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#7110180 [Debates] U.S. Jewish Community

Posted by Enguin on Yesterday, 07:00 PM

As a Winter-certified Nazi, I'm not allowed to speak on this matter. :c

#7109921 Fabled Fraudulence

Posted by Enguin on 13 July 2018 - 07:44 PM

Goodness why were we ever arguin' last night you're a FABLED FAN and this Deck is awesome I wanna shed a tear but there's a fan in my face so it won't work. 
I've done some work over in the cardcreating block on Fabled, and I do so like how this Deck still works on the power game even with a smattering of Synchros. Getting them back through De-Synchro is so important I don't know why most decks that can feature it don't - looking at you, SPYRALs, your Deck wholly revolves around benefiting from repeated use of cards and you're still too hooked on Tri-Knightmares to bother with this? Snobs.
Do have one suggestion of my own though, since Krow handled most of my original issues-Shooting Quasar could (should?) prolly be replaced with Cosmic Blazar Dragon-same materials, plus its departure from the field to activate its effect is a godsend in Master Rule 4 for opening up Monster Zones for better Link shenanigans. Addendum: it hits more stuff than card effects as well, something you'll really love when you need to go into combos interruptus. 
Other than that, thank you for showing this it served as a really nice ray for a really bad (and sweltering) day.

Blazar is definitely the better option from an objective standpoint but Quasar is one of my favourite ever cards and I'm not replacing him. If I could I'd have a Blazae/Sifr in alongside for those scenarios where I actually can miracle out the first without Soul Charge. The main issue I encounter is that the most common end field for a good turn is Quasar Saryuja Borreload which is only ok, really you're now better off going second to try and OTK, or break your opponent's board and set up some kind of disruption (Omega).

#7109735 [SOFU] The Nimble Manta Catches The Worm

Posted by Enguin on 12 July 2018 - 11:37 PM

koomyboi 1: a free +2 could never be bad
koomyboi 2: check THIS out

#7109734 Fabled Fraudulence

Posted by Enguin on 12 July 2018 - 11:32 PM



3 Stratos

3 Hattricker

1 Kushgod

2 Nozoochee

3 Monster Reborn

3 Cerburrel

1 Jet Synchron

2 Lurrie

3 Chawa

1 Grow-up Boi

1 141

3 De-Fusion

1 Where Arf Thou?

1 Soul Charge

3 Toon Table of Contents

1 Upstart

3 Dank World Dabbings

1 Foolish

1 Monster Reborn

1 Smashing Ground

2 Scapegoat


1 Quasar

1 Trish

1 Libtard

2 Pot of Greed

1 Vettel

1 Borrelboi

1 Magical Mallet

1 Horn of the Unicorn

1 Single Twister

1 Raigeki Break

1 Emergency Teleport

1 Seraphinite

1 Sky Slut

1 Linkuriboh


I have been doing what I can to try and make this functional and I've summoned Quasar thrice today so I'm feeling as happy as is possible. You want to get Saryuja out then get drawing off Ragin and if possible Librarian so you can eventually make Quasar and have it immediately die on the next turn. I hate this fucking deck. It's a shell of what it was pre-link and pre-Level Eater ban. I'm still changing the ratios around and the extra deck is terrible but I have no choice but to use links and the Knightmares are helpful in some respects, though not as much as you'd imagine. Overall it's a depressing experience. Sky Striker shit is good obviously. The spells pick themselves more or less. De-Synchro is ridiculous don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

#7109350 [Original][Poetic][Work]

Posted by Enguin on 10 July 2018 - 08:08 PM

Poetry is for cucks so Rewas has written quite a lot and in reading his work I was inspired to emulate the Lithuanian ladyboy.


The real story behind this is my recent playing of Doki Doki Litfam Dab, and the fact that I'm still holding on hope that I'll get into second year of college and if I do I'll have to write poetry at some point but I don't want to so I've been trying to stockpile some short jokey bullshit ones that I can fall back to and attempt to artistically justify should that eventuality come to pass, and am now going to post them here because it allows me to share them with the whole wide world while simultaneously ensuring that only Mitch ever reads them.


Here you go you Australian weeb.




More like

Oh no a tree

Writing while driving

is not easy

Often results in





requires timing.

But also meter

Oh look it’s Peter

Lucky he’s here

though I hate the queer.

He helped with the setup

for this punchline.



Forty thousand words apiece

Across three stories writ by Keith

Who is Keith I hear you cry

A man I say who’s soon to die

Why you ask what can I do

Is Keith’s death foreseen and true

I can reveal indeed it’s so

He lives within these lines and lo

Upon end of the final one

His life and death are jointly done.










Photogenic octopus

Multiplying paper cuts

Lines that rhyme but have no reason

Betrayal of the king is treason

Rhyming a word with itself

Is something I’d not do myself

But who’s to say it’s invalid

I am you cuck and I just did.


As you can see I have very limited ability and attempt to compensate for that by prioritising the comedic value of the content over the form, finding little success and ultimately failing in every aspect. However, I don't care, and now I have all these ready to go.

#7107022 [Original[Original[Original Work]Work]Work]

Posted by Enguin on 26 June 2018 - 08:02 PM

This story will not have a happy ending. How do you feel about that sentence as an introduction? It doesn’t really tell you anything because you don’t know if you can trust me or not. I have made a statement, and it will either be true or false. However, you knew this without me saying it. The idea was already there inherently, I’ve just brought it to the forefront of your mind. Why have I done that? Would I lie? Am I bluffing or double-bluffing? Triple? You’ll be thinking about this the whole way now. Have fun.
Eoin was unemployed. No, Eoin was a high-earning attorney. No, Eoin was a middle-aged man with a mid-tier office job at a publishing company. No, Eoin was a greasy-haired teenager with no friends and shit taste in everything. No. Eoin was a fucking enigma. I could describe his appearance, his life, his career, but it doesn’t really matter, but you didn’t actually know that it doesn’t matter so this paragraph, unlike the last, has not been a waste of time. This one is teaching you something. It’s establishing a break from conventional storytelling. It’s demonstrating the pointless kind of self-awareness where I remark on the mediocrity of what I’m doing but make no effort to improve it, making the whole exercise meaningless. Almost. It does give me a sort of pre-emptive defence to criticism, in the “ha I don’t care if you think this is bad I already KNOW it’s bad!” way, but I will admit now that that is a stupid tactic. I’ll still use it, but I’ll take no pride in it.
That was a longer paragraph than usual. I’m sorry.
That one was shorter.
That again.
I’m not sure they’re even counted as paragraphs when they’re just a single sentence. Eoin wasn’t sure either. The thought had been troubling him for a few minutes. Hours. Weeks. Depends if you want to play this straight or as a joke. I’ve done you the courtesy of including both, as well as a mid-point, so you can delete as applicable and choose your favourite. You’re welcome.
As was Eoin to his new home by a landlord who seemed he’d rather be anywhere else and left as quickly as he feasibly could short of not showing up in the first place. Eoin had already seen the place before renting so there’s no need to describe it, he’s well aware and you’re not there. He quickly set about whatever you do when you move into a place for the first time and after however long that took he decided to incorporate a jarring time skip right here right in this very paragraph. Four years later, Eoin left his now no longer new residence and set out to find his birth mother.
Also, Eoin was given up for adoption when he was three years old. He had vague memories of his life up to that point but as they were the first thirty-six months or so of his life he didn’t have a thorough understanding of what was and was not real, and so his apparently vivid memories of the period often times turn out to be Barney episodes slightly misremembered.
Also, Eoin’s mother was a tailor. She sewed his new blue jeans. His father was a gambling man, down in Kildare. He was a few short thousand miles away from having an iconic back story. That was really the story of Eoin’s life really, always a few thousand miles from relevance.
As the story of this story began to collapse in on itself, Eoin set about establishing a human trafficking ring as part of the search for his mother. It may seem quite the illogical leap to an outside observer, certainly doesn’t make any sense to me but what can you do really, Eoin was always a bit mental.
Time passed and Eoin’s empire grew and soon he was smuggling boats full of Chinese orphans across continents to work as slaves in rural Irish farms, though a frustrating lack of progress was made in the search for his mother. So frustrating, in fact, that Eoin gave up on it to commit himself full-time to being a criminal lynchpin. I, however, felt that Eoin was becoming a somewhat unsympathetic character and urged him to reconsider. At this point he kidnapped my wife and twin daughters and sold them to a Belgian sex trafficker for less than a third of their actual value, and I in retaliation killed his parents before cooking their corpses into what Eoin was led to believe were apologetic steak & kidney pies which he and his family then ate only for me to reveal the truth, which drove Eoin’s wife to suicide, which led to his children being taken into care, which all factored into Eoin’s eventual mental breakdown and ensuing eight months of rehabilitative therapy.
Once that was done with Eoin and I agreed that it was best to leave the past in the past and he deconstructed his criminal empire while also resolving to never again pursue the truth about his birth mother.
At this point 5 years have passed since that opening paragraph and now that I mention it you’re remembering my telling you that this story will not have a happy ending, and perhaps you’re also thinking that in light of recent events and the flippancy with which they have been relayed to you that this is not a story capable of evoking emotions other than confusion and mild disgust, but you’re wrong there you clueless prick who are you to tell me what I’m capable of Shakespeare made up words and everyone thinks he’s great is that what you want is it you just want me to go making shite up I’m well able for it let’s go fliddle imacien ketrop tephnase plo merwania slij alright that’s enough of that it wasn’t very fun to read was it didn’t make sense but that’s basically what Shakespeare did and he’s held in high regard so given that you do actually have some concept of what’s going on here I’d say I’m doing fairly well, and Eoin agrees.
Nodding in agreement with this sentiment, Eoin set out once more to find his birth mother. Moments later, he remembered his pledge not to do this, and promptly stopped. However he now found himself at a loss as to how to live. His wife was dead, his children fostered, his friendship with me was never going to really be the same in light of the murders and such and he had lost contact with most all of his relatives. Seeing no point in continuing, Eoin decided to kill himself.
Invigorated by his decision, Eoin felt a new lease of life as he wandered the aisles of his local supermarkets and hardware stores and weapon emporiums, gathering as many options to end it all as he could and giving consideration to creative combinations of multiple methods. He eventually settled on a four-in-one in honour of his favourite Chinese culinary export; he would slit his wrists before washing down a lethal amount of paracetamol with a bottle of bleach while hanging himself. The organisation and timing required to pull it off really drew Eoin in, as he had always had a flair for the theatrical.
This was first evident when, as a three-year-old, he made a series of damning accusations of negligence and abuse against his mother and had her convicted and imprisoned for eight years based almost solely on his witness testimony.
Now that that’s been wrapped up, let’s start a seemingly unrelated tale with an all-new cast of characters that is masterfully tied into the first one at the death and has everyone marvel at my storytelling wizardry.
Actually let’s not, because I care about Eoin. You should too. When I suggested just abandoning his storyline like that you should’ve leapt from your seat and shouted NO! I WILL NOT ALLOW THIS! If you did do that please leave I don’t want to be associated with the likes of you, but also thank you for your passion Eoin appreciates it. Or at least he isn’t here to deny my claim that he does.
Anyway Eoin set to work getting all his affairs in order in anticipation of the act. He wrote a will, and that was it. He didn’t have any other affairs to settle. I suppose the paragraph’s opening sentence would be more accurate were it to say “Eoin set to work getting his affair in order”, but that would be putting the punchline before the setup and I’ve done that already with the adoption thing on a much larger timescale so to rehash the gimmick so quickly and cheaply would be classless and this story is nothing if not classy.
Eoin, I forgot to mention, was a prominent social media figure of some kind, and so he planned to stream his suicide live for his audience of 12-year-old girls and 45-year-old men masquerading as 12-year-old girls. This decision was ultimately to be his downfall, as the large amount of promotional material inevitably attracted the attention of the authorities, and Eoin was again put into care, this time for a two-year spell.
He was released again but by this stage he was so different from the man I knew 1559 words ago that it would be entirely justifiable for me to reuse the joke of describing him as various things that he is not because it is once again applicable however yet again may I remind you that such a practice would be classless and that once again if this story has nothing else it has class.
So now we arrive at the present day. I forgot to mention before that everything up to now was the setup to the real story, and that story is the story of Eoin as he is now. He is staring blankly at me. I wonder if he really sees. He’s heavily medicated now. He probably should have been for a long time before this but better late than never I suppose. There’s not much to tell about him. There’s a sliver of drool flowing freely from the left corner of his mouth and pooling on the table below him. I suppose I could wipe it away but I have to relay this information in real time and if I were to move to do so I would be unable to in the same moment describe the action to you and the flow would be lost as I would have to return to tell of it after the fact and break from the present tense play by play style that I have adapted.
I can’t be certain but I think Eoin just indicated to me that I should start a new paragraph, and so I am doing that. He’s a mysterious fellow is Eoin. His eyes are glazed his face is stationary his hair is greasy his mind is gone and yet still he is the main character of this story. I don’t resent him for having my work end on such a pathetic note, in fact it does tie back into my promise of this not having a happy ending. Say what you will about the acts I have attributed to Eoin, the husk sat across from me now is not nearly as compelling as the protagonist-material man he holds the form of.
This is more realistic. This is less outlandish. More pedestrian. Less cartoonish. I don’t think it’s better for it. I miss the Eoin of manic, unrealistic adventures, who would leap backwards and forwards through time and interact with the narrator of his own story. If I could bring him back I would but I hold no sway over whatever it is that has taken him. This isn’t really a sad ending, it’s not any kind of an ending at all. The story’s just going to be over because there’s nothing left to say.

#7106543 AkibaSilver is here!

Posted by Enguin on 24 June 2018 - 01:32 PM

Hi I'm BS (resident tea drinker), and unless you venture into a section where I'm not active, you'll be seeing quite a lot of me. Enjoy your stay, you're here forever after all.

#7105895 [SEMI-SERIOUS] Required information for now known reasons

Posted by Enguin on 21 June 2018 - 12:23 PM

Video Game: Alvin (Alvin and the Chipmunks 3: Chipwrecked)
Movie: Alvin (Alvin and the Chipmunks 2: The Squeakquel
Anime: Alvin (Alvin and the Chipmunks)
Cartoon: Alvin (Alvin and the Chipmunks)
TV Show: Alvin (ALVIN!!! and the Chipmunks)

#7105726 YCM Member Brawl SP: Ultimate Stars!

Posted by Enguin on 20 June 2018 - 09:55 PM

It... definitely is. I checked. Unless your brightness is basically 0, it's completely legible.

My phone screen is at minimum brightness and as we approach 4am I have no desire to destroy my eyes my cranking it up to verify so I'll take your word for it this time but know that I've got my eye on you.

#7104816 Hahahahahahahahaha SJWs are so stupid, Feminism is dead

Posted by Enguin on 15 June 2018 - 06:18 PM

Think I said this before in another of yours but this may actually be the absolute worst thread.

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#7104623 YCM Awards 2018

Posted by Enguin on 14 June 2018 - 06:12 PM

Why can you not say outright who's tied when the votes are all public and if anyone really wanted to know they could just go and count themselves, as I am now about to having read this? I presume you just did a tally and didn't pay attention to names or something but now I've gone and looked anyway so the votes for both of those are really split. Writing has 7 people on a vote apiece and 3 with 2; Yui, Pika, and Saiku. Critic has 5 on 1, and then Flame and British Soul are both on 2. This may not be entirely correct but I'm 95% sure, unless there are secret PM cuck votes that I don't know about.


Anyway now that that's brought me in here I may as well vote.


Rising Star - Torasaki. 1 post, 5 reps. Not been online in over 18 months. A master of efficiency that we should all aspire to emulate.

Cardmaker Star - Dova. Scraggledy-haired Australian child, he needs this.

Writing Star - Pika. There's not really anyone else in the creative writing section and if there is they're trash, I don't know anything about RP. Also the only person I've seen give decent feedback.

Artistic Star - No clue about this, abstain.

Critic Star - Hina, because this causes a 3-way tie.

Reality Star - This is the worst award, abstain.

Comedy Star - Well this definitely isn't the meme-aggregator types who post every image they find as a thread.

Classic Star - Raeg. 

Manager Star - Dad. I know he doesn't want to be involved but nobody else deserves the vote and I'd rather have it not count for him than abstain or vote for another.

Monstar - I genuinely do not care at all, abstain.

#7101815 Ireland votes to repeal 8th amendment, legalising abortion

Posted by Enguin on 26 May 2018 - 05:20 PM

The pro-life campaign claimed that the 8th saved about between high 4 to low 5 figures of lives yearly. That's now gone. In the US, about 60-70% of abortions happen in the first trimester. So let's take the most optimistic approach. About 8000 terminated yearly. That'd drop Ireland into the same rate as the rest of WE


They made a lot of claims, the details of the one you're referencing were basically to say that over the 33 years (at the time) since the abortion act was introduced, over 100,000 lives had been "saved" by it.


This conclusion was reached by taking the abortion rates of four other European countries (in three cases starting from 1994 and for Portugal 2007 as it was only legalised there then, the 1994 starting point being justified by them assuming it would have taken a further ten years to legalise abortion fully in Ireland had the amendment not passed, another element of guesswork to this already very flawed "science") applying them to Irish births over the same period, adding them all up and finding the average. The highest imagined equivalent was 196,000 based on the England & Wales rate (data was already combined presumably because of the UK though Scotland doesn't feature, don't know why) , lowest was 58,000 based on Portugal's, and then two more in between which were 75,000 for Belgium and 121,000 for Spain.


You can see it here, it's about as threadbare a bit of research as you'll find. https://prolifecampa...tember2016.pdf 


It's quite obvious they just wanted to get their 100,000 number so they found a way to get to it and then cut out all the other countries listed earlier in the study for no stated reason (the only reason they appear at all is I presume to make this whole thing seem a bit more credible), creating an arbitrary subsection of an already arbitrary subsection of nations with legalised abortion just to make up a figure based on guesswork that would be nice and round for a soundbite.


It's not necessarily an inaccurate figure but the way it was arrived at is pretty invalid and contrived, they obviously reached their conclusion and then built back from there rather than actual concise effort leading to this conclusion.

#7099820 YCM Discord 2.0 gets steamy

Posted by Enguin on 13 May 2018 - 05:29 PM


#7097931 [CP18] Slash Draw

Posted by Enguin on 02 May 2018 - 05:33 AM

There is 100% going to be a way to FTK with this.

#7096685 7 Deadly Sins

Posted by Enguin on 23 April 2018 - 03:53 PM

WOW Deborah you are so right! My Brad's always chattysnappering and twittertubing! Say hi to Joe and the kids! Ha!