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Sonic Boom may finally be over

24 March 2019 - 12:48 AM



I'm apparently in the minority here, but if this does get cancelled I'll be glad to see it die. I've always wanted an action adventure Sonic animation to rival my favorite super hero cartoons and with Sonic Boom kicking the bucket I might actually get one now. Also, apart from the occasional "good" episode I almost never found it funny. Incidentally, that's also my opinion about teen titans Go.

[Writing Discussion] When Mary Sue (or your prefered name for the male version) fear goes too far

17 February 2019 - 01:27 AM

After doing research on arguments about weather or not Batman is a Mary Sue (I personally don't consider the term gender specific. Also Batman is another subject for another thread), I eventually found the TV tropes page here:



Honestly, I thought that some of the suggestions went beyond preventing a mary sue and risked pushing your character into background/filler character territory.


"Spotlight-Stealing Squad is another no-no. Even Canon characters are often considered Sues for this (like Wolverine), and it goes double for fan fiction. The main characters are where the focus should be. Keep it on them as much as possible. That way, where there are scenes that need to focus on your character (the introduction of your character, any Character Development scenes), they will make sense"


My problem with this is, particularly the part in bold that if you take this advice too far, your just telling the same story with 1 more background character and nothing really changes.


If another character is The Chosen One, that character stays The Chosen One. Your character doesn't become the new one instead (unless a story has that happen all the time, like Slayers on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Avatars on Avatar: The Last Airbender). Now, if your character is chosen for something else, preferably a lot less significant than a main character, you could get away with that. Or your character could be destined to play support staff, like Taking the Bullet or something similar.


I feel like this is also bad advice. Some people don't like a given canonical chosen one and can make a great story out of replacing them. Some might be trying to write a "what if" fic with a different cannon or non cannon character chosen.


Don't have your character save an entire society; play it safe and leave that to the main characters (although as has been mentioned, your character can play support staff).


Honestly this is starting to feel like anti-OC bias here. If the OCs cannot be allowed to add anything to the story then whey are they there?


If a canon character is noted as being the last of his or her race/species, especially if this is a major plot point, don't introduce a previously-unheard of family member who is the real last one standing. If you want to write a character like this, consider making your story a Prequel, set before all the other of the canon character's kind died (though this will limit your story options: you likely won't be able to use other canon characters that weren't encountered until the present timeline, for example, and going this route means by definition that your character will have to die at some point).


I think this should come with a corollary that this isn't an issue if you can plausibly explain why there is another survivor. For example, what if Kalel wasn't the only Kryptonian to be launched into space? In https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0115378/ Superman the Animated Series, after Krypton blew up, a neighboring planet's ecosystem started to destablize. Canonically super girl is from this neighboing planet, and Superman finds her in stasis years later. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch for someone else to have the same idea as Superman's parents did.


The following complaint may come from me enjoying the often ridiculed genre of "fix it" fics, crossovers, self inserts, or any combination of those traits if they are written well: Another issue I have with a lot of advice in this article is that what if the point of the fanfic IS to change the story by adding another character and thus causing the butterfly effect?


For example, read this:


Then ask your self: "what would happen if the new character was a normal early 21st century human instead of a Commander.from Planetary Annihilation?"


If the point of the fic is to change the story, then your OC should have enough power to do it. This is where I feel the anti Mary sue pressure hurts most of all.


This is not to say that all of those marginalized genres I mentioned are actually good all the time. Like any genre, there are good and bad examples:


I once read a fanfic that I can no longer find where the OC is a human inventor who makes a teleporter that lets him go to the world of sonic the hedgehog. When he arrives, he beats Knuckles in a fist fight, boasts that he was holding back, then randomly and inexplicably is a pokemon trainer and has pokemon with him 1 chapter later.


As for one example of a good self insert butterfly effect story:



I also recommend https://forums.space...ross-si.368095/ (same link that I posted above)  as a good "the plot changes course" via the OC's powers example


and https://www.fanficti...o-if-you-please As an example of how adding a new power that none of the canonical Stargate characters have can still make a good story.


Of course, this is my opinion and I'd like to hear yours

Text in my thread is appearing with black color around it

24 January 2019 - 11:07 PM



How do I remove the background color from some of the text in this thread?

*fixed written text color* Starnight the Hedgehog, new card for Galaxy, Constellar and tellarknight decks

24 January 2019 - 11:06 PM

WIP art


So I found an old YGO pro script file called "project starnight" on my PC. I couldn't remember what I was trying to do with it, but I knew it had to refer to the OC I'd created (shown above) and his unique way of casting spells in a MOBA game that I'd programmed him into. After some experimentation I figured out that the script was for a new mechanic of applying effects during a chain. I fixed up a few bugs it had and finally I decided to add this card to a few astronomy themed archetypes that I could think of. Below is the current result of Project Starnight:


Before you ask: No I'm not ripping off "Project Shadow" from Sonic Adventure 2's lore. I sometimes call my scripting challenges "Project" followed by a word to represent them, like this one for example https://forum.yugioh...e/?hl=turquoise


Starnight the Hedgehog

Level 4




If you control a "Galaxy", "Constelllar", or "tellarknight" monster, you can special summon this car (from your hand). Once per turn: you can target 1 "Galaxy", "Constellar", or tellarknight" monster you control; this card's level becomes equal to that monnster's. While this card is face-up or in your GY, before resolving an effect in a chain, you can banish 1 "Galaxy", "Constellar" or Tellarknight" card from your hand or GY and if you do, choose 1 monster in your hand deck or GY that can be normal summoned, if its in the GY banish it otherwise send it to the GY also apply 1 of that monster's ignition or quick effects that can be activated from the same location as this card's as this card's effect including costs and conditions. You can only use this effect of "Starnight the Hedgehog"  once per turn. An xyz monster that has this card as an xyz material also gains these effects.

Here are some notes and examples on how this effect works

Trying to make gerneric ("Yusaku Style") Cyberse

23 January 2019 - 01:08 PM

I don't have much faith in my ability to make created card decks right now so I'm trying to make a cyberse deck. The format is TCG banned list with OCG cards added on and the cardpool is TCG/OCG, though Cynet Mining isn't available yet.





x2 SIM Tablir

x3 Clock Wyvern

x1 ROM Cloudia

x3 Lady Debugger

x2 Balancer Lord

x3 Cyberse gadget

x1 Widget Kid

x1 Cyberse Whitehat

x1 Dot Scaper

x1 Swap Priest

x2 Profibit Snake

x1 Cyberse Magician



x1 Soul Charge

x1 Monster Reborn

x1 Upstart Goblin

x1 One Time Passcode

x1 Cynet Fusion

x1 Cynet Ritual

x2 Cynet Backdoor

x1 Cynet Codec

x1 Cynet Optimize



x3 Cynet Conflict

x3 Infinite Impermanence



x1 Cyberse Clock Dragon

x1 Encode talker

x1 zexcode talker

x1 Powercode Talker

x1 Shooting Code Talker

x2 Transcode Talker

x2 Code Talker

x1 Talkback Lancer

x1 Honey Bot

x1 Security Dragon

x1 Cyberse Witch

x1 Clock Spartoi

x1 Underclock Taker


As for the goal of the deck, I just want it to be able to keep up with other decks better then what I usually duel with. I've never tried to play this deck before so any advice is welcome.