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In Topic: Fascism runs deep here and so does the censorship.

Yesterday, 03:42 AM

ur mom runs deep in this place

In Topic: Breaking News: Sears Finally Declares Bankruptcy

15 October 2018 - 07:28 AM

So yeah, not really a surprise. They adapted incredibly poorly to the changes in retail over the last 2 decades, despite previously being the front-runner on innovation (their early adoption of mail-order by all means paved the way for future companies like Amazon, which ultimately put Sears out of business when the latter took far too long to shift toward the now internet-centric economy).

As much as I love market diversity, I feel very little pity for companies like Sears, K-Mart, or Toys 'R' Us, which refuse to shift with the market into something viable in the new age, instead blaming "the millennials" or similar buzzwords.

Like, nowadays you can practically open up your phone in a restaurant and order steel tools from china, fancy clothes from bangladesh, and some legos from denmark and amazon will have it all at your doorstep within a day or two, and that's if you don't find it in any amazon retail store, you can't beat how great and efficient and convenient that all is.

In Topic: GN64T Finals Match

15 October 2018 - 05:54 AM

Mario party is a cool gimmick, but paper mario is an awesome adventure full of so much unique stuff.

In Topic: GN64T Bronze Match

15 October 2018 - 05:50 AM

Easy majora's mask. Starfox is just some shooter game, MM is a big awesome adventure full of stuff to do

In Topic: Let it Die(Steam Release)

12 October 2018 - 05:48 AM

Before even looking up the developer, I could definitely feel a Lollipop Chainsaw vibe to it with its style and sense of humor (and ***SUBTLE*** self-awareness.)


Game's pretty sick. Uncle Death is a great character and a clever concept for a rogue-like game. Plays sorta like Dark Souls, what with the difficulty and the rolling and such, though not as clunky. Not a fan of the heartbeat mechanic, since all that seems to do is leave you stuck for trying to make progress, but I guess that ties into the free-to-play aspect of starting out weak and increasing your stamina over time with experience (and money.) Still, I'm really enjoying it so far. The English voice acting is pretty solid. Kinda curious what playing with the original voices would be like by comparison, but I'm not sure it'll make much of a difference.

This game's original voices ARE english, the japanese voice acting was added later. Also, uncle death is voiced by a finnish dude.


Also as a random tip, spend all your Death Metals on upgrading your storage(or nearly all of them), you need it to store crafting materials, healing items, and so on for later which you'll need a lot. I have 150 slots and it's not enough.


I'm on floor 21, beat the floor 20 boss pretty easily with a lot of mushrooms, then my character died in two comboes to a dude with a fire sword.