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Today, 02:24 PM

Umm, I AM serious about this. I wanted to spawn opinions. Thats what General is, right?


If Yui hadn't stepped in I would've just moved this thread to Miscellaneous.  


It is, but look at the way you've worded the OP. Ask yourself, if you were someone else, would you think they're as serious about it as you actually are? Did something happen to prompt this thread, and if so, what? What's your opinion on the questions you've provided? Other questions like that. I quite enjoy seeing new threads in General which is why I'm giving you this advice.


This.  The opening post looks like a certified, grade A shit-post.  If you wanna be taken seriously, try actually putting forth a little more effort in your opening posts.

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Yesterday, 08:54 PM



No one-word posts, please.  If this is all you have to say, don't post it.


Holy crap, someone other that POC thats posting thats been on here longer than me. That is legit impressive.


Always knew you were an old man.

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Yesterday, 01:33 PM



BBC has uncovered over 20 accusations against muh man Kevin Spacey that had been buried before


Safe to say he's done now


That's a career completely off the rails now.  You're right, he's done.  And it's a crying fucking shame that he was able to keep this shit under wraps for so long.  Glad these people finally came forward.

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Yesterday, 02:15 AM

Metal and Flesh


The dragon-maiden's terror had -- for the most part -- gone undeterred.  She tore those who opposed her to chunks of meat like the mere fleshbags that they were.  Magic did not impede her and only served to fuel her destructive rampage.  All but one fled at the sight of dragon-maiden for fear of their lives.  Alone, Jack stood in awe of the creature's remarkable strength.  Even so, she challenged the dragon-maiden in a show of bravado.  Around the world, her popularity rose as she stood head-on against a mighty foe.


Rawal had vanished from sight, his position unknown to even the satellite array which broadcasted the Golden Gate Secret Cup.  With a flicker, the satellite feed changed to an infrared review, reviewing Rawal's location only to the audience who had no way of interacting with other contestants.  


But now in the heat of Jack's big moment against her enemy, there came a disturbance from the forest.  A clinging of metal would catch Jack's ear and a winding whir would put her on her toes.  Stomping over the forest floor was Bullet, still wielding his enormous chain gun.  Revving up the empty barrel, Bullet lowered the gun and aimed it down the Congo Bay as his eyes landed on the back of Jack's suit.  The barrel spun as Bullet commanded, and despite being completely empty, began to fire hundreds of large rounds in a wide arc from east to west in an attempt to take down both Jack and the dragon maiden.


As Bullet swept the battlefield, trees were felled at the might of his weapon.  Animals scattered, less they are turned into more than shredded meat.  And for those creatures who were unlucky enough to be caught in the cross fire, their bodies were left with more than just holes.  As the bullets penetrated the carcass of a now-deceased hippopotamus, it left singed, purple, burnt wounds.  The flesh continued to dissolve long after the bullet exited the hippo, indicating that these were no ordinary bullets.  They were made specifically for the enemy in front of Bullet, right now.





"You reminded me too much of my sisters, so I guess...go die in a fire?"


"Fire?" Choros breathed, as he turned towards Angelica, a pause in his attack.  The android raised a sharp weapon before him and brought it down at his center of mass.  Choros attack shifted in an instant, his blade guarding against Angelica's own as it became lit ablaze.  Choros' eyes changed from an empty white into a deep, burnt orange as the stared into the eyes of the android.  "You are a machine given life," Choros said as he defended against Angelica with a single hand.  


"An empty vessel.  Yet you fight for a reason I cannot see.  Will you tell me why as we dance in Gabriel's Flame?" Choros asked.  With Lace temporarily dazed and Mango being unresponsive, Choros had only one opponent:  Angelica.  He kicked the android away, forcing her back.  With a wide swing of his sword, the edges of the arena were set on fire by Gabriel's Flame.  "A holy flame.  It will incinerate any unholy sentient creature it touches."


Choros looked over his shoulder at Lace and Mango, then turned back to Angelica.  Out of the corner of the Android's eye, if she looked closely, she would be able to analyze the flame.  Its composition would be unknown, but she would be able to see the flame slowly curling inward towards herself and Choros.  The fire was moving, eating away at the edges of the "valley" which encompassed the Godstone.  Soon, it would touch Lace and Mango.  And then, it would touch her.


Choros held his blade out once more and charged Angelica.



Served Cold


Ife was tackled in mid-air as the shadow that accompanied Louis decided to take him head-on.  Louis laid a trap in wait for Ife, but a battle of strength was not something he would lose.  As Ife and Basabath spiraled in mid-air, Ife pushed his tattooed arm closer to the enemy's jaw and gripped it tightly.  Exerting as much pressure as possible at once, Ife shoved Basabath by his head and exerted his own momentum to flip their positions, placing Basabth's back toward the ground.  Ife snatched his arm free from Basabth before driving the shadow monster to the ground with an empowered punch.  It was unlikely that the enemy suffered a blow to anything other than their pride, but Ife was not satisfied with the reply he had been given by Louis.


He spat on the ground and kicked dirt at Basabth's face.  "Disappointing."  


Ife turned around and placed his back to Louis and his pet.  "You!  Girl!" Ife said, marveled at the icicles Bethany had created.  "What can you do?  This one was a warm-up," Ife announced, with a thumb over his shoulder at Louis and Basabath.  "Show me the coldness of your heart.  The warrior that lives within you."


Ife crouched and tucked his legs tightly behind him as he directed himself toward Bethany.  He exploded from the ground and drew a right fist which he aimed for the girl's face.

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Yesterday, 01:34 AM

This. . . is gonna be fucking hilarious.  I am so fucking hyped for this like you wouldn't believe.