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God Emperor Cow

God Emperor Cow

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#7132068 Yui's AMA Thread

Posted by God Emperor Cow on Yesterday, 12:59 AM

Favorite word starting with every letter. Go.

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#7131910 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 15 December 2018 - 01:48 AM

At the mention of "Snowball" Cam let out a soft "eep" and looked around as if searching for the beast that went by that name. He seemed to calm down a bit when he noticed that the kitten was not with.
However that didn't last long.
"I'm sorry Camille, I didn't mean to call you the wrong thing this whole time, but you're super cute for a boy so I didn't realize. But," suddenly getting back on track with another revelation she said, "you fight too? Man that's super awesome! It's a shame you're not a fighter, otherwise we coulda had loads more fun together! Oh, and then maybe you guys could fight too for old time's sake. I bet that'd be loads of fun too.
Camille's face was red as a tomato and he stumbled over his response. "No I don't fight. I, um, I did but. I don't...really like...it." His voice trailed off as the first thing that Xia said sank in finally. "Cute?" He squeaked, before shaking his head frantically. "I'm...I'm not...um."
Morgan rolled her eyes. "You should be careful, Xia, he may look cute but he's a weirdo and if you're not careful he'll make you one too." She then leaned forward, grinning wickedly at Camille. "And we could fight but I don't want to embarrass him any more than I have to. There's no way he'd be able to beat me."
"I wouldn't want to." Cam mumbled. Then, a thought crossed his mind, and he moved up next to Xia. "The uh...cat isn't here, right?" he whispered.
Which Morgan clearly didn't appreciate. "What are you whispering about? Are you telling her bad things about me?"

#7131793 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 14 December 2018 - 02:39 AM



Gunther took a deep breath. He could do this he could do this he could do this. Bracing himself the Knight thrust forward, aiming for the other Knight's head. Unfortunately the attack merely hit across the side of the helmet. And, though it snapped the Awakened's head backwards it seemed not to truly stop the undead creature.


And so the Awakened attacked in turn. The lance piercing into Gunther's abdomen. It managed to get through part of his armor and cause a wound onto his skin. The lance pierced his skin and blood welled up and out of the pierced armor.


Gritting his teeth he tried not to cry out in pain, and failed.


And then next to him Link nearly fell again. "No, Link, you..you can't die! I can't...hold them off...if you fall."



Penelope looked around. Things were going...well? It was hard to tell, especially as she noticed some issues up front. Yet, over here...things seemed to be looking up.

If they could keep going like this...they might be able to break through.


She smiled as Alois felled one of the mages easily. "Good work, seems all that wood cutting was helpful for something right?"


Adel looked to be fine. The woman was impressive, Penelope had to admit, and the princess was glad she was here with them.


Penelope considered trying to attack herself but then the injury flared up and she hissed as the pain went through her. She had to concentrate. And to concentrate she had to be healthy. And so, holding the torch still, she administered a Vulnerary on her wound.


"Where do you need me?"


Penelope glanced over to where she heard Edrick's voice and he... "WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP THERE?" Penelope shouted. Then, taking a deep breath, she immediately began to consider the tactical implications.


She knew that the enemies near Licorice were falling quickly. Which meant that the Fox would be freed up quickly. And so...


Penelope nodded. "Edrick, come here, to us, and avoid the range of the Archers. Everyone. Get ready. We're going to attempt to push them back and take some pressure off our front line."


Dua was almost glad that he was dead already. He felt that this young man, this Link, would have given him a heart attack otherwise. Moving to the soldier he once again used his Mend staff to bring him from the brink. "Getting to be...a habit." He rasped.


Trim, on the other hand, seemed to only be getting into it more. With a rasp his mouth opened up into a semi-grin. Raising his axe high, the Barbarian didn't seem to mind the Lancer sticking his weapon into the Awakened's chest, he brought his arm down to cleave a wound deep in the Lancer's chest. The opposing Awakened stumbled back from the force and Trim grunted as he prepared to go for the kill.


Penvo would have laughed were it possible. She was fighting alongside an immovable Frog! "You're like a walking...castle...wall." She said to him as she vaulted over him and, as she jumped, launched a couple of knives into another of the Lancers across the way. Upon landing she stumbled slightly, her body not as used to such things in this state, but brushed it off as she prepared to attack again.


Quatro quickly moved down to the other arrow slit as the horde began to advance. She narrowed her eyes in annoyance as she noticed that her previous quarry had moved into a position she couldn't reach. So instead she settled for firing off an arrow at a second Fighter, intent on feathering as many of them as possible, and struck the undead on the side of the head, almost into the ear hole itself.


Unil wished he could move faster as he approached the opening in the wall that he was to defend with the...odd girl. If his horse was just a bit faster perhaps he could have reached the foe already.


And then, as he reached his destination, he hesitated. There was a light, not far from there, a strange light. A powerful light.


What...was that?


"Egads, even in this strange land there is evil running amok! Well, no matter, for it is my sworn duty to smite evil no matter where it may rear its detestable and uncouth head!" The green haired woman astride her horse posed gracefully as she watched the undead horde approach. "If only Rennac and Dozla were here, they would enjoy this ever so much! I suppose I must put in the effort for them then! Come, vile beast, and face my holy vengeance!"


The Cavalier at the head of the group seemed to hesitate for a moment before charging towards her. Without letting her confident smile slide off her face the woman pulled a tome out and began to chant, in a language unknown to those here, and a ray of light shot into the sky. Moments later a beam of light crashed down on the Cavalier and, when it vanished, so too did the Cavalier disappear. As though vaporized instantly.


"Now who is next to face my divine fury...wait, what is this, I hear...By Latona there are people fighting in that building!" She then, completely unconcerned about the army moments from reaching her, spurred her horse onward and into the entrance of the structure. Where she found... "Ah, another fiend! You, too, shall face...hm, you seem somehow different from those." And indeed she didn't feel the same malevolence from the creatures outside. A rather strange circumstance but one that she wouldn't let get to her. "Well then I suppose I should introduce myself. I am the Divine Beauty of Radiance and Gracefulness, the Princess of Holy Might whose divine mission is to rid the world of evil and let justice prevail. I am L'Arachel and I am here to save you all from this strange evil!"


She then noticed the woman on the other side of this strange undead. "Ah, I take it you are in command here, yes? There is a certain aura about you. You, too, are an ally of justice are you not?"

#7131787 My monobug team. (AKA my favorite type ever)

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 14 December 2018 - 01:09 AM



Hi, I think I can offer some advice.


First, it depends what tier you're using. Going off your status (which btw you need to click the save replay button and use that link otherwise you can't share the battle), you used it in Anything Goes.

Which, frankly, any team can win for the first couple hundred points in there easily.


That being said. Some issues right off the bat.

Almost everything has Focus Sash. Which, with hazards, priority moves, and tanky mons in general, is bad. Focus Sash should mostly be used on leads and occasionally set up mons for surprise. Golisipod in particular it's horrible on. If he goes down to 1 he would just Emergency Exit out right away. Plus if something can KO Golisipod in one hit you don't want Golisipod in on it usually unless you're saccing it (letting it get KOed to get something else in)

Modest Nature on Mons like Galvantula and Ribombee are a bit of a waste as their main draw is going first. +Speed natures are usually better on fast attackers.

Max HP > increased defenses if you're going with a bulky attacker.

Ninjask. Only in Anything Goes can you use Baton Pass with it and, frankly, after a few wins you'll end up against things far too powerful for Ninjask to face. It's just not good in Monobug as it is the example of all the weakness of Bugs.

Speaking of that. Bugs tend to good at a few things. Setting Hazards and hitting surprisingly hard are two of those. Your team...doesn't do that well.

The only Mons you have that take advantage of Sticky Webs are the ones that already have a way to boost their own speed. Unless max speed Heracross won't outspeed plenty of things even with Webs up.

Your team is full of just attackers, nothing that can really take a hit or two, and no recovery. You'd be picked apart by almost any competent balanced team, overwhelmed by any offensive team, and would struggle to break through walls of defensive teams.

If you're going to go all aggressive you need to commit to it more. And even then you certainly need ways to get rid of hazards because your team falls apart if they lead something that sets up a couple of any of the hazards in the game.


Now, lets look at these individually.


Galvantula. Fairly standard. Though again you need Speed more. And you do not need Thunder Wave. It really won't help your team all that much and it's a waste on a Pokemon like Galvantula. Rock is bad for bugs but it's an issue when your main lead, I assume, is useless against a Rock/Ground type.


Volcarona. Not bad exactly but a few things. One, if you're going full offensive Fire Blast over Fiery Dance is a must. Especially if you use Firium Z (unlike Krow I don't think Psycium is needed but it might be better). Also good god never give Volcarona Modest Nature. At +1 Speed Modest it can still get outsped by important things.

(Though again your team is a bit too offensive so a bulkier Volcarona with Roost might be a good idea)


Ribombee. To be frank the bee is too weak to fit onto a Monobug team. It doesn't add much and usually it works well on a team that can take advantage of its strengths and cover its weakness. Monotype doesn't work well with it. At least not Bug. Its main purpose is to set up Webs and against certain teams set up and take out Mons when something comes in to Defog or Spin away the Webs. Which is the role Galvantula and Volcarona serve here.


Heracross. Honestly in a Monotype Megacross is just weaker than Mega Pinsir. It's too slow and has too many common weaknesses. Regular Heracross, especially with Choice Scarf, can be a great revenge killer though.


Golisipod. I...never used it so I can't really say much. That being said Bug/Water/Poison is not really good coverage combo. Focus Sash is bad for it 100% as well. That being said Bug/Water types are decent on Bug Monotype in general. Honestly Aqua Jet will always be better on it than Poison Jab. The only things you'd use Poison Jab on are Fairies and Grass and Bug/Water coverage usually handles that.


Ninjask.....Don't use Ninjask unless you really, really, love it. And if you do giving it a single attacking move is not a good idea. Especially since it's such a weak move.

For a bit of fun, Dig + Groundium Z is hilarious.


Overall...the team suffers from not covering each other well, not being offensive enough for offense nor being bulky enough for anything else, not utilizing Bugs strong points, and relying on Focus Sash without any way to stop hazards or handle priority.

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#7131683 James Fields Jr found guilty of first-degree murder

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 12 December 2018 - 11:30 PM

Saddest thing i can think of is a nigga defending a Nazi.

Adding to the above post. (or rather it WAS above but now it's on the previous page, oops)

This is spam and not fit for Debates.

Things have been generally tame lately but anything more out of any of you here will be punished.

#7131548 YCM Idol Grand Prix (nominations: closed)

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 11 December 2018 - 09:32 PM

9. Tsubasa Kira (Love Live)

10. Iori Minase (Idolmaster)

11. Nono Daichi (Aikatsu)

12. Sora Kazesawa (Aikatsu)



More to come later if/when I think of them

#7131405 Yu-Gi-Oh: Domino Elementary [OOC/Accepting/Started]

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 10 December 2018 - 05:55 PM

Literally 18 words off, cant tell unless you count them out but ok. 18 words added.

And I do count all the words of all the posts. I'm always. watching
Usually I'm leniant but given your smart ass edit next time I won't be as much.

#7131308 Ask Spinny Things

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 09 December 2018 - 11:59 PM

Ever gonna try Showdown again?

#7131305 Post and I will rant about you

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 09 December 2018 - 11:51 PM

please note the views expressed in this post are not necessarily those of the author, and a shit ton of it is exaggerated for the purpose of this thread. Read at your own discretion.

can confirm it's actually my views

Yes cuz Kayden is such a prolific poster


#7131193 blunt opinions thread

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 09 December 2018 - 03:12 AM

Place doesn't even have a hentai section

It does it's just in the Mod Forum, duh

#7131190 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 09 December 2018 - 02:09 AM

"Calling my Artificial Intelligence I created something as such is...well it's quite frankly insulting."


"Yes," Morgan said, "it is, isn't it?."


"oh oh, Aria's great! She's like really to fun hang out with and we went to go to a gym earlier and met this really funny guy. She's that white haired girl that you made friends with earlier today. Oh,"


After explaining that it wasn't the other girl, why were there so many white haired girls, Xia headed off. "White hair equals annoying, got it." Morgan muttered as she hopped onto her broom and floated after the dragon girl...


....To a mall? "Well, how...ordinary." She said as they entered. "This isn't much different from the ones back home. I expected something more...flashy."


As they entered the arcade, slightly more impressive than what she was used to, the group seemed to split off a bit. Aurora taking the boys over to some shooting game. While she did want to see that loud guy get beat she didn't really care to see Aurora win.

So she continued along until....oh.


That could not be....him? That weirdo boy was HERE?


"hey Morgan. You alright?"


Morgan snapped back to reality as Xia waved her hand in front of her face. "Stop that!" Morgan snapped. "Er, I mean, yes everything is fine."


Camille, finishing up the game, looked over when they heard Xia's voice. Seeming a bit uncomfortable, as though they were caught doing something they shouldn't, the maid made their way over to Xia. "Er, hello....Xia right?" Camille said, rubbing the back of their neck. "Y-yeah I sorta...came here to let off some steam." Camille's voice grew fainter as they went on, blushing in embarrassment. "I didn't...say anything weird did I? I sorta get into a...zone sometimes."


Morgan, not liking being ignored, loudly cleared her throat and got the maid's attention.


And when they saw her their eyes widened. "M-M-Morgan? W-what are you doing here?" Camille took an instinctive step backwards and away from the witch.


Morgan tossed her hair and snorted. "Me? I'm here to fight of course. Mauvache saw my incredible talent and...wait, why are YOU here? No way...don't tell me she brought YOU here to fight, too?"


"N-no of course not." Camille said, waving their hands in front of their face frantically. "I-I'm just a maid, is all..."


Morgan rolled her eyes. "Yeah, sure, she used such a powerful spell to get a maid. Look, you were in the tournament too, but you're leagues beneath me got it? Don't you go thinking we're equals just because of this." Morgan turned to Xia. "Xia, this strange boy didn't make you do anything weird, did he?"


Meanwhile Cam had buried his head in his hands, face bright red, as Morgan casually revealed two of his secrets.

#7131174 Cheat Codes

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 09 December 2018 - 12:35 AM

The only game I used cheat codes for was Grand Theft Auto because those codes just make the game so much more fun to mess around in.

I remember one in San Andreas that made cars basically float and so if things, like other cars, ran into them they'd just soar through the air.

#7130834 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [OOC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 05 December 2018 - 07:45 PM

First, Rep, it's been two weeks, what's up?

After IC

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#7130632 Post sentence enders here-

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 03 December 2018 - 10:35 PM

I don't have any anime ones but there's one I do use a lot, so...

(that was it)

#7130627 Locke & Load: A Nuzlocke Blog Starring Yui

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 03 December 2018 - 10:00 PM

Raiko is, for me, your most iconic avatar so this is fine by me.

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