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#6593266 :Alive: First Warning [Ooc/started/accepting closed for Arc 1] [Co-hosted by...

Posted by Dad on 08 April 2015 - 05:46 PM

Gonna say fuck it and write up my app now.  I'm too excited for this.

Christina Yates

#6593086 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by Dad on 08 April 2015 - 11:25 AM



A familiar voice called to her from nearby.  Revy looked over her shoulder to see the ever elusive Reimu coming forth.  A smile crossed her face, as she was very happy to see her good friend again.  


“Hey, sorry for keeping you waiting here, Revy. You still want to reach the end of this along with me?”


Revy nodded, still staring at the orange sky in the distance.  "Hell yeah man," she said with a bit of excitement in her voice.  If you hadn't seen this side of her, you would say that Revy was acting very strangely, being so elated and happy while she wasn't in some kind of gun toting, bullet blazing battle.  She managed to limp over to Reimu, and greet her with a one-armed hug, using her spare arm to pull Reimu into a half-hearted, playful headlock.  She messed Reimu's hair as she held the girl close to her bosom.  "You were only gone for a little while, but I missed the hell out of ya," Revy said laughing.  Revy finally let Reimu go, and began inching towards the floating wooden platforms just ahead of them.  She sighed, wondering if this was really about to be all over.  "Can't believe we've come this far," Revy said as the glow from the sky hit her face.  She had been thinking for some time about getting through her last pathway, and it still felt strange to be where she was now.


Mostly because there was still a lot to do.  Revy stopped, turning her head back to Reimu.  "Hey.  Even if we finish this pathway, what do we do when it's all said and done?" she asked suddenly.  "I mean, if this is my last path, what's keeping the bad guys from reaching that uh, Door or whatever?  How do we know we're doin' this right?"  Revy asked as she turned her head back towards the sky.  She kept smiling however, and threw up one of her hands in disgust.  "Actually.  Let's forget I asked that.  We been through too much bullshit to worry about the future," she said laughing again.  "Fuck it.  I wanna live in the moment.  I ain't gonna trip over spilt milk."  Revy sat down with her legs swinging over the edge of the cliffside.  "Just let me know when you're ready.  I'm gonna take some weight off this leg."

#6592504 Pokemon: Expedition Acahra [IC/PG-16]

Posted by Dad on 06 April 2015 - 11:05 PM



He watched the rest of the group bail out, one by one.  The only ones who remained were T.J. himself, Doctor Stone, and Zane.  Having tracked everyone, T.J. put away his notebook and things, as he prepared to jump himself.  With Milotic at his side, he scratched the back of her head.  "Ready, girl?"  She slithered under T.J., and forced him onto her back.  He nodded, turning to Stone and Zane, who would likely be carried by the Charizard.  "See you guys on the ground," he said as Mickey whined, and dove out of the plane.  He could hear the plane shattering as it lost altitude, sending scraps of metal whizzing past his head at incredible speeds.  Mickey dodged them flawlessly, as she floated carefully to the ground.  A few hundred feet below, he could see a Will-o-Wisp being fired into the air, likely being used as a flare.  "Mickey, there!" he called over the roaring air.  She acknowledged her trainer, and changed course towards the fireball.  As they fell, T.J. could feel the ground approaching faster and faster.  Though Milotic was strong, she was still heavy.  The duo would have to brace for impact.  "Mickey!  Safeguard!" he called to the Milotic.  She reacted quickly, as a powerful aura began to surround the Milotic and her trainer.  Narrowly avoiding some trees and slithering through branches and debris, Milotic landed as softly as she could.


T.J. rolled away from Mickey just milliseconds before impact, to ease the burden of her landing. Luckily, Mickey reacted, and coiled herself tightly, catching T.J. as she landed before him.  This saved them both a lot of pain, and a lot of damage. T.J. however hadn't expected Milotic to catch him, as he looked up at Mickey from the ground, wrapped by her tail.  "Thanks, Mickey.  You rest up now," he said with a smile.  Mickey rubbed her head against his face, directing his attention to Zack.  T.J. got to his feet as fast as he could, rolling his shoulder as he made his way towards Zack.  He raised a Pokeball from his side, and turned it towards the Milotic.  "Mickey, return," he called as he now stood behind Zack.  She would need to rest after this ordeal, brief as it may have been.  "Hey," he said placing a hand on Zack's shoulder.  "How did you fai--ah shit," he said looking forward in the same direction as Zack.  Dozens of eyes were staring right back at them, and T.J. was clueless to tell who or what was behind them.  And so, his only logical reaction was to ready a Pokeball in his right hand.  "Well.  Nothin' like entering dangerous territory and comin' up on locals in a bad way, right?" he said sarcastically.

#6591252 Pokemon: Expedition Acahra [OOC/PG-16/Started]

Posted by Dad on 04 April 2015 - 07:03 PM

Was hoping for something dangerous to happen so that Maks could accidentally walk in on the mayhem


Is a crashing plane not dangerous enough?  xD

#6586774 Synchro Frame: Conception [IC]

Posted by Dad on 28 March 2015 - 04:28 PM

Zalwara & Nisaria


“I’m still quite new to this, so, hopefully you’ll point out my mistakes here, Vice-Admiral~!”


"I'd be glad to, Nisaria," Zalwara said as he tightened his grip on his bokken.  Just before the duel began, he saw a shadow behind Nisaria disappear towards the main deck.  "Takeo?"  He quickly turned his attention back to Nisaria, who had begun his assault.  He charged Zalwara, carefully, tactfully.  Three swift stabs with his bokken, in an attempt to end the duel quickly.  However, Zalwara parried them all.  "Perhaps I should change my approach," he said jokingly.  Zalwara nodded, and Nisaria continued.  Another flurry of strikes.  Right strike, left strike, stab, stab, left strike.  It was a more elegant form of boxing.  And these two were duking it out.  Right strike.  Parry.  Right strike.  Parry.  Quick stab.  Parry.  Slash.  Parry.  It wasn't enough.  Zalwara grew anxious now, and went on the offensive.  Another slice came at Zalwara's left, but he parried it again, this time knocking the opposing Bokken upwards and out of Nisaria's hand.  Then, Zalwara stopped, bopping Nisaria on the head, as Hodges swung his arm downward, declaring the first duel over.  "How are you treating this, Nisaria?"


The young man rubbed his head.  "Vice Admiral, that hurt," he said picking up his bokken.  


"Yes.  And on the battlefield, it will kill you."  Zalwara took a few steps back, and sat down on the tatami, folding his legs.  "I don't believe you're taking this seriously," he said sternly.  Nisaria sighed in reply.  


"Well, I did say I was new to this.  What would you have me do, Vice Admiral~?" he said with an earnest smile.  He too sat down on the tatami across from Zalwara.  "I guess I could feign interest.  At least long enough to learn something about this guy."


"It is difficult to say 'what you are doing wrong', because that is not the nature of this martial art.  Rather, I must reshape your train of thought, your focus, to better grasp this training, and hopefully apply it outside of these walls."  It was pretty obvious that Zalwara was serious, but this was still a bit much for Nisaria.  "Instead of sparring, we should talk first."


"Oh boy," Nisaria thought.  He prepared to stay for the lecture by leaning back on the palms of his hands and relaxing a bit.  "What did you have in mind, Vice Admiral?"


"I will touch briefly on three things:  Your swiftness, your force, and your strength.  And from what I grasp, you are mixing two of the three.  Your strikes are empty, without purpose.  You seek to defeat me, but you do not seek to kill me.  From now on, you will see me as you would an enemy on the battlefield.  I am here to kill you, and you are here to kill me."


Nisaria was taken slightly aback, but he understood.  "Okay then.  Let's get to it."  They both stood to their feet, and Zalwara approached Nisaria, loosely holding his bokken.  "Imitate my stance," Zalwara said as he spread his legs out, and raised his bokken to his chest.  Placing both hands on the guard, he watched Nisaria mimic him exactly.


"Good.   Now keep your eyes forward.  And without watching me, I want you to move as I move.  But first," he said taking a deep breath.  "Find your center.  Breathe.  You are your surroundings.  You must be tranquil, and aware."  Nisaria cooperated, and took a long, deep breath.  "Exhale slowly, careful not to exert your lungs."  They exhaled slowly, and Zalwara nodded.  "Good.  Now.  Do as I do.  You are fast, Nisaria, but you are not swift."


Zalwara quickly dropped his left hand, and swung wide left with his right hand, crossing over his own arm, and striking behind himself, over his chest, and across his heart in one motion.  No other part of him moved, as he returned the arc motion back to his two handed guard posture.  Nisaria only caught a glimpse of the motion, and copied it as best he could.  While Nisaria copied the motion accurately, Zalwara continued.  "Now.  To be swift you must visualize your body through the eyes of the enemy.  What you just did is a simple one armed motion used to defend and attack the enemy before you, behind you, beside you, and beneath you.  This will be a basic maneuver you find me referring to often.  Remember.  As your blood flows throughout your body, let your body flow with it.  Your strikes should not be tense, but swift.  Let your movements be fluid, like a river."  Starting the one armed motion again, Zalwara dropped his left hand.  This time, striking out as he returned from the initial arc, and returning to his two handed guard stance.  "Try it."


And Nisaria did, successfully.  He was a fast learner.  "Good.  We may get through this sooner than I believed.  One more motion.  This time, more complicated."  Nisaria nodded, his eyes still forward.  Zalwara dropped his left hand again, and began the arc motion.  As he entered the half arc, he entered and exited the two handed guard with extremely precise and quick motion, completed his arc, and struck outwards.  Then, returning to the two handed guard stance, he kept moving, seamlessly.  With both hands still on his bokken, he created a reverse of the initial arc motion, on the opposite side of his body, exited and entered the two handed guard again, struck outwards, and returned to standing position.  When he had finished, he took a deep breath, and exhaled slowly.  "Try it," Zalwara said standing back.


Not to his surprise, Nisaria nearly grasped it the first time around.  However, after nearly striking Zalwara in the face, Zalwara made Nisaria return to starting position.  "Try it again.  Don't listen to me.  Listen to your body.  You can move flawlessly.  And you will.  Now.  Again."  Nisaria moved, but cramped his left arm entering and exiting the two handed guard.  "Again."  He failed.  "Again."  He failed.  "Again."  He . . . succeeded.  "Good.  Now.  Put those movements together in succession.  Three times."  Zalwara stepped back again, and watched.  And Nisaria moved flawlessly.  "What you are doing is a method referred to as the 'Solid Guard'.  While you will not always use every motion, you will find that you will be able to better interact with enemies who surround."


"I almost feel like I'm just flailing about," Nisaria said finishing his movements.  He took a deep breath, and exhaled slowly.


"Then perhaps you'd like to try it," Zalwara said ushering over Hodges.  Zalwara stood in front of Nisaria, and Hodges stood behind the young man, with a bokken in hand.  "Do not move from that position, Nisaria."  Nisaria raised an eyebrow, but readied himself, entering the two handed guard.  Zalwara nodded to Hodges, who nodded in kind.  They circled Nisaria, and Zalwara went first.  An over head slash.  Parry.  From behind, a swift stab.  Parried.  At the same time.  And this was the arc motion, half arc.  Zalwara said nothing, trying not to smile.  they continued circling Nisaria, and Zalwara came from his back this time.  Hodges lunged with a series of swift stabs.  Parry.  Parry.  Counter?  Raising back into the two handed guard, Nisaria unintentionally disarmed Hodges.  Zalwara stopped, almost in shock.  Hodges laughed it off, retrieving his bokken, and returning it to its place.  "Let's move on to force," Zalwara said.


"What's the difference between force and strength?" Nisaria asked right away.  


"Force does not determine the power of your strikes.  It determines their validity.  How solid are your strikes?  What purpose do they serve?  Do you intend to disarm?  Wound?  Maim?  Kill?  That is force," Zalwara said as he now stood before Nisaria.  "Now.  Come at me."


Nisaria obliged.  Overhead strike.  Parry.  Underhand strike.  Parry.  Quick right slash.  Parry.  "Stop.  What is your aim?"  Nisaria stopped.  "I'm not sure actually.  What did you wan--"


"It's not about what I want.  What do you want?  Do you intend to kill me?  Force, Nisaria, is much like a powerful storm.  You cannot determine its value.  But you can sweep your enemy away, knock them off balance, surprise them, and out think them.  Blow your enemy away, like a typhoon." Zalwara said referencing himself from earlier.


Nisaria understood, and the duel resumed.  This time, they went blow for blow.  Their bokken clashed, clashed, and clashed again.  Nisaria and Zalwara were thinking alike.  Then Nisaria decided on something else.  Zalwara purposely kept his attack pattern the same, to provide an opening.  And Nisaria saw it, and took it.  He had successfully disarmed Zalwara.  "Excellent.  Force and strength are the two simplest of techniques.  And when you're ready, we'll move on to strength."


Nisaria nodded, stepping back, and exhaling.  "So, if force is essentially just, I guess, my analysis of combat, and applying a strategy to the scenario, then what is strength?"


Zalwara chuckled.  "It is just what you think it is.  It is the strength of your blows.  Your blows should leave your enemy breathless, lifeless, stinging.  You should burn away their hope, like a raging fire."


Nisaria laughed.  "I feel like I've heard this somewhere before," he said rubbing his head.  


Zalwara nodded.  "You may have.  It was in one of Admiral Takeo's addresses to several developing units, some years ago, just as I was coming aboard the Dark Tide.  But now," he said retrieving his bokken.  "Let's end this properly, shall we?" he said entering the two handed guard.  


Meanwhile, Hodges sat back and watched in amazement, as Nisaria picked up something that took him several months, in a matter of an hour.  "That's pretty damn impressive," he mumbled to himself.  In the end, Nisaria and Zalwara settled their duels at five to three, with Zalwara being up by two.  


"That was interesting, to say the least," Nisaria said taking a seat.  "Why all the trouble to teach me, Vice Admiral?"


Zalwara remained silent for a moment, sitting opposite of Nisaria.  "You struck my curiosity, Nisaria.  And I have keen senses.  I know when someone with potential shows their face, that I should seek to help them grow."


"Potential?  I don't--"


"I do not believe myself immortal, Nisaria.  I will likely never have a family.  And so I must leave my mark somewhere.  I'm starting it with you."


Nisaria stared blankly, as Hodges took that as his note to leave.  "Well, why me?" he asked finally.  "Because--" Zalwara caught himself.  "I am unable to say at this time.  Whether you choose to follow me, is entirely your decision.  However, I am grateful for the time you've spent training with me today.  Thank you," he said standing to his feet.  "But, I should prepare for the upcoming battle.  As should you," Zalwara said grabbing his uniform.  "I'll see you again soon, Nisaria."


Nisaria remained seated for a while, trying to further analyze Zalwara's train of thought.  "He's a weird one, alright."

#6585621 Pokemon: Expedition Acahra [OOC/PG-16/Started]

Posted by Dad on 26 March 2015 - 03:49 PM



*Red Text indicates a character that is behind others.  They may not have replied in a substantial amount of time.

*Green Text indicates a recent post was made with this character, and this character is up to date in game.


Mr. Gherkin (Lord CowCow) - Currently being carried to safety by Elgyem and its Psychic, in the Acahra Skies


Zack (Lord CowCow) - Aboard the crashing Devon Plane, trying to see others to safety.  Has offered to have Requiem (Dusknoir) lift others to safety.


Zane (The Robot Devil) - Aboard the crashing Devon Plane, trying to see others to safety.  Has offered to have Toby (Charizard) lift others to safety.  Was addressed by Gregory Stone.


Timothy (Hi I'm Dad) - Aboard the crashing Devon Plane, trying to to see others to safety.  Waiting to confirm the names of all trainers aboard the plane for headcount.  Has offered to have Mickey (Milotic) lift others to safety.


Tayla & RNA (Talim Rave) - Aboard the crashing Devon Plane.  Recently investigate the cause of the plane's mechanical issues, and determined it was sabotage.  RNA has offered to have Battery (Magenzone) lift others to safety.  Tayla has been forced onto her Magnezone by Gregory Stone.


Gregory Stone (Ketodama) - Aboard the crashing Devon Plane.  Shoved Tayla onto her Magnezone because she was talkin' entirely too much because she was spouting useless information.  Recently addressed Toby (Zane's Charizard) per request for a lift to safety.


Sophia Joy (Sethera) - Aboard the crashing Devon Plane.  Recently addressed Tayla pre request for a lift to safety.


Itzel (UnendingEmpire) - Aboard the crashing Devon Plane, trying to see others to safety.  Has offered to have Captain (Braviary) lift others to safety.


Maks (~Renegade~) - Aboard the crashing Devon Plane.  Has not yet reacted to the fact that the giant metal trap he is currently in is falling towards the earth at an increasing rate of speed.  Was recently addressed by Itzel.


If I missed anyone, please let me know.

#6584798 Unlisted Rules Of YCM

Posted by Dad on 24 March 2015 - 06:02 PM

26.  If you're not prepared for trolls, you shouldn't be here.

27.  Your feelings will get hurt at some point or another.

28.  Do not feed Zai,

#6583078 Fatal shooting by Border Patrol agent on U.S.-Canada border.

Posted by Dad on 21 March 2015 - 10:47 AM

Sounds like this guy was actually a threat.  They found a hatchet in his backpack later, and he was already wanted for murder.  Perhaps it was less of a fail this time.

#6582136 Parasyte: the Maxim

Posted by Dad on 19 March 2015 - 12:40 PM

Just watched episode 23 >.< Before I say anything though; how do I create a spoiler (that box thing to keep the spoilers within).


Wouldn't had it been nice if Shinichi and Kana hooked up? I find her more attractive than his main chick and a lot more interesting, but Kana was just too much. Why did they make her so obsessive over Shinichi... 0,0 Her dream though cx


Spoilers are made as followed (without the asterisk).


[*spoiler=Title of Spoiler]

Insert Text Here[*/spoiler]


Kana's dream was pretty crazy, and she was cute, but I like Shinichi's relationship Satomi.  It develops well, and

Spoiler Alert

#6580991 League of Legends

Posted by Dad on 17 March 2015 - 12:33 AM

Just wanted to remind you guys that this actually happened.


#6578651 The Unofficial "Good News" Thread

Posted by Dad on 12 March 2015 - 04:04 PM

This is a good idea.  However, there needs to be a format.  Just pasting links is a bit messy and looks bad.  Perhaps something like


[insert link here]


Brief description of what is entailed in said link.


This would make the posts clean, informed, and keep the good news nature as well.

#6576689 [Icy] Lord Emperor - Red-Eyes Archfiend

Posted by Dad on 07 March 2015 - 07:08 PM

Really digging the art.  The effect really feels fiendish, evil even.  That being said, the 0 ATK is what makes this card for me.  I'm not sure why, but that's totally the clincher in my opinion.

#6576645 [Thar] Long exposure

Posted by Dad on 07 March 2015 - 04:33 PM

This reminds me a lot of the Neon writings and paintings that could be made in Infamous First Light and Second Son.  These are beautiful imo, and I'm really diggin' it.

#6575020 LAPD shoot and kill man on the ground.

Posted by Dad on 04 March 2015 - 08:55 PM

The cop should be baked in a big oven. That is all the retarded bitch deserves.


Let me go ahead and do this since no one else will.


Get the fuck out.  Because it's this stupid ass mentality from fuckheads like you that not only worsens the problem, but harms everyone else at the same time.  You have very poor indication of what happened, as well as everyone else who has seen the video.  You may not agree with it, I may not agree with it, but wishing death on someone else is the type of mentality that makes people end up in the exact situation this victim was in.  When you fill your head with that bullshit, you'll be the next motherfucker laid out on the street, in cold blood.  Because you're too busy taking sides and going on a "fuck the police" spree.  Regardless of what caused your ignorant ass response, I sincerely hope you don't come back here with that bullshit again.

#6569470 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by Dad on 21 February 2015 - 01:26 PM



A wide grin appeared across her face when she saw Reimu smile.  Maybe she hadn't met that special someone yet, but considering how long it took Revy to do the same, Reimu had plenty of time.  But now that they were both in fighting spirits, Revy felt good, as Reimu extended a hand to her.  Reaching out, Revy accepted, and struggled to her feet.  She rolled her shoulder, and stretched her arms wide.  "Sounds like a plan, bud."  Revy took another swig from her flask, and opened Reimu's hand to receive it.  "Could be our last drink together," Revy said jokingly.  Secretly, Revy was hoping that wasn't the case.  Reimu may not have considered Revy a friend so much as she was an acquaintance, but Revy liked Reimu.  She didn't have many female companions, truth be told.  Save for Balalaika and one or two others, most of Revy's friends were guys.  But here, she felt Reimu was cool enough that she could call Reimu a friend, even if it wasn't returned.   At least, if she died here, she could say she had lived her life finally.  Love, friendship, rivalry.  She had done it all.  Dying now would be . . . 




"Let's go kill some assholes," she said anxious now.  Revy took the time to admire her guns against the harsh winds and dry environment.  Even then, in all of the dust, their lethal potential shined bright like the platinum they were coated in.