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It looked like those two were getting to work. Good, she could let them solve this then. She watched them for a while as they approached one of the obelisks and...a thing happened. Whatever it was they hadn't gotten killed so it was probably positive.
With a soft release of breath from her mouth Kasayee went from sitting, legs dangling off the edge of the doorway, to laying on her back. Instead of seeing the ceiling and, hopefully, watching some bugs crawl about to remind her that nature existed everywhere, she noticed the other female in their group. The small one.
"Aren't you going to do something?" Kasayee asked. She looked like a nervous creature. Surely she wanted to help right? It didn't seem she was uninterested...
Fen twiddled her fingers her a bit, slightly embarrassed as she said, "well, I um, I want to but...I think I'd just be in the way right now."
Kasayee barely tilted her head up to look at the two others. "They're not highly intelligent." She said bluntly. "You have just as much chance as them."
"Uh-um, I'm not sure if you should- well, I guess?" Fen wasn't quite sure how to respond to the girl. "I suppose I could start going over." The girl looked a bit nervous to start crossing the gaps again, before she looked back to Kasayee saying, "um, what about you?"
"I'm staying here. The ground isn't too bad. I've done enough." She wasn't sure why the girl was so worried. Then she remembered what the thing had said to her. "That man is your mate? Humans don't like when their mates help them?" Humans were unusual creatures to her still.
"Wh-what?!" The girl was both confused and flustered once more as she said, "we're not- I uh, I think you're misunderstanding something. We're just friends- well, I think we're friends- anyway. But, um, I don't really think he'd mind anyway...probably."


"Friends..." Kasayee shrugged, an awkward maneuver while laying down, as Fen said that. That other human girl had talked about friendship as well, hadn't she? "Well go ahead then. Unless you want to lay here with me. I don't mind whatever you do."

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I'm not sure why but the videos tend to not show up in your posts (the link does but not the actual video so people can just watch it in the thread) so I edited them (literally just re-pasted the link so I assume you're on mobile or something) so that they show up.


Also good on you for helping an animal in need :)

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Today, 05:44 PM

This is interesting because we're actually in the, albeit slow, process of removing/editing/merging stickies in each section.

I hadn't thought about these much cause I am no expert of the section but it is interesting points.

Will wait to see what Sakura says though since he knows it better than I.

But thanks for your thoughts either way, it helps me get some insight and such.

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this is why misc is bullshit

i s2g if this was a pun...

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6/10, its mouth/face being its body throws me off (in this case probably cause of the otherwise generally human-like shape)


I made a misteak. I do remember they said something about his mascot when a Golduck popped up on screen, but now I remember it was like, "It's YOU! Except when you're older." It was something like that. Therefore,




7.5/10, amusing duck