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The Congo Basin


After a lengthy, and exhausting flight, the jet lagged contestants--Rawal, Louis, Jack, and Bethany--arrived in Africa in an unmarked, undisclosed location with a private air strip.  Guards escorted the four contestants to four separate helicopters, where they took off in four separate directions.


In the Northeast, Bethany's chopper flew above the Congo Basin.  She was taken to the opposite side of the start of the Nile River, into moderately tall shrubs and enormous trees.  A ladder was extended for Bethany to climb down into the forest, into a clearing small enough for her to enter on her own.  The helicopter could not take her any lower.  As Bethany landed, she would find she was surrounded by the higher ends of the forest.  The further west she went from her current standing point, she would begin to scale higher up into the forest, into massive cliffs and dense caves.  Most importantly, there was no water around Bethany, but the Nile River was west of her current position, beyond a thick canopy of trees, and creating a waterfall over a jagged and rocky cliff edge.  On foot, it would take her an hour to find this fresh water if she traveled west.  It would take her three hours if she traveled south to come into contact with a contestant other than Louis.


In the Northwest, Louis' helicopter landed in a shallow clearing on a cliff side, right where the Nile River began to flow through the Congo Basin.  Louis was in a more ideal location, with access to fresh water, a high vantage point, and a chance to observe and learn his surroundings before be dropped into the thick of things.  However, Louis was also the candidate furthest from any others.  By chance, Bethany was just one hundred meters closer to other contestants than she was to Louis.  This was both good and bad for Louis.  Showing up in the middle of a fight could net him multiple advantages.  But if he was turned on by multiple enemies, that could change.  From his starting point, it would take Louis two hours to reach Bethany if he was walking.  At that same pace, it would take him nearly four and a half hours to come into contact with someone other than Bethany.


In the Southeast, Jack would find herself at the end of the Nile River, where it pooled into what appeared to be at least a two hundred foot deep cavern below.  She would not be landing in a clearing, and thus would have to climb down from her helicopter to reach the ground level.  Everything north of Jack was elevated.  As she continued north, she would find a very soft, gradual rise in the land, but it would be noticeable over time.  More northwestward, the gradual climb of the land shifted drastically to high elevations, until it reached a great peak of cliffs furthest in the Northwest quadrant of the Basin.  She had immediate access to water, but she was also in more immediate danger.  The Southeast quadrant of the forest was heavily populated by hippos.  Hippos--being the very territorial creatures that they are--would not take kindly to a stranger showing up and attempting to even approach their water.  Not to mention the plethora of other unknown animals in the forest around her.  If Jack were to travel north, it would take her three to four hours to run into a contestant other than Rawal, depending on if she went Northeast or Northwest.  If she went directly west from her position, it would take her an hour to come into contact with Rawal.


In the Southwest, Rawal would find himself in a thick highgrass mound.  He would have to be careful with how he stepped around this mound, because highgrass was littered with snakes.  Most of them were non-poisonous, but should he tread on a Green Bush Viper or a Night Adder, he would be in for a nasty surprise.  He was approximately one hour away from a fresh water source, and an enemy.  If Rawal traveled north from his current position, it would take him roughly three to four hours to come into contact with a contestant that was not Jack.  


But the most dangerous forces in the Congo Basin were not among the contestants.  For what they could not see coming, even miles away, was a third party.  This party--this enemy--was responsible for the most blight in Africa sense 2020.  They acted as a wave of death, moving about the country and bringing complete silence to the voices that opposed them.  A new age was rising in Africa, from war mongers and religious zealots acting as one.  And within six hours, they would be upon the contestants, with nothing to stop them.



Too Late to Apologize


Geno was practicing his lines, and after having rehearsed his apology for an hour, he had worked up the nerve to knock on the doors to the news studio.  Victor Skye opened the door, shocked to see Geno there.


"Geno?  What can we do for you?  Is everything alright?" Victor asked.


Geno sighed.  "I need to make a public broadcast.  A bet Tiny and I had.  Need to make a public apology."


"An apology?  To whom, if you don't me asking?" Victor replied.


"Couple of the winning contestants.  I made a dumb bet that three outta the four would lose, and I told Tiny--"


"But--wait.  Geno.  The victors have already taken off.  They're gone off to Africa," Victor interrupted.


Geno crumpled half of his speech in his hands.  "Whaddya mean they're gone!?  God damn it!  Alright.  Know what?" he said shoving past Victor to get into the studio.  "You're gonna record this God damn apology anyway.  And you're gonna make sure it gets saved to the news website.  It'll still be public and an apology.  And knowin' my luck it'll be viral sooner than later."


Victor sighed, closing the door to the studio.  "Alright.  I'll get make-up in here and--"


"No.  Mask.  Stays.  On," Geno insisted.


"Riiiight," Victor said, rolling his eyes.  "Well you're gonna have to make sure you speak up through your helm.  Otherwise it'll be muffled and sound awful.  And that will keep you here longer."


"One take, Vick.  That's it," Geno barked.


"You want it done right, or not?" Victor said, folding his arms.


Geno sighed.  "Yeah, you're right.  Sorry.  Whatever ya gotta do.  Let's just get it done."

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What anime villain legitimately frightens you?  If there isn't one that doesn't actually scare you, who's a villain that you feel puts shame to other anime bad guys based on the things they are capable of or have done?

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I remember pulling this while looking for Ash.  I was like, "Fuck.  Oh wait this is good."  And the artwork is amazing.  Like, real shit, this card's art is dope.  

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Chapter 26:  Breathless