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God Emperor Cow

God Emperor Cow

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#7100834 Disney/Pixar Animated Movie Tournament

Posted by God Emperor Cow on Today, 12:30 AM

Apparently I'm the Poll mod too now lol

Locked the old threads.

Man, some hard hits this round.

#7100579 From Zero to Hero

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 18 May 2018 - 02:05 AM

The Muses were the part of the movie I remember most tbh

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#7100573 The Chaos Files: A Nuzlocke Blog

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 18 May 2018 - 01:47 AM

Aww poor ghost...

Also something I tell everyone. Usually you want to give every Pokemon in a Nuzlocke a held item even if it just helps a bit. Like, those Wise Glasses iirc boost special attacks slightly.

Or even something like giving Mary Jane Charcoal (just an example) to boost the one random fire move.

Basically every little bit helps.

If all else fails status healing berries can save a life.

#7100133 Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [OOC/Not Started/Not Accepting/R-16]

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 15 May 2018 - 02:53 AM

I went through a period of rolling my eyes followed by casual interest followed by refusal to be interested followed by a decision to post an app. However after actually reading through this I'm not sure I can get behind the Duel Spaces idea. The game is not designed for such concepts as "dodging attacks" for instance.

The number of characters being crammed in here especially as I am certain Yui will have at least 2 or 3 worries me too. Right off the bat we have at minimum 5 host characters.

Also I'm uncertain how ages would go because having people in different grades seems like a problem for obvious reasons.

However I came in here planning to make an app and that is what I will do. But depending on how the above concerns are addressed it might stop at an app. I have some interest but I am the most on the fence one could possibly be. Don't want to sound like a prick but I need to be careful about joining RPs with how many I'm in.



Taking Yui's Niche

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#7100119 ycm be like

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 15 May 2018 - 12:33 AM

...I kind of want to see a Bowling anime

#7100113 (TCG) May 21st Banlist

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 15 May 2018 - 12:05 AM

I don't belong here but I do want to say a hearty welcome back to Mathematician as Wights is basically the only deck I actually played.

#7099893 Best Anime ED [BAED] Tournament - Nominations Closed

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 14 May 2018 - 12:23 AM

I, also, only have one more for now.


Vanilla Salt - Toradora




Anna ni Issho Datta No Ni - Gundam Seed

#7099890 Super YCM Discord 2

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 14 May 2018 - 12:20 AM

I mean I brought up an actual statistical test to prove causation. The metric we were using to measure activity was posts, which were roughly similar between Debates and TCG. Whether one person was the only poster or not isn't really the debate here. 


Based on that, a diff and diff operator shows that discord had a casual effect in removing TCG's activity. I'm actually objectively right here. Now it's not the full picture. Your question about #posters matters. In debates case, it was a hostile place and only the vets posted regularly. Giga's pt about WHY discord killed TCG is also important to assess. But it's undeniable that Discord had a negative impact on TCG


There's no conspiracy, I'm just noting that certain people are so set on their views that they're too impatient to wait for a rebuttal. It's poor argument spectating procedure 

The amount of posters is very important when the matter at hand is activity though.

And idk, my question is why would an official YCM discord change anything when the people who would post on discord instead of YCM could already post on discord without the official one.

#7099880 Super YCM Discord 2

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 13 May 2018 - 11:29 PM

Context Cowcow, I'm talking about early/mid/late 2016 and late 2015


Are you seriously telling me debates wasn't active during the election cycle


People aren't looking for logic or rational answers (as demonstrated by the rep squad not even allowing me to reply). Or the fact that they all jumped on correlation =/= causation but then shut up when faced with actual statistics instead of memes


This is a thing that is going to happen regardless of my views on it, I just want to make clear which side of the line I'm on


I'm arrogant because we've played this game before and still not recovered from it. And because I actually care for this place 

It honestly wasn't all that relatively active. There were a few people posting a lot but beyond that not so much.


Maybe it'd help your argument if you don't jump to assume there's some conspiracy against you and stop telling people they're wrong for agreeing. Perhaps they "shut up" because it was clear you weren't actually giving a good response to what was being said before.

You have a terrible habit of assuming you're correct and assuming you know what people are thinking. You get stuck on ideas such as this "rep squad" thing and refuse to let go.


I for one am not going to try and discuss things with you if you continuously put yourself on a pedestal and spit on others for what you think they're thinking.


Now, if you have any more actual points to make on the topic go ahead but otherwise there's nothing to discuss.

#7099875 The Hunger Games: MEDIA EDITION!

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 13 May 2018 - 11:16 PM


Why would you bump without an update...?

#7099866 Super YCM Discord 2

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 13 May 2018 - 10:41 PM

Winter you've yet to prove to me that the Discord causes the section to lose activity. Debates is a horrible "control" group because it hasn't really been all too active to begin with, relative to other sections. Beyond a few members....Also that section is kinda dead right now which has nothing to do with the Discord apparently so what that shows me is that activity dropping doesn't have to do with Discord.


Also this is a more personal thought but don't bring up Black so much he had nothing to do with this and you're kind of harassing at this point.


Having an official YCM Discord won't have an effect on activity simply because....people already talk on Skype and Discord about things. Like...that's an option they have and use. With or without this official Discord.


Forums and chat groups have separate purposes. Some overlap. But overall they are their own thing.


YCM is slow. It has been that way for a long time. It's a, generally, relaxed medium of social interaction. That's not going to change because of this.

Well. Perhaps the Status Updates will slow a bit more


On another note


You guys have doubted me over and over, from elections to demotions on how to improve YCM, and eventually y'all come around. Just hope you will realize that I'm not wrong here before it actually hurts this place beyond repair

This comes off as arrogant and ignorant and it's really hard to actually take you seriously when you say stuff like this.

#7099710 A School of Villains [IC/Not Accepting/PG-16]

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 13 May 2018 - 12:14 AM

After a rather disappointing talk with the nurse, Mary found herself heading to the bathroom. Her interest was piqued by what the woman had "warned" her about. Would something exciting happen if she used water so soon after being electrocuted? Not to mention it was lunch time and of course she had to wash her hands before eating. It was only proper.


It took a moment upon entering to notice the rather unusual sight of a girl hanging from the ceiling. "Oh, dear me." Mary said, putting a hand to her mouth in surprise. This was unexpected for sure. Mary wasn't quite sure what to make of it. Hanging was a means to killing oneself but clearly this girl didn't seem to be in much distress...nor where they being asphyxiated. The latter which was horribly disappointing. Oh, but wait, perhaps that was why the girl seemed sad! Maybe she wanted to be hurt...could this girl be similar to herself?


Right, she had asked for help. "Pardon me, I was lost in thoughts. I will get you down quickly...it may be a rough landing."


She cut across her palm and used the blood that welled up for her magic. Extending it and slicing the rope that the girl hung from with a simple motion.

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#7099704 I found the land of my ancestors

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 12 May 2018 - 11:32 PM

Thank you both of you this made me laugh quite a bit

#7099407 The Chaos Files: A Nuzlocke Blog

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 11 May 2018 - 12:14 AM

I'd be so much more invested if you named them ur mom


too busy for this though

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#7099360 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 10 May 2018 - 06:51 PM

Team Showdown, Day 29, Groudon's Mountain


Groudon watched Taiga thoughtfully. She seemed like an aggressive young woman, liable to attack, but she seemed intent on talking it out with him. Her words had bite but she seemed to imply that not doing anything would still bring them to his door, as it were.


"It is true I did not expect anyone to come here." He stated with a rumbling sigh-like noise. These four had gotten here so easily. Likely with the help of other Legends, the mention of Rayquaza caused the man to grimace, but even so...This place could only last so long.


And then the Xatu spoke. The muscles in Groudon's jaw tightened as Tianzi gave their speech. "You come here asking for me to aid you, with mockery and threats?" He boomed. "Perhaps you could say those words if you gave half as much of yourself for this region as I have. Begone!" His shout was aimed directly at Tianzi, not at Taiga, and entirely ignoring Scarlet and Isole. The lava beside Groudon bubbled as he waved his arm and gestured at the Xatu. A geyser of lava erupted from the ground and crashed onto Tianzi. "One such as you has no right to speak in my presence!" His eyes glowed an orange color as he spoke.

Team Mac, Day 26, Weynon


Edgelord let out a shout of frustration as he swung his arm, covered in dark energy, at Ari's Ember. The attack struck but most of it was scattered from his swipe. "I am the strongest Gijinka! You are nothing, nothing!" He screamed out. It seemed that something had snapped in the man. His eyes were wide and he looked even more dangerous than before.


"You're not strong enough to beat me!" Mac said as she swiftly ran forward and crashed into his side. With a grunt Edgelord merely kicked Mac in the stomach and knocked her backwards, skidding across the ground to where Ari was.


"Ouch...that hurt more than his other ones.." She said. It was...odd. There seemed to reason for it to have gotten stronger...unless... "I think he was holding back." Mac muttered to Ari as she began to Charge. "We gotta step it up."


Edgelord crouched down low as he looked between the two. "You're out of time." He said. He launched out another Null Blade, larger than the previous, at the two.

Mac grabbed Ari and pulled him down, covering him with her body as the blade passed over them. Though it clipped her back and immediately she felt the numbness start to spread.


Still she forced herself to stand, her arm crackling with electricity. "Ari..." She said, breathing heavily. "Get his attention, keep him busy, this is gonna be a big one..." It had to be. She wasn't sure how much time she had to continue.


Ankou was surprised by the sudden attack by Kazo. She had been focused on the pesky Leavanny, whom she was just moments from finishing off, and the attack broke her concentration. Only several of her flowers managed to strike Grace. Though it was enough that, once freed from Ankou's attack, Grace collapsed to the ground.


"Senseless." Ankou said. "Yes, it's all so senseless...I only wanted to rest. After Cobalion threw me away I just wanted to be at peace. But this world isn't one of peace...but it will be. Once we finish this, I will be able to sleep. He promised me that. I just have to kill a few Legends to do it." She smiled at him. "Lucky you, you get to sleep now." She then drew in a breath, sucking in energy, as she landed her Draining Kiss upon Kazo.

Team Neo Not Dark, Day 29, Mioter


Mewtwo glanced around at the group. They weren't the most motivated. At least one of them wanted nothing to do with the Legends. But that didn't matter. They could think of him what they will, it was only their right, but as long as the task was done...that's all he could want.


Dora's face scrunched up as Easter asked her if she knew how to get to Merm. Even as Denku scooped her up she seemed unusually pensive. "I don't wanna go back there." She said finally. "But...I want to help." She looked at Mew. "I'll get your friend back..." Then, to Easter, "I know how. The bubble!" She nodded as though this answer made any sense whatsoever.


Mewtwo then answered Denku's query about teleportation. "We can get you...near. The city itself cannot be entered through that means, nor would it be good to suddenly show up inside of their city. Merm's leader would likely be alarmed even if you were with her." He seemed to relax a bit as he addressed Fawkes. "You may go where you like. Perhaps Horatio would be able to help you, he is not nearly as frightening as he looks, and his Shadow Guard would be glad to have you if you'd like."


Dora poked at Denku and made him bring her over to Fawkes. She frowned at the other girl. "You're not gonna come with?" She said sadly.


Mewtwo then moved near Easter. "Privacy is not needed, not anymore, this place is safe now. And it isn't like the world won't soon know of the battle at hand. However before I send you on your way you should rest. Spend the night in Sebastian's home, you have a friend there I believe, though she may have already left on her own task. Sebastian won't be needing it anymore."


Mew floated around, making happy, almost purring, noises as she bobbed around in her normal form.

Team Alola, Day 14, Mowloo


"It's a...very regal looking egg, though. Nice name, too. Very...original,"


Blake growled and his hair stood on hand as Keanu spoke. He moved up to the taller Gijinka and looked up at him, pressed close against him. "Mock the queen at your peril. Even if you are our ally no one disrespects her and lives. She is one of the greatest of the Legends, the Queen of Unlife, and her true power will be unleashed soon."


A smile crossed Blake's face as he said this and he seemed to grow excited. "They will come. And we will kill them all. Sacrifices for our Queen..." The "egg" pulsed behind him. The ominous energy exuding from it seemed to grow even as they stood there.


The Tyranitar looked down at Marie. "You may be right, child." He said softly. "This leader of theirs. That is our target. But we cannot get to him without being attacked by the others. Which is why the militia moves out tomorrow to draw them out. They all will have orders to bring down this leader of theirs. As to the prisoner..." He looked at Randy. "If she comes with she will be bound, and you will need to make sure she does not do anything to aid them, but the fight cannot be avoided."


He looked once more at Marie. "You need not come. Children should not be fighting. My youngest...they are in Trailsau. A dangerous place to raise a family. I hope to make this place safe for them." he sighed. "I only hope leaving them with their sister was the right thing. Allie isn't the most responsible young woman...Rest, both of you, I shall inform my men of the plan. Tomorrow we march."

Team Karaoke, Day 27, Northshore


The Blitzle gave Lok a startled look. Which seemed to in part be admiration. She gulped and nodded and, as Lok dragged Gwen off she ran. Though she couldn't get too far away without crossing Nikora's sight so she ran towards the beach where both Kyogre and Fiona lay.


Gwen, still barely conscious, felt Lok moving her. "N-No." She muttered. "We...need to keep fighting. They're in danger. Leave me...here...I need to....to give them an opening."

Nikora seemed to notice the movements, but did nothing to stop them, as Nine continued his assault.


The Cacturne shook his head and created a shield to block the flames. Though he had to adjust so that it would cover his lower body.

In that moment the Braviary swooped in. His hand glowing and forming a claw-like aura as he grabbed onto Nikora's shoulder and crushed down, wounding the Cacturne and lowering his guard.


However Nikora responded almost immediately. A pulse of dark energy exploded out from him and sent the Braviary careening away. The middle-aged Gijinka came up to a crouch and spread his wings. "Boy!" He called out to Nine. "I don't know what you're planning but if you've got any ideas now's the time to share them!"


Nikora, almost lazily, gestured towards Nine and shot out a barrage of pins. This time it was two lines only, flying straight, but moving at incredible speed.