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In Topic: "Stephen Miller is an immigration hypocrite"

11 minutes ago

Do you actually know what you're talking about?  Because I don't.  What does this even mean?


You mean you want people of color to create sit-downs, projects, and roundtables about the problems they're facing?  LIKE THEY'RE ALREADY DOING?  Do you ACTUALLY KNOW ANYTHING about people of color and the issues they face?  Or are you just spouting bullshit?

I know, just wait more and sort it out more. Preferably with people that aren't identical in opinion to you.

In Topic: "Stephen Miller is an immigration hypocrite"

Today, 11:36 AM

Using crime gangs and terrorists as symptomatic of an entire ethnic group is not a justification. Otherwise we could just as easily cherry-pick mass shootings committed by white men as a justification for why white immigrants should similarly be barred. "America is already broken, so we shouldn't bring in more people that are going to fuel it" only goes so far as suggesting how not to further widen a rift, but does not suggest how that rift could be healed instead.

This is dumb whataboutism. Even then, for one, illegal immigrants from Canada still get deported, and I think it's fine fine to block immigration from white countries too for the same reasons.


Also, I already told you how the rift can get healed, by having debates and discussions and finding the truth about the divisive issues, with reason evidence and etc over time. It's not like this is the first time ever there were more than one opinion on a topic.(This topic would be too off-topic if I talked about white supremacy and etc)

In Topic: Voter Suppression in Georgia

Today, 11:22 AM

I mean, a majority black county with a third of its population under the poverty line is probably poorer than other counties, so they couldn't afford to update them.


It (probably) really is just that simple.

In Topic: "Stephen Miller is an immigration hypocrite"

16 August 2018 - 07:44 PM

How do you propose that they assimilate? How is bringing in more people going to fuel that antagonism? I would prefer if you explained how America is so broken and divided, because otherwise you're speaking in such vague terms that don't really offer a proper line of discussion. You can ignore the discrimination that is there if you like, but that is very much the focus of this thread already.

"Most damning is the administration's evident intent to make policy that specifically disadvantages people based on their ethnicity, country of origin and religion."


If you think that there is no discrimination, and that discussing it is not for this thread, I encourage you to read the article if you have not already, because that is the subject of the discussion.

They assimilate by having debates and getting educated and etc about the so-called white supremacy around them and other ways to sort out your differences. Also, it is very obvious that there is a huge divide in the people that think white supremacy is a thing vs isn't. Also, bringing in more minorities will of course get more people that believe they're antagonized or oppressed or etc etc.


Also, I already gave you reasons why it's justified, crime gangs, terrorism, and america is already broken.

In Topic: Colorado Baker Sues State Again

16 August 2018 - 02:38 PM

This is in debates due to being better safe than sorry. You would have thrown this thread in Debates if this happened months ago, Dad. And tbh, Colorado could have won the first case if some officials weren't idiots.

Nah there really is no way to win it at all, you can't be forced to do stuff that's against your religion even if anti discrimination laws specifically say you can be, it's just that simple.