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#7023486 Tornado Dragon

Posted by Hi I'm Dad on Yesterday, 09:52 PM

I remember pulling this while looking for Ash.  I was like, "Fuck.  Oh wait this is good."  And the artwork is amazing.  Like, real shit, this card's art is dope.  

#7023443 Bluefire [IC]

Posted by Hi I'm Dad on Yesterday, 06:02 PM

Brando spat up a fit of laughter.  "You really are stupid aren't ye?" he said as he fell onto his ass again.  He plucked out a fist full of dynamite, as the enemy ship drew nearer.  " 'Doi I dun care whatcha think, but ya better know me rank!'  Ya see how that doesn't work together?"  Swaying, Brando stood up, with flint and steel in his opposite hand.  "Either ya do or ya don't care, Reebus.  And if ya don't care but ya made sure I knew yer rank, then ya must be over compensatin' fer somethin'.  Trust me," he said lighting the dynamite.  "This video game won't make yer pencil dick any bigger."


He rolled over to one of Flora's men, and shoved him outta the way.  "Move it, shrimp!" Brando said, as he pulled apart a bundle of dynamite into single sticks.  His best bet would be to not use an entire bundle at once, less he puncture the ship with a giant hole.  Then they would really be in deep water.  He charged head long into the enemy, lighting a single stick of dynamite at a time.  " 'Scuse me, pardon me!" he said, running into the enemy pirates.  "Here, hold this for me, will ya?  Thanks!" Brando said.  He casually passed off a stick of dynamite to an enemy pirate, as the fuse was nearing its end.  Then, Brando shoved the enemy so that their chest butted against a second enemy NPC, as the dynamite went off.  This nulled the explosion, but k.o.'d two of the pirates at once.


Brando stumbled a bit, still being debuffed at sea.  But he pressed forwards regardless.  "Oh Hziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir~" he sang angrily.  "Why don't ya come on over and let ol' Brando show ya a good time?  There's sure to be. . .explosive results," he taunted.  


But then, Brando was suddenly surrounded, with three enemy NPC's on all sides.  He merely chuckled as he stared up at them.  "Ready to die, Dwarf?"


Brando grinned from ear to ear.  "Sure mate.  That is of course, assuming you've got the hot foot ta catch me."


"What's--YOUR FOOT!" declared one of them, pointing to his ally.


Brando had sneakily ignited the foot of the enemy behind him with his flint and steel.  He ducked between their legs as they scrambled to grab him.  Taking aggro successfully, Brando ran circles around the pirates, plucking apart another stick of dynamite.  They chased Brando to the edge of the ferry, believing themselves to have him cornered.  "End o' da line, Dwarf!"  Brando prepared to run, but his sea sickness caught up to him once more, causing him to fall over in a blur.  But Brando had one last trick up his sleeve.  


He slipped his flintlock pistol from his pocket, and at point blank range, aimed it at one of the three enemy NPCs.  "Well, blow me down," he joked, before firing.  The bullet impacted the chest of the first NPC, and ricocheted through the head of the second.  The third merely looked at Brando, before drawing their blade with a nasty scowl.  "If it's how it ends, it's how it ends," Brando muttered, as his pistol fell out of his hand.  

#7023317 [Original Work] :Alive: Book 1: The Southern Suffering [Rated M | 18+]

Posted by Hi I'm Dad on 18 July 2017 - 11:30 PM

Here we go...my thoughts after the chapter....


Chapter 25: The Dark Side of the Moon



AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Dad you amazing, AMAZING person you!!! This chapter...it's what I've been waiting for since the beginning of you introducing this Broken Fayth concept! And my GOD, did you deliver! You painted the appearance of Amaris' new form in such a way I was impressed with GREATLY! The design you worked with the weapon, of course after we talked, was put into an amazing work. It's showing how well that Amaris' bonds with his friends right now has grown exponentially! Not only that, the use of a new weapon is the best! Kusarigama for the win man!! ;D


The fight between the Survivors and Dirge was fantastic. And at the end, hehehe, I found that reference to a certain bug-based Disney villain most impressive XD Also, Yuel's little conversation with Amaris is interesting to me. Mainly the emphasis on "Thank you". I may be looking too hard into it...but still...


Also, the end of the chapter is making me even more interested. I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens next with HIM if he's in the next chapter!


At the end of it...this chapter exceeded my expectations for Amaris! So much so that I now need a full PM of his new abilities you've given him just so I can update him with them in the Shonen Corner just for the hell of it!!! :D


I would be happy to give you that list.  I'll send you a PM probably tomorrow sometime and give you the full breakdown.  As always, thank you for your feedback.  It means a lot.

#7023186 76

Posted by Hi I'm Dad on 18 July 2017 - 10:38 AM

No, I won.


Let's tell him what he's won.


A brand new caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!




The all new 2017 Ford Mustang GT comes fully loaded with heated seats, a V6 engine, and enough horsepower to make even the Spartans stand down.  Congratulations on your victory!


Thisofferisnotactuallyvalid.  Alllicensesandrestrictionsapply.  Youdidn'tactuallywinanythingsodon'tgolookingforanewcar.  Restinpeace,neverforget.


Posted by Hi I'm Dad on 17 July 2017 - 10:51 PM

Overwatch was a mistake


Been here all along.

#7023055 [Interest Check!] Decode Cipher

Posted by Hi I'm Dad on 17 July 2017 - 07:01 PM

Time to play an ultra cute kawaii Cipher who has no idea what she's doing or why her parents bought her a wrist device that looks like chocolate.  Interest noted.

#7022475 Post a Pic of the Real You!

Posted by Hi I'm Dad on 14 July 2017 - 03:08 PM

You look like Ron Perlman.  

#7022465 Bluefire [IC]

Posted by Hi I'm Dad on 14 July 2017 - 02:14 PM

Typical.  As long as the enemy ship was out of range, there was nothing Brando could do.  He'd hoped to avoid conflict taking this route, but it seemed trouble followed the dwarf wherever he went.  Snide remarks from both the Lich and the bald pussy didn't help him in anyway.  "Ya gonna keep worryin' about my class or ya gonna do yer job?  I didn't want to bothered with ya in any fashion, Reebus.  In fact, I can't stand ya.  But you were the last to open your dry, cottonmouth.  Girasol could've led us on her own.  She makes a fine leader.  Since her head ain't up 'er ass," he said, before tucking his head into his knees.  The trip was supposed to be simple, and quick.  This shouldn't have happened, as far as Brando was concerned.


"Your big mouth somehow--in all the friggin' a.i. we had to encounter--set this one off.  If you had kept yer yap shut, we wouldn't be in this predicament.  We could've been at the library by now!"  Brando was sick.  He was sick of this ship, he was sick of this game, and he--and Macy--were sick of this predicament.  But most of all, they were sick of Reebus.  "Aye, I hope ya kill that pirate.  Everyone knows dwarves and pussies can't swim."  Brando chuckled despite the circumstances.  "Matter o' fact," Brando said, forcing himself to his feet.  "Since yer too stupid ta figure it out, I'll do it meself."


Brando hobbled over to Flora, looking her in the eye.  "Only way we're makin' it is if ya get that dumb cat and Ms. Girasol in range.  I can't do much, I'm a dwarf.  But they got the power to blow that ship ta hell.  I ain't gonna tell ya how to move your ship, cap'n.  It's just a stern suggestion."


With his flintlock pistol in hand, Brando hobbled back beside Girasol, his gun pointed over the edge of the railings.  "I'm doublin' down.  Whatever repairs I was gonna give ya, I'm gonna go the extra mile," he said with a hiccup.  "Ya get rid o' that ship, and I'll see to it those guns o' yers don't need upgrades for a long time."


Posted by Hi I'm Dad on 13 July 2017 - 09:10 PM

I smell a new copy/pasta.

#7021989 Massive Iceberg Breaks Off Of Antarctica

Posted by Hi I'm Dad on 12 July 2017 - 07:33 PM

Will take a while but it will affect the oceans.  Salt water and fresh water don't mix.  

#7021927 Bluefire [IC]

Posted by Hi I'm Dad on 12 July 2017 - 02:33 PM

Strange Tides


Brando was not pleased.  Not at all.  Fortunately, having an angry pirate chasing their ferry to Tafi'i wasn't his fault this time.  Unforunately, however, Dwarves had a natural debuff they received while sailing.  The sea sickness hit Brando like a ton of bricks, as he fell onto his rear.  He quickly held up a single index finger.  "I'm okay."  He was definitely not okay.  Brando struggled over to the railing of the ship, unable to clearly make out the pirate ship in the distance.  "Oy.  Since when do NPCs get so reactive?  This game will be the death of me," he joked.  If the ship was in range for Brando to attempt to fire upon, it wouldn't be nearly as blurry.  There wasn't much he could do at this time to assist Flora.


But they did have Girasol and Reebus.  Their spells could likely crush the crazed Hzir.   There had to be something that Hzir really wanted besides getting revenge for a bit of name calling.  No one got that angry over name calling, did they?  Besides, he was an NPC!


"Bah!" Brando said, falling back onto his rump.  "Let 'im come aboard.  He ain't gonna have much ta say wit' mouthful o' dynamite," Brando said, annoyed.

#7021913 Project: Gemini[OoC]

Posted by Hi I'm Dad on 12 July 2017 - 01:21 PM

Damn.  I took a look at this too late.  Too many people.  I'll be reading at least.

#7021706 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [PG-13/Started/Apps Closed for Arc...

Posted by Hi I'm Dad on 11 July 2017 - 10:48 AM

The Power of Reflection


Arthuria barely skirted away with her life once more.  She fought off Kratos successfully, as her skill in combat was prevalent.  But now, with her armor shredded, and her defenses lowered, there was a large opening in which Kratos had to strike.  Well, that was until Arthuria produced a magical machine gun from thin air, and sprayed packed air bullets in his direction.


Opposite Kratos, Kenpachi was dealing with a blast of dragonfire.  And he didn't dare take it head on.  He understood only part of it's magical properties, but he could feel just how strong it was at a distance.  Cutting through the blast could have put someone else in danger.  He would have to be rid of it all together.  "Kratos!" Kenpachi said, leaping into the air, as the blast trailed him.  "Switch!"  


The spartan nodded.  He tossed a blade Kenpachi's way, and the death god caught it, pulling Kratos towards him.  Kratos used the momentum of Kenpachi's pull to leap over him, right into the path of the dragonfire.  Kenpachi landed among the bullets Arthuria released at his allies.  But there was no bullet a death god feared.  Turning to face Arthuria, Kenpachi let loose his reiatsu, its overwhelming pressure causing Arthuria's air bullets to merely dissipate as they reached him.  He marched forward, taking Arthuria's attack head on.  "Arthuria," he said, frowning.  "I'm sorry."


With Nozarashi at his side, Kenpachi put both hands on his blade.  He raised it over his head, still marching through her air bullets.  With a mighty swing, he pushed his reiatsu outwards and into his weapon as it fell, releasing a shockwave of raw energy in an attempt to slay her where she stood.


Meanwhile, Kratos was dealing with the dragonfire attack.  Thankfully, the magic in his godly possessions had been restored.  With the Golden Fleece on his wrist, Kratos took the magical attack head on, pushing it back with all his might.  The two magics made contact, a screeching noise unleashed as they did battle with Kratos behind them.  But in the end, the indestructible Golden Fleece would prevail, sending Arthuria's dragonfire hurtling into the depths of the Hallway of Origin.


Spreading his wings, he slowly hovered to the ground, where he watched Kenpachi from a distance.  The way he marched forward fearlessly, and kept his eyes on his goal, was something Kratos both admired and feared.  


Killua, who had watched Arthuria fend off his lightning bolts with ease, was dipping through Arthuria's air bullets, when a large portion of them suddenly stopped flying in his direction.  He looked up to see Kenpachi standing in the path of Arthuria's attack, absorbing the air bullets.  He stood behind Kenpachi a ways away, shaking his head.  "This guy is nuts."



Humbled by God


Revy had little time to react to Arthuria, but thankfully Arthuria had grown desperate and decided to disappear into her magical world.  This meant a few things.  The Arthuria that Revy was fighting was indeed the true Arthuria.  It also meant she was going to have a lot of time to restore her strength, and there was nothing Revy could do about it.  "Come back here!" Revy demanded as Arthuria disappeared.  But what Revy could not do, someone sailed past her and chased Arthuria into what Revy could only assume was another world.


She could only hope now that whoever it was that chased Arthuria was successful.

#7021295 Bluefire [IC]

Posted by Hi I'm Dad on 08 July 2017 - 10:37 PM

After arriving on the docks, Brando was refreshed by the atmosphere.  The sea salt in the air, and the rambunctious and overzealous NPCs looking to ferry others out to sea were exciting to him.  There were many matters of business to be had today, and Brando was sure to be at the rear of these events, to keep himself out of trouble.  And then there was the unneeded reminder that he owed his guild mates some repairs.


“You’ll need to help me with that sidearm at some point. As we had previously discussed. I believe you owe me a bit for saving your hide in that Bane fight.” 


"Aye, Ms Girasol," Brando said, trying to show respect.  "I've not forgotten.  You find me a suitable workshop, 'n I'll rightly do the rest.  Yer weapon'll be good as new," he said, with his eyes forwards.  While Girasol played her expression on the matter up with kindness, Brando--and Macy--couldn't get the nagging feeling out of the back of their heads that they were still very much so disliked after having driven the guild to fight Bane in the first place.  Each time Brando and Macy were reminded of this, their mood was downed, no matter how chipper they felt.  It was a heavy thought, and this was just grasping at the surface.  Brando had every intention of at least trying to make things right by repairing guild weapons.  However, he wasn't going to fool himself into thinking that would suffice.  That is to say, he wasn't going to pretend that he wouldn't be scowled at once his work was completed and everyone's gear was returned.  He had no reason to believe otherwise.  It was best to keep himself distant, know his place, and not to make nice with the people he dared to trust.  He'd may as well just be an NPC, hired at the guild's will.


Shifting his attention off of the topic, there were now two NPC's in particular that were now important to this half of the Ithacan guild.  One male and one dark female.  The female, Flora Burn, seemed to be a fairly experienced sailor at a glance.  Her look was rugged, but the air about her was confident, if a bit dark.  It was though her time at sea had given her a long, filling life, even if some of its breaking waves scarred her.


The gentleman, Hzir, was quick to interrupt and badger at Flora's contest for the Ithacan guild's business.  He challenged that Flora was untrustworthy, and likely to swindle if not murder them outright.  But Brando had a few questions for either of them.


"Now hang on there," he said, standing slightly behind and beside Reebus.  "How long have the two o' a ya been at sea?" he asked first.


Flora responded first.  "Too long," she said, almost seeming as though she'd been defeated in a long, drawn out battle with the sea.  "But it's all I know."


Hzir answered quickly, and matter-of-factly.  "S’nce th’ day I was born. Be’n sailin’ these waters fuh nearly 30 years now."

Brando nodded, but then focused his attention on Hzir.  "Right, right, I see.  But, 'm feelin' curious, ya see."  Brando hoisted up his britches, and further addressed Hzir.  "Seems like ya both work pretty hard.  Why hustle for half the price of n' already cheap ferry?"
Hzir seemed sure in his response, as he belted it out.  "Truth be told. I’d do just ‘bout ‘nythin’ to keep good folks like ya selves away fr’m ‘er."
Brando frowned, stepping back a bit.  "Ya seem pretty sure she's a nasty person.  Makes me wonder just how much ya know," he stated.  "I'm simply voicin' my opinion.  I'm feelin' more trust in Ms. Burn here.  'Course the final decision is up to you, Mr. Reebus," Brando said.  He had no intention of interjecting at any point after this, less he be addressed directly.

#7021125 halp

Posted by Hi I'm Dad on 07 July 2017 - 10:21 PM

Let me drown your litwick in my sorrows.