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#6576689 [Icy] Lord Emperor - Red-Eyes Archfiend

Posted by Dad on 07 March 2015 - 07:08 PM

Really digging the art.  The effect really feels fiendish, evil even.  That being said, the 0 ATK is what makes this card for me.  I'm not sure why, but that's totally the clincher in my opinion.

#6576645 [Thar] Long exposure

Posted by Dad on 07 March 2015 - 04:33 PM

This reminds me a lot of the Neon writings and paintings that could be made in Infamous First Light and Second Son.  These are beautiful imo, and I'm really diggin' it.

#6575020 LAPD shoot and kill man on the ground.

Posted by Dad on 04 March 2015 - 08:55 PM

The cop should be baked in a big oven. That is all the retarded bitch deserves.


Let me go ahead and do this since no one else will.


Get the fuck out.  Because it's this stupid ass mentality from fuckheads like you that not only worsens the problem, but harms everyone else at the same time.  You have very poor indication of what happened, as well as everyone else who has seen the video.  You may not agree with it, I may not agree with it, but wishing death on someone else is the type of mentality that makes people end up in the exact situation this victim was in.  When you fill your head with that bullshit, you'll be the next motherfucker laid out on the street, in cold blood.  Because you're too busy taking sides and going on a "fuck the police" spree.  Regardless of what caused your ignorant ass response, I sincerely hope you don't come back here with that bullshit again.

#6569470 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by Dad on 21 February 2015 - 01:26 PM



A wide grin appeared across her face when she saw Reimu smile.  Maybe she hadn't met that special someone yet, but considering how long it took Revy to do the same, Reimu had plenty of time.  But now that they were both in fighting spirits, Revy felt good, as Reimu extended a hand to her.  Reaching out, Revy accepted, and struggled to her feet.  She rolled her shoulder, and stretched her arms wide.  "Sounds like a plan, bud."  Revy took another swig from her flask, and opened Reimu's hand to receive it.  "Could be our last drink together," Revy said jokingly.  Secretly, Revy was hoping that wasn't the case.  Reimu may not have considered Revy a friend so much as she was an acquaintance, but Revy liked Reimu.  She didn't have many female companions, truth be told.  Save for Balalaika and one or two others, most of Revy's friends were guys.  But here, she felt Reimu was cool enough that she could call Reimu a friend, even if it wasn't returned.   At least, if she died here, she could say she had lived her life finally.  Love, friendship, rivalry.  She had done it all.  Dying now would be . . . 




"Let's go kill some assholes," she said anxious now.  Revy took the time to admire her guns against the harsh winds and dry environment.  Even then, in all of the dust, their lethal potential shined bright like the platinum they were coated in.  

#6568544 Synchro Frame: Conception [IC]

Posted by Dad on 19 February 2015 - 05:39 PM



"Excuse me, Lauren.  It's just occurred to me that I've forgotten to check in with a comrade.  I'm hoping he has some information for me," Take said getting to his feet.  Excusing himself from the room once more, Takeo closed the door behind him and dialed several numbers into his personal cell phone.


You could tell he was smiling over the phone.  Takeo, that is.  "Michael," he said quickly.  "I trust my old comrade is doing well?" he said happily.  Their days on the battlefield together were some time ago, but as far as Takeo was concerned, both himself and Michael were in their prime.  "I won't tarry.  I need a status report from you.  What have you got for--oh, seems I'm receiving another call.  Just a moment," he said before Michael had the chance to reply.  


"Takeo speaking."


"I'd like to apologize," he said immediately.


Takeo said nothing, trying not to laugh.  "Zalwara, it's nothing.  I understand--"


"Wait, let me finish," Zalwara said interrupting Takeo.


As Zalwara began to go on apologizing, Takeo sneakily turned the separated lines into a 3-way call.  Michael could now hear everything between Zalwara and Takeo.  " . . and I was out of line.  There was no reason for me to snap at you, and I am sorry, Admiral."


At last, Takeo burst out laughing.  "Do you hear this Michael?"


Zalwara was stunned.  "Michael?  Wha--what's going on?  Is he on the line?"


"That he is Zalwara," Takeo said chuckling.  "And your attempt to be sorry, while genuine, was impossibly terrible.  Oh dear, I think I'm crying with laughter."


"Typical," Zalwara snapped.  "I come to you with respect and you spit in my face.  Not to mention embarrassing me in front of your former running buddy.  What are two old men doing chatting anyway?  On about your prunes?  Maybe you're fascinated with the weather?  Or are you trying to relive your glory days pretending to be under forty again?"


Takeo would have been angry, but he couldn't take Zalwara seriously.  He continued laughing, stopping only to tell Zalwara what was going on.  "Zalwara, you can be angry at another time," Takeo said wiping tears from his eyes.  "Right now--ehem," he said clearing his throat.  "Right now, I've contacted Michael for some news.  And since you're here, you may as well listen in."


On the other end of the phone, Zalwara scoffed.  "Fine.  Spit it out, old man."


"Michael.  What have you recovered?"







She turned around as someone called her name.  


"Is something wrong, Schneke?"


It was the twins.  But now, somehow, Melissa couldn't immediately tell them apart.  When she heard their voices, she was slightly taken aback.  This was still something she was getting used to.  She laughed a little, before remembering why she had disturbed everyone.  "I managed to prepare the food anyway, despite our last minute upheaval," she said at last with a big grin.  Walking over and separating the twins, she managed to take them both by the arm and have them walk her to the dining area.  The food was still hot, and Mel waited for their opinions.


"I hope you're hungry," she said blushing ever so slightly.  "Oh but, before we eat . . .which of you--?" Melissa turned to the twins and ran her hands on either side of the twin's faces.  Still, she couldn't tell them apart.  She put a finger to her lips, still at a loss.  "Hmm."  Then, Melissa got an idea.  Cautiously, but passionately, she kissed one twin at a time.  Starting with who she didn't know was Heinreich.  When she got to Johan, she could tell it was him.  It wasn't the way he breathed, it wasn't the way he smelled.  There was just a distinct difference between Johan and Heinreich that, with a kiss, Melissa could feel.  She snatched him by the arm away from his twin.  "No more confusing me," she said giggling.  "I'm already blind," she said as she continued to laugh at herself.

#6565765 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by Dad on 14 February 2015 - 02:01 AM

Kenpachi & Yachiru


They didn't speak for a long time.  Escaping the mirror world at last, Kenpachi stood high over what appeared to be an endless drop.  Before him, wooden platforms floated mysteriously, awaiting a presence.  There was no one else clearly in sight, and all was quiet.  Finally, Kenpachi apologized.  "I'm sorry for that," he said without looking at his shoulder.  Yachiru only smiled, kissing Kenpachi on the cheek.  He smiled in reply as well, before taking a step forward.  "I guess you already know what I was thinking then?" he asked.  Yachiru nodded.  "I can usually tell," she giggled.  Kenpachi approached the wooden platform, and his feet seemed to be grounded to it immediately.  There was a powerful suction in which he could now escape, and he could feel the platform begin to move beneath him.  From what he gathered, Kenpachi could understand that the platform was reacting to his thoughts.  He urged the platform forward, and together with Yachiru they took to the skies.  Soaring through the orange sky, specters lunged at the duo out of the thick clouds.  Kenpachi and Yachiru remained calm, allowing the specters to pass through them without worry.  But, before long, their eyes were drawn to a powerful flame, billowing smoke coming from beneath them.  At first glance, the duo were sure they were hallucinating.  But looking again, they were both horrified.  Kenpachi stuttered, outraged and furious.  He tugged towards the scene below, but the platform would not let him fall.  "The Seireitei?  The Seireitei!!" he roared.  "Why does our world burn!?"


Yachiru clasped her mouth with her hand, as she could see victims of the impossibly large fire below running about, dropping like moths.  She was the first to regain control, even sobbing at this horrible sight.  She turned her head from the Seireitei below, and hugged Kenpachi tightly.  "Kenny.  Kenny!" she yelled at him.  "It's a part of the path, Kenny.  Remember?"  Yachiru sighed, wiping her eyes.  "We may not even have a world to go back to," she said solemnly.  


Kenpachi gasped at this, recalling Arthuria's words.  "You're right," he said at last.  Forcefully pulling his head away from the nightmare he was witnessing, Kenpachi focused on reaching the end of the pathway.  Besides, he still had unfinished business to attend to.  There was a vengeance burning in his heart.  The odd part was, Kenpachi was not angry because Kratos had killed his comrade.  No, this was different.


As they approached the staircase that seemed to climb into the heavens, Yachiru posed a question to her best friend.  "Kenny, why are you really mad at baldy?"  Kenpachi chuckled, leaping miles and miles of stairs at a time.  "He lied to me," he said at last.  "I trusted him.  I believed him.  The worst thing you can do to a friend--no, an ally-- is to lie about something that means so much to them," he said angrily.  "That's why I'm angry.  He didn't just betray my trust.  He betrayed our title as allies.  And until I get the truth, he is my enemy," Kenpachi finished.  There was conviction in his voice.  A determination like a wolf to a fresh corpse.  "And he will get every bit of my rage.  Nothing will change that.  And anyone who gets in my way will see the same."  Yachiru remained silent.  She was admittedly frightened, concerned that Kenpachi would hurt an innocent, but she tried her best to assure herself that wouldn't happen.


They had reached the top of the staircase, and of course a barrier lie in wait for them, blocking their passage to the next trial.  A question was given to the pair, and Kenpachi answered first, and quickly.


‘Are you content with your present self’?


"Yes," he said immediately.  "I wouldn't change any of it."


Yachiru hesitated.  She wasn't sure at first, but being side by side with Kenny was all that had ever mattered to her.  After all they had been through, she would never want this to change.  "Yes," she said at last.  The barrier shattered, and a crystal that was once out of reach was now inches before them.  Placing her hand on top of Kenpachi's, Yachiru looked up at him.  Kenpachi assured her trust with a smile, and grabbed at the crystal before them.  Moments later, they were surrounded by powerful energies, and were being whisked away in a swirl of colors, until they had returned to the White Room


Ending Location:  White Room







It was easy to tell that Reimu was holding something back, but Revy knew better than to press for answers she didn't want.  If and when Reimu was ready, she would talk.  Holstering her guns, Revy sighed, as Reimu gathered herself.


“Heya Revy, ready to continue? I’ll carry you again if necessary.


We’re still quite far from the end, so let’s get going!”


"Sure bud," she said managing to get to a leg up.  She hopped her way over, and gently braced her back to Reimu's.  "Okay, I'll be good this time," she joked.  "But if we get some nasties thrown our way, I refuse to not lend you a hand.  Unless you're like, a god or something," she said not realizing this was actually a factor.  "But uh, if this convo happens again, we should have it over drinks.  Maybe you'll be okay with opening up."





Kenpachi & Yachiru


Only one door remained before them.  The door to Remembrance taunted Kenpachi, but only maid Yachiru more nervous.  She could only guess that things were about to escalate quickly.  She tugged at Kenpachi's robes.  "Kenny," she said softly.  He didn't look down at her.  "This is it," he replied.  She kept tugging at his robes.  "Kenny," she said softly.  Kenpachi finally turned down to face his friend.  "What's wrong?"  "I don't like this," she said at last.


Kenpachi didn't frown.  He expected this from Yachiru.  "I know," he said taking a knee.  "Talk to me," he requested.


"I know you're mad," she said quickly.  "I am too."


She's being honest.


"But after seeing you kill that angel, the way you did . . ."


She's afraid.


"I don't want to see that again, Kenny.  Or worse," she said looking down.


She's doubtful.


"I know you're strong Kenny, but when you get angry, you become a different person."


This wasn't the same case.  "This is a different scenario, Yachiru," he said plainly.


"I know," she said nodding.  "But what if you do go mad again?" 


This time, a different voice stepped in.  "I won't allow that.  Not again," it hissed.  Nozarashi spoke aloud.






"Then, you were conscious when everything happened?" Kenpachi asked.  The Zanpaktou did not reply right away.  It sighed, admitting to it's fault.  "Unfortunately, yes.  You had such a sudden burst in power that I thought I would crack under the pressure," it said at last.  "But now I understand why.  And I won't let you turn into a black mold, Kenpachi Zaraki.  That is my will."  Kenpachi did not answer.  Nozarashi hissed.  "If you attempt to use my power without control, I will turn against you, Kenpachi."  The Soul Reaper looked to his Zanpaktou in shock.  "What?"  Nozarashi hissed again.  "If you do not learn control, Kenpachi, you will never hear my voice again.  Your rage is a purity.  It is powerful, even when raw.  But you said something that made me realize you could be even stronger," the blade said to Kenpachi.  "You said you would go to any lengths for this girl, correct?"


Kenpachi nodded, "Yes."


"Then if you really care about her, you will concentrate your uncontrolled rage, and manifest it.  Just as you would with Kendo," it said.  


"And how do I do that?"


"You already know how, fool," Nozarashi laughed.  "I can't teach you something you already know."


Kenpachi thought about it, and finally understood what the Zanpaktou was getting at.  "Okay then, Nozarashi," Kenpachi said standing up.  "I got it."


"Are you certain?  Because I will not aid you if you betray me," it said sternly.


Kenpachi tightened his grip, reassuring his Zanpaktou.  "You have my word."


"Then you have my blade."


Yachiru smiled, putting a hand over Kenpachi's own.  "And my hand," she said grinning ear to ear.  Kenpachi turned his head to the door, and ripped it off of it's hinges, tossing it behind him.  Now, an icy wind blew over himself and Yachiru as the pathway to Remembrance was revealed to them.  "Let's end this quickly," he said stepping inside, with Yachiru on his heels.





He could see his opponent, not far off.  Even in this blizzard, Kratos' tattoo and figure were a dead giveaway.  Kenpachi did not attempt to surprise the warrior, but loudly called out to him from afar.


"Kratos!" he roared.


The man turned around to see his comrades approaching through the heavy snow.  Chuckling, Kratos began to walk towards Kenpachi and Yachiru.  "It is good to see you, Kenpachi!" he called through the snowstorm.  Kenpachi was not smiling, and did not return Kratos' call.  When they had gotten closer, Kratos stuck out a hand in greeting.  "How do you fare?" he asked.  Kenpachi brushed past Kratos gently, ignoring his hand.  Kratos was somewhat put off, but he let it go.  "We've done a lot, Kratos," Kenpachi said slowly.  His back to Kratos, Kenpachi looked on to spot a forest far ahead of them.  It would be better to take on Kratos here, in the clearance, than in the forest.  Yachiru hopped down from Kenpachi's shoulders, and began to slowly draw away from the two warriors.  "What troubles you, Kenpachi?" Kratos asked at last.  He turned to see Yachiru stepping away, wondering where she was getting to.


"You do, Kratos!" he said turning his blade and his face to Kratos.


He did not flinch.  Kratos instead pushed Nozarashi away from his neck.  "Why do you turn your blade to me, Kenpachi?" he said calmly.  


"You lied to me, Kratos.  You did not tell me it was you who had slain my comrade."


"What?  The man of pe--"


"The man of cherry blossoms!" he barked.  "You told me, Kratos--you told me was killed and that you intended to avenge him.  You made it seem as though you were simply an innocent party who arrived too late.  Whether he was corrupted or not, you did not tell me he died at your hands," Kenpachi said gripping Nozarashi tightly.


Kratos continued looking Kenpachi in the eye.  "I was only defending myself, Kenpachi.  I would not strike down our ally without cause."


"Just cause, huh?  Because right now," he said as his aura began to build.  "I have enough cause to rip your head from your spine," Kenpachi said angrily.


"Do not make me your enemy, Kenpachi.  Your ally is--was--my ally as well.  He did not die in vain.  I slay the Divine for him, and the other innocent who suffer.  I am striving to rebuild our many universes for our betterment," Kratos said taking a step backwards.  Kenpachi did not sway, and took a step inwards.  "I am sorry for your loss, but I did what I had to do.  Not just for myself, but for the rest of our allies as well."


"I could understand that, Kratos.  That is, if you had been honest with me.  But by omitting the truth, you make me look like a fool.  He lied there, with your blade in his chest, and you executed him by stabbing his heart."


"How did you--"


"It doesn't matter how I know!"  He was furious.  "I'm the one asking the questions here, you scum.  You killed one of our own!"


"You're wrong, Kenpachi."  


Now, Kenpachi was even angrier.  He put both hands on his blade, and his aura had since tripled in size.  The overwhelming golden glow now burned away the snow around Kratos and Kenpachi.  "Then show me the truth, Kratos.  Show me the man who defeated one of the greatest Soul Reapers I've ever known.  Show me the god killer!" he bellowed.


Kratos obliged, drawing both his blades.  "I did promise you we would do battle, Kenpachi.  I did not think it would be on these circumstances."  Kratos, in return, struck first, swinging his blades wide, forcing Kenpachi to make space.  At first, they simply walked around each other.  They circled one another widely, neither budging yet.  But they both knew this would not be a long range fight.  Yachiru put a shield around herself, and watched from a distance.  "Please don't kill him, Kenny," she whispered to herself.


Kenpachi could feel the difference of his rage now.  Nozarashi was right.  It was completely opposite to what he had been through before.  He stopped in place, holding both hands on his Zanpaktou.  He spaced his legs, and began to focus deeply.  His aura swelled more now, even until it reached the tip of Kratos' nose some kilometer away.  Kratos did not wait for his opponent, lunging forward at blinding speed.  But Kenpachi read him.  As Kratos slowed by a fraction of a second, Kenpachi reached out with the hilt of his blade, and swung wide left, sending Kratos spinning towards the forest.  Refusing to allow him to recover, Kenpachi dashed after him.  Nozarashi raised high, he brought it down on Kratos, who was still spinning.  Unfortunately, Kratos was spinning too fast, and Nozarashi met the one thing it could not cut.  The Golden Fleece.  Kratos crashed into a tree, and Kenpachi was forced far back, after accidentally striking the Golden Fleece.  Kratos struggled to get up, his right arm wringing.  Looking at the fleece, it was still in perfect condition.  It's lore had held true.  The Golden Fleece could not be broken.  Then what of Nozarashi, the blade that could cut anything?


Kenpachi shook his head, standing up straight at last.  "What was that?" he said aloud.


"The Golden Fleece," Kratos remarked.  "It cannot be cut, Kenpachi.  Even by you."


"Guess I'll have to stab you elsewhere," the Soul Reaper retorted.  


They lunged at each other again, but Kratos found the advantage first.  Kenpachi was forced to slow his strikes by using two hands, and missed an upward slash at Kratos.  The bald warrior rolled right and delivered a powerful kick to Kenpachi's back.  He landed on his face, but quickly recovered.  Kenpachi turned around just in time to see Kratos' blades in the air.  Kenpachi guarded the overhead strike, but it was not aimed directly at him.  When Kratos' Blades of Fury came down, there was so much force that the ground erupted in flames around Kenpachi, sending him into the air.  Kratos kept up the assault, chasing Kenpach in the air while assuming he had the aerial advantage.  With his wings spread, Kratos' unleashed a barrage of lightning fast slashes at Kenpachi, who received them, but willingly.  He watched Kratos' blades carefully, and on the fifth strike, Kenpachi grabbed one of Kratos' chains and pulled him in.  Kratos was in shock, and was met with a powerful headbutt, sending him crashing to the ground below.  Kenpachi bled, but Kratos could feel his head pounding.  Getting up, he stared at Kenpachi, who stared back.




Kenpachi looked around.  Initially, Kratos called to the emptiness around him it seemed.  There was no one in sight besides Kratos and Yachiru.  But then, skeletons magically appeared in large numbers behind Kratos.


Hundreds--no, thousands of them--raised their bows and blades at Kratos' cry.  "Unleash hell!"  Their arrows ablaze, the Spartans fired on Kenpachi, while a large number of them leaped at Kenpachi, and attempted to bring him to the ground.


But they failed, miserably.  The volley of arrows was shrugged off, simply by Kenpachi's aura  This magic was not effective against him.  With a blink, Kenpachi appeared behind Kratos, and wiped away his army with one slash, returning them to the dust.


"I expected as much," Kratos sighed.  "Such magic would only affect someone weaker than I."


"Now isn't the time for chit chat," Kenpachi said turning to Kratos.  Their blades met, but Kratos struck first.  Slashing up, Kenpachi was caught off guard, stepping  back from Kratos.  Parrying Kratos' strikes, Kenpachi ducked a quick slash, and swung Nozarashi at Kratos' chest.  Barely reacting, Kratos avoided the fatal blow, but took a powerful gash across his chest simply by the force of Kenpachi's swing.  He reeled backwards, but caught himself with a flip.  Kenpachi wouldn't allow Kratos to continue these flurries.  He met Kratos as he flipped, and Kratos' back crashed into Kenpachi's.  He wrapped an arm around Kratos' neck, and put him in a chokehold.  "Is this all, Kratos?  Is this how you killed Byakuya!?  Pitiful magic!?"  Kratos struggled, but managed to calm himself, and elbowed Kenpachi in the face, breaking his nose and forcing him to let go.  Kratos backed up, and waited for Kenpachi to look up.  When he did, Kenpachi was met with a spear to his stomach, as Kratos used as much speed as he could to tackle Kenpachi and drag them both into the forest behind them.


With the power and speed of his boots, they crashed directly into a stone tower in the center of the forest, destroying its base and collapsing it atop them.  Kratos jumped out of the rubble, and Kenpachi followed after.  Now Kratos had the advantage in this area.  With so many things to hook his blades to, he could out maneuver Kenpachi easily in the trees.  Even if their speed was close, Kratos would win out in the end.  Kenpachi knew this though, as he brought Nozarashi around in a large circle and cleared an area around them and the tower.  Lunging at each other again, Kratos and Kenpachi were both met with a neutral third party:  the forest itself.  Remembrance had now shown its hand, and was in play.  As Kratos and Kenpachi lunged at each other, and their blades met, the forest floor beneath them burned as sparks flew.  Going blow for blow, Kenpachi and Kratos did not look away from each other, until they both heard a large and powerful snapping sound, like that of steel.  Separating from each other, they both examined their blades.  Nozarashi was in mint condition, and Kratos' blades of Fury had not been scuffed at all.


Looking around, Kratos assumed this was some of Kenpachi's strength.  "What did you do?" he said with daggers in his words.


"Don't play games, Kratos.  You're the one with all the magic.  What's going on!?" he ordered.  Kratos snarled, hurling his blades at Kenpachi, attempting to yank him in.  Kenpachi parried the strikes, and they began to draw in towards each other once more.  As they got closer, the ground beneath them shook violently.  Neither of the duo stopped their approached however.  Then, the ground collapsed beneath them, and Kratos and Kenpachi could see the forest of Remembrance growing farther and farther away from them as they fell.


Tackling each other in the air, Kratos and Kenpachi punched at their opponent, both bleeding at their chests and faces.  Kratos hooked Kenpachi left while Kenpachi hooked Kratos right.  They both flew off in separate directions from the single powerful strikes from their respective opponents, continuing to fall.  Then, out of the corner of Kratos' eye, Kratos could see what caused the loud snapping sound of metal.  A chain, possibly hundreds of times larger than himself or Kenpachi, was falling between the duo.  It was blood stained, and the chain appeared to be many millennium old.  Righting himself for his fall, Kratos could see what the chain was attached to.  A hand.  This hand was as wide as the forest above, and attached to it was sight that made Kratos double take in mid air.


"What is--Atlas!!" he called to the Titan below.  


Kenpachi righted himself as well, looking down at what Kratos' was gawking at.  He too was taken aback in shock, as the Titan raised it's scarred head to look at the falling pieces of meat.  Kratos spread his wings, and Kenpachi's aura exploded, and they both managed to land on opposite sides of Atlas.  Kratos, who landed closest, questioned the Titan immediately.


"Have you come to kill me as well, Atlas?" Kratos said, taunting the Titan.


"I've tried twice, Spartan.  And failed both times," the giant joked.


Kenpachi called out to Atlas as well now.  "How do you fail to kill someone much weaker than you, creature?"


Atlas slowly turned his head to Kenpachi, blowing a powerful breath from his nose, forcing Kenpachi to his bottom.  "Do not underestimate the Spartan, reaper.  He has killed many gods.  And judging by your status, he has done enough to you." Atlas grunted, thinking of how one man killed his godly predecessors and his Titan brothers and sisters.


"Heh," Kenpachi spat, standing up.  "He's as worse for wear as I am," he said quickly. 


"Then perhaps you can be the second to succeed at killing Kratos."  Atlas recalled Gaia saving Kratos from the claws of Hades, waking the Ghost of Sparta from his death.




"Another story for another time, reaper," Atlas said.  In his voice, Atlas was filled with hubris.  He felt stronger, being revived so suddenly, and was ready to redeem his fallen family.    "I am afraid however, that because a powerful magic has brought me to life again, I cannot allow you to leave here alive," Atlas said as he turned back to Kratos.  "I've not forgotten your sins, Spartan.  You will suffer for them," he said harshly.  Kenpachi began to laugh.  "And what makes you think this time you will succeed?  If you couldn't kill him once, you're only coming back to die again."


Atlas turned to Kenpachi, one of his many hands raised high.  "Because I will kill you first, reaper."




Atlas closed his hand around Kenpachi, seemingly crushing him inside.


"Kenpachi!"  Kratos leaped high, and began swinging over to Atlas' other hand.  But before he could arrive, Kenpachi's aura exploded from inside of Atlas' hand, forcing it open.  Kratos landed beside Kenpachi, not saying a word.


"You thought that could kill me?" he asked, rolling his shoulder.


"I am surprised," Kratos admitted.  Suddenly, they both were overcome with an enormous shadow, as Atlas brought down his opposite hand atop them, again trying to flatten the duo at the same time.


"Know your place, worms!" the Titan bellowed.  But Kratos and Kenpachi would not be swayed.  With all of his might, Kratos drew his secret weapon.  His Blade of Promise.  He ripped into Atlas' hand, as Kenpachi simply held it up.  Atlas groaned angrily in pain, raising his hand from them.  "Kenpachi!"  The Soul Reaper nodded.  Stepping onto Kratos' blade, Kratos used all of his strength to toss Kenpachi into the air, then latched onto him with one of this chains.  Kenpachi pulled Kratos in, and hurled him upwards.  They combined their momentum, and soared back upwards to the forest of Remembrance.  Atlas however, would continue his pursuit.  With his enormous reach, he stuck a hand through the large hole above him, into the forest of Remembrance.  His second hand met the surface as well.  Pulling himself upwards, Atlas ripped the surface apart, from section's A 4 to C 6 of the forest, standing high above it.  His emergence actually caused Kenpachi and Kratos to soar further than they intended, blasting high into the air.  Atlas took advantage of the out of control rolling of Kenpachi and Kratos, 


He threw his open palm at them, and sent both Kratos and Kenpachi crashing past the atmosphere of the pathway, and into the Moon of Remembrance.  





When they landed, Kratos and Kenpachi both looked to each other, then back down below them.  They could, oddly enough, breathe on the moon's surface.  Taking time to recooperate, they both sat with their backs to each other.


"An old friend of yours?" Kenpachi asked without turning to face Kratos.


"No," Kratos said flatly.  "An enemy.  He was among many of his kind, and the gods, who all sought to kill me.  But as you can see, they failed."


"Then you are a god killer," Kenpachi joked.  "But why would you keep something so important from me, Kratos?"


He did not reply to Kenpachi, lowering his head and sighing.  "Kratos--"


"It was not intentional, Kenpachi," he said suddenly.


"Not intentional?  Kratos you omitted the truth."


"I had fear you would see me as an enemy if I told you the truth.  As such, here we are."


"I would rather be angry with you than to not trust you.  What happened, Kratos?"


"I did not execute him, Kenpachi."  Kratos raised his head and looked Kenpachi in the face.  "When my blade pierced his chest, I stopped.  Because he changed.  He was changed by the Divine, but on the verge of his death, his heart returned."


Changed?  "He was in control again?"  So Byakuya hadn't been under the enemy's control on his death bed.  Not in the end.


"Yes," Kratos said.  "He was then unaware of his surroundings, forgetting we had even fought.  It was then he showed me the picture of himself, with your young friend and yourself."


Kenpachi sighed.  "Then, why did you finish him off?  Why take his life, Kratos?"


"I did not," he said again.  "He pulled me in, Kenpachi.  He wanted to die.  He took my blade to his own heart, and ended his life on his own terms.  His death was not my fault."


"Seppuku," Kenpachi thought to himself.  "He felt dishonored," Kenpachi said frustrated.  "He lost a duel in an unrealized circumstance.  He was embarrassed, and rightly so.  You did something not many people could do, Kratos."  In truth, Kenpachi found this a bit funny, and yet, quite natural coming out of Byakuya.


"I don't understand."  Kratos was certain this was a horrible thing.


"You broke his pride."  Kenpachi chuckled, thinking of how much Byakuya valued his family name and his title as a Captain.  Pride, in the end, was all Byakuya had.


Kratos remained silent.  Kenpachi stood up, and looked down from the moon to the forest below.  It had been decimated by Atlas' presence, leading only to an abyss below.  Kratos also got to his feet, wondering how they would return to the pathway below.


"Got any ideas?" Kenpachi asked aloud, still looking below.


Kratos shook his head at first.  "I'm unsure."


"Well, we can't stay here," Kenpachi said.  That much was obvious.  "We need to kill that big bastard," Kenpachi urged.  Stabbing Nozarashi into the ground, Kenpachi caught Kratos' eye.


"Perhaps I do have an idea," Kratos said.  "But it will take everything we have."





When Kratos proposed the plan to Kenpachi, the Soul Reaper backed up away from Kratos.  "You want to do what?"  We could kill our comrades in the process, Kratos!"


"No, that won't happen.  I'm sure of it."  Kratos knew Atlas well.  The Titan would very quickly engage on an enemy, in any circumstance.


"How so?" Kenpachi asked.


"Atlas is greedy, Kenpachi.  He won't allow us to get too far.  And, it will likely incapacitate him in the process."


Kenpachi sighed again, not sure of any other option.  "Okay.  Alright, let's do it."


Kenpachi stabbed Nozarashi back into the moon, and Kratos wrapped his chains around hit.  Pressing his feet against Nozarashi's hilt, Kratos leaped away from the moon, and tied wrapped his Blades of Fury around his Blade of Promise.  Meanwhile, Kenpachi had begun channeling his aura into Nozarashi.  He raised his head, and turned it to the skies.  Focusing, Kenpachi removed his eye patch, and smiled.  "Heh."  With his aura alone, Kenpachi created an atmosphere, and forced gravity around the moon to cause it to move.  As the moon began to fall, Kratos pulled.


His blades shined, and Kratos burned a white blue glow in the darkness of space.  Atlas looked on, as the moon grew closer to him.  "You insult me, Kratos," he mused.  Raising his hands, Atlas prepared to catch the moon that was being launched at him.  It was not as large as a normal moon, so Atlas was sure he could easily crush it.


As it drew closer, Kenpachi stopped channeling his aura, and hid behind the back of the moon. With Kratos leading the charge, Atlas focused on nothing else.  The moon caught fire as it entered the atmosphere, and became an even greater weapon.  Now within Atlas' reach, Kratos called to Kenpachi.  "Now!"


Atlas reached for the moon, but he was too late.  Kenpachi ripped through it, and exploded the moon in Atlas' face like a grenade.  The burning chunks of rock crashed into him and blinded the Titan, causing him to topple over backwards.  Leaping from the explosion, both Kratos and Kenpachi brought down their respective weapons.  Kratos held the Blade of Promise over his head, and dived for Atlas' right eye, as Kenpachi dove for the right eye of the Titan.


The Titan's eyes exploded into a mess of blood and mound of flesh, spewing red and coating both the warriors.  Atlas cried out in shrieking terror, and began to randomly strike out around him with his four large arms.  He swung at whatever he could reach, but missed Kenpachi and Kratos who bobbed and weaved around the Titan.  Kratos went in for the kill now, using his Herme's boots to dash up to Atlas' head.  Kenpachi followed, but went for the Titan's neck instead.  As Kenpachi ripped open Atlas' neck, Kratos leaped above him, and drove the Blade of Promise into the Titan's head.


Atlas struggled until his last breath, trying to pull Kratos off of him, while holding his throat.  But he would bleed out too quickly, and fall unconscious to his death.  Soon, the Titan's body withered and the forest began to restore itself.  Kratos and Kenpachi sat back to back, covered in Titan blood.  They both breathed heavily, slightly weary.  Yachiru finally stuck her head out of the forest.


"Are you guys okay?" she asked


Kenpachi didn't say anything for a moment, but then burst out laughing.  Kratos also laughed, while Yachiru looked on confused.  "Kenny?"


"We're fine, little lady.  In fact, I'd say Kratos and I make a pretty good team."


Kratos nodded, his head hanging low.  "We could give the Divine a hard time," he joked.  They continued to laugh heartily.  Yachiru fell to her bottom, sighing, and crossing her legs.  "Well, as long as you guys aren't fighting anymore," she said exhausted.


"I think we're okay.  Eh, Kratos?"


"Hmph.  I hope so.  Or do I need to add another god to my list of victims?"


"You wanna die, Kratos?"


"No, not again."  Again, Kratos and Kenpachi erupted in laughter, now lieing on their stomachs in the freezing snow.


Ending Location:  C 7

#6561145 League of Legends

Posted by Dad on 05 February 2015 - 11:03 PM










The theme is the same?


So you mean to tell me that a party place with a DJ's set is exactly the same place as an arcade?


That a DJ is the same as an arcade player?


Holy fuck get over the salt.


Yes I mad.




Salt?  Brb crying laughing.  Their similar in style, from my point of view.  In terms of color palette, animation (referring to how her arcade skin has the really techno feel to it), and DJ Sona doesn't feel DJ other than her head phones.  That's my opinion.

But you're raging over something I have a personal disagreement with.  Meanwhile, I'm laughing.  Whatever dude.  There's nothing for me to get over.  It's a good skin.  Hell, a great skin.  I just don't like it.

#6558569 Dad Gets Revenge On His Daughter’s Vicious Bullies By Doing THIS…

Posted by Dad on 31 January 2015 - 06:34 PM

I'm surprised there hasn't been another riot.  Racism won't be over, I don't think, ever.  It's a part of human nature.  It's natural for our species to dislike someone because they are different.  That doesn't make it right, but I doubt it will ever go away.  I deal with it on a weekly basis.  I dislike it of course, but I've never acted on it.  I've been called a nigger, on average, six to twelve times a week (granted I live in the south, it's kind of expected), but I've never spited or hated anyone for it.  While I don't agree with it, I don't expect to live in a perfect society where no one hates me for being black.  Whether I accidentally bump into someone in the restroom and apologize for doing so, or decide to eat out with some friends and get called a nigger and expected to order chicken.  Not all of us are the animals we're portrayed to be.


But when you're forced into the hood and your entire upbringing is based on banging and doing what you have to make it out, you live out the portrayal.  And that in turn affects the entire community.  So naturally, these responses are expected.  Disliked, but expected.

#6558171 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

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Kenpachi & Yachiru


Before he could connect, blackness surrounded him.  Kenpachi stopped, looking at his feet.  They were covered in a thickness that he did not understand.  "Is this blood?" he wondered aloud.  Then, Kenpachi heard Yachiru cry out.


"Kenny!"  He turned to her, and Kenpachi's past now stood before him.  "Wha--"  He was watching his fight with Byakuya happen all over again.  But this time, Byakuya was victorious.  The world around him was distorted, warped, and misshapen.  He circled around his dying past, as he watched Byakuya, victorious, suddenly fall to his knees.  His past self vanished, and Byakuya fell backwards, into a rotting cherry tree.  He was covered in blood, and someone stood over him.  The man held a strange blade in Byakuya's chest, and it looked as though Byakuya was trying to push him away.  Then, the man standing over Byakuya pushed the blade in, and Kenpachi watched his friend's head tilt.




The figure standing over the deceased captain turned to him, and showed it's face.  "It was . . . no.  It was you?"


There, Kratos stood, covered in black ash, blood, and the dying leaves of Senbonzakura.  This truly was madness.  Kenpachi dashed at Kratos, bellowing.  "I'll kill you!"  He raised his blade high, but the figure dispersed into dust.  Swinging down, Kenpachi barely managed to stop himself.  He had nearly just killed Yachiru.  She was on the ground, cowering.  "K-Kenny?  Why would you--"  "Yachiru?"  He was confused.  What was going on?  He picked Yachiru up, and she began to slowly back away from him.  "Yachiru, what--"  "You're scaring me."


"But, Yachiru, I--"


"Just--don't hurt me again, Kenny," she said crying again.


Kenpachi lowered his blade, standing upright.  He looked around, but the world had not changed.  He looked down at Nozarashi, who began to quiver.  Something was very wrong.  Kenpachi began to grow enraged.  His best friend had now turned on him, and he was stuck in a world that was not familiar.  Then, Byakuya's corpse reanimated itself, and died once more at the hands of Kratos.  Kenpachi's rage built, and Yachiru sat, her mouth of her hands, in horror.  Kenpachi waited for the corpse to reanimate itself again, but this time, as Kratos stabbed Byakuya, Kenpachi joined in.




The corpse turned its face to Kenpachi, with a big smile.  "Head Captain," it whispered.


BGM:  Anthem of the Angels


Kenpachi smiled back, a tear dropping from his free eye.  "It's been some time, Kuchiki."  The corpse's head turned away, looking straight ahead.  "That is for the best, Head Captain.  You and I should speak no further."


"Kuchiki.  I never had a chance to apologize.  You've been gone for so long--"


"You still dwell on what you can't change, even with a future in your hands."


"Hmph."  Kenpachi stood up straight, drawing his blade from Byakuya.  That was when he made a realization.  Byakuya's corpse should not have been able to be cut by Nozarashi.  Unless--


Kenpachi turned to Yachiru, and dashed straight at her.




He picked her up, and raised Nozarashi behind her.  Bringing down the blade, Kenpachi saw a ripple form in the world behind Yachiru.  Nozarashi reacted, sensing Kenpachi's thoughts.  Byakuya's death scene began to materialize in front of him again, and this time, Kenpachi raised his eye patch in response.  The corpse turned to Kenpachi again, still smiling.  Kenpachi said nothing, but swung his blade at the dying Byakuya.  With this raw power, behind Nozarashi, behind Kenpachi, he tore enough of space that he could see the crystalline bridges outside of this madness that surrounded him.  But it still wasn't enough to break free.  He put Yachiru down, and put both hands on his blade.  Nozarashi screeched, and Kenpachi brought it down with as much power as he could muster.


Then, like an opening in the sky, the nightmares lashed out at the light before Kenpachi, as his aura held open the punctured space and time to allow him to step free with Yachiru.  She jumped away from Kenpachi, stumbling into the crystalline bridges once more.






"But, Kenny--"


"I'll be right behind you."  His massive reiatsu spiked, and Kenpachi turned his back to the bridges.  "I'm sorry, but I can't stay."  Kenpachi's mind lingered on Kratos.  He hadn't told Kenpachi that Byakuya died at his hands.  Kenpachi was furious, and he could feel his reiatsu boiling, hotter than before.  "Perhaps another time," he said as he swung Nozarashi at the ground in a wide arc.  


A massive explosion erupted at his feet, ripping the already broken land of the pathway in two.  Rock, rubble, and debris kicked everywhere into the air, temporarily providing a loud of smoke for Kenpachi to disappear behind.  He vanished, snatching up Yachiru as he darted down the rest of the pathway.





Yachiru turned her face up at Kenpachi.


"Kenny, what happened?"


"We need to settle something."








Kenpachi nodded.  "He lied to me."  Yachiru turned her face back ahead, as they came into contact with another mirror.


"I thought you were gonna--"


"Stop that," he said immediately.  "I would never hurt you.  You know that."  Kenpachi stepped through first, with Yachiru right on his heels.  Unfortunately, his time with his former friend had not come to an end.  Once more, Byakuya stood before him, Zanpaktou drawn.  "Kuchiki."


"Head Captain."

#6557980 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

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He could feel them.  All of them.  The various presences within this dense forest.  Every fiber of every being that existed in this set space and time, he knew who and what they were.  It was quite literally impossible to compromise this being's existence without him noticing you first.  Surprise attacks were out of the question.  And as his eyes continued to hover over Killua and Gon, everything that was not within his immediate view could still be 'seen'.  He looked up and around, observing his surroundings carefully.  Taking a palm full of snow, he raised it to his face, sniffing it.  He held the snowball out to Killua and Gon, curious about it.  "What is this substance?" he said, musing over the cold slush.  "In my brief life, I never did get to witness all of your world."  Meruem turned around, his back now to the two young boys.  He could see far enough away that the lake farther down the path was clear enough that it was almost as though he was standing directly in front of him.  His eyes dilated as he commanded, and his senses were more keen than ever.  Still, he could not help but wonder why he had stumbled back onto a living plane.


"What is this place?" he wondered aloud.  "And why has it summoned me?"  Meruem scanned the area, observing the various Counter Corps and Divine entities, as well as the pieces of that pathway that had taken life.  Looking down at his palms, he could understand that he was not in a true physical body, but yet, he stood before one of two boys he had encountered before.  He turned his hands over and over, examining himself more closely. 


He turned back to Killua and Gon, and took Killua by the hand.  He began comparing the boy's hand to his own.  Meruem's skin was pale, and almost transparent.  Killua's skin was normal, albeit cold due to the weather.  Letting Killua go, he watched the boy stumble to the ground.  He could feel his heartbeat spiking.  He was panicking.  Meruem got down to Killua's level, staring him in the face.  "Why do you fear me?  Do you understand it?"  Killua did not speak, but scrambled backwards, into a tree.  He snatched at the bark, clambering to his feet.


"Gon.  We need to go.  Now."


Meruem grew saddened, and admittedly agitated.  "You would run from me?  At no notion of hostility, you would fear me?"


Killua stared into Meruem's eyes, angered at this false ignorance.  His face turned a frown, and his stare turned into a glare.  The boy snatched Gon by the hand and turned his hair up with the words, "God speed!"  Before Meruem could register what had happened, they had disappeared into the forest.


The creature sighed, standing up right.  He too vanished.


BGM:  Run This Town


He had appeared in front of Killua almost the moment he attempted to dash away.  This incident would repeat itself several times.  Killua frequently attempted to break free of Meruem's aura, let alone break his line of sight.  But his senses were too keen.  Even at his fastest, Killua could not escape.  Eventually, Meruem grabbed Killua by his wrist, and wrenched him away from Gon, separating the boys.  Meruem glared at Killua, still holding his wrist.  Pulling the boy closer, Killua's heart began to beat even faster.  "Calm down," Meruem said finally.  After repeated tries and finally forcing Killua to face him, Meruem was growing annoyed.  "If you continue to run, I will only become more irate.  I do not wish to kill you.  Not yet," he said throwing Killua backwards.  


Killua fell onto his ass again, but managed to crawl up onto his feet.  He returned Meruem's glare, as a question struck him.  "What's with you?" he asked.  "You were a tyrant.  You drew in millions of innocents for your own feast, but now you're attempting to toy with me?"


Meruem did not answer right away.  His eyes turned to Gon again, then back to Killua.  "I am not interested in you, lightning child," he said coldly.  "This body is not my own, so what little fight I may draw out of it must be entertaining.  I am more interested in your friend," he said looking over to Gon again.  He scanned the boy up and down, assessing his strength.  While Meruem could not sense much, he was sure there was a dormant power lying withing that tiny body.  He proposed another question to Gon.  "What was it within you that killed someone like Pitou?"  He walked over to Gon, and stood behind him now.  Meruem placed a clammy hand on Gon's head, squeezing ever so slightly.  It was not enough to kill Gon, but it was enough to cause a headache.  He was attempting to literally access Gon's memories, by putting him in pain.  "Will you show me, boy?"


Killua darted over, breaking Meruem's grip.  "Leave him alone!"  With a shoulder, he shoved Meruem away, hard.  The Ant was thrown into a tree, which then collapsed onto his head.  He slowly got to his feet, picking up the log and snapping it with his tail.


Sighing, Meruem sat on the snow now, folding his legs over one another.  Killua stared at Meruem, his eyes filled with hate.  "You despise me, yet you do not know me.  You are threatened, when I only seek information.  Is it human nature to hate those who are different?"


Killua retorted immediately.  "There's a big difference between being different, and being a monster."


Meruem did not like this.  His eyes changed from red to purple, rolling over and sliding back into place.  He placed a hand on his knee, and the other now held up his chin.  With a hint of malicious intent in his voice, Meruem hissed at Killua.  "I do not like being labeled.  Especially by someone who's heart will stop soon," he said staring into Killua's eyes again.  Killua stood in front of Gon now, arms out spread.  Meruem did not move.  Killua's aura intensified, lightning coursing over his body.  Meruem did not move.  Lightning began to concentrate in his hands, and travel up his arms.  Meruem did not move.  Killua stopped himself, waiting for Meruem to take action.  He regretted it.  Killua's entire view of the world literally changed when he found himself staring up at the sky through the canopy of forest trees.  An incredible pain ran throughout his head and back, as Meruem was now folding his legs again, sitting back into the snow.


"I will ask again," Meruem started.  "Why do you fear me?  Do you understand it?"


Killua groaned, sitting up and grabbing his head.  "Because of what--" his eyes met Meruem's, and Killua retracted his words.  


"Because of who you are," he said at last.  Killua waited for Meruem's reply, as a cold look crossed the Ant's face.  Meruem frowned, suddenly inflicted with impossible curiosity.  "That is something that has stuck with me since my death," he said resting his chin back into his hand again.  "Who am I?"


Meruem did not move, but continued to speak.  "I was labeled by my mother as a King.  I was worshiped by Ants as a savior.  Yet, the only one to understand me was a child who could not see.  A human child.  So what does that make me?  Am I a god?" he asked aloud.  "Was I meant to deliver your people to my own?  Was I truly meant to rule as a king?  Or was I meant to be a weapon?"


Killua could not grasp Meruem's state of mind.  He was scatter brained, and confused.  "You are a weapon.  Don't you understand that?"


Meruem grew irritated again, staring at Killua still.  "Then you do know what I am?"


"I know what your entire race is."


Meruem began to stand up.  "And what is that?  What are my people?"


Killua smirked, dangerously, also standing up.  "They're no different from you.  You may be the strongest, but you're all a frightening species.  You're nothing but monsters."


Meruem's frown returned, before he disappeared.  He had grabbed Killua by the head, taking him into the air, to the top of a tree.  "You attack my species, attempt to exterminate them, and turn them into trophies.  But we are the monsters?"  Killua chuckled, his mouth bleeding.  He spat blood in Meruem's face.  "Yes.  You and the rest of the ants.  The only good Chimera Ant, is a dead Chimera Ant."  Then, charging a free arm with lightning, he punched Meruem in the chest.  Meruem looked down, then back up to Killua, insulted.  He dropped the boy, then leaped after him.


He came down with a kick, placing his foot in Killua's chest, and used his immense aura to propel down faster.  They crashed into the snow, causing a great eruption of snow and leaving a crater in the land.  There, Meruem stood with his foot in Killua's chest.  That was when he noticed something different around him.  The other boy had not moved.  He had just witnessed everything, but did not attempt to help his friend.  Meruem assumed this was a lack of empathy.  Perhaps, after killing one of the Chimera Ants, specifically Pitou, this boy could not feel pity for his friend.  Meruem proceeded to wail on Killua, every punch to his face and body creating a shockwave that shook the forest.  He stopped, only for a moment, to talk with the now dying Killua.  "If this is human nature, than perhaps it is better for the Chimera Ants to have succeeded.  We can only save the humans from themselves.  Digesting them, and making them reborn into a better, more intelligent species."  


Meruem pointed a finger at Killua's chest, as he could sense the boy's heartbeat slowing.  His fingernail pierced the boy's chest, and began to dig towards his heart.

#6541695 League of Legends

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Treated myself to 5k rp for Christmas.

#6539603 Two NYPD Officers killed.

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Little late there.  But yeah, the cops were executed.  And I think this is a bunch of bullshit.  If you're gonna call for justice and then go and do shit like this, you can't sit back and wonder why the black community has such a terrible name.  And I'm a brother.  I see this shit everyday and it angers me.  I can't do anything about it because I'll be killed for standing up for someone.  Honestly, if the guys who did this are caught, I hope they get life.  No parole.  You fucked up royally.  This isn't about vengeance.  And if you're seeking it, you're the cause of these incidents of innocents being killed around the country.  Too busy seeing color and not people.  

#6526180 Synchro Frame: Conception [IC]

Posted by Dad on 30 November 2014 - 05:47 PM



Before Melissa had a chance to greet Schwinn, she was flush with red as Mira made an absurd remark.


"Just fūck already and get it over with!"


Melissa turned quickly to Mira, her eyes sharp like daggers, but she quickly preoccupied herself with Heinreich.  Just then, Johan suddenly pulled away as Doctor Schwinn stumbled into the Mess Hall.  She giggled to herself as Heinreich and Johan's faces lit up upon the Doctor's arrival.  Schwinn and Melissa were nearly the same age, but the Doctor's reputation was much more widely spread.  And in the middle of this fuss, Gavin finally decided to step in and help Melissa further her plans.  Though, judging by his booming 'speech' he was wanting to go into town for something other than food.  Melissa shrugged as she listened.



"Alright kids! Enough's enough. If you all want to go into town then you can come with me as long as we do it discreetly and we're in and out quick. Wouldn't want to get a mission call and not have our pilots here, right?" He spoke just loud enough for everyone assembled to hear him without arousing too much suspicion, though in all honesty anyone who heard him probably wouldn't have ratted them out anyway. "If you want in, meet me in the hotel upstairs in say.... half an hour, alright? If you're late we're leaving you behind."


It took them all roughly one hour to reach the village after departing from the mess hall.  As they reached the quiet village of Biagio, Gavin had the team to split into groups of their choosing.  Naturally, Melissa would snag Johan for herself, and hope that the two hour time limit they were given wouldn't go by too quickly.  Before he could refuse, Melissa grabbed Johan by the hand and began tugging him towards the inner circle where they could get lost in a large crowd together.  The civilians had gathered around the center of town for show, where a man wearing a Jetser's garb was telling a tall tale.  Children giggled as they watched the Jester bounce about, rolling and jumping from large pillars to barrels of hay as he told his story in vivid detail.  " . . .but naturally with every villain--every monster, there comes a hero.  This man's name, was Beowulf!" the Jester said as he made a prideful stance, sticking out his chest and placing a leg on a stone before him, in heroic fashion.  When Melissa was sure she and Johan had lost the rest of the team in the Biagio Circle, she slowed down, nearing the marketplace.  She could tell they were close by the smell of fresh fruit, meats, and herbs.  There were sweet shops, butchers, and fruit stalls everywhere, but Melissa was looking for something else.  Suddenly, a strong sense of starch hit Melissa in the nose, and her eyes grew wide.


Around the next corner, nearing the local rice farms, there was freshly cooked pasta being pressed and cut.  Melissa loved spaghetti, and this was the perfect place to get some great ingredients.  There were ripe tomatoes nearby, and garlic and basil would really liven up the flavors.  "Johan!" she said with a big smile.  "Let's do spaghetti.  Lots of it!  We can do meatballs too!  And some fresh bread!?"  The excitement in her voice was like a child's at Christmas.  Melissa had to catch herself from getting to worked up.  She took a deep breath, as she approached the workman who was cutting the pasta.  "Good evening," she said with a chipper voice.  The worksman looked up, a smile on his face.  "Good day, dear.  Would you like some pasta?"  He was a burly gentleman, with a scraggly beard and brown wool hat.  He wore suspenders over a cotton white shirt with heavy brown boots.  He first looked into Melissa's face, then noticed she was blind.


"Oh dear," he said softly.  Melissa frowned slightly, but didn't get upset with the worksman.  "I'm sorry dear, I didn't--"  "It's quite alright," she said keeping her mind on the meal.  "How do you sell your pasta?"  The worksman frowned, looking to the pasta, then back to Melissa.  "Er, by the bundle ma'am.  You can buy it raw and cook it yerself, or if you're not goin' far, the fresh boiled batch is best."  It would take some time to return to hq, so buying the pasta uncooked was the best way to go.  "I see," Melissa said assuredly.  "May I have two raw bundles, please?"  The worksman nodded, before catching himself and speaking up again.  "Er, yes ma'am, certainly."  He stepped away from his stall and went into a home behind him, emerging with two bundles of pasta.  Melissa handed the worksman his fee, and prepared to step away, when she noticed one bundle was noticeably lighter than the other.  "Have a good meal mis--"


"Just a second here," she said turning back to the worksman.  "In this second bundle . . some of the pasta is missing."


"Missing?  No, no dear.  It's all there.  Ya just can't see it."


Melissa stopped, sighing heavily.  She was insulted and embarrassed.


"Oh, er that's not quite what I meant," the worksman said nervously.


Melissa shrugged.  She had completely lost her enthusiasm, and suddenly felt under the weather.  "Don't. . uh-- mm, never mind.  Thanks," she said as she began to walk away.

#6522420 Rai Talks Music. Go Post Songs.

Posted by Dad on 25 November 2014 - 01:25 PM

I'm bored so have another song.


Just wanted to chime in because I hadn't seen this video during the World Championship.  Quite chilling, and really, really fun to watch.

#6522173 So, There's Supposed to be an Announcement from the Grand Jury Tonight

Posted by Dad on 24 November 2014 - 09:53 PM

Still no riot.


I am disappointed in that community.


There's no winner here.  Brown is dead and Wilson will be hated by a large part of the community for possibly the rest of his life.  This type of attitude for rioting makes things worse for everyone.  Enough lives have been lost.