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In Topic: [Original Work] :Alive: Book 1: The Southern Suffering [Rated M | 18+]

Yesterday, 09:44 PM

Chapter 33: The Ends Justify the Means



In Topic: Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Yesterday, 12:01 PM

It was in what should have been Tyler’s final moments that the shadows which pursued him - Succubus and Incubus - shielded themselves as they rounded a sharp corner.  Tyler would find himself breathless, unable to swallow, and blinded by an incredibly bright light which emanated from his throat.
A crystal sphere formed in his throat, and with it, incredible pain.  The light dimmed, and the Shadows were free to pursue Tyler to his death now, lest he acts.
Tyler stumbled and crashed into the wall in front of him. His throat was closing in. He gasped for air but he couldn’t get any to his starved lungs. He was barely holding himself up with one hand against the wall, and his other hand shook as he clawed at his throat. His fingernails brushed up against something smooth and cold, near the center of his neck, but his hand was shaking too much to try and tear it free. 
Cornered, no better than a dog. Is this the way you’re going to die?” an unfamiliar voice rumbled.
Tyler dropped to his knees and clawed at the gem in his throat with both hands, frantically trying to clear his airway. “Rage, boy. Rage, and let no man or beast determine your fate for you as long as you still have a breath in your lungs.” 
He could hear the Shadows coming up behind him. Bile rose up in the back of his throat---no, not bile, it was saltwater. All Tyler could smell was the brine of the sea, and the rest of the noise in the hallway was drowned out by the deafening sound of waves crashing into the shore. “Everyone is already so sure you’re sailing down the wrong path. Form a pact with me and show them that the only path is your path.”
The crystal was starting to budge. Blood and brine stained Tyler’s hands but he tore at the gem again with renewed strength, and with a sickening rip, it finally broke free. Tyler screamed so loud that anyone within the floor could have heard it, throwing his head back in agony.
I am thou, and thou art I…Give no quarter and accept none in return!” The Shadows were within striking distance now. Tyler pushed himself to his feet, breathing heavily, and stared them down. 
He raised the crystal to his mouth and, with one move, bit down hard, shattering it into a thousand pieces. An overwhelming energy from him, and a whirlpool of water surrounded his figure, blasting the Shadows away from him. 
When the vortex died down, Tyler was standing, drenched to the bone and covered in blood, with a ghastly ship floating above him. It was much larger than Shango had been, barely able to fit inside of the hallway, and somehow it seemed to smile in the dim light. 
“Looks like you weren’t expecting this,” Tyler panted, facing the Shadow. “Don’t worry. Neither was I.”
Incubus and Succubus looked on, still hungry for a kill.  Without hesitation, they engaged Tyler by his lonesome.

In Topic: Youtubers stepping into the political ring.

18 June 2018 - 03:58 PM

This might be odd coming from me...but I'm sick and tired of politics. I want to watch my videos without being pulled into this shit. 


Sargon and Dank are kinda already political in their channels so it's w/e. But I don't want it spreading further to say gamers


There are a large number of games which are political that come to mind.  Off the top of my head, the entire Wolfenstein series comes to mind.  Would you say you want to see games be less political or you want to see less gamers becoming political?

In Topic: Father's Day 2018

17 June 2018 - 07:00 PM

My dad came over to visit and we chatted about the World Cup.


What teams do you all like?


I called my dad this morning.  He and the other half of my family are going over to the Westbank to celebrate Father's Day at my aunt's house.  My grandmother (dad's side) is recovering from a surgery at my aunt's house, so they're making it easier for her to see my dad on Father's day.

In Topic: Impervious

17 June 2018 - 03:44 PM