night you're a FABLED FAN and this Deck is awesome I wanna shed a tear but there's a fan in my face so it won't work. 
I've done some work over in the cardcreating block on Fabled, and I do so like how this Deck still works on the power game even with a smattering of Synchros. Getting them back through De-Synchro is so important I don't know why most decks that can feature it don't - looking at you, SPYRALs, your Deck wholly revolves around benefiting from repeated use of cards and you're still too hooked on Tri-Knightmares to bother with this? Snobs.
Do have one suggestion of my own though, since Krow handled most of my original issues-Shooting Quasar could (should?) prolly be replaced with Cosmic Blazar Dragon-same materials, plus its departure from the field to activate its effect is a godsend in Master Rule 4 for opening up Monster Zones for better Link shenanigans. Addendum: it hits more stuff than card effects as well, something you'll really love when you need to go into combos interruptus. 
Other than that, thank you for showing this it served as a really nice ray for a really bad (and sweltering) day.

Blazar is definitely the better option from an objective standpoint but Quasar is one of my favourite ever cards and I'm not replacing him. If I could I'd have a Blazae/Sifr in alongside for those scenarios where I actually can miracle out the first without Soul Charge. The main issue I encounter is that the most common end field for a good turn is Quasar Saryuja Borreload which is only ok, really you're now better off going second to try and OTK, or break your opponent's board and set up some kind of disruption (Omega).

In Topic: Fabled Fraudulence

13 July 2018 - 10:27 AM

Dark World Dealings is massively helpful with the main problem in the deck itself which is not having any tuners. 4 copies of a vanilla would not be an adequate replacement. Some Dangers could work theoretically, I'll try that. I'm also going to drop Goblin because it is indeed terrible, it's a relic of my extra-linking dream.

In Topic: [SOFU] The Nimble Manta Catches The Worm

12 July 2018 - 11:37 PM

koomyboi 1: a free +2 could never be bad
koomyboi 2: check THIS out