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Hi I'm Dad

Hi I'm Dad

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Yesterday, 10:28 PM

it is approximately three big


Like <3 or >3 or =3?

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Yesterday, 10:14 PM

another bump


How big is the bump?  Is it like a mosquito bite or a concussion?

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Yesterday, 09:28 PM

A friend passed recently.  His going home celebration was one of the best. 


Going Home


How we do it.

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Yesterday, 07:57 PM

Well, as much as that awesome sounds...there is only one main reason I don't want to relocate right now.


I have a friend who is a girl around my age (more accurate, she's 27 and I'm 23) that I really like. I'm gonna try and actually make my feelings known to her cause... *sigh* ...I've been avoiding it. Parents say just take the plunge and ask and I've been putting it off. I've had a crushes before and this one, she only liked me cause I bought her things...mind you this was like elementary school years, but it still hurt when ya get the words "I just wanna be friends".


Plus, everyone else that I hang with say that they notice that I like her...it's so bad the Pastor of my church noticed it!! XD That's the main reason I don't want to leave yet. I know that there are some long distant relationships that DO work out...but I also know a large handful that don't. The girl deserves better than that. And especially now since she's going for her Bachelors in Nursing...she's going for it after I got my Bachelors, so I think I may've inspired her to do it...won't read too much into that XD




Super adorbs.  Reminds me of a similar love story about guy from Japan who lost a loved one, then he ends up saving the world.  Or trying to at least.  Never mind that.  I hope it works out in your favor boss.  :D

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Yesterday, 07:40 PM

XD Likes work just fine amigo



Slow going right now. I've gotten on Career Builder and a few others...though right now I've gotten calls from Michigan or Missouri...one of those, wanting me to sell either insurance or just doing doing sales associate crap. And I don't feel like I need to leave Arkansas to get a job. If anything, I'll probably see if I can get some work over at the Best Buy or something. I just need something before November.


November is when my student loans are due...and right now I need to just get some cash.


How willing are you to relocate?  The only reason I ask is that I know Nielsen has offices in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Wisconsin, and Missouri.  Some of those are relatively close to you and if you could move I know for sure they start at 30k a year.  But with a degree, you can easily get a better offer and a better starting position (which you have).  


Since I have a friend in Nielsen, I have the ability to ask about positions and maybe forward you some info if you're interested.  But if not, I won't press the issue  <3