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I Hate Snatch Steal

I Hate Snatch Steal

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In Topic: Transformers recomendations?

18 September 2018 - 01:26 AM

The original series (G1), and the 1986 movie.


And definitely Beast Wars, which had the strongest cast of characters out of all the shows before and after, and a fun balance of comedy and cartoony ultraviolence.


Beast Machines was a bizarre, yet ballsy take on the mythology, so I really recommend it after G1 and Beast Wars because its a direct sequel to Beast Wars.


Energon was so dumb, it was fun to laugh at the godawful CGI and dialogue.


The rest aren't very impressive. They play it way too safe sticking to "we're like G1, but aren't. Here's a dead Optimus Prime. Remember the 80's."

Thank you. I remember snippets of beast wars from TV but I'm going to start with G1.

In Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! Rulings Questions

03 September 2018 - 06:15 PM

I have an obscure ruling question:

Player A has 1100 LP, Player B has 400

Player B controls:



and Activates http://yugioh.wikia....Tremendous_Fire


Does Player B lose before they can apply Rapid Fire Magician (which is a continuous effect ala cards like http://yugioh.wikia....ed_Red_Magician that place spell counters after a spell resolves) or is it a draw?


Curious so I can use it as a precedent for: https://forum.yugioh...-concept-i-had/

In Topic: Dragobeast Archetype

03 September 2018 - 04:18 PM

Visually these look good. Love the art since it looks very fitting.


My main concern is that you can deal (2500 x 3) + (3000 x 3) 16,500 damage with an open field using an easy to summon rank 4 ("Dragobeast Deity Arc-sword dragon", the "base form") as the only prerequisite. Counter Cat makes this even more of an issue since with it you can make it either (4000 x 3)  + (3000 x 3) or (2500 x 3) + (5500 x 3) using counter cat on one of the arc sword dragons. I'd highly recommend making the extra attacks only target monsters. Look at http://yugioh.wikia....tech_Overdragon as an example of how this is done, though that's based on number of fusion materials but its close enough.


Shrine is presumably missing a "you can" in the quick effect, which is confusing. IDK if this is newer OCG but it sounds like a mandatory effect somehow.


Mode Change seems a bit redundant unless you want to deal even more damage with the strategy that I already outlined. If you change the extra attack effect as I suggested, feel free to add a GY effect to Mode Change


If you do make the changes to the extra attack effect, I'd might want to try these out with your permission and credit to you.

In Topic: The Phantom Knights of Weathered Glaive, Phantom Knights Link monster (Written for now)

02 September 2018 - 01:09 AM

As a huge fan of both Yuto and PK, I'm digging this card a lot, but I feel like it can be even better than it already is and still not be problematically powerful. Some simple tweaks (letting it trigger off normal summons AND special summons, having the attach effect just be an activate-able effect on the field instead of a banish from GY effect) make the card overall more useful without hindering any of the flavor.


Also, I appreciate the summon chant, but it seems kinda tricky to Xyz Summon a Link monster ;)

LOL fixed

In Topic: Utopic Zexal and Future Rank Up Support

30 August 2018 - 11:09 AM

I completely agree. Its better to hit this card then every rank-up-magic that could enable it.


Off topic: It also messes with created card formats where RUMs can actually be good. I think what holds it back in those is that its obscure.