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God Emperor Cow

God Emperor Cow

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In Topic: [CHQ] Guild Examination Quest

57 minutes ago

"This is pointless." Kasayee said. It wasn't a matter of frustration, though the long walk certainly had been a pain, as she had come to accept that this was just going to be the place she'd be for a while. She simply didn't think that there was any reason to try and figure out what to do. She didn't care if the other group wanted to work together. Nor if her own group wanted to come up with a plan.


Though she did give a nod of acknowledgment towards the quiet girl. Kasayee still needed to figure out what was going on with that one. The growling was more aggressive than before and Kasayee wondered if it was reacting to this Neru or if it was due to whatever combat the group had seen before. Perhaps to figure out what it was she'd have to fight the girl.

She didn't really want to do that.


She didn't even want to fight this man. He didn't look too interested in it, either, which made Kasayee wonder what the reason of it was.


"We can't do anything if we don't know what he can do." She told the group. She could attack him and find out, of course, but there was no threat here. No reason for her to act right now.


Instead she wandered over towards Mellow. "It's angry?"

The girl shrugged.

Kasayee stared at the girl, trying to find where exactly this spirit was located. Where it resided within the girl's body. She might be able to talk to it directly if she could figure that out.


Mellow stared right back and there was no change with the growling. Nor could she locate the spirit. "I want to talk to it." Kasayee explained.


Mellow opened her mouth, pointed to it, and then shakes her head.

"Is it...stuck?" Kasayee asked.


After thinking for a moment, Mellow nodded. Kasayee's interest was increased. A trapped spirit, this was important. More than some "quest."

"Does it want to be unstuck?"

Another shrug. Back to square one once more. "I will find a way to speak to it. Perhaps another day."


Mellow gave her a thumbs up. Agina turns to the girl and says, "oh, you should speak to our guild master then! She probably knows more about Mellow's friend."
Sen turns around and shouts, "Agina now is not the -" he turns to Kasayee, "when did you get here?"


Kasayee glanced at the others, then back to Mellow, and shrugged. "When does anyone get anywhere?"

The guild master...Kasayee would have to go there some time. Maybe after all this she could go back with Lemon Soul at least until she had figured this out. She had done quite enough quests to satisfy her own guild for now, she thought.

In Topic: Idol Hunger Games

Today, 03:11 PM

I like Nico and Aroma buuuut Sophie IS the one from that show I liked most...

Mirei is vicious :o

Love Live falling fast




In Topic: The Hunger Games: MEDIA EDITION!

Today, 02:18 AM

Gatsby is the true evil of this Hunger Games. Killing literally the least dangerous and murderous of the tributes

In Topic: Idol Hunger Games

Today, 01:19 AM

Wow the idols are so nice

I am relieved but also disappointed

I'm a bad person

In Topic: The Ever Expanding Graveyard (Pokémon Nuzlocke Blog)

Today, 01:15 AM


Well that's sad...