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#7104778 Three California Initiative Makes November Ballot

Posted by Dad on 15 June 2018 - 12:37 PM


True, there's not much to debate when someone insists that a creating 2 D+20 states would be helping the GOP. That's a lost cause.


Brightflame pretty clearly spelled out why he doesn't want to come back.


Barty - 04/04/2018
And no, I won't come back to YCM.
I don't want to spend my time just going 'i have no idea. But niether do you, so please stop being a dick about it'
Barty-02/28/2018 I think most causes of 'social justice' people fight for are fucking moronics, the people fighting for them in general seem to just be trying to strip rights from other people
And we actually see there here. The SJW types sic the mods on everyone they find problems with
You can try to gaslight all you want, but the problem really isn't me or VCR. Hell as much as I hate VCR's views and his passive aggressive retorts, he doesn't become a little bitch when put in an ideological corner. 
The mods just go the extra mile to keep these people all cuddled up. The best example is how Dad lost his shit when I called Enguin a nazi for supporting child infanticide, but neither I nor any mod really cares when Roxas or any one of his leftie clones call me a Nazi.
I was quite civil in my first post, he ignored it, so you don't have a point there either. There are double standards around here, and the only way debates will work is if it's done the way crab used to do it. Mods butt the fuck out of here. But there are too many fragile souls that need protecting for that glorious form of debates to return



The only person whining is you.  And since you still don't get it, I'm going to move forward.  You can take a leave like Barty did if you want.  But if you have nothing to contribute, stop posting.


That's the least you can do.

#7104716 Three California Initiative Makes November Ballot

Posted by Dad on 15 June 2018 - 12:58 AM

I suppose you think the proper course of action is to just keep citing my post over and over

Ofc it's my fault. Roxas was being boneheaded willfully or not. Also calling someone blind for literally not reading a post is barely ad hom if that's what I'm guilty of

You've warned me like once in the last month under the typical kangaroo court secret modforum jury. I used to get warned daily back in Night's day. So it's not like things haven't changed

Stopping with blind was restraint. You guys do have double standards and nebulous rules designed to create crimes for your desired punishment. That's doesn't make me any more of a victim than anyone else who gets on the wrong side of that. I stand by my post. And intentionally wrote it.

Like Holy shit

You're acting like I called his mother a whore and asked for him to be shot. I literally just sarcastically asked if he was blind since he blatantly ignored a post in response to his false assertions


You really don't get it.

#7104711 Three California Initiative Makes November Ballot

Posted by Dad on 15 June 2018 - 12:37 AM

He literally made the same stupid comment about it creating multiple red states. I cited stats to the contrary. He Ignores and repeates false talking points

There are only three options, he is being intellectually dishonest, he can't see the post, or he's too dumb to interpret the post.

Maybe the reason this sub has just died recently with people like brightflame and halu vanishing altogether is due to you guys tripping over each other to SJW this place up. If Roxas or anyone can't understand a D+20 state isn't a swing state then it's their problem

This is like a kid saying 1+1=3, you correct them, and they start saying 1+1 =3 again

"Discuss" it all you want. The matter is already settled becuase the mod team loves to side with the thinskinned side, especially when I'm the defendent.

Like remeber that time when I get warned for calling Enguin a Nazi but it's all fine for you to gloat about punching Nazis and for half this forum to call me a Nazi. I bitch you guys pull double and triple standards out of your fucking asses to pander to the feels

Do w/e you guys want, an impressive effort has already been done to just eradicate this sections activity


The fact that you couldn't explain any of that without the littlest bit of restraint or that you somehow think this type of reinforcement is most effective on children is part of the problem.  You can't admit fault, you whine when you get in trouble, and then you turn into a victim.


This is your own fault.  I'm always defending you.  And frankly, I'm tired of it.  Thin skin, no skin, tough skinned, I don't care.  It's as simple as don't do it.  And if you can't not do it (i.e., follow the rules), then you'll be punished.  I don't care how SJW it is.  I don't care if the section dies because of it.  You're not special.  You, and everyone else who is guilty of this will be punished accordingly.

#7104706 Three California Initiative Makes November Ballot

Posted by Dad on 15 June 2018 - 12:11 AM

Roxas are you fucking blind. 


Your inability to do basic math is stunning. But please don't let me stop you from a self-own


This is why you get warned so much.  You have no self-control.  It's like monitoring an actual toddler.  Literally, none of this was necessary.  I don't understand how you get punished so much, bitch about it, and then turn right back around and do the same thing.  I don't understand it at all. 


You could've left all of this out and still made a great point.  But once again, you've proven you can't control yourself.  It's astounding how many times we have to go through this.  And now, once more, I'm going to have to take the discussion up about how to deal with Winter in a situation that could've been avoided if he had any sense of managing his own conduct.


No, it's not ban worthy.  But holy shit it's really fucking stupid.

#7104491 Black is Racist

Posted by Dad on 14 June 2018 - 01:42 AM

You didn't tag me Tormey.  You fucking traitor.  I'll never forgive you for these transgressions.  You will rue the day you failed to tag me in a post!  

#7104305 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by Dad on 12 June 2018 - 10:44 PM

Impossible Odds


Kratos stood on the edge of the now dried lake, in awe.  He was suddenly crippled by... whatever it was Kenpachi had become.  There was a force weighing down on him like he had never felt before.  At this moment in time, even Zeus paled in comparison to the monster that stood at the center of that lake.  Physically, Kratos could move only his eyes.  Every muscle in his body was being weighed down by the gravitational force of Kenpachi's presence, despite the distance between them.


And then, Kratos realized something.  The many enormous swords made of flower petals had dissipated.  They were gone.  But how?



Force of Will


Byakuya's Bankai had been blown away.  Much to his chagrin, only Lady Isamy could possibly have had such power as this.  Who did this peasant think he was?  How dare he stand before Lady Isamy with such audacity!  


"This strength will not find you glory!" he taunted from atop Lady Isamy's shoulder.  He was far out of reach of the enemy now.  "You see only the present!  You do not see your future!  Your future in the arms of the Queen!"


There was a sudden snap behind Byakuya and he could feel a weight falling behind him.  The chain which bound him to Lady Isamy had been cut.  Byakuya stared down over his shoulder at the broken chain thinking it impossible for it to ever be broken.  He turned back to face Kenpachi whose weapon was raised over his shoulder.  It was but moments later that Byakuya's right arm was severed from his body without a sign of further movement from Kenpachi.  It fell to the lake below with a flop, and Byakuya grew outraged.


"Heathen!" Byakuya hissed.



Second Chances






"Kenny?" Yachiru whispered in the white void.


"Hmm?" Kenpachi asked slowly walking side by side with her.


"Do you ever think about what could have been?" she asked innocently.


Kenpachi shrugged, his giant feet echoing in the nothingness.  "Not really.  I only think about now.  What I can do at this moment."


Yachiru giggled.  "You never think about the future?  Even once in a while."


Kenpachi shook his head.  "Nope.  What will happen, will happen.  I just take it as it comes."


Yachiru leaped and punched him square in the back of the head.  "Idiot!  You can't get a wife like that!"


Kenpachi rubbed his skull, laughing.  "You're right!" he said loudly.  "I need someone to help me adopt you!"


Yachiru stopped in her tracks.  Kenpachi kept walking, but Yachiru remained in place.  "...really?"


Kenpachi looked back, a big smile on his face.  "I don't say things I don't mean, Yachiru."


She ran forward and leaped into his arms, laughing all the while.  "Yeah!  I've always wanted a mom!  But, will that make you my father or my brother?"  


Kenpachi laughed loudly.  "That would make me your father.  Sorta.  I've always thought of you as my own.  My best friend.  To have you as my little girl.  That would be enough for me for all of eternity.  I don't need anything else."


Yachiru hugged Kenpachi tightly.  "You won't let anyone take me away, right?" Yachiru asked, holding onto her best friend.


Kenpachi looked down into Yachiru's face.  She felt incredibly light.  Her body was like a feather.  "Yachiru?"


She was smiling, but her face was swelling with tears.  "I'm sorry, Kenny," she said with her voice breaking.  "It was the only way."


Her body, from her feet and climbing, was slowly crumbling, turning into particles of light.  "Yachiru!?"


"You can do it, Kenny.  I believe in you," she said with a big smile.


"Yachiru!  Yachiru, what's happening!?" Kenpachi barked.


"I'm moving on, Kenny.  To the next world.  Where I can watch over you.  And where we'll never be apart again," she replied.


"No.  No!  I won't accept this!" he screamed.


"Kenny, you idiot," she giggled through her tears.  "It was always going to be like this.  But now," she said as she tapped his forehead with her index finger.  "There is no foe you can't overcome."


"...Yachiru," he whispered to his now empty hands.  "YACHIRU!!"



Red Cold River


Red Cold River


Kenpachi's breath met the heat emerging from his body and turned into fog.  As he turned his head to Byakuya, he could hear nothing, but he could feel everything.  The words from Byakuya's lips were poisonous.  He could feel the evil laced in every letter.  Kenpachi flicked his wrist at Byakuya and felt his enemy's heartbeat skip as he did so.  The soul binding chain was cut with no effort.  In the same instance, Byakuya's arm was removed.


Without being bound to restraints, Byakuya was now free to use his full power.  He dove at Kenpachi as his weapon slipped from his hands and into the ground below, vanishing beneath the dirt as though it were a puddle of water.  "Bankai!" Byakuya declared once more.


Senbonzakura's swords emerged from the ground once again, surrounding Kenpachi on all sides. "Senkei!" Byakuya then outstretched his one remaining arm and commanded his Zanpaktou to collapse atop Kenpachi all at once.  "Gōkei!"


The already impossible number of petals which made up Byakuya's Bankai appeared to expand by more than ten times as the blades shattered into innumerable smaller blades.  There was no blindspot with which Byakuya left as his Senbonzakura closed in around Kenpachi.  And with a burst of light and dust, Senbonzakura exploded upon touching Kenpachi.  A plume of petals erupted into the sky as Byakuya touched down on the ground.


"See the works of my queen, and they are good!" he screamed at what he assumed to be a deceased Kenpachi once more.


"All her works will bring blessings to this world!  To your world!  To my world!  To every worl--aagh!" Byakuya's words were cut short as a hand burst forth from Senbonzakura's petals and wrapped tightly around his throat.  Slowly, Kenpachi pushed out of Senbonzakura's petals, unscathed.  As he did, Byakuya was pushed backward onto his knees.  Byakuya was then released, dizzied and temporarily dazed.  Kenpachi then raised his free hand and balled a fist.  He brought down a mighty punch atop the back of Byakuya's head.  His body hit the ground with such force that the bedrock beneath the dirt cracked.


Kenpachi raised Byakuya's head, his enemy's face bloodied and bruised.  Somehow, Byakuya was still alive.


"You..." Byakuya hissed.  "You cannot defy... her... majesty!" Byakuya said as he pointed a finger into Kenpachi's forehead.  "Byakurai," he whispered.


A bolt of lightning pierced Kenpachi's skull and flew across the battlefield.  Byakuya felt Kenpachi's grip weaken, and he was dropped to the ground.  Kenpachi's head had been thrown backward as though he were staring at the sky.  However, he raised his head once more and stared back down at Byakuya.  The wound in his skull was healing rapidly, inexplicably.  Byakuya slowly stood to his feet and began to backpedal.  But he was unable to step away quickly enough.  He was met with a vicious kick from Kenpachi that caused him to fly with impossible force into the side of the lake.  The resulting impact caused the lakes shore to expand with a violent shockwave, widening it by several dozen meters.  


Kenpachi stepped slowly toward Byakuya, who, once more, miraculously lived.  Where Byakuya stood, a bright light began to form.  It expanded to the sky with a brilliant pink flare.  However, its flare soon died as its pink color turned black, much like the light that appeared when Kenpachi emerged from the frozen lake.  "Shūkei: Hakuteiken," Byakuya declared.  A black sword, some six meters long, took the place of Byakuya's Bankai, and black wings sprouted from his back.  With Isamy's corruption still flowing deep in his veins, there was no trace of Byakuya's own power left.  


Kenpachi raised his left hand with his weapon readied, and Byakuya appeared several feet in front of him, his face twisted and contorted from the damage he had taken.  Byakuya brought his own weapon down and Kenpachi met it with Nozarashi.  The clash of their blades sent a deafening ring over the entirety of the battlefield, temporarily deafening most of those who heard it.  What ground remained outside of the lake exploded violently, quaking at the force of their combined attacks.


With each of Byakuya's swings, Kenpachi parried the blow.  Every parry dug them both further and further beneath into bedrock, their swordsmanship on par.  The difference between them now was only power.










Byakuya intended to end this battle in a single blow.  With a fake strike, he used both hands to bring his blade down atop Kenpachi.  Kenpachi saw this and lowered his guard, failing to parry the blow.


Instead, Byakuya vanished, maintaining his momentum, and completing his strike as he appeared behind Kenpachi in an instant.  It was at that moment that Byakuya began to become human again.  For in this attack, he could now feel fear.  As his weapon had come down upon Kenpachi, with all of its combined power, Kenpachi caught it with a single hand.  Byakuya attempted to pull away, but Kenpachi's grip was unbreakable.


The giant turned around to look Byakuya in the face.  As he did so, Kenpachi crushed Senbonzakura in his hands, rendering Byakuya's weapon useless without effort.


The hilt of Byakuya's weapon clattered to the ground as he was once more lifted into the air by Kenpachi's hand.  Kenpachi's eyes narrowed as he stared into Byakuya's own.  His only friends were gone.  He had nothing else to lose.  Kenpachi let loose a scream that completely deafened Byakuya and left his garments in tatters.


Kenpachi dug his weapon into the ground and drew back his now free hand.  With a punch to Byakuya's stomach, the Soul Reaper's lower torso violently exploded into dust, leaving his spine visible beneath his robes.  Kenpachi dropped Byakuya, who began to scramble away with his one arm.


"My Queen!  LADY ISAMY!  HELP M--!" Byakuya was silenced as he was punted into the air, and the air left his lungs.  Kenpachi drew his weapon from the ground and watched the half-man that Byakuya had become, fall back down to the ground.  He punted Byakuya once more in the face, bending his skull inward and denting his face permanently.  Byakuya bounced into the air again before flopping back down to the ground.  He could but whisper now, all of his strength completely gone.


"She... will cleanse our world."


His last words.


Kenpachi drew his weapon over his shoulder with two hands and brought it down the middle of Byakuya's remaining torso, splitting him in half.  Without pause, Kenpachi repeated this attack.  He continued to cut Byakuya into pieces until only a single stray eyeball managed to roll away.  And still, he continued to attack, unrelenting on the very dirt that Byakuya once stood on.  He would see to it that Byakuya would suffer for his transgressions.  Forever.

#7102629 Describe a YCMer Badly

Posted by Dad on 01 June 2018 - 04:55 PM

>Insert inoffensive response here<


Is... is it me?  xD


insert butthurt comment about being excluded from the fun here


This is either you or Skater.


Slightly in the closet furry/scalie who really likes to win fights


>.> this is either about you or Sakura


*insert comment about dubs*


Actually don't know this one.




You leave Crow alone.






Hates children


Definitely me.

#7102612 Describe a YCMer Badly

Posted by Dad on 01 June 2018 - 03:48 PM

I'll take a guess as to who you're talking about.  C'mon.  Let's hear it.

#7101442 Can't Trust Your Own Kids

Posted by Dad on 24 May 2018 - 02:36 PM


#7101432 White House Escape Tunnel

Posted by Dad on 24 May 2018 - 12:33 PM


#7101391 Rosa Parks being disrespected

Posted by Dad on 24 May 2018 - 02:27 AM

Fuck Clinton.

#7101160 Persona: Philosophy of Man [IC/PG-16/No Longer Accepting]

Posted by Dad on 22 May 2018 - 04:06 PM



Paul had actually been pretty busy in his second class and hadn't had any time to respond to the numerous vibrations his phone was giving off.  He finally checked his phone as he sat down in the cafeteria with a tray of food.  There were messages in the group conversation.  A lot of them.  Paul opened up the group chat to see quite a bit of activity.  For some reason, it pleased and excited Paul.  He quickly calmed down and read the messages in the group chat.  The messages all showed up with individual names and messages included with the corresponding phone number.  He would have to better manage his phone's messaging later.



he means he’s going back to the islands tomorrow afternoon and we can come. dunno why he put it so weird. no point in being secretive because no one would believe it anyway.
anyway this is tyler beckett aka the car guy. i’m sure you’ve heard of me and i’m sure whatever you heard was super flattering. IDK if i can go yet. depends on what the rest of you decide.




Paul silently narrowed his eyes.  He was gonna get Tyler for that sly remark.  Not really.  That guy was twice his size.  




We got Tyler in here too? How'd ya manage that, Paul? lol
It's Jason Garrett. I'm down to head back. Like i told Paul earlier...anything to get me the hell away from home for a while.





Then just below this, Piper joined the conversation at last.  And she was with someone.




Guess who I bumped into :). Lol was just trying to convince her to go back with me! Crazy coincidence... Sign me up for both days. But we should definitely try to see if we can find some gear... can't just rely on Paul's friend with the hammer if we're for real about this.


Oh yea lol It's Piper



Oh, that was Avery.  She must've been taken by surprise judging from the look on her face.  This was quite a strange group of people but Paul was secretly enjoying every minute of it.


Sounds like we'll have a lot of us going then.  I'll prep 2nite.  Remember.  Tmrw after school.  Let's meet at the Dial Point.  If anyone forgets where it is, you have my number.



That should do it.  Paul slid his phone back into his pocket and began to eat his food.  While he was excited Paul was also very nervous.  This whole island thing was dangerous.  There was no telling if he would be able to reach out to Shango again.  His Persona.  Still, Paul had a lot of questions that needed answering.  He could only get those answers from that island.



Miserable Mondays


The next day, Quinn spent his morning in silence.  He didn't even bother speaking to his sister as he somehow managed to get out of bed.  He didn't want to be bothered with his sister's nonsense and so he forced himself to leave home for school.  He approached the bus stop with his head hanging low and his fare already prepared in his right hand.


As the bus pulled away, he flopped down into a vacant seat and stared out of the window.  How did he get wrapped up in all of this shit?


And this guy... Paul?  What did he think this was?  Some kind of fucking vacation?  They almost died!  To monsters!  This wasn't some God damn game.  And Quinn was sick of people playing with his life.  He was angry that he even had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting that asshole.  This guy must've believed that if he handed out his phone number Quinn would oblige cheerily and vote to return for an extended say.  Fucking idiot.


And his sister.  She had some damn nerve.  Every.  Single.  Time.  Something happened.  She made the situation about herself.  That was unacceptable.  And he hated it.


He couldn't go home.  He really didn't even want to go to school.  He wanted to avoid everyone who was involved.  Especially Paul.  This was just the God damn pits.


Quinn pulled the bell on the bus a few stops early and elected to swing by Starbucks.  Hopefully, Terry was working today.  At least Terry wouldn't push his own bullshit on Quinn.  Right?


As the chime over the door rang and Quinn stepped inside, he sighed and tried to put on a fake smile.  Terry was working today.  He gathered his composure and straightened up.  Quinn knew he was better than all the shit he had been through.  As Terry's short brown hair turned around, their eyes met.


"Morning, Quinn," Terry said with a smile.  "Your usual today?"


Quinn nodded.  "You know me so well," he joked.


"I know my favorites.  I got you, coming right up," Terry said as he stepped away quickly.  The store was unusually empty this morning, so Quinn followed around the counter and waited in the lobby and chatted with Terry as he fixed Quinn's order.  "How's things going?  You doing okay?" Terry asked.


"Well, you know me.  Ups and downs.  But I always bounce back," Quinn said confidently.


Terry nodded as he turned around with Quinn's order.  "That's what I like to hear.  But hey, we're only human.  If you need an ear, the best barista in town is right here."


Quinn's smile became genuine at last.  "Thanks, Terry.  I might have to take you up on that."  Quinn gathered his things and paid for his order before trotting out of the door.  "See you after school," he said, waving to Terry.


"Have a good day!" Terry replied.





Paul sent a quick text to Amanda as he made his way to the gym.  He wasn't going to be able to attend the club meeting today.  He had to go and see how Jason was doing in his tryouts.  Funnily enough, Amanda was outside of the gym walking by.  "Oh, hey.  Club's cancelled today.  I was just coming to notify the Coach, but he's having tryouts.  I was literally sending you all a group text," Amanda said just as she pressed send.


Paul breathed a sigh of relief.  "Well, I don't feel so bad now.  I wasn't gonna come anyway," he joked.


Amanda was jogging away but stopped to jab Paul in the ribs.  "Why the hell not?"


Paul rubbed his side.  "Gonna go see my boy in tryouts.  What about you, where you headed?"


"Work called," Amanda said, jogging away.  "I gotta show up," she shrugged.  "Sorry."


Paul shrugged, watching Amanda jog away.  He finally got Amanda's text just as she was out of sight.


FROM: Amanda

TIME: 3:54 P.M.

CC: Haruka, Paulie, Janet, Leo


Sorry yall.  Club's cancelled today.  Have an emergency at work.  See you Wednesday!



He stepped inside the gym where tryouts were already underway.  He quickly ran over to the bleachers and climbed up.  He could see Jason and a few other potential basketball prospects in the center of the court.


"Let's go, Jason!" he cheered.



Thankfully, Quinn's day was mostly uneventful.  He had made it to his art class, but he couldn't even look Piper in the eyes.  He simply didn't want to think about the island, and when he glanced past her, its all he could think of.  When class ended, Quinn wasted no time bolting out of the door and making his way to the next period.  He couldn't wait for the day to just be over with.

#7101033 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by Dad on 21 May 2018 - 04:03 PM

Fantastic Voyage

Byakuya could feel the life begin to slip away from Kenpachi Zaraki beneath the now once more frozen lake at Lady Isamy's feet.  A song filled Byakuya's mind.  He could feel the atmosphere changing around him.  He could feel it in Lady Isamy.  Her Hollow body resonated with great power and vibrated with brilliant love.  And yet she was being tasked with the daunting process of bringing her foes to her side.  They could not possibly understand the brilliance within her Majesty's mind.  Her thoughts were much higher than their own.  These people--the peasants at her feet.  They were simply along for the ride.  Lady Isamy simply wanted them to feel pleasure.  If they could not do this on their own because of their ignorance, Byakuya would be the herald who aided these peasants and brought about a fantastic change in their lives.  Their voyage into the next life would be stupendous.


Two of Kenpachi's allies raced to save his life.  However, they lacked the power to do so in an efficient manner.  They began to pound and attack the ice with all their might to free their comrade.  Byakuya could not waste time with them.  Instead, his attention turned to the one casting a "Drain" spell.  


It was a splendidly cast spell that warmed him.  Byakuya dared not to fight this "Drain".  Rather, being attached to this "Bel" by the "Drain" spell, he would work with his foe.  As long as Byakuya was attached to Lady Isamy, his spiritual power and life force were most abundant.  No creature could absorb the sinister power that resided within Lady Isamy without becoming a Herald or succumbing to a most destructive force.  Byakuya would give Bel just what they desired:  An infinite supply of dark energies directly into their body.  An overload of power and maliciousness.  Much like a balloon, even Bel would pop.


"Take this gift from your Queen.  An endless, infinite love!" Byakuya declared.


But Lady Isamy was now suffering!  Byakuya recoiled, having nearly been snatched away from the Queen by the force of her wail.  He returned to her side at once and prepared to mount a stronger defense.  He would not let Lady Isamy be surprised again.  A grand attack took her by surprise and stunned even Byakuya for a brief moment.  The Herald turned its attention to the one who cast this attack.  One who would dare to harm his Queen!


Silently, he spread his palms wide, and every blade which made up Senkei was drawn to his command.  The full weight of Byakuya's strength filled the sky with shadow as his blades complimented Lady Isamy's newly forming Ice Dome, skewing any light that would have entered it.  With both hands, Byakuya prepared to unleash his full wrath on Tenshi for harming the queen.  But he ceased his command and turned his head to another.  Something that the Queen hungered for--craved--was nearly within her grasp.


He had to assure her victory.


He turned his twisted head to Ravnica, nearly trapped in Isamy's power.  With Senkei at his command, Byakuya bared down every blade at his command and prepared to seal away any hope of escape.





Yachiru had watched with horror as Kenpachi fell, pierced numerous times around his body.  He disappeared into the lake below Isamy's feet and Yachiru could feel herself weakening.  She could feel a part of her dying.  "... Kenny?" she whispered to herself as her knees dug into the snow.


Two young boys raced across the waters from the forest and prepared to save Kenpachi.  The lake froze at their feet and Killua and Gon immediately went into action.  Gon drew all of his might and prepared a powerful punch he planned to use to crack the ice.


"Rock!" he declared as he struck with all his might at the frozen lake.  But to his dismay, Gon had barely dented the magical ice.  He couldn't believe his eyes.


Before they could act any further, Killua and Gon were swept up by Isamy in a massive torrent of snow, snatching them away from the lake and stopping them from freeing Kenpachi.


[G I V E U P]


Was that all she could do?  Yachiru felt helpless as she stared at the lake, seeing her best friend sink further and further below.  She felt her Zanpaktou shiver at her side from the cold winds.  There had to be something she could do!


"KENNY!" she screeched, her heart breaking and aching.  Her face swelled with tears as she darted across the ice and drew her Zanpaktou.  Two creatures suddenly joined her in a sprint, one made of bone and the other large, round, and made of fur.  They both wielded unique bladed weapons and followed Yachiru to the center of the lake where they just make out Kenpachi's shadow deep beneath the ice.


With every spell she could muster and every strike from her allies (Sanpo Kenjū) they struck at the ice furiously.  But with every passing moment, Yachiru could feel her power slipping away.  She was going to lose him soon.  She was going to lose her last hope.  She was going to lose Kenpachi all over again.


"KENNY!!" she screamed once more.  She pounded at the ice with all her might, covering herself in her own mighty reiatsu and attempting to break through.  Her fists bled, but she continued to fight.  Her face stung with tears.  Her head filled with fear.  Her heart panicked. 




And then, a sword came to her aid.





Kratos stood with his heart gripped by fear.  He watched Kenpachi fall through the lake, only to see it iced over in a moments notice by the enemy's magic.  It was not until he saw Killua and Gon get swept away by snow that his heart lurched.  He could hear his father.  He could hear Zeus.


"For once in your pathetic life, do not fail them like you failed your family!" he echoed in Kratos head.


A fire burned inside Kratos once more.  Those dark red flames began to fade away and the blue fires of hope made his every fiber come to life.  He sheathed his blades on his back and called forth his own godly magics to summon another weapon.  Reforged by the blood of his enemies and his allies and fashioned on magics even more powerful than his own, the Blade of Promise was not something he had forgotten about.  It still maintained magics from Mount Olympus, alllowing him to summon the blade at will.


It crashed down from the skies and landed in his right hand.  With two hands on the hilt of the sword, Kratos leaped forward and burst through the icy dome that was forming around the lake.  


He landed beside Kenpachi's ally, Yachiru.  She was desperately trying to save him, but she didn't have the strength.  Even so, he could feel the raw power emanating from this small child.  Despite her size and appearance, she held magnificent strength.  And so, he would aid her.  


"Kenpachi!" Kratos barked as he raised his blade.  With all of his might he brought down the blade and stabbed it into the ice.  He hammered away with all his might as he stood beside Yachiru trying to save his ally.  He had failed Revy, but he would not let another die while he stood idly by.


At last, a crack formed in the ice, just big enough for Yachiru to fit through.





It was dark.  He was cold.  The water was like ice on his skin.  It reminded him of Hitsugaya's tantrums.  Kenpachi could feel something raging inside him.  Was it fury?  Why was he angry?  This was always how he had imagined he would die: in battle.  And yet, he wasn't satisfied.  To lose at the hands of a friend was one thing.  To lose to a friend turned enemy was another.


All Kenpachi could do now was think.  "Tch.  What a pathetic way to die," he thought to himself.  He was beginning to lose consciousness.  It was such an unfamiliar feeling.  It was like sleeping, but involuntarily.  Worst of all, he had failed them.  


The Counter Corps.






That hurt most of all.  He had wanted to secure victory if only it meant he and Yachiru could still be happy.  Nothing mattered more to him than her.  Yet, he was lying there on the brink of death.


The water was growing colder, but he could feel a brief moment of warmth.  There was a bubble above and Kenpachi could barely make out fragments of ice floating above.  The tiniest beam of light fell through the ice and touched his face.  He smiled as he saw a tiny swimming child barreling toward him.


With a breath he muttered her name.  "Yachiru."



The Wolf


Feed the Wolf


At this point, Yachiru's strength was minimal.  Even as she was swimming, she felt her Zanpaktou begin to fade away.  Kenpachi was almost lost.  She had to do any and everything in her power to save him.  Even if that meant...


She touched Kenpachi's Captain's robe and clung to it tightly.  In these freezing waters, she could barely feel life coming from his body.  "Kenny," she whispered.  Yachiru pulled herself close to Kenpachi and clung to him with a hug.  She laid her head against his own and kissed his forehead.


She chuckled lightly as she mocked Kenpachi.  "You know," she began as he finally was able to muster the strength to turn to face her.


"If you had just used me properly," Yachiru said with a soft smile.  "You wouldn't be in this predicament."


Kenpachi didn't understand.  "Yachiru.  I'm sorry."


She touched the wound in his chest where his heart should have been, and Kenpachi could feel a sudden surge of strength.


"Yachiru?" Kenpachi asked.  He could breathe again.  He could feel his strength returning.  He could feel so much.  But he could also feel Yachiru slipping away.  "What's going on?" he asked.


"This is the power, Kenny.  The power that everyone calls Ban-kai," Yachiru said with a smile.


Kenpachi took Yachiru by her hand.  "What are you talking about?  I can't--I've only just discovered my Shikai."


Yachiru giggled.  "You've had it all along, you big dummy.  You just didn't know it."


Kenpachi frowned.  "Then.  You're--"


"Say it with me, Kenny," Yachiru said.


With her final breath and in unison with her best friend, they spoke together.  "Bankai."



The Animal


Kratos could see a bright light beneath the ice.  It was a golden light that warmed everything it touched.  But in the instance that he felt its warmth, he could feel something much worse within.  This golden light quickly lost its color until it was entirely black.  Kratos leaped away from the ice and escaped outside of Isamy's Ice Dome.


The ice over the lake exploded and a violent plume of water erupted into the sky.  The black light caused the lake to evaporate once more, leaving nothing but a dried bed of rock beneath.


And at the bottom of this bed of rock, Kenpachi rested on his knees, his power completely out of control.





He gripped his weapon tightly and slowly began to stand.  He turned his head up to Isamy and his empty eyes landed on Byakuya.



#7100444 From Zero to Hero

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#7100320 Golden Gate Empire: Dreams of Grandeur [IC | PG-16]

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Matilda had dragged Colston and Sergei to the top of the North Tower, where three strange, otherworldly creatures waited for them.  They were each standing well over ten feet tall, hulking around with broad shoulders and a thick shell over their flesh.  Their skin was a burnt orange and they walked on eight legs, like crabs. They bore four arms, two of which had pincers.  A barbed tail and slits for eyes were the smallest defining features of these monsters, as they hissed and snarled with anticipation.  These were a new creation of Matilda's founded based on her own newly created "creation magic".  She called them Kragels (Cray-guls).


Matilda rose through the rooftop and let Colston go from her grip.  He rolled into the feet of the monsters on the roof, and one of them drew up one of their many legs and attempted to run him through.  Colston pushed himself away and escaped unscathed.  


As he stood to his feet, Colston watched as Matilda placed Sergei's body on a stone table.  It was carved with all kinds of runic symbols that he did not recognize.  There was a perfectly round hole in the center of the table which Sergei's back now covered.  On all sides of the table, narrow channels were etched into the stone and led to the ground.  These channels stretched toward Matilda's feet and formed a singular circle around her.


Colston closed his eyes and opened them slowly while he drew in a deep breath.  The world around him slowed drastically, to the point that everything nearest he was completely silent.  A massive black bubble suddenly encompassed the North Tower rooftop, and everything inside of it was hidden. 


This was a special technique that he picked up from the Old World.  The Time Bubble.  He could temporarily contain everything inside of it without having anything inside the bubble affect the outside world.  This is what he was waiting for.


All he had to do was survive long enough for the others to arrive.


Matilda was frozen in place, staring down at Sergei with a smile.  Her Kragels too stood unmoving, sealed and trapped by the Time Bubble.


Colston stood up slowly and peered outside of the Time Bubble.  The Magical Handling Unit was coming.  They had the means to defeat Matilda for good.  



The Return


Geno had arrived late.  He could see the contestants engaged in battle inside of the dining hall, but they were fighting one another.  What the hell was going on?  And where was Colston?  Tiny was unconscious on the floor, his large body propped against the wall.  Sergei was dead.  Matilda was a traitor.  Was there anyone else he could trust?

Geno's radio buzzed with feedback and he snatched it from his waist.  "Who's on this channel?  It better be important."


For a moment there was only static.  Then, a voice boomed through.  "It's Jackson.  There's a hell of a lot of powerful magic coming from your location.  You need to have Sergei evacuate those people.  Now," Jackson demanded.  There was a roar of wind in the background of wherever Jackson was.


"... Sergei's gone, Jack.  We're on full lockdown," Geno replied.


Jackson was silent for a moment.  "... we know.  And that's one more reason for us to get those people out.  Standy, Geno.  Help is nearby."


The radio went silent.  But on the other side, Jackson was engaging with the rest of the M.H.U.


"Koko!  Plan B!" he called out of the window of his vehicle.  "Two teams!  One to the roof, and one to the first floor!"


Kokoro nodded before turning to her people as Jackson screeched away.  


"Tyson, Robert, Saul.  With me.  We're gonna get to the contestants.  Dirk, Nero, Morgan, Basille.  Get to the roof and help Colston," Kokoro ordered as she approached the North Tower doors.


"What will Zyg do?" Zyg asked.


Kokoro smiled.  "You're our ace in the hole, buddy.  Standby.  You're gonna be the star of the show.  Everyone else, prepare to breech."


Saul went forward ahead of Kokoro and placed a single giant hand on the door.  He could not detect any magic on the North Tower door, meaning it was safe to breech it.  He nodded to his comrades behind him before turning back to the door.  With a single giant foot, Saul kicked the doors down.


Mama Said Knock You Out  


The teams divided, with Kokoro, Saul, Tyson, and Robert approaching the dining hall.  Morgan, Basille, Dirk, and Nero headed to the top of the North Tower where Matilda and Colston were in wait.  But before Morgan was completely out of range, Kokoro called to Morgan.


"Morgan," Kokoro said quickly.


Morgan stopped in her tracks and turned around.  "What's up, boss?"


"Reach out to our remaining units, and have anyone who can scramble show up this way.  Especially Star Boy and Lightning Mouth," Kokoro ordered.


Morgan scratched her head.  "Star B--oh, you mean the old man?  Alfonso?  It's a far reach considering he could be a few galaxies away."


"Yeah, I know.  But we might need all the help we can get," Kokoro confirmed.


"And Lightning Mouth.  That's Elspire?" Morgan clarified.


Kokoro nodded.


"Okay.  I'll get the word out.  I'll use a portable gate and send out a few of my friends to reach them.  But don't get your hopes up," Morgan said as she headed for the roof.





"This is a very powerful barrier.  It can only be released when the creator steps inside of it," Saul said.


"I've got an answer for that," Robert said.  He stepped forward with a brilliant, radiating stone in his hands.  A magical object.  "The Eject Stone.  I never thought I would get to use it."  Robert pushed the stone against the barrier, and he could feel it evaporating as it touched the barrier.  There was a shimmer of light, and for a moment, Robert frowned beneath his hood.  "Hmm.  I thought for sure that would--"


There was a powerful echo and a shatter of what sounded like glass, and the barrier that was surrounding the dining hall crumbled.  Immediately, a powerful cold spilled outward of the dining hall and began to ice every inch of the first floor, slowly creeping up through the hotel.  Kokoro shielded her face and Robert tightened his hood.  Saul remained unphased while Tyson seemed agitated.


Tyson stepped forward with fire brimming from his every pore.  "Let's give them a hand, shall we?"



Primary Objective(s), Rank C Difficulty:


Work with the Magical Handling Unit.


Optional Objective(s), Rank A Difficulty:

Defeat Jack.

Defeat Louis.

Assist Colston.


Hidden Objective, Rank Impossible Difficulty:

Defeat Bethany.

Stop Matilda.