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So about those spambots

10 January 2019 - 05:26 PM

Yeah not gonna bother asking to post this.
Ya know how we got so many spambots?

Our spam monitoring service has been disabled for weeks. Forcing us to constantly be checking and removing spam.

I messaged ycmaker several times and even after bringing the site back he hasn't responded nor fixed it

So basically have fun with the spambots ycmaker way to drive away the people protecting your ass

Grand Gamecube Tournament [Nominations Closed]

22 December 2018 - 01:23 AM

So I thought about which would be the best one to do next and honestly I kind of just...felt like doing this. It'll be similar to the N64 one except that it'll be Gamecube games instead.


Participants (32/32)


Post Your Pets

22 December 2018 - 12:29 AM

Okay so I was gonna post another pet picture in the other thread but then realized this might be good to keep around.


Here you may post pictures of pets, past and present, you or someone you know own.


Like so

Boo In A Blanket

Me When A RPer Starts Missing Post Deadlines

04 December 2018 - 07:34 PM


(video seems bit distorted at the start)

Top Five Weirdest Things I Found In The Parking Lot At Work

25 November 2018 - 12:53 AM

Yeah that's a mouthful. Anyway. So I, for a couple years, did carry-out at work. I cashier now but I also do carry-out. What that means is basically I bring in the carts and help people load things in their cars all day (and some more but that's the main thing). So I'm out in the parking lot 90% of the day. And there are some...odd things that I come across.


Note: I may have forgotten some things that were weirder these are the ones that first came to mind.


#5: The fight against alcoholism never ends.

Around the first month of working there I was with one of the other carry-outs by one of the cart corrals (Big, steel, canopies where people are supposed to leave their carts).

I noticed a full six pack of beer, unopened, next to one of the trash cans. I can only assume someone decided that their husband/wife/etc needed to cut back. I let the other carry-out deal with it...which he apparently did by putting it in his car. I wouldn't trust it but he didn't die so....


#4: Winter is coming, who needs to keep things chill?

This one was tonight. At around 7-8 PM I was going to a cart corral to grab a line of carts when, in the dark, in the rain, I noticed a dark object. Thinking maybe it was a box someone left (people like to, if something doesn't quite fit in their car, take it out of the box and dump said box in the parking lot) I went over to grab it.

It was a mini fridge. I stared at it for a bit wondering if I should open it. What if there was like...a head or an animal in it? I decided just to open it and let whatever happens happen. It was...empty. And clean. In fact except for the area around the cord, which was a bit dirty, it was perfectly clean. I brought it back to receiving so they could figure out how to dispose of it (It's not even a brand we sell) and one of the guys plugged it in.

It was fully functional.

I don't know what prompted someone to dump a usable fridge in the parking lot but now it's in our used appliances area. My first thought was perhaps someone took it out to load something and forgot but it was actually INSIDE the corral, not just next to it.


#3: This is either a sad or creepy story.

I can't remember exactly when this was. Sometime in my first year of working though. It wasn't the winter, either. In any case I found this after close, after all the customers were gone, when I was doing a final check for carts.

By one of the light posts was one of those lunch box cooler things. It seemed so...intentionally placed that, in my tired and hungry mind, my first thought was that it might be a bomb.

So of course I check. No noise, nudged it, nothing. Opened it up.

It was filled with baby clothing. I am not even sure I want to know what happened here but I still wonder about it to this day.


#2: With legs like these who needs a hunting license.

This was sometime last year. I found, in one of the parking spaces, a severed deer leg. Now, this is a hunting area, it's not entirely surprising that perhaps it fell from someone's truck (still weird). But the oddest part of this, for me, was that the SECOND deer leg was found in a completely different parking space. Maybe the deer wanted to go for one last run. I can't help but wonder where the other two legs were.


Now, how do you top animal parts? Well, with more animal parts of course!


#1: That's...not ice.

This was during my first Winter at the job. Nearer to the end of Winter. There was snow and ice around but it wasn't as prevalent as earlier in the year. About the first hour of my shift. I was heading over to one of the farther corrals which was pretty full. I noticed that one of the carts inside the corral, at the end of a row of them, had what I thought was a large chunk of ice. Thought that was odd but maybe it fell in somehow.

So I went over to it to pick it up and toss it aside. Only when I leaned in I noticed...fur?

Upon closer inspection I realized that it was a chunk of frozen deer carcass. It seemed to be some fur, bone, and a bit of meat, probably about two feet long. Somebody took it off their vehicle, put it in a cart, and pushed said cart into the corral.

So I had to take this thing out to a swampy area around back and dump it. Since then nothing has topped that weirdness (at least, as far as objects found goes) and I am not sure what could.


Bonus: Drug free zone

I didn't find this but I was working when it was found. A customer came into the service desk area and told the girl working there that someone had left a needle and syringe out in one of the parking spaces. Someone checked and sure enough, there it was. Manager had to come out with some gloves to dispose of it. Not sure if there was anything in it, or what was inside, but I have a pretty good guess.