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In Topic: Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

20 April 2018 - 01:11 AM

Sky Palace Team Showdown

"...That would be appreciated." Tianzi didn't seem all too happy with how things were playing out. Scarlet sighed, picking up the Xatu. Getting an even closer look, she noticed just how badly she had been thrashed during that fight. She felt for her allies plight, but if they didn't stop her ally would be a splat on the wall. 


Scarlet turned to Solgaleo. "It's a shame we didn't get to spar a bit, but..." She shrugged. "Maybe someday I can learn a thing or two from you. Till then, we should go back."


As they made their way back, Tianzi started talking to her.


"How do you two... you, and Taiga, how did you two get so strong? I don't know what I did wrong..."


Scarlet wasn't expecting that. "Well, that's a bit of a difficult question..." She thought about it as the group started walking back. "I can't speak for Taiga, but I've been training for, well, basically my whole life. Ever since I was a young Scyther..." She turned away from her ally, reminiscing. "It was rough at first, being weak is never fun. Training was a bit hard back at Mowloo, too... it was part of the reason why I started traveling." 


"I kept getting into fights, most of which I lost. I got beat pretty badly." She chuckled. "But I kept at it, and eventually, well... here I am." She turned back to Tianzi. "Still learning, still fighting." She smiled at her ally.


Eventually, they regrouped with Isole and Taiga. "There you are!" Scarlet shouted. She was ready to run up to her and give her a hug, but her arms were a bit occupied. "I knew you'd find your way here." Scarlet smiled.



After resting, they regrouped the following day. Rayquaza filled them in on their first mission - to calm down Groudon and to get them on their side. "So we just gotta knock some sense into Groudon?" She said, a tinge of excitement in her voice. "Sounds dangerous. When do we head out?"




Northshore Team Karaoke

As Lok slowly made his way back onto the battlefield, he could see Nikora's eyes lock with his. The little stand off didn't last long as Nikora send two pulses of dark energy at the boy - one aimed right at him, the other aimed at the stone he had used before. As quickly as he could, Lok sidestepped the blast coming towards him, although in doing so he stumbled onto the ground. Luckily, it seemed like his attention was split among the others. As Lok picked himself up from the ground, he saw Nikora's attention focused on Nine. Lok's gaze shifted from Nikora to Gwen, who seemed out of it. Near Gwen was the Blitzle...


"If you won't listen to reason... we'll have to stop you ourselves!" Lok shouted, firing a wild Thunderbolt at the Godslayer as he made his way closser. As he shouted, he felt a cool breeze blow by him, his feet moving faster. He felt adrenaline flow through his blood as the lighting crackled around his arm. 

In Topic: Pokemon: Mind and Soul [IC/PG-13/Not Accepting]

20 April 2018 - 12:39 AM




"Not... quite what I was asking for." Ivan said as the man pointed them to the Daycare. He simply shrugged - it didn't really matter to him, as long as he could get his Pokemon healed. As they made their way towards the Daycare, Ivan noticed why the man had pointed them towards the Daycare; there wasn't a Pokemon Center in sight. 


Jacklyn, as always, darted right into the Daycare. Ivan almost entered the building when he suddenly turned to Genny. She had been really tense ever since they came here, almost tense. It had been bugging him slightly ever since they came into the town - he wondered what she thought of him. If seeing this town put her this tense... it was a good thing she didn't know about his past. "Hey, quit lookin' so tense already!" Ivan shook his head. "We'll be in and out of this stand asap, aight? Ya makin' me nervous too!" Taking a deep breath, he took out his comb and combed back his hair. His eyes shifted from Genny's to her Popplio's, which seemed to be locked in an iron grip. "Also, ya might wanna loosen up a bit." He said, turning around while pocketing the comb. "I don't think... uh... Etoile, appreciates you gripping 'er so hard." He scolded her, before making his way into the Daycare. 

In Topic: Some Dork Does Various Pokemon Nuzlockes [Current = Randomized Platinum Moemon]

18 April 2018 - 10:57 PM

I made the terrible mistake of not commenting this while I was playing, so now I have to think of sh​it to go with the pictures. Whoops. 

Anyways, what's special about this is that me and @Yui are using the same seed for our runs! Woo~

Adventure Ho!

Random Plat Moemon Ep 1 - Ice Punch

In Topic: Some Dork Does Various Pokemon Nuzlockes [Current = Randomized Platinum Moemon]

18 April 2018 - 12:56 AM

sup reptile


I should probably do Locke & Load work again tbh. Insurgence hasn't been going so hot because of the different format, but that's not about this thread here. You should play not a gen 2 game. I'll play the same one if you do.

After talking with Yui, I've decided to retool the thread a bit and do a different run alongside side him - Randomized Platinum Moemon. Using the same seed and everything, so it should be neat to see how it plays out. Will update with stuff at some point this week



Why does everyone want to randomize stats and moves too


because it's SPICY

In Topic: mods are offline, post gifs

16 April 2018 - 06:52 PM