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Hi I'm Dad

Hi I'm Dad

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Megumin is Best Girl

26 March 2017 - 11:15 PM

Good day sir.

God Bless the Dead [Shiranui]

26 March 2017 - 02:18 PM

Deck was gifted to me by my old friends.  Told em I wanted to come back and they dropped this in my lap.  I'm super happy because I love Zombies.  My absolute favorite archetype.  I accidentally have two decks now, so I want to get help with both of them.


Budget for this deck is also 200$ (IRL).


3 Shiranui Solitaire

2 Shiranui Spectral Sword

2 Shirnarui Spiritmaster

1 Shiranui Smith

1 Shiranui Samurai


3 Mezuki

3 Gozuki

3 Uni-Zobmie

2 Fairy Tail - Snow

1 Plageuspreader Zombie


21 Total Monsters



3 Gold Sarcophagus

2 Pot of Acquisitiveness

2 Book of Life

1 Book of Moon

1 Burial from a Different Dimension

1 Foolish Burial

1 Instant Fusion

1 Upstart Goblin


12 Total Spells



2 Shiranui Style Swallow's Slash

2 Dimensional Prison

1 Quaking Mirror Force

1 Shiranui Style Samsara

1 Solemn Warning



7 Total Traps


40 Total Cards


Extra Deck:


2 Shiranui Shogunsaga

1 Shiranui Samuraisaga

1 Shiranui Sunsaga

1 Revived King Ha-Des

1 Doomkaiser Dragon

1 PSY-Framelord Omega

1 Black Rose Dragon

1 Black Rose Moonlight Dragon

1 Goyo Guardian


1 Abyss Dweller

1 Number 39: Utopa


1 Elder God Norden


Now I only have to buy 1 Framelord Omega xD


YCM Halp pls.  Can't afford Pot of Desires I don't think.  That would be the whole budget xD

Unplayed. Uncommon. Dark Worlds.

25 March 2017 - 04:01 PM

First and foremost: I have no idea what I'm doing. Been out of YGO since 2011. IRL. Budget of 200~. No I'm not interested in playing anything else. This is purely for fun and to get back into the game. Yes, I am prepared for the destruction that is to come to my anus. No I could not find a relative song to apply to the thread.

With that out of the way, this is what I have so far:

3 Grapha, Dragon Lord of the Dark World
2 Silva, Warlord of Dark World

1 Big Fire Kaiju who's name I don't wanna type out

1 Water Kaiju 

1 Dark Kaiju

1 Wind Kaiju


3 Snoww, Unlight of the Dark World
3 Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World
2 Broww, Huntsman of Dark World
1 Tour Guide from the Underworld

1 Sangan


19 Total Monsters


3 The Gates of Dark World
3 Dark World Dealings
3 Dragged Down into the Grave

2 Interrupting Kaiju Slumber

2 Twin Twister

2 Allure of Darkness

1 Raigeki
1 Dark Hole


16 Total Spells



1 Paleozoic Dinomischus

1 Solemn Warning

1 Skill Drain
1 Eradicator Epidemic Virus


4 Total Traps


Total: 40 :D


Extra Deck:


1 Leviair the Sea Dragon

1 Hope Harbinger

1 Knight Felgrand

1 Dark Matter Dragon

1 Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon

1 Galaxy-Eyes Full Armour Photon Dragon

I've no idea what belongs in extra deck. And I'm probably not going to side deck for purpose of the budget. So YCM. Feel free to rip me a new one, so long as you help me build something functional and fun.

Need Extra Deck too if possible.

And don't recommend other decks. I'm not interested.

Post and I'll Give You a Hug

21 March 2017 - 08:33 PM


YCM "Under Construction"

21 March 2017 - 12:35 PM

The following is a list of known bugs, coding issues, and general site problems we are or have been made aware of.  Included is a presented means of repair presented by Tormented.  We'll be using his knowledge, along with feedback from the member base, to get YCM up to speed as a whole.  This thread will be updated as often as necessary when bugs are found or fixed.


Tormey’s General Idea Thread


After speaking with Dad, he gave me the suggestion of producing a thread that contained my ideas and solutions to issues the site Is facing, now a key thing to note here is that, these solutions might not even solve anything because quite frankly unless it is tested-there is no solid proof it will be resolved. Another important thing to note is that the current version of IP.B we’re using is out of date and a lot of these issues would likely be solved by updating. These aren’t all of the issues but these are some of the ones that have just come to mind, I can discuss more issues if people are interested etc.


Issue - 1:

Avatars not uploading correctly.

Proposed Solution:

Without having access to the ACP, I can’t really explore this too much but there are a few things I can think of due to my past experiences with IP.B and just issue resolving in general.


The location for uploaded avatars has reset itself due to the issues with YCM’s downtime we have had in the past, this is an issue that occurs quite often on IP.B and is usually one of the first things that needs to be checked when resolving the issue. This being the Upload Path and Upload URL that are found in General Settings in the ACP.

Another thing that would need to be checked and no one on the mod team can probably do, is check that the avatars are actually being uploaded at all, and what I mean by this is that in the FTP Directory of the Site there are actually avatars there, it is within the realms of possibility that the avatars folder has exceeded it’s limited file size and that is the reason why avatars are no longer working. Whilst this may be the case I doubt a limit would be set in place for that folder as avatar images are of a relative low size, that being said I can’t say for sure as I have no access to the appropriate areas.

File permissions may also entirely be incorrect, but this doesn’t seem like something that would suddenly stop working (unless the back-end completely reset, which causes more issues than just not being able to upload avatars) once again however this likely can’t be checked by anyone else other than YCMaker.



Issue - 2:

Notifications currently do not function correctly.


Proposed Solution:


This issue is very, very, very weird. It’s not the kind of thing that should stop functioning so troubleshooting this kind of thing is a difficult task, it’s important to note-that issues like these are usually on a case by case basis and one solution likely does not work universally but there are a few potential solutions.


One thing that could be tested is by deleting the database cache that is stored in the httpdocs section of the FTP server, again it’s likely that none of the moderators can do much about this but it is a potential solution. It’s also important to note that backing up said cache is highly advisable.

Some users have stated that it appears to occur when users with special characters in their name are online and whilst this may well be the issue, it does seem very odd for me (from a coding perspective) where the forum can register the special characters everywhere including the inline notifications when they eventually load by going to a different page or by right clicking the notifications icon. If it the case that special characters are the cause of the issue and people deem that the notifications not loading is an issue that needs to be resolved, disallowing the usage of special characters may well be an alternative.


Also need to do some further testing to evaluate whether the forum theme has anything to do with it, so if people could let me know if they’ve had issues loading notifications using any theme other than the default YCM that would be fantastic.

I have noticed that YCM 2 Seems to use the same theme coding as YCM so it may well be that 2edgy4me is the outlier, I have also noted that it does still occur on other themes but the occurrence rate is something I’m interested in.


Issue - 3:


Dead links


Proposed Solution:

Literally just cull them, find any links that don’t seem to function and remove or fix them-there isn’t a definitive solution for this-just a case of finding them where possible. This is something that should theoretically (for the most part) be a simple resolution that most of the mods can do. (Examples being the more tab on the 2edgy4me theme, the facebook and twitter login icons that exist when you are logged out of the site)


It appears to mostly be social media links, but any forum dead links should also be taken care of. The links will likely exist under the advanced theme and site settings-so depending on mod permissions it might not be possible for Mods to resolve the issues but it is all on the CP so at the very least Supers can deal with the situation.


Issue - 4:

Cardmaker Issues (Missing content, new card types)

Proposed Solution:

I again do not have a definitive answer for this one, based on my knowledge-the cardmaker is in the front end and we have modified the cardmaker before. As such with a bit of time looking at the coding for the cardmaker and studying what can be done with it-I believe someone could easily add the new templates (assuming that sakura and other members have the templates available) it might be an idea to create a test environment to ensure that it functions before pushing it to live.


If however my understanding is incorrect and the cardmaker is directly on the server, then difficulties exist there. As for the uploading issue we are also facing-It would require me to look at the coding as It kind of seems like the site is failing to upload to imgur altogether, perhaps it’s a dead link or something along those lines? I honestly couldn’t say without having the code in front of me-it appears that the cardmaker uses the line “/ycmaker/uploadcard.php” which leads me to believe that something in the uploadcard.php is dead.


Another thing I have also noted is the fact that both the RSS feed and change theme links about the bottom of the cardmaker page are dead, and either need to be removed or fixed (without seeing what is causing the issue, it’s hard to determine the easier solution)


Issue - 5:


Site content and additional plugins


Proposed Solution:

This one is a strange one as I’m probably in the minority here-however IP.B is a very customizable forum software and as such there are a bunch of additional plugins that can be implemented that are more than just silly things.

It also again depends on how much access Supers/Mods have at the moment.


Some examples that provide small but additional features for the site:




To name but a few. It’s entirely possible that an argument can be made for not adding additional things whilst the site is still broken-however the site will need to keep evolving if it actually wants to try and survive and thrive, and whilst many (including myself) have stated that the site probably won’t get back to what it was. I think these additional changes and improvements it might just cause some people to stick around.

Further to the point I think adding additional themes should be encouraged as it allows for users to decide on what they prefer, whilst it may seem like a time waste to some-at least at the end of it we can say; We’ve made some additional changes, for example we’ve added a new theme for users to chose and have also worked on fixing issues such as…


If YCMaker isn’t around the least we can do is try and work around these things.

Issue - 6:


Site Cleanup


Proposed Solution:


Get rid of unnecessary sub-forums, merge certain sections and remove unnecessary and old pinned posts (i.e 1v1’s do not need to be an entire section on their own and classified should be deleted)


Issue - 7:


Site Leadership, Moderators and Hierarchy.


Proposed Solution(?):

There should be some form of written hierarchy or at the very least have someone that is definitely in charge, from my perspective of someone who has been here a long time-there have been very few times where I can say that I know who the “leader” is. Ultimately YCMaker is the final calling point but in terms of actual human beings I would like it to be written or the title of Super Moderator to be changed to Head Moderator, or perhaps even an additional role be made for the Head Moderator and keep the Super Mod status (and label someone as the leader) there shouldn’t be an issue with a Moderator saying “Look I’m not sure how to solve this particular issue but I’ll let Evil know etc and we will look into this.”


I’m aware that evilfusion is really the leader, Night and Flame are there…? but from what I understand evilfusion appears to make most of the big decisions (for the most part) and is the “Leader”. From my experience, every forum, every workplace and every community has someone that is the definitive leader. (I’m sure there are examples in history and other situations where there hasn’t been a leader but I digress) and there is always someone that assists the leader in these situations.


As we have seen with recent situations there hasn’t really been a way to contact someone about the lack of commitment from a mod or otherwise and voicing this concern to another Moderator that is on the same level as the person who you are complaining about seems a bit counter-intuitive, if you have an issue with someone you talk to someone who is in charge that can deal with the situation more appropriately, I would also like to stress that I think having someone listed as a “PR Mod” is very important and actually has quite a nice impact on the community as a whole, just having a mediator is a very important role and should not just be shoved aside as “just another mod position”.

Another thing that I think should be taken into serious consideration is the fact that mods should not be able to change their names to such vast differences on a whim, not only does it make it confusing for members to figure out who the fuck is who-It also does not help in figuring out who to contact if you want to talk about a section related issue, obviously this can be explored further by the mod team but I think it should be seriously considered to assist newer members and even some older ones who are returning. (Don’t know about anyone else but I don’t know who karoko-san jr!! is)


Also if I’m not mistaken there used to be a way to list who is in charge of a section with a sub-forum (that was at the bottom of a sub-forum) I think getting this properly setup again will assist in making everyone’s lives easier if they can just scroll down and click on a Mod’s name (that is in charge of the section)


Issue - 8:


Faulty Moderator Warning Points


Proposed Solution:


From my understanding the moderators currently cannot issue warnings via a user’s profile, this is probably the one I’m least confident about discussing and resolving, without testing what occurs when attempting to issue a warn (obviously I cannot do that) if the warn option doesn’t load at all, it’s possible that the Warn button no longer links to the warning pop-up.

I would explore further options but honestly without further testing it’s impossible to tell what the exact cause of this is.


Issue - 9:


Switch to Full Site Button Does Not Work on Mobile, Until Entering a Forum


Proposed Solution:


My method would be checking the coding process on an Android Emulator to see where it gets stuck (if at all).




As stated originally I can probably discuss a few more issues, however I don’t want to swamp everyone and will only go with further discussion if people are interested in my thoughts, I’m open to discussion about things and do want to make it abundantly clear that I’m not some master on ip.board and how it functions, I have professional understanding of coding (albeit relatively basic), managing, hosting networks and resolving wider site issues.


If you have specifics that you would like me to talk about feel free to ask.