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#7124541 Fascism runs deep here and so does the censorship.

Posted by God Emperor Cow on Yesterday, 01:20 AM

facism more like fauxism


#7124335 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Vernal Ventures [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 18 October 2018 - 07:07 PM

Cassidy had not expected such a fluffy looking bird to hurt so much. But she couldn't let the leaders know she was hurt! So she stared defiantly at them, keeping herself afloat just barely, as they gave their thoughts on the plan.


She didn't trust Heliolisk's reply. He seemed to have liked it but she was certain that he was just making fun of her in a way she couldn't quite get. After all he still insisted on calling her by that name.

The Noivern had the nerve to lecture them, causing the Tynamo girl to respond, "We're just fine so it should be fine right? And my name is Cassidy, got it?"


After they left she let out a huff and, glancing at the other two, muttered. "I thought we did great."


And it turned out they had done enough to get into the guild. Along with a handful of others she hadn't met yet, but included a pair of rather young looking Pokemon. She nodded to herself upon noticing the two, deciding she'd have to look out for them.


But before all that there was something else she wanted to take care of...


It took her a bit to find the Axew boy. Sadly she was able to find him mostly because of the mutters of people talking about him. And it turned out he was hanging around Tuff, which made Cassidy glad that she had helped the Stuffal get into the guild. "Yo." She said stiffly to her former partner. "Good throw or whatever."


Turning her body towards the Axew she proclaimed, "Hey, I'm Cassidy. Just wanted to let you know if anyone give you a hard time come to me and I'll bop them one, mkay?"

#7124329 Danny's Dramatic Sonic Fanfiction Corner

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 18 October 2018 - 06:21 PM

Funny you should ask


(But please no wasting your points on me)

#7124321 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 18 October 2018 - 05:36 PM



Who in the world was banging pots together? Was that...Link's voice? Why would Link be hitting together pots. Was he hungry?


These were the first thoughts of the young Tactician as she groggily woke from her slumber and looked around. Everyone was moving about, getting ready for...what?


...Ah, that was unfortunate.


The realization they were under attack motivated Penelope to get to her feet and grab up her sword. The last remnants of tiredness faded as she heard Licorice say the name of their attackers.

A combination of fascination and dread hit her as she recalled the fiends from legend. This would be the hardest battle yet. Not only for their numbers but their strength and endurance. And yet...that they walked the land was something incredible on its own.


She feared that not all of them would make it through this alive. It was a terrible feeling. The more she thought about it the more she realized that, especially with such limited means to heal, they were at a major disadvantage with their current numbers.


And then her sister brought her reinforcements of the most unusual kind.


Penelope thought she'd be startled but she found she was instead...relieved. Penelope gave Catriona a nod. "Understood. They should help quite a lot, actually."


She turned to the soldiers. A rather...unusual lot, for sure. Before she began her strategy, though, there was one thing she had to know. "Are you able to...die? I do not want to send anyone to their demise even if you are not one of us."


The Cavalier, apparently the leader of the group, gave a response to the effect that they were already dead and dying would be like going back to sleep.


Armed with this knowledge Penelope grew more confident. She pointed at them in turn, the cavalier, the priest, the barbarian, the archer, and the thief. "Unil, Dua, Trim, Quatro, Penvo." She wasn't sure where the names came from but they felt...right.


She then called out to the group. "It seems this is the Goddess's response to our presence. Pretty rude welcome if you ask me. It will be tough but we can outlast them. It's time to show the Goddess we aren't so easily deterred! Everyone take a look to me, these five are our allies. I know it's hard to believe but both I and Catriona trust them. We need to prepare and fast so I ask that you work together."


She once more scanned the field that she could see. There were many foes but they were mostly gathered in the front. They may not even know of the side entrances so for now...the focus had to be there.


The Girl With the Tactical Mind


The tower would seem like a good place to hold up at first but, from her exploration of it, she knew it would be a tight fit for them all. And that it wasn't strong enough to hold everyone, lest of all the mounts, so it would only be used to protect the critically wounded.


However she had noticed arrow slits in the walls of the tower, so she turned to their ally Archer. "Quatro, I need you in the tower, keep close to the openings and fire on any foe who comes within reach. If you can, sound off if they start to swarm the area."


"Dua, Trim, I want you with Edrick protecting one of the openings." She indicated the Pontic, though she felt they may already know, given that it was likely he who brought them here somehow. "He's tough but he'll need to be kept healed. Dua, take a torch with you. Trim, if Edrick is overwhelmed take his place."


"Penvo, go with Shiro, the Frog Protean there, and cover him from another of the openings."


She looked then to the Cavalier. "Unil and I shall go to the opening on the side and prepare to provide backup wherever needed."


The Tactician then told her plans, and the names she had given their new allies, to the rest of her group, including giving tasks for each of them. She knew that in the heat of the moment they may choose a different option but she knew that she only would have these scant moments to give some advice.

"Adel, you are at a disadvantage in these quarters due to your mount. Take another torch and provide assistance where needed, I ask you stay near me if possible."

"Sienna, Alois, provide Gunther and Link backup. Tsetseg, I want you with Shiro and Penvo. But be prepared to join Quatro in the tower if they begin to swarm that side."

"Licorice, keep your eye on their movement, and go where you feel is in most danger. Be prepared to be the first to fall back to cover the unguarded entrances."

As she passed Ciela she made sure to keep her voice low. "Link is skilled but I don't think he can take too many blows. Keep an eye on everyone but try and focus on him if possible."


She knew there were far too many gaps in the strategy. She felt perhaps she shouldn't send Quatro to the tower until later. Or send Tsetseg instead. Did they have enough torches? And there were many openings in their defense...but she wasn't sure what else she could do. The number of troops they had only barely made her comfortable with the defenses they had set up.


She turned to Catriona. "Try and stay back a bit. Look for any weakness in the defenses and go to them."


Penelope took a deep breath then smiled. "We're not losing anyone tonight. Not even you five." She looked towards Unil before gesturing to him to follow her to the entrance on her left. "Try not to sleep too early, I'd very much like to learn more about you." Their very existence threw some rather unusual questions her way. Questions, she hated to admit, the books she had read didn't have the answer to.


She pulled Katarina from her sheath. These fiends...were not people. She should feel no qualms about cutting them down.



Gunther was doing his best not to shake. There were so many of them. The only thing that kept him from leaving his position, shamed as he was to think it, was the knowledge that there was nowhere he could go they couldn't follow. He could only trust that the others, that Penelope, would lead them out of this.


So he gripped his lance tighter as he heard the others prepare. When Penelope told him of their new allies, and the role they'd fill, he stared at her in disbelief. But something about her expression, the absolute confidence, relaxed the Knight.


"Sure, undead buddies, why not." He muttered with a dry laugh. "Perhaps next we'll be allied with an angel who will smite down these...things." He shook his head, referencing an old tale that Penelope had once told him of beings of good that came to warriors in their time of need. It was a ridiculous story but as a young man it had given him a sense of wonder.


He really wished he could have that feeling back about now.

#7124236 The Monster Hunt 2018

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 18 October 2018 - 01:02 AM

Niko got 4? Wtf is this man on.

*raises hand nervously*

...I have 8.

And once Black responds to my guesses for 10/18 I might have more >.>


Granted I'm not included in the total because, while I promise I didn't use mod powers to cheat, I don't expect everyone to believe that and it'd feel bad for a Mod to get the prize anyway.

#7124099 Comcast complains that it will lose money due to the California net neutralit...

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 17 October 2018 - 02:32 PM

It's a net neutrality topic centered around California. The title alone means it should stay in debates. Just look at the past two days of posts. California is at the top of the topics.

You're gonna get the same traffic no matter where you move it.

Myself, Roxas, I expect Winter, and maybe Jessie.

Net neutrality is a volatile topic in terms of YCM's history. From the lobbyists behind anti-net neutrality to the "you don't need to watch porn" Christians and the "public utility" nuts, and YCM's "meh idc but here's why I'm right anyway" debaters. Just leave the thread alone.

Well, if that's the case...then probably want to actually make posts suitable for the section.

#7124017 Best Little Treat [BLT] 2 (nominations open!)

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 17 October 2018 - 04:09 AM

Right so I forgot to nominate so I'll throw mine from last time in and add new ones in later.


Sour Patch Watermelon

Cheddar Chex Mix

Hershey's Gold bar

Hostess Sno Balls

Munchies Cheddar Cheese Sandwich Crackers

#7123805 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 16 October 2018 - 08:35 PM

“Have you...have you been hiding there this entire time though?”


"No!...Maybe! Argh, what's it to you if I was?" Morgan said, a bit flustered at the response her entrance had gotten. She tossed her head and turned away from the boy, pointedly, to look upon the rest of the Fighters who came to greet them.


"Hate to brake it to ya doll,  but that spot's taken by the one and only Cyanthrax, Lion's Sin of Pride!"


"Lion you say?" Morgan responded back, looking up at Cyan with an easy confidence, "all I see is a tabby cat." This one. She'd have to keep her eye on him. He could be good to make an ally...eventually. Moreso than...most of these others, at least. Whom, she decided, were utterly unimpressive to a fault.


Especially that goodie-two-shoes-class-president-type, the one with white hair.


There were a couple others who stood out for other reasons, though. "hi new people! My name is Xia and I can't wait to be both of your friends!"

There was something...about this one. She seemed....powerful. Morgan could sense something ancient within the girl and it piqued her curiosity. So she gave her a smile and grabbed one of the girl's hands with both of her own. "Oh, I'd love to be friends with you, Xia, you seem like someone I could get along with very easily."



"You, whatever your name was, I don't even care anymore. You don't seem like the kind of person I'm going to get along with, so maybe pray we don't get matched up for a fight, got it?"

Looking to the side, keeping her face from Xia, she gave this one a glare. Then, telling Xia to give her a moment, she strolled over to Aria. Leaning forward she smiled wickedly. "The only reason I'd be worried about being in a match with you is if your ugly face is contagious." She then turned back to Xia, her smile friendly again. "There are many...interesting people here aren't there?"



"I've been thinking lately, you're probably really strong. After all, you plucked me and a handful of other people from our worlds, just like that. But that's all I really know. Outside of that, I don't really have any idea how strong you are. I wanted to get a feeling for that myself. And so, Mauvache, I challenge you to a battle in your own Arena!"


Mauvache's smile slowly widened, and she gave a low chuckle. "Oh, my dear, you are mistaken. I may have certain magical abilities but I am no fighter." Aurora would see a strange light flash in the woman's eyes, almost like a lightning bolt, and feel the air in the room grow thick, almost chokingly so, before everything turned back to normal. "I regret to say I must turn down your challenge, Aurora. But perhaps you'd like to take on an Event match, if you're bored of your fellow Fighters already. I'm sure the audience would love that."

#7123729 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Vernal Ventures [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 16 October 2018 - 06:24 PM

Huh, so the Doduo had a name. Maybe he, too, was in a similar situation as her. She wasn't counting the no-arms thing. After all he had beaks at least. Cassidy's mouth wasn't much good for picking things up anyway.


“Much much worse. After all, I’m the best Doduo you’ll find around!”


"Guess we'll see about that." Cassidy said stiffly, as they approached the guild leaders. She tried, and failed, to not give the two adults a dirty look. Especially that bully-inducing Heliolisk. Though it seemed that they were rather oblivious to her thoughts as he just continued rattling off things like he didn't have a care in the world.


Tch. Typical.

"Oh! Yes good, perfect. Three of you then. Two-Beak, Scrawny and Fluffy, let's have it!"


Wait what was that?


Ha! What a bunch of weird names, who the hell is Fluffy anywa--"


Wow, his head must be full of stuffing at least...It took the Stuffal, who had the rather odd nickname of "Tuff" apparently, some time to realize what the leader had meant. Though he realized fast enough for both he and Cassidy to respond to the Heliolisk angrily. "And I'm not scrawny! You better watch who you call names, old man, unless you want me to show you how not scrawny I am!"


She huffed a bit and then turned away. "Come on Corbin, Tuff, lets get this done."


Despite her misgivings about the Stuffal it seemed that he was actually pretty strong after all. And it felt kind of nice to have someone to shout at the adults with as well.


She had to focus, though, as the Doduo was sent up into the air. She couldn't levitate very high so she had to...now!


Cassidy charged forward, aiming her head, as she went for a mighty Tackle on the bottom of one of Corbin's feet. Once she hit it she quickly looped back around to hit the other foot. She repeated this tactic twice before the bird Pokemon began to get out of reach and she darted back down closer to ground level. "Hey, Tuff, get ready! We're gonna have to catch him still!"

#7122905 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 12 October 2018 - 08:55 PM

Some part of Valerie knew that she should be satisfied with Mako's response. That he was right in saying that they could handle it. Despite this it took all her will not to point out that the adults weren't handling it.


The days that followed only made this worse. After an interrogation, where she almost made the officer pass out from the heat, more and more dark tidings came. People were saying that only the strongest heroes should be given funding. A sentiment that Valerie couldn't help but understand somewhat. Maybe had the government focused on training stronger heroes...


Quirkless camps were set up which left a bad taste in Valerie's mouth. Had her parents been around would they have been rounded up like that? She would never agree with the villains but...maybe she couldn't agree with the heroes, either.


And then there was Goto...


"What...happened out there?" Valerie had asked him when she was allowed to visit. She had put it off for a day, wanting to be as calm as she could, before visiting. Though seeing his blank face, and mentally comparing it to his determined look during their fight, was almost too much.

His lack of response wasn't helping. "I'm gonna make them pay, Goto. They won't get away with doing this without punishment. All of them." Still nothing.


Hanging her head, Valerie had tried to think of something to say. How could she, someone who had lost not only a tournament fight but was unable to protect one of her classmates, who had run instead of fight, inspire anyone who had suffered like this?

She had an urge to tell him more about herself, open up, but she couldn't bring herself to speak about it when Goto was giving that...look.


"I...don't know what to say." Valerie admitted reluctantly. "I just keep failing...it's frustrating." She sighed. "You don't need to hear this right now...S'pose I should get going." Before leaving she muttered, right before heading out the door, "I'm sorry."


The dorms had gotten more crowded than they used to be. It seemed that now many of the students had taken up residence there. Which was, Valerie had to admit, a huge pain. She had decided to train even harder than before which meant avoiding distractions. But with her classmates in the rooms nearby that proved...difficult.


Add to that the fact that the school had to set up her room to handle her newfound abilities and she wasn't exactly comfortable. They had to fireproof her room. Which meant special paint, furniture, to replace or enhance what little she had, training equipment, even bedding.


Valerie didn't sleep at all in the couple days it took to set everything up. And the reason why would become clear the first day she did get some shut-eye.


The classmate who had went into her room that night told her that they had heard muffled shouts coming from inside, coming from Valerie in the throes of a nightmare, and that they hadn't expected the entire room to be an inferno. The classmate had just barely avoided being struck by a pillar of flames before getting back on the other side of the extra heavy duty door.


After that Valerie requested her room be soundproofed.


And still more bad news continued to pile on. The villains had a multitude of hostages. And a "city" of their own. Just knowing that they were there, right there, and Valerie wasn't doing anything to stop them put her on edge. So she did what she could. She trained. And trained. And built up an anger in her that she only barely managed to keep from leaking out into the public eye.


She had to be a hero still. She had to keep it together.


But she wanted nothing more than to burn this "Star Killer City" to the ground.

#7122702 Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 11 October 2018 - 06:07 PM



Penelope hesitated as Gunther, once again, left. Thankfully Alois chose to go follow him. "Did he understand my concerns after all?"
It came as a relief, either way, and Penelope was able to honestly smile at Tsetseg's comment. "Why, yes, I bet if I planted you into the ground you'd sprout branches in no time!" This girl was far too fun to have around...
The princess almost giggled at Licorice's response. The fox was getting more into it than she even probably realized. "Well, I suppose the main thing to discover is if Proteans came first. It seems many theories hinge on what people were the first."
She listened intently to Edrick's story and, indeed, it sounded familiar. Though there were some differences from the version she heard, which Penelope found odd. Shouldn't something so important to their faith be more certain? "Isn't that odd?" Penelope said. "That there would be multiple versions of the same story? How can someone be so certain of a religion that doesn't even know how it started for sure?"
Things went on relatively peacefully until it was finally time to go to sleep. Penelope made sure to playfully scold Gunther and Alois about the proper way to stand guard, and proper form, before she waved to them and went off to bed.



Gunther gave the frog Protean a brief nod as he noticed where the man had chosen to set up. Though, given the somewhat interested expression he had about what Edrick was doing, Gunther hesitantly suggested he go closer inside to hear it better. After all, Gunther had come here in order to not overhear the story.
It wasn't long until Alois joined him and the knight gave him an awkward greeting. He wasn't sure how it must have looked for him to walk out like that but he hoped that Alois wasn't here to look after him.
The night dragged on slowly for the young Knight, and he felt a chill as it got even darker, so he wasn't standing at attention when Penelope came to talk with them.
Flustered he did his best to return to proper position as the young Tactician left. It seemed they would be the first to stand guard. Which was fine by Gunther. He was relieved to know Catriona had taken his suggestion of double guard duty seriously.
It had been some time with the both of them standing guard, occasionally making brief patrols, but winding up in generally the same area in between said patrols. It was during one of the meet ups that Gunther, feeling uncomfortable in the graveyard and wondering if Alois was as well, coughed and mentioned. "So, uh...guard duty, hey?"
...That was rather stupid wasn't it. Gunther ran a hand through his hair and turned away from the Fighter.
"Yeah. Guard duty. Hi. Gotta make sure none of these flies or bugs get inside."

Gunther gave a half-chuckle, unsure if the young man was joking or not. "I suppose you must find it silly, needing two guards in a place like this. It's not as though the graves are filled with assassins."

Alois shrugged, joking, "well, we're at a dark, ominous and old place so, I take it weird things are bound to happen still. They always do. And who better to keep watch at a place for that then us?"

"Mm, I suppose that's true. Though Shiro and Link likely would evoke more confidence than me....Especially given what happened last time we were on our own."

"Those two?" Alois raised an eyebrow, before saying, "I'd rather have someone on watch I can hear if things go wrong." Chuckling he joked, "I suppose that'd make Ciela the best person to have on watch."

Gunther finally cracked a smile. "Yes, I suppose if we needed an alarm she'd be the best to go to." He glanced back, as if worried he'd be overheard, "Not that...there's nothing wrong with...So, uh, anyway. I've been wondering. When you left dinner earlier..." He left the question of why hanging.

"Well, had to get some fresh air after being in that building for so long. And I wasn't too keen on having a story time right then. And you?"

Gunther frowned. Right to it then...With a sigh he began his fumbling reply. "I don't need to hear Pontic lies. The 'faithful' of the Goddess...whatever they say created this world is just their excuse for the vile crimes they commit." Once he got started Gunther found he couldn't keep the bitterness out of his voice.

"That so?" Alois's usual smirk seemed to level out to a more neutral expression as he could hear the tone shift in Gunther's voice. "Well, that's probably true." Alois seemed to think to himself for a moment, before saying, "can't really say I get it anyway. If someone's so into not letting people die then why go out of your way to kill others, right?"

Gunther winced. "Yes...there's...too much needless killing where Pontics are concerned." Gunther said, his voice a low rumble.

"Well, if Eddy's a prime example of your classic Pontic, they're at the least way too loud about it," Alois joked.

"That's what worries me..."

Alois let out a long sigh before saying, "well, take it from me. Worries and getting annoyed will only do you harm if you keep 'em to yourself. That's why you gotta do what I do, and be direct about it to the source." Looking to the side he said, "or just make fun of it enough that they get the message."

Gunther merely grunted and gave a nod. Alois wouldn't understand fully...not unless Gunther explained what happened to his father. Then again...perhaps he'd say he was holding a grudge needlessly. At times it certainly felt...off to feel this way. But, no, he couldn't say it. Not out loud. Not now.
They had fallen mostly silent for the rest of their watch. Gunther and Alois switched off on patrolling around the building and it seemed that nothing was going to happen...but, as the two met for another switch-off, it changed.

Gunther's eyes widened. Though he felt fear grip at him he had just enough courage to try and joke, "Looks like all the strange things happen to us doesn't it?"

Nonetheless the weirdness ended as fast as it had began...but what came next was worse. Rather than a disturbing weirdness now before them was a very clear threat. Many figures, seemingly unnatural, approaching and fast. "Alois..." Gunther choked out, gripping his lance and moving into position in front of the entrance. "Warn the others, battle is about to be upon us."

#7122695 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Vernal Ventures [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 11 October 2018 - 04:49 PM

Cassidy was happy to see that they had gotten a second member so quickly. Or, she should be happy. But she just felt even more awkward than before. She would have to get this over with so she could move on she supposed.


The reminder about her lack of arms didn't help much. "Yeah, awkward." Cassidy said, narrowing her eyes at the rude bear. "Don't complain to me about coordination you know how weird it is to move around without limbs?" She let out a sigh and floated lower, the closest thing she could get to slumping shoulders, before perking back up. "Right, so we've got our group. Come on....team, lets go tell those stupid ad....uh, the guild leaders we're ready to take on this test."


As she floated on towards the Heliolisk and Noivern, with the others in tow, she called out behind her. "I'm Cassidy. I guess we're going to be working together when we get into this guild anyway so probably should know each other's names....though I guess you're Stufful and you're...Doduo, right?"

She had almost forgotten that most of the people here just went by their species name. How confusing must that be in a large family. She cast a sidelong glance at the two, wondering if they were going to mock her about her Human name like some others had. Group or not she'd not let that go easily.


"Oh and, Doduo guy, hope you've got a sturdy body, the only way we're going to get you up high enough is by gettin a bit rough."

#7122550 Black's White Hot Blacklocke

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 10 October 2018 - 09:08 PM



Also that Heat Crash makes me laugh way more than it should

#7122529 Super Showdown Society

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 10 October 2018 - 07:39 PM

And we have




Me vs @Catman25

@Mr Dr Professor Spaz vs @Reptilious

@Mauvache vs @Yui

@Chaos Sonic vs @Faytl


Note: I haven't made teams yet oops. But shouldn't take me too long.

Remember if people take too long without proof of attempting to battle DQs will happen.

#7122480 Post and I'll respond with a random Enguin quote

Posted by God Emperor Cow on 10 October 2018 - 01:51 PM

The dual nature of Enguin is a sight to behold

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