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#7137505 Jade Shapeshifting Adventures, a Jackie Chan Adventures Fanfic *complete*

Posted by I Hate Snatch Steal on 21 May 2019 - 03:03 PM

This is a pseudo crossover.


Jade Chan sat on her bed and sighed. Jackie might have really prevented her from following him on an adventure this time. She replayed the conversation in her head:


Jackie had been about to leave the shop when she'd asked, "Where you going Jackie?" Jackie had replied, "I'm going to an archeologist's conference. It'd be boring for you." She'd replied, "Does that mean you're trying to go into space without me again?" Jackie face-palmed then he became sterner and said, "Where I'm going is too dangerous for you. Captain Black is coming to watch you while I'm away and if you try to use the Talismans to follow me again your grounded for a month. Is that clear?" Jade had sighed and said, "Yes Uncle Jackie."


Jade figured she'd go play some video games in the TV room to try and get her mind off her bad mood. However she couldn't figure out what game to play. She looked through the cabinet muttering things like: "Pokémon coliseum? Maybe later" and "Justice League Unlimited volume 1? That's not a game, how'd it get here?" Finally she found and unopened copy of "Sonic and the Secret Rings" at the bottom of the pile. Jade didn't dislike Sonic games: the reason she'd never opened this game was when she'd received it Jackie had told her "Now you can have all the adventures you want without worrying me." Jade hadn't wanted to even look at it ever since. She'd heard that the game was about Sonic and a genie of the ring who's magic was different and inferior to that of the game's villain and... Jade stopped. Jackie had said she couldn't use the talismans to follow him but talismans aren't the only magic around. Jade realized this and laughed at the irony of how she'd come to think of it.


Jade ran over to Uncle's study. She started looking at the various spell books. Eventually she saw a sapphire colored tome that had "Ultimate spells for ultimate mages" written on it in Chinese. Jade recalled that Jackie had retrieved the book from an ancient temple while she was in school. She got the book off the shelf and it fell open to a random page. The text seemed difficult to make out so Jade blinked, and suddenly the text was clearly written and in English too. Jade read aloud "This spell will change you into various beings of power", it sounded like the right spell, so she eagerly started preparing the ingredients.


A few minutes later Jade had a pot of spell ingredients boiling on the stove. The book mentioned heating with a fire but said any fire would do. "Now I just need the last ingredient: blood of the person who you wish to enchant." Jade said to herself. She pricked her finger with a kitchen knife and let a drop fall into the pot. A burst of colored smoke shot out of the pot and enveloped Jade. She felt her body start to change. Her ears seemed to move on top of her head and expand and her tailbone felt like it was growing as well. After the smoke cleared, Jade walked over to the bathroom and looked at her reflection in the window and gasped. Staring back at her was almost Tails. The only differences being slightly pinker fur and a utility belt that looked like it could have belonged to batman, if not for the fact that it was silver colored. She figured that the spell must have turned into Tails except for gender. After inspecting herself and moving her tails a bit Jade smiled and said, "Might as well call myself Jade the Fox". Silently she added, "I like it". Then her thoughts turned to how to follow Jackie. Section 13 must know where Jackie is headed she thought; now I just need to hack into their mainframe and I'll know too. Jade stopped for a second: where had that come from. Then she realized, "Female version of the smartest fox on Mobius duh!" Jade pulled a handheld computer out of her utility belt and started working.


Jade quickly found out that Jackie was headed to a forested area a few hours' drive from San Francisco. After memorizing the location on the map she had a few minutes before she needed to leave, given her running/flying speed so she messed around on the computer for a bit. Finally Jade left the shop via the front door a few minutes before captain black arrived. After leaving the city limits, Jade spun her tails and accelerated. After a short but enjoyable run she quickly found the area she was looking for and flew in via her tails. She'd read in section 13's top secret files that Valmont had been spotted in the area. "Now to find Jackie" she thought to herself.


Jackie walked through the forest with Uncle and Toru not far behind. Uncle seemed uneasy and when Jackie had asked him about it he said that he could feel dark chi magic nearby. Toru deduced that some artifact Shedu wanted must be hidden nearby given what they knew already. Jackie raised his hand in a halt gesture and said, "We should spit up, we'll find whatever we're after faster if I go one way and you two go another." Toru replied "A wise plan" and they went separate ways. A few minutes later Jackie noticed that the plant life at his current position seemed to be lessening in vitality compared to the other parts of the forest. Then he heard a strange noise, like a small propeller but without the accompanying sound of an engine. Jackie looked around but the noise had already stopped. Suddenly his cellphone rang. Jackie jumped, and then quickly answered, "Hello?" On the other end, Captain Black said, "Jackie, we've searched the whole shop and can't find Jade." Jackie replied, "Are the Talismans still in the vault?" Captain black replied, "To the best of our knowledge yes" Jackie frowned "She couldn't have stowed away in a suitcase because we didn't bring one..." he started mumbling thinking through various ways Jade could have come with or followed him until a familiar voice above and in front of him said "Hey Jackie!"


Jackie looked up and saw a two tailed anthropomorphic fox land in front of him. He Exclaimed “Ah!” and jumped back, then he noticed what the fox had said, and that the voice seemed familiar. Tentatively he said, “Jade?” Jade replied, “Yes Uncle Jackie?” Jackie became stern and said, “I told you not to follow me.” Jade replied, “Nuh-uh, you said I couldn’t use the talismans to follow you, so I cast my own spell.” Jackie replied, “You used Uncle’s spell books without permission, which means you’re grounded for…” he stopped when Jade’s ears turned to focus on a sound off in the distance and she held a hand to her muzzle for silence.” Jade whispered, “Hide” and spun her tails.


Jackie’s mouth dropped open as Jade flew onto a tree branch. He took cover behind a large tree and after a moment he heard voices nearby. “Are you sure the key of the demon sorcerers is in this forest Shendu?” The voice sounded like Valmont, and he sounded annoyed. “Yeah, we’ve been walking for ages” one of Valmont’s lackeys replied. Valmont replied but this time he sounded like Shendu was speaking through him, “The key of the demon sorcerers possesses the power to unseal one of the demon portals. Naturally it’s worth a little hike, wouldn’t you agree?” the last part seemed more like a threat than a question. Jackie noticed Jade about to jump down and surprise the group, so he whispered, “Not yet” and Jade returned to her hiding place.


Once the enemies were clear, Jackie came out from behind the tree. Jade flew down and said, “Why didn’t we jump’em Jackie?” Jackie replied, “It would have been too dangerous, I’m going to call Uncle and we’ll make a plan,” Jackie’s tone became sterner and he said, “and I want you to stay in the treetops until we’re done.” Jade replied, “Aww” A few minutes later Jackie had met up with Uncle and Toru and they’d decided the best plan was to ambush Valmont before he could find the key. The three of them set off, unaware that a certain two-tailed fox girl was following them.


Valmont came into a small clearing that looked like it had the life sucked out of it and Shendu announced; “At last, the key is ours” as he eyed an altar in the center of the clearing. On top of the altar was a demonic looking key. However a dead tree suddenly fell in between him and the center of the clearing. Valmont turned and saw that Toru had pushed the tree over. “Get Him!” he commanded and his lackeys advanced on Toru, only to be intercepted by Jackie. The fight seemed to be going like it usually does, but Shendu wasn’t going to let a chance like this go to waste and had prepared accordingly. He pulled out a small vial full of purple powder and chanted a spell before throwing the vial at Jackie and Toru. The vial exploded and the powder settled on them leaving them paralyzed from the neck down. Uncle had just arrived and began chanting a spell, but stopped when one of Valmont’s lackeys stole the salamander he was using to cast the spell. “Perhaps you’re not as useless of an ally as I thought.” Shendu said to Valmont, who looked insulted once he got control of his face back.


Valmont started to walk over and grab the key but changed his mind, Shedu spoke through him again and said "First, some payback" and advanced on Jackie. Jade saw all of this from the top of a nearby tree and knew what to do. She spun her tails, accelerated, and smacked Valmont with a powerful tail swipe which sent him flying. Next she started attacking Valmont's lackeys. She dispatched the first two with ease but the third was trying to use Uncle as a shield so it was harder. Finally Jade got a hit an and the third lackey crumpled to the ground. "What in the name of the Demon Sorcerers?" Shendu said as he watched the fight unfold. Valmoent recovered quickly and ran for the altar. Shendu realized that with one teleport spell and he'd be able to escape and use the key to unseal a demon portal. However Jade noticed and threw a dummy ring bomb at the altar. Valmont was thrown back by the explosion and tried to grab one of the resulting rings but it disappeared in his hand. Shendu took control and looked at the ruins of the altar, and was surprised to see shattered stone and a small amount twisted metal instead of a key. "ARGH!" He growled and disappeared with his lackeys in a veil of smoke. After the smoke cleared Jade walked over to see if everyone was alright but was startled by a cry of "Back! Foul fox demon!" from Uncle.


A few minutes later after Uncle had calmed down and Jackie and Toru had been UN-paralized, The group was walking back through the forest Jackie told Jade, "Thank you". Jade replied, "Does that mean you'll let me go on your missions now?" Jackie wished he could have taken it back and said "No, they are too dangerous for you". Jade noticed and said, "But I'm way more useful now. I can run faster then a car on the superhighway, I can fly, I have this belt full of gadgets" She stopped upon seeing Jackie's worried look. "Is there anything else really we should know?" Jackie asked sternly "Uhhh..." Jade started to say.


Meanwhile, at Uncle's Shop, Captain Black was on the phone , "Are you telling me that someone hacked into section 13 and your only evidence is that they changed everyone's desktop wallpaper?"


The group drove home with everyone else enduring Jade constantly complaining that she wanted to fly herself home instead. After a forced apology to captain black, Jade sat on her bed and sighed. Uncle had just started researching an antidote. "It was fun while it lasted", she though to herself. A few hours later, a loud "Aeyahh!" resounded across the block. Jackie came running into the room and said "What is it Uncle, can you not change Jade back?!?" Uncle replied, "Ultimate Mage's spell cannot be dispelled, only suppressed, but the effects may return at any time."

#7137122 Wonder Wings, inspired by the song

Posted by I Hate Snatch Steal on 05 May 2019 - 02:33 PM


Wonder Wings

Equip Spell

Equip only to a "Utopia" monster. It gains 500 ATK. If the equipped monster attacks, at the end of the damage step: you can send this card to the GY; the equipped monster can make a second attack during each Battle Phase this turn. If this card is sent from the field to the GY: you can add 1 "ZW" monster from your deck to your hand.


So I thought that "Wonder Wings" sounded like a card name so I made this.

#7134762 [Writing Discussion] Personal Strengths & Weaknesses

Posted by I Hate Snatch Steal on 17 February 2019 - 01:47 AM


- Spelling, Grammar, and English use in general.


- Finishing stories

- Lack of confidence in my writing

- Formatting?


Normally I'd list "creativity" as a strength but I think that applies to my other hobbies more then it does to writing


Here are some excerpts to show what I mean:

https://www.fanficti...f-San-Francisco (This has only 1 chapter)


These excerpts are unpublished:


A Halloween to remember excerpt


Untitled Sonic and the Black Knight Crossover excerpt

#7134305 Trying to make gerneric ("Yusaku Style") Cyberse

Posted by I Hate Snatch Steal on 23 January 2019 - 01:08 PM

I don't have much faith in my ability to make created card decks right now so I'm trying to make a cyberse deck. The format is TCG banned list with OCG cards added on and the cardpool is TCG/OCG, though Cynet Mining isn't available yet.





x2 SIM Tablir

x3 Clock Wyvern

x1 ROM Cloudia

x3 Lady Debugger

x2 Balancer Lord

x3 Cyberse gadget

x1 Widget Kid

x1 Cyberse Whitehat

x1 Dot Scaper

x1 Swap Priest

x2 Profibit Snake

x1 Cyberse Magician



x1 Soul Charge

x1 Monster Reborn

x1 Upstart Goblin

x1 One Time Passcode

x1 Cynet Fusion

x1 Cynet Ritual

x2 Cynet Backdoor

x1 Cynet Codec

x1 Cynet Optimize



x3 Cynet Conflict

x3 Infinite Impermanence



x1 Cyberse Clock Dragon

x1 Encode talker

x1 zexcode talker

x1 Powercode Talker

x1 Shooting Code Talker

x2 Transcode Talker

x2 Code Talker

x1 Talkback Lancer

x1 Honey Bot

x1 Security Dragon

x1 Cyberse Witch

x1 Clock Spartoi

x1 Underclock Taker


As for the goal of the deck, I just want it to be able to keep up with other decks better then what I usually duel with. I've never tried to play this deck before so any advice is welcome.

#7133401 Update our anti spam measures perhaps

Posted by I Hate Snatch Steal on 25 December 2018 - 09:13 PM

IDK what anti spam measures we have right now, but clearly they aren't working. How should we fix this?


edit: Meant to say "Spambot"


One idea would be to have people look up the 6 digit ID passcode on a card:


EG http://yugioh.wikia....i/Dark_Magician is 46986414 Its easy to google but hard for a bot to guess. Maybe we can ask for the cover card on a certain booster pack? That would also be easy to google but hard for a bot to guess. EG Q: What is the cover card of "Code of the duelist?"  A: Firewall Dragon

#7132252 Fusion Catalyst

Posted by I Hate Snatch Steal on 17 December 2018 - 10:57 PM

Don't forget http://yugioh.wikia....reme_King_Z-ARC, which might break it but I've been out of the game for so long that I very well could be wrong. Zarc is pretty good if you manage to summon him though.

#7131178 Infinity The Grand Navigator

Posted by I Hate Snatch Steal on 09 December 2018 - 01:00 AM

I'm pretty sure that this card would be accepted in Casual. This might be a new effect or mechanic, but it's not too different. Anyways:


Infinity, the Grand Navigator



LINK–? - 2500 / ?

Cannot be Special Summoned from the Extra Deck, except by its own effect. You can banish 1 other Link monster in your Extra Deck and send cards from hand, Deck or field to the GY, equal to the Link Rating of the banished monster; Special Summon this card from the Extra Deck (this is treated as a Link Summon). When Summoned this way: Declare the directions of this card's Link Arrows, up to the Link Arrow amount of the banished Link monster, and if you do, this card's name becomes that monster's, and replace this effect with that monster's original effect.


Now, I like the idea; the plan was executed poorly. This card is extremely overpowered, considering how it can literally Summon itself as any 2500 ATK Link–4 monster you choose, by using monster from your hand, field, and Deck as the Link Materials to Summon this card from the Extra Deck. You also get to pick out where the Link Arrows point to. Now, remember, this all for the cost of banishing the original Link monster from your Extra Deck. This card is absolutely broken.


Of course, I still do like the idea that you have going on in this card. Here is an edit that will hopefully make the card more modest:


Infinity, the Grand Navigator



LINK–? - 1000 / ?

Cannot be Special Summoned from the Extra Deck, except by its own effect. Once per turn: You can banish 1 other Link monster you control or in your Extra Deck and send cards from your field to the GY, equal to the Link Rating of the banished monster; Special Summon this card from the Extra Deck (this is treated as a Link Summon). When Summoned this way: Declare the directions of this card's Link Arrows, up to the Link Arrow amount of the banished Link monster, and if you do, this card's name becomes that monster's, and replace this effect with that monster's original effect.


I'll allow you to be the judge as to whether you will take my advice for the card or not, but if you take advantage of the this card's ability to Special Summon itself as another monster and change the directions of the Link Arrows, it will allow for some effective combos regarding effects that interact with Link Arrows.

I like o_smiely's take on an errata. I'm not sure how much this matters but it might be able to have more ATK if you follow his advice. Maybe 2000-2500? Someone else would have to weigh in on how much that would help or if there is some link monster combo that would break it if it had 2500. Anyway, I was looking at this card and thought about art for it. I eventually came up with this render:


Feel free to use it as card art if you wish. Also feel free to edit it as you see fit e.g. change the background since I left the default background in rather then photo editing it to make it look better

#7127159 Number 88: Gimmick Puppet Disaster Leo, in 3D

Posted by I Hate Snatch Steal on 05 November 2018 - 10:05 PM

It looks like Solgaleo from Pokemon Sun (judging from the mane, the little extension around the mane, and the slight difference in musculature between Disaster Leo and Solgaleo) with wings added on and sphere underneath it, but maybe you were using it as a guide so I'll give you benefit of a doubt there. It is missing the tile texture around the glowing magenta sphere. And  is it is missing the little mannequins in the bottom that are holding the sphere up as seen on the card art along with the crown underneath the lion statue. Perhaps you were just starting, and you realized you couldn't do something to add it into the SSBB mod?


On a positive note, the color scheme is somewhat reminiscent, but that is about it.


I mean it is a start to say the least, but it definitely does look unfinished.

Your exactly right. The issue is not that the model is unfinished: I know how to take parts of models and lego them together but I don't have any skill in making models from scratch beyond simple geometric shapes or combinations of them. Thus I took a retextured shiny Solgaleo model and combined with winged dragon of Ra wings and a simple sphere with a slightly edited starcraft 2 terrain texture


My previous renders that I've shared were also texture edits or simple additions.


edit: I updated my threads here to credit the orginal sources of the models.

#7127059 Anime Songs that made you feel like you were part of the viewing experience.

Posted by I Hate Snatch Steal on 04 November 2018 - 10:01 PM


This plays for the first time during my favorite scene in all of yugioh. That pretty much sums it up.





I used to watch the part of the ep where this one first played before it came out on cd. I can practically recite the first few of lines dialog from that scene as result:


dialog from Yuma VS III


I may have missed a few lines, feel free to check


This dialog represents my favorite scene for this music:

Yum vs number 96


This was from memory so I probably forgot a few lines, feel free to check it

#7126964 Number 88: Gimmick Puppet Disaster Leo, in 3D

Posted by I Hate Snatch Steal on 04 November 2018 - 12:53 AM





"Howl! Wild soul" - IV




I was going to use this in a ssbb mod but it didn't work out. None the less I thought someone might appreciate it.

#7119011 Share awesome dreams you've had in this thread

Posted by I Hate Snatch Steal on 17 September 2018 - 05:37 PM

Even if you can only remember a tiny bit of the dream, do tell.


I'll start us off:


There was this one dream where literally dreamed I was Miles "Tails" Prower. I remember running down the street where I lived at the time spinning my tails behind me. I could literally feel them like they were a part of my body.


Another time I dreamed that I was myself, except for the fact that I had fox ears and a tail, and access to star trek technology such as a tricorder.


Another time I dreamed that I was an OC I'd created who had wings. I was able to fly using them. I have flying dreams relatively often, even if sometimes the rest of the dream is realistic, but usually its superman style flying. I could also feel my wings like they were a part of my body.


I once dreamed I was a green lantern. That was fun.


I also once had a dream where I could rewind time for everything else except for myself.


Also, a dream that wasn't as fun as the above, but still interesting. I dreamed that I was an OC who my dreaming mind invented called "Black the Hedgehog". I had the ability to run faster then normal since I was keeping pace with a car. Also I could plow through obstacles such as a chain link fence while running. If I recall correctly I could also turn invisible.


To wrap this up: I had a dream that was a Jackie Chan adventures episode (I wasn't a participant in this dream): someone, I forget who, used a forbidden chi spell to give the J team the powers of cartoon characters such as Looney tunes.

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#7117365 Dragobeast Archetype

Posted by I Hate Snatch Steal on 03 September 2018 - 04:18 PM

Visually these look good. Love the art since it looks very fitting.


My main concern is that you can deal (2500 x 3) + (3000 x 3) 16,500 damage with an open field using an easy to summon rank 4 ("Dragobeast Deity Arc-sword dragon", the "base form") as the only prerequisite. Counter Cat makes this even more of an issue since with it you can make it either (4000 x 3)  + (3000 x 3) or (2500 x 3) + (5500 x 3) using counter cat on one of the arc sword dragons. I'd highly recommend making the extra attacks only target monsters. Look at http://yugioh.wikia....tech_Overdragon as an example of how this is done, though that's based on number of fusion materials but its close enough.


Shrine is presumably missing a "you can" in the quick effect, which is confusing. IDK if this is newer OCG but it sounds like a mandatory effect somehow.


Mode Change seems a bit redundant unless you want to deal even more damage with the strategy that I already outlined. If you change the extra attack effect as I suggested, feel free to add a GY effect to Mode Change


If you do make the changes to the extra attack effect, I'd might want to try these out with your permission and credit to you.

#7117270 [YGO Pro] Fusion-Transcend + HERO

Posted by I Hate Snatch Steal on 02 September 2018 - 03:29 PM





Note: Stratos is banned in this format



x1 Elemental HERO Blazeman

x2 Elemental HERO Solidman

x2 Elemental HERO Shadow Mist

x3 Elemental HERO Bubbleman (retrain) (see screenshot above)

x2 Elemental HERO Spark Wingman see screen shot in this thread https://forum.yugioh...o +sparkwingman

x3 Fusion-Transcender Angel

x3 Fusion-Transcender Sorceress

x3 Fusion-Transcender Sage

x2 Neo Spacian Dark Panther

x2 Neo Spacian Grand Mole

x2 Elemental HERO Honest Neos



x2 Miracle Fusion

x1 Polymerization

x2 Legacy of a HERO

x1 Monster Reborn

x1 The Warrior Returning Alive

x2 Twin Twisters

x3 Transcending Fusion



x1 Drowning Mirror Force

x1 Infinite Impermanence



x1 Invoked Mechaba (Note that Fusion-Transcend Sorceress can substitute for Aelister the Invoker (sp?))

x1 Firewall Dragon Rider https://forum.yugioh...l-dragon-rider/

x1 Vision HERO Trinity

x1 Elemental HERO Great Tornado

x1 Elemental HERO The Shining

x2 Elemental HERO Absolute Zero

x1 Elemental HERO Shining Flare Wingman (Note that Fusion-Transcend Sorceress can substitute for Flame Wingman)

x1 Elemental HERO Nebula Neos (Note that Fusion-Transcend Sorceress can substitute for Neos)

x1 Rising Sun Fang https://forum.yugioh...sing +sun +fang

x1 Decode Talker

x1 Firewall Dragon

x2 Extra HERO Wonder Driver

x1 Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights


Credit to https://forum.yugioh...10-thomas-zero/ for the decklist that I adapted this from


The idea is to do standard HERO plays, but also use Transcending Fusion to summon Nebula Neos and Firewall Dragon Rider

#7116415 Firewall Dragon Rider

Posted by I Hate Snatch Steal on 25 August 2018 - 08:33 PM



Firewall Dragon Rider

Level 7




"Firewall Dragon" + "Decode Talker"
Must first be Special Summoned (from your Extra Deck) by shuffling the above monsters you control into the Deck. Gains 300 ATK and DEF for each monster on the field. You can only use each of the following effects of "Firewall Dragon Rider" once per turn. When your opponent activates a card or effect that targets a card(s) you control (Quick Effect): You can Tribute 1 monster from your side of the field or your hand; negate the activation, and if you do, destroy that card. (Quick Effect) You can target 1 monster on the field or in either GY, and if your opponent controls more cards then you do, you can target 1 additional monster your opponent controls; return that target(s) to the hand(s). If this face-up card leaves the field: you can special summon 1 monster from your hand.


Full Size art:


#7115860 [YGOPRO] Mage-Guild for custom card duels

Posted by I Hate Snatch Steal on 22 August 2018 - 03:21 PM

Mage-Guild archetype: https://forum.yugioh...deck-with-them/





x3 Each of the 6 "Mage-Guild" main deck monsters

x1 Glow-Up Bulb

x1 Effect Veiler

x3 Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit

x1 Black Luster Solider Envoy of the Beginning



x3 Mage-Guild Calling

x1 Raigeki

x1 Soul Charge

x1 Galaxy Cyclone

x1 Twin Twister



x3 Mage-Guild Counter

x2 Mirror Force

x3 Mirror Force Launcher (Since Mage-Guild Enchanter and Mage-Guild Gardna can return to your hand from the GY I thought it might work)



x2 Mage-Guild Temporal Warrior

x1 Decode Talker

x2 Crystron Needlefiber

x1 Vylina the Battle Mage https://forum.yugioh...he-battle-mage/

x1 T.G. Wonder Magician (for needlefiber)

x1 Coral Dragon

x1 Black Rose Moonlight Dragon

x1 Psyframelord Omega

x1 Number 41

x1 Number 103

x1 Rising Sun Fang https://forum.yugioh...sing +sun +fang

x1 Lord Dearche "The trinity" (shown in screenshot)

x1 Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand


The idea behind the deck is to turn the tide of the duel with powerful monsters via Mage-Guild Summoner and keep advantage with Mage-Guild Seer. I think I might have strayed towards too many synchros though