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#7104248 Black is Racist

Posted by Monosuke on 12 June 2018 - 06:32 PM



I don't get it

#7103339 Obesity

Posted by Monosuke on 06 June 2018 - 04:02 PM

1. I was talking about the underlying political, social, and economic causes of such a massive gain in human weight like capitalism marketing food, the increased availability of technology, etc.
2. I was talking about the massive health issue it's become, with people raising Medicare costs because they're too lazy to learn self-control.
3. Yes, do something, this is a massive health issue that is killing people. But then again, discovering differing opinions are the fruits of discussion.
As for the rest of the discussion... I find it weird that we have simultaneous outbreaks of overeating and starvation. Does anyone else realize how far we've fallen?

I mean, the government can't protect you from yourself and your own bad choices, especially when there isn't actually any bad/objectively bad at all times ever substance there.

Also it's really not that complicated, as countries get richer they are able to eat more difficult to find/make foods which are sometimes better, and you can't transfer that sort of economy because it takes decades to build up and goes away in a minute when mismanaged.

#7101152 PlayStation 4 enters "final phase of its life cycle"

Posted by Monosuke on 22 May 2018 - 02:06 PM

The other side of the coin is that some of the exposure the PS4 did get what as the expense of the Vita. I love to mock the Vita, and some of its most popular games, like Gravity Rush and DanganRonpa, were ported to the PS4. So while I don't doubt that those games found new life on the PS4, in a way it made the PS4 something of a dumping ground for the Vita. Like, "We need to salvage these games, since the Vita failed us." So I'm not sure if that's particularly much exposure for the PS4, because I imagine that one of the main reasons those Vita games were ported to the PS4 is because they were already popular on the Vita.

Speaking of this, since you brought up the Vita, I feel like Steam also turned into a massive Vita dumping ground. Like, I think the most glaring example is that Hyperdimension Neptunia was a very big release for the PSVita and it was good and all, but then it got ported to Steam and sold incredibly and got very high reviews. I would even say that it's one of the first games to jumpstart the trend of putting weeb/anime RPG games on steam(along with dark souls), created a huge community, and made the developers port the rest, and now even the newest game in the atelier series(which is one of the most popular PSVita games) was not released on Vita.


Also, just last year I just searched up the best games for PSVita and was pretty astonished to see that almost every game on the top lists was a game I'd either seen or just outright played on Steam with HD graphics(virtue's last reward, nights of azure, danganronpa, tokyo xanadu, trails in the sky).

#7099278 Post gifts for me

Posted by Monosuke on 10 May 2018 - 08:00 AM






#7099122 Who would win in a street fight, giga or yui?

Posted by Monosuke on 09 May 2018 - 09:12 AM

giga is white so yui




Yui is a redhead


wtf no, that's just lighting. my hair is crazy dark brown, bordering on black



#7098940 Who would win in a street fight, giga or yui?

Posted by Monosuke on 08 May 2018 - 02:40 PM


You look like DrDisrespect if he was a stoner and was even more laid back than he already is

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#7098911 Who would win in a street fight, giga or yui?

Posted by Monosuke on 08 May 2018 - 12:59 PM

Left: Giga @(temmie) | Right: @Yui, also a gatorade cup



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#7098340 YCM is dead, how can we fix this?

Posted by Monosuke on 04 May 2018 - 02:34 PM

There's nothing wrong with YCM just being a clique of the same ~30 active people or such.


Also, nobody wants to be a masochist and put their cards on CAC to see their impact on the meta and changes while accounting for a million cards and etc after registering and reading the rules and so on unless they're very very determined, they just want to make fancy tie-ins or spinoffs for themselves or their friends.

#7098212 Starbucks Scandal

Posted by Monosuke on 03 May 2018 - 04:28 PM

Tbh the settlement choice was clever. It resolved things in a way where nobody is really a bad guy at all. The fact that people are getting so worked up over it after the fact defeats that purpose.

I really feel like those two that got kicked out could've been incredible dicks to starbucks and really dragged their name into the mud or sued them hard or something, but it's really good that they just took a 1$ settlement, and I really appreciate that.

#7098195 Starbucks Scandal

Posted by Monosuke on 03 May 2018 - 03:21 PM

I have one simple question for you, what would have happened if they were white instead of black? IMO, it wouldn't have played out like this given that change, and that is the point. Also, soley basing your stuff on Fox News is not a good idea.

It would have played out exactly the same because loitering is loitering. This is no way this is racially motivated, at all.

#7095579 [V Jump] Collectors Pack 2018 News: Litmus set

Posted by Monosuke on 18 April 2018 - 10:35 AM

Is this by the same artist of the cyber angels?

#7094526 Palestinian teenager allegedly sexually harassed by Israeli interrogator

Posted by Monosuke on 13 April 2018 - 06:41 AM

Back up your claims with evidence. What makes you say this?

There's a US police rule called the 21-foot rule from a drill called the tucker drill where basically, if an assailant with a knife runs at you from 21 feet(6.4 meters), you have give or take 1.5 seconds before they reach you and fatally stab you. This was tested thousands of times, and it's pretty much proven.


That's also assuming the best case scenario, that they're at exactly 21 feet away, and that you know where the stabber is coming from, and etc, if you don't you have maybe half a second to react... at best.


#7093231 Hoshiningen Link Name Guessing

Posted by Monosuke on 07 April 2018 - 09:31 AM

Starman, fighter of the moonman

#7092012 Post And I'll Give You A Song I Like

Posted by Monosuke on 02 April 2018 - 03:42 AM


#7091464 Hallo Reborn Reborn

Posted by Monosuke on 31 March 2018 - 12:17 PM

my sides are f***ing dead



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