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I Hate Snatch Steal

I Hate Snatch Steal

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In Topic: Youtubers stepping into the political ring.

10 July 2018 - 10:24 PM

Ultimately its a youtuber's choice what they want to do and  they have to live with the consequences of their actions afterwards. I personally would recommend keeping politics out of non political videos to avoid loosing viewers.


The simplest reason for my recommendation is that some people don't want to think about politics when they watch youtube videos on other subjects.


You also risk alienating viewers if your too political when you don't need to be. Note that I very much respect a youtuber's right to have a public politcal opinion. Provided that they don't put it in places where it doesn't belong.


As a real life example of why throwing politics into media where it doesn't belong can be detrimental to your "business": I heard a story about a theater group that did a Shakespearean play. It involved a scene with an assassination and for their version instead of accurate costuming they had Donald Trump being executed by women and minorities. The theater group quickly lost 2 sponsors (Delta Airlines and Bank of America) as result.


Source: http://www.businessi...s-caesar-2017-6



I respect the idea that youtubers, much like celebrities, can have a public opinion, but I don't like it when they bring it into places where it shouldn't be.

In Topic: Three California Initiative Makes November Ballot

10 July 2018 - 09:57 PM

californians wanting to split apart is not anything new at least, i've been hearing about it since late 2016, but there's quite a few reasons californians would want to break apart, for one, the majority of the people in charge there are democrats, and the ability to actually gain seats as a republican is next to null due to the population difference between the conservative countryside, and the liberal cities. it's been an issue that republican californians have had for a while, but was considered tolerable because they at least were passing laws that were within the spirit of the constitution, and were arguably with the public's best interests in mind. that is no longer the case.



among the more recent laws to be passed in california, we have two or three that relate to either heavy restrictions on the 2nd amendment, or even stricter regulations on ammo capacity, not doing the gun argument here, i'll make a thread if you want, but needless to say, conservatives, and even a few liberals, are against both of those laws. then we have the law regulating cow flatulence (pretty sure it's been struck down since, but i haven't actually heard anything) this, of course, upsetting the countryside farmers who happen to already have enough trouble raising cows (would you like to remain in a state that's regulating the amount of farts your cows can make?). and next up we've got barring law enforcement from working with border patrol, which as you might have guessed, is another extremely unpalatable law for anybody on the right, or anybody who doesn't like illegal immigration. speaking of which, california is incredibly lax on illegal immigration, something that i'm sure many liberals agree with, but simply does not sit well with most, if anybody, on the conservative side. then there's the continuous push towards socialism, which has done pretty much nothing for the country, and is doing even less for the people. on top of that, you have the fact that it's legal to knowingly pass on STI's, with no consequence whatsover, to people who might not even be able to find out properly whether they have them or not, because the laws of said state just so happen to be helping block the expansion of the valuable practitioner role, which plays yet another part in the steady decline of california's health and economy. i can keep going on that train of thought, but it's late and i'm tired.


call it whatever you like, but when the state's going broke at an astounding speed, illegal immigrants are, many times, draining the free resources of the state without putting anything back by way of either taxes, or in many cases work, the drug problem runs rampant due to unchecked borders, which remain unchecked because controlling immigration into the state is being hindered by the democrtats in power, the and the amount of hindering laws and binding restrictions grows by the year, and a complete overhaul of the rulers in said state would be neccecary to reverse the current path (not to mention the continuing divide between blue and red ideologies within that very state), would you not argue that a clean break is the best option? just about everything that blue california does, is reprehensible from a red standpoint, and vice-versa. breaking it off mitigates conflict, and holding it to a vote, gives everybody a fair say in it (not voting is in and of itself admission that you are fine with whatever outcome occurs imo). that's all i have to say on it for now though.

Well said. I hope this works out.

In Topic: Super Smash Bros Ultimate

23 June 2018 - 08:55 PM


I don't see what Nintendo was trying to accomplish by making final smashes shorter and completely reworking transformation smashes like Fox's and Sonic's. If they are trying to cater to the hyper competitive tournament crowd they are wasting their time IMO since those people always insist that stage hazards and more importantly, all items be off.

In Topic: Super Smash Bros Ultimate

14 June 2018 - 03:43 PM

I missed it then. ARMs is too new an IP to get 2 reps imo. Again, the roster is already at the upper limits of what fighting games can really hold.

FE got 2 reps purely because they wanted Roy to promote the next game. Kid Icarus got 3 because Dark Pit is largely a clone and so it took less development time to add him vs. a full on character. Odds are he started out as an alt outfit like Alph.

The only reason to remove Duck Hunt is roster size. He is one of the least important character in the line up and if they need to make cuts (and they likely do) he would be near the top of the list.

"The roster is at the upper limits?" I think not. Coders have made 100 character super smash bros games that run flawlessly on a wii using a game engine from 2008:


Nintendo is going to have to do better then 68 characters and/or find another selling point if they want me to buy this game.

In Topic: League of Legends

30 May 2018 - 09:15 PM

Quick question: Does anyone else here have a champion that they like but also dislike the champion's official lore?
This is an example what I mean by official lore: https://universe.lea.../champion/ahri/
Longer version of same question:
Even since I've learned about the Kitsune described in Japanese mythology, I've found them very interesting as a basis for character design when I'm creating yugioh cards and/or characters for video game mods. My first exposure to the concept was from a Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic that I would NOT recommend. None the less I went on to look up the original legend and found it very interesting. I've gone onto design many kitsune styled characters using my very primitive self taught 3D modeling "skills". For a human kitsune hybird style appearance (like what Arhi looks like) this would usually involve changing a few textures and adding ears and a few tails to a human like model. I was happy with the results and still am.
As of this time of posting, I've only played 2 games of league in my life not counting tutorials but I've been up and down google images when I look for card art for my created yugioh cards using keywords like "Kitsune" and "Nine Taled Fox". Thus naturally I've heard of Ahri. Earlier today when I logged onto league to play a coop vs AI game at my friend's request, I couldn't remember who I played last time and thought, "I'm curious, might was well try Arhi". Afterwards I thought "This is what a kitsune style character looks like when its made by a professional game developer: WOW They got every detail right." This feeling was further intensified when I watched this league of legends cinematic: Again I had to admire the attention to detail since they could just as easily have had all the blood and explosions and not had Ahri's ears move when she listened for something for example, but they didn't. After that I thought "Wow, I have a new favorite character".
Then, I read Ahri's lore [linked above]. The part about tormenting and killing people for the fun of it completely ruined my previous feelings. Thus I had to wonder if anyone else has a champion that they like but don't like their out side of the game lore.
edit: I know that not all "official" lore is worthy of respect, yugioh normal monsters are a good example of "official" lore that no one judges by and everyone jokes about



edit2: Nevermind I answered my question.