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God Emperor Cow

God Emperor Cow

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In Topic: Post and I'll post what character will be your main Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Yesterday, 09:43 PM



it didn't go over my head I ducked so i didn't get hit by a bad joke

In Topic: Post and I'll post what character will be your main Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Yesterday, 08:47 PM

love how people still think you're trying to get it "right"

In Topic: RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Yesterday, 07:48 PM

Morgan and Camille both paused and looked over at Xia. Each with expressions of disbelief. Though Morgan's turned angry a moment later as she rounded on Camille. "Are you calling me a cat?"


"No! Not at all! I meant...an actual cat. A kitten. Er..." Cam thought for a moment, remembering, "Snowball." He nodded at Xia. "Snowball is a baby cat, or a kitten."


"Why do you want a cat? Aren't you girly enough as it is. You're not even working and you've got that on." Morgan laughed as Camille tugged awkwardly at the clothing he was wearing.


"It's comfortable." He muttered, abashed.


Morgan hesitated, then looked away. "Come on Xia, are we done here yet? I thought you wanted to play some games." Morgan said. There was an odd tone in her voice and it seemed she was bothered by something suddenly and was refusing to look directly at either Xia or Cam.

In Topic: Yui's AMA Thread

Yesterday, 12:59 AM

Favorite word starting with every letter. Go.

In Topic: Granblue Fantasy Versus and Granblue Fantasy Relink

15 December 2018 - 10:47 PM

Fighting game looks cool. Leery about the rpg. Action rpgs seem to be really common lately and a lot turn out dull imo