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God Emperor Cow

God Emperor Cow

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In Topic: A School of Villains [IC/Not Accepting/PG-16]

Yesterday, 08:54 PM

"If it isn't my friend, Bloody Mary..."


Mary smiled widely as they entered the gym and Kess approached. Friend? So there was the confirmation she needed. Kess was her friend! How delightful!


She blushed as Kess put her arm around her, giving praises, and had to stifle something else as the girl pulled her roughly. Thoughts were swimming in the young girl's mind. First Kess called her friend and now this? Golly, it was...exciting. She wasn't prepared for such a thing. So she merely laughed awkwardly. "Oh, well, I'm not really all that." Mary began modestly. "Thank you for your kind words, though, f-friend." Mary finished with a small, gentle, smile.


She looked over at the other two. "I'm sure they're more capable than I am. I suppose you could say I'm...used to injuries." She laughed again. A polite, girlish, giggle. "Well...I don't want to keep any of you from your exercise. Don't worry about me."

In Topic: Post a card and I'll give my thoughts

Yesterday, 08:49 PM



but now I know



That's the kind of card I'd use but idk if it's really worth on its own.

Also that's no orc and it upsets me


In Topic: Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Yesterday, 08:25 PM



The younger princess had an urge to tease her sister more. There was something about it that felt almost nostalgic. They hadn't gotten to play together much growing up but she did remember coming up with pranks to play on her older sister.

But Licorice's words distracted her. And piqued the young girl's curiosity.


"So even more than just your body shape changes in animal form. I wonder, does the mentality change too..." She gave the fox a cheeky grin at the latter part of Licorce's words. "It would be easier, facing forward, yes. But this is much more fun."


"For you." Gunther muttered in response.


The group at long last exited the forest. Penelope, though she did enjoy the forest, was happy to see the open sky so clearly. They traveled for a while before she seemed to explode with energy. "Ah, yes, I missed this...this is why I never liked being cooped up at home. I ever so much prefer seeing the sky above me. Reading in the daylight is much more effective than under candlelight." She ran forward with her arms outstretched, laughing and spinning as she took it in with a huge grin on her face. "Come, Ever Valiant Lily Wolf Seekers," she began playfully "our quest continues down this road."


Gunther couldn't help but laugh. "I was wondering why she was so reserved lately." He said towards Catriona. He, too, admittedly felt better now that they were out of the forest. While they were much more open now they could also see more. Gunther always preferred guarding an open space over somewhere with so many twists and turns and hiding spots.


As they continued on they were suddenly attacked...in a sense. He gave a start when the crow suddenly stole Link's package. "Well, that's rather...unusual."


Penelope made her way closer. "You must have wronged that crow somehow, Link. They have a tendency to take revenge on those who do something to them you know. Very intelligent birds." She then snapped her fingers. "That's right, I never opened my own did I? Gunther, you have it right? I think now's a good time to see what is inside."


"Er...probably." Gunther muttered. He was indeed carrying many things that weren't his own...when did that get there? Gunther shook his head. It seemed Penelope had slipped him several more things when he wasn't looking.


Finally he dug out the present, noticing his own at the same time, and handed it over to Penelope. He should check that himself, as well...


In Topic: Post a card and I'll give my thoughts

Yesterday, 07:36 PM


ehhh, kinda boring overall. And the bow thing looks really awkward when drawn like that. 5/10

In Topic: cow keeps changing my username when im offline

Yesterday, 06:33 PM

As you can my username has changed and not by my hand. Is this the reason why people keep confusing me with that skater guy that never logs on anymore ?


I can never tell if you're serious or not