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I Hate Snatch Steal

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[Discussion] What makes a good or bad super hero character

06 July 2018 - 01:51 PM

I've watched season 1 of Avengers Assemble lately and I've also watched Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited in the past. I've enjoyed both of them, would recommend both of them, and would gladly watch more of either. However I've noticed that I like Avengers slightly better. After some careful thought I figured out why. Just to make sure people know which versions I'm talking about: This Justice League I'm discussing is here: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0275137/ The Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes I'm discussing is here https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1626038/


My reason for liking Avengers slightly better is that from a character design standpoint no regular character on the team seems "Flat" and they all seem human (figuratively speaking).


A common argument I hear against Justice League is that Superman has too many powers, so he's too "Super". I don't feel that this is a detriment because he had a glaring weakness to Kryptonite and is affected normally by magic. Therefore he has weaknesses. Another counter argument is that how powerful a character is in this kind of setting is relative. For example, someone with a machine gun and a bullet proof vest would be OP in the real life 1700s, but less effective in real life world war II. Also more importantly, Superman's characterization is very human. He has emotions, values, morals, and mental (for lack of a better word) weaknesses: He can also be out thought. For example:


Spoiler for episode Twilight of the Gods


Spoiler for episode Only a Dream


My personal complaint about Justice League, and why I mentioned "Flat" characters above, is Batman. What is Batman's physical weakness? Nothing! Mental weakness? Nothing! He's only shown to have 1 emotion, "Angst" (if that). Thus his character seems way too robotic in that regard, he seemingly never loses his cool, or gets manipulated, or gets out thought. I concede the point that Batman does have to stay relevant with characters like Superman around, but I'm sure the writing staff could achieve that and make him seem more human at the same time.


This is of course merely my opinion. I'd like to hear yours

What happened to "free card design"?

01 July 2018 - 02:22 PM

Just curious where it went

[Story] Posting a Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic draft because I'm bored

01 July 2018 - 02:02 PM


I’m writing this because I find it fun, though other readers may or may not. Also, there will be footnotes at the end of each chapter explaining references that are not immediately obvious to the typical sonic fan.


Chapter 1:

After some action on planet Secco, Sonic, Tails and the rest of the crew of the Blue Typhoon cruised though space. Chris had called Sonic and Cosmo to the bridge to show off a new program he’d made. Chris proudly proclaimed that his new program will let them track Chaos Emeralds anywhere in the galaxy.


Meanwhile, thousands of realities away, a computer savvy Sonic fan admired a 3D model he’d just finished working on. It depicted a Sonic OC, more specifically a Kitsune with magical powers inspired by the game Gauntlet Legends. The kitsune’s fur was light blue, he had armored gloves and a helmet that one might expect a Valkyrie to wear. After some thought, he saved the files under a folder titled “Gauntlet Kitsune”.


Meanwhile, in extra dimensional space, ROB was bored: Being the omnipotent being that he is he could rewrite reality and basically do anything he wanted. Even so, being ageless often led him to boredom. Mentally sighing, ROB decided to look through the time and space of different universes for something to watch for his amusement.


Rob’s figurative eyes settled on a word called Mobius, where he observed a blue hedgehog fighting robots at super speed. He’d seen similar things before when he’d gone reality gazing in the past, but not this exact scenario. After a bright flash and it took him a moment to find where the hedgehog had gone. Once he found a world called Earth, he kept watching.


By the time his view had returned to Mobius, ROB would be cringing and/or twitching if he had the necessary facial features. “Does that whole universe revolve around Chris Thorndike?” he questioned to himself. “It’s like reality itself bends over backwards in that kid’s favor or something”. Even ROB couldn’t figure out how Chis had managed to break the laws of physics for his universe and teleport to Mobius without using any Chaos Emeralds. When ROB saw Chris working on a program that would track Chaos Emeralds at interstellar distances despite the fact that Tails should have more technical expertise, he’d had enough. “Time to prepare a Mary Sue grade Nova Bomb cluster” he thought to himself.


Chis was just about to activate his Chaos Emerald tracking Program when the alarms on the Blue Typhoon started blaring. “What is it?” he asked Tails. The two tailed fox replied, “Some kind of energy coming this way, the readings are off the charts.” The crew looked up to see a wave of white light heading towards them at speed. “Shields up!” Tails declared. A few seconds later, the wave passed right though them. Chis lost himself in the light… and woke up at his house on Earth. He tried to remember what he’d been dreaming about but couldn’t. Dismissing the idea of remembering his dream, Chis got ready for school and thus resumed his more realistic post Sonic encounter life.


Back on the bridge of the Blue Typhoon, Tails just announced to Sonic that his new computer program would allow the Blue Typhoon’s sensors to track Chaos Emeralds anywhere in the galaxy. No one was aware that their reality had just been altered for the better. After locking onto a signal, Tails brought the warp field drive online and they headed to planet Breezy.


ROB felt satisfied with himself, viewing this universe’s events would be a lot less cringe worthy now. Or would it? ROB looked at the future of the reality he’d just altered and after seeing how easily Sonic and his friends were out maneuvered by the Metarex until the very end, ROB decided that a bit more change was needed. “Time to shake things up” he thought to himself. The computer savvy Sonic fan disappeared in a flash of light.



“…a Mary Sue grade Nova Bomb cluster” is a reference to both the TV trope “Black Hole Sue” and the “Nova Bomb” from the science fiction series “Andromeda”: when enough Nova Bombs are used simultaneously they can undo a black hole.

Starcraft 2 50% off "just about everything" sale is going on now

29 June 2018 - 10:13 AM



Though the above link doesn't show it, a lot of other game purchases EG coop commanders are also 50% off.


I thought I'd draw attention to this sale since I enjoy this game so much.

Here's a funny video that you don't need to know about HotS to understand

01 June 2018 - 12:15 AM


I was able to enjoy it despite having never played Heroes of the Storm