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#7011994 trying out vectoring

Posted by Eros Thanatos on 27 May 2017 - 07:54 PM

Was expecting more fucking with this art.  Not disappointed.

#7011955 What fictional character do you find most relatable?

Posted by Eros Thanatos on 27 May 2017 - 04:07 PM

Anger from Pixar's "Inside Out" (2015).

#7011933 The Un-Official Hip-Hop Thread

Posted by Eros Thanatos on 27 May 2017 - 03:15 PM

idk how I missed this for so long


I still bump this

#7011781 School

Posted by Eros Thanatos on 27 May 2017 - 01:18 AM

Community college was fun, barring the last semester where 1 of my classes was an hour away.


Hated uni. Had to drive 45-60 mins to get there, another 10 min finding a parking space, another 15-20 minutes walking across campus to get to class.


So glad to be done with school.


What did you major in?


I'm still in uni for Civil Engineering.  Turns out--prolly down here specifically, and thanks to a few hookups for internships--I can start around 65k+ a year with just a bachelor's degree.


But I like my schooling so far.  Bus ride is a pain, but I'll have my ride soon.  Plus, I'm keeping word to my grandma bout this education, bro.  Gotta get it.  I'm actually as nervous and anxious as I am excited.  It's a good, if complicated feeling.

#7011190 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [PG-13/Started/Apps Closed for Arc...

Posted by Eros Thanatos on 24 May 2017 - 01:43 PM



"Okay, quick version. Those "guys" from the Divine you talked about earlier. One of them has the ability to actually give abilities to others...by turning them into psychotic creatures of madness. Of course thanks to me that won't happen to you but it is something you should probably look out for. Now the upsides are that you are pretty much immortal and have nigh instant regeneration. The downside is that we have completely restructured you're genetic make-up to the cellular level. I'm not sure if you can have children right now. All that aside you should be able to participate in this fight right now.  Any more questions?"  


Revy shook her head, or so she assumed.  "Nah.  I never wanted kids anyway.  So what exactly is it I'm capable of, besides having a lot less chance of dyin'?  Can I fly like your friends?  Do I have super speed?  Am I vulnerable to Kryptonite?  What can I do?"


Revy blinked, and her sight was restored.  "I can see!  I can see!  I. . . I can fight.  Alright pretty voice in my head.  Let's get down to business."


Revy charged headlong into battle, hoping whoever this was that was talking to her would guide her.





From beneath Butlerok's shield, and her own, Yachiru watched the light show take place.  She could feel Arthuria's overwhelming force, even beneath both barriers that protected her.  "Wow," Yachiru commended of Arthuria, softly.  "If only you were on our side."  Because Yachiru's senses were so great, she was able to feel beneath Arthuria's strength, where she could sense a growing power that she recognized.  She smiled, putting all of her faith in her best friend.  Beside him was her companion, and behind the two of them was a team of warriors who were fighting for a common goal:  to save the multiverse.  She couldn't help but cheer them on.


"Go get her!  Put the shining pretty lady in a box and mail her to the Soul Society!  Make her dead, dead, dead!  Go team super fighting heroes!"


A simple list of words with very little meaning, but a lot of love behind them.

#7011019 Bluefire [NS/A/OoC]

Posted by Eros Thanatos on 23 May 2017 - 05:37 PM

"Boom Boom" Brando!

#7010925 Bluefire [NS/A/OoC]

Posted by Eros Thanatos on 23 May 2017 - 10:03 AM

A Khajiit you saaaaaaaaaay?? XD


You mean the exact race I'm running in Skyrim? I'm game...plus night-vision and possibly extra damage done by the claws in hand to hand combat? Totally in!!


smh I read Kahjit as Kaiju.

#7010639 Bluefire [NS/A/OoC]

Posted by Eros Thanatos on 22 May 2017 - 12:53 AM

This means so much to me! Thank you!! I've been wanting to do a virtual reality RP basically since Rinne did Lore Online in 2015, so this has been a product of the mind for 2 years now, but it didn't hit paper until this last week or so.


Well I'd love to help your project flourish.  I'll note interest.  If possible, I'd like to be the last person to submit an application, as I play better as a fill in player (barring deadlines of course).  Bluefire seems right up my ally.

#7010635 Bluefire [NS/A/OoC]

Posted by Eros Thanatos on 22 May 2017 - 12:40 AM

I love the large, immersive world that you've built.  The detail, the history, the connection between havens, and the dangers in between are super attractive.  Each subclass feels unique, and I love the opportunity to really touch on basically any and everything they could do as a race or a class.  It feels opportunistic and it covers pretty much everything.  Can I ask, how long has this been in the works for you?  It's very impressive.

#7010621 Man sues his date for texting during movie.

Posted by Eros Thanatos on 22 May 2017 - 12:12 AM

Real serious mcserious guy, he cant have any form of lightheartedness or rumor. Gotta be serious serious. Nobody takes people to emoji movie or smurf on dates. I only like SERIOUS SERIOUS. 





Your posts are funnier and seem more fitting it they are read with irony.



Well, this thread certainly blew up since I last checked it. Nice work, everyone.



My posts are all intended to be read with the earnesty of Nickelback. 



Any time! <3


I'm gonna ask you guys to kindly stay on topic.  If you don't have anything to contribute, please don't spam.  No need to devolve the thread.  Thank you.

#7010611 Bluefire [NS/A/OoC]

Posted by Eros Thanatos on 21 May 2017 - 11:45 PM

I'll be going through the doc today and tomorrow to know for sure whether or not I wanna play.  Looks interesting, but I won't put in a definite answer just yet.

#7010596 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [PG-13/Started/Apps Closed for Arc...

Posted by Eros Thanatos on 21 May 2017 - 10:37 PM

The Hallway


Earlier. . . 


Revy had been consumed by. . . whatever this was!  She felt her head writhe in agony, she fell to her knees as she was suddenly filled by what she thought was some kind of toxin.  For a moment, she was completely blind!  Was this Arthuria's doing!?  She couldn't even think straight, let alone make out where the "attack" came from.  Then, for a moment, there was only silence.  Was she deaf now too?  Revy placed her hands on her face, hoping this was all a bad dream.  She tried to speak, but couldn't hear her own voice.  What was happening!?


A feminine voice echoed to her from the blackness of her world, clear as day.  


Listen love we don't have much time, but your body is reconstructed to give you a set of...abilities so to speak. Now this is going to come with some challenges and I need know when I put your conscious mind into your new body you aren't going to snap and start shooting us. Are we clear?


"Abilities?  Wha--" she could hear herself again.  Was she thinking this or saying it?  "What the fu--God damn it!  What is this!?"  Revy could feel herself growing agitated.  She had to calm down.  She took a several deep breaths, and held them.  Her breathing slowed, to a normal, acceptable rate.  "I'm sorry.  What--abilities?  You're gonna have to be more clear about that, whoever you are.  And how'd you get in my God damn head?"  She sighed, carefully taking herself to a knee, whilst she was blind.  "I can't shoot what I can't see.  And you ain't exactly tryin' to kill me I don't think.  So, whatever you've gotta do, if it helps me fight. . . do it."



Kratos and Kenpachi were now faced with what was Arthuria's overbearing, full force.  A grand light appeared to consume the entirety of the Hallway, and every combatant--Divine and Counter Corps alike--were attempting to push it back.  When Arthuria was pressured by the opposing, repelling force, she managed to snap her power back once more, and yet attempt to crush the Counter Corps.  The King's next attack targeted Revy, but thankfully Team Dorian was quick to react, shielding Revy, and even Yachiru from the blast.  A number of Kratos' brothers sacrificed themselves, leaping before Kenpachi, Kratos, Reimu, and Nero with their shields raised.  It was enough to dull the damage coming their way, and keep the warriors on their feet.


Byakuya too was threatened, but with a raise of his hand, he created a pin point barrier black barrier that spread Arthuria's attack across its surface, and weakened it enough to withstand the force behind.


Kenpachi was slow to react, thankful to be working with his foes for a change.  He would thank them later.  Kenpachi turned to Kratos, nodding at his wrist.  "That thing still work?" he asked, noting Kratos' Golden Fleece.  


Kratos nodded.  "It is impervious to magic or man," he said, turning to face Arthuria.  "Something I don't believe she is aware of."


Kenpachi nodded as well.  "Then let's give her somethin' to worry about."


Kratos commanded his Army of undead Spartans forward, having them to march beside Butlerok's own army of the dead.  He took opposite their position, flanking from the west with Kenpachi at his side.  As Kenpachi and Kratos raced forwards, the Shinigami Captain snatched his eye-patch from his face, causing his power to soar.  Raising the Zanpaktou at his side, Kenpachi and Kratos attempted to take Arthuria down with sheer force.



Killua's claws were bared, his hair standing on edge and his eyes moving about like daggers.  He and Gon had gotten their answer from Arthuria.  "We fight.  Me and you.  Like old times."  Killua exchanged a fist bump with Gon, as he watched the light-show before them.  "Man.  She's pretty scary," he admitted.  "Good thing we're here."  Killua's body was then submerged in a bath of lightning, as he silenced every sound around him that he was unwilling to hear.  He could hear his comrades, and he could hear Arthuria.  But the restraints of hearing explosions, being deafened by the impact of powerful magics on one another, was not something he had to concern himself with any longer.


Behind him, Ed prepared for battle, his Zanpaktou at the ready.  This was it.  They couldn't afford to hold back.  "Gon," Killua said, turning with a cheery smile to his best friend.  "Don't get reckless."  With that, Killua zipped ahead, a lightning bolt in either of his hands.  He got as high as he can, and gripped the bolts tightly, causing them to take on unusual shapes, and a black coloring.  "Catch!" he called down at Arthuria.

#7010041 The Yuiverse

Posted by Eros Thanatos on 19 May 2017 - 05:19 PM

Needs more husbandos.


EDIT:  Let me make this a bit more clear and less memey.


I wanna see you break out of your shell more.  Your characters are always interesting to me.  I find a likeness of yourself in each of them in some sort of way.  It's why I like playing with you.  But I feel like you're too scared to say "fuck it, I'll try something different!"  I rarely if ever have seen a male character out of you.  Not that there's something wrong with that, but more variety is good.  And it would give me a better sense of just how far you can go.

#7010011 Dimensional Barrier

Posted by Eros Thanatos on 19 May 2017 - 03:05 PM

Why the fuck would you put this in Debates?  You really are as stupid as you look.

#7009956 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [PG-13/Started/Apps Closed for Arc...

Posted by Eros Thanatos on 19 May 2017 - 08:54 AM

The Hallway to Origin


Yachiru scrambled away from Kenpachi and Kratos, shielding herself with a large, orange bubble.  She bounced excitedly, clapping her hands as the pressure exerted from Kenpachi and Kratos washed over herself and the Hallway.  She extended a hand, balled her fist, and gave Kenpachi a thumbs up, as she called out to him.  "Good luck, Kenny!  Kick her butt!" Yachiru cheered.  Over his shoulder, Kenpachi smiled back at Yachiru.  He returned her thumbs up, and directed his attention back at Arthuria.



Killua had backed off.  He knew he couldn't stop Kratos and Kenpachi.  Not alone.  And it would seem that most of the other Counter Corps and even the Divine were in agreement that Arthuria had to be stopped.  Killua just wasn't sure that this was the proper way to do things.  Clenching his fist, Killua stood aside as Kratos' army marched past him.  A legion of undead, faithful to a man with questionable ideals.  That alone was enough to make Killua worry.  His eyes flickered over to Revy's unconscious body.  Of all people, he didn't expect her to be so passionate over Yukari's death.


But then, he didn't know Revy very well.  "What the hell was she thinking?" Killua thought to himself.  "What is . . . ".  There was a strange series of droplets floating across the pathway, and they moved with such discretion and purpose that it was like someone was manipulating them.  And the droplets fell, right atop Revy's forehead.  For some reason, at the sight of this, Killua's hair stood on edge.



Revy stirred in her sleep.  She mumbled something about doughnuts and chocolate pudding in her unconscious state, drooling and licking her lips.  Come to think of it, she hadn't eaten much since she began fighting with the Counter Corps, had she?  Her rather pleasant dream of sweets and and pastries came to an abrupt end, when she could've sworn she was back in her old bed, tear drops streaming down her face.  Revy blinked awake, to find herself covered in what she thought was blood.


She shrieked, and scrambled to her feet.  She checked herself for wounds, but found none.  She wiped the "blood" from her face, but she couldn't get it all off.  "Ugh!  What is this!?" she demanded.  It looked more like oil to her, but it was much too sticky.  Something unexplainable was happening to Revy, and she had no idea what was coming.