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red fish
blue fish

one fish

two fish

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23 December 2018 - 07:48 PM

im interested, hit me up boiiiiiii

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Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup and F-Zero GX

fast games only

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"It is really good," Terro added as he took another handful, chewing on them more. "What other kind of foods are here?"


"There's fruits like apples! And pears! And, uh..." He thought about it for a sec, taking another pair of chips out the bowl. Asuka returned with some cheesecake. She then went on and explain basic culinary principles to Terro, before Ino came along.


"Geez...why do you guys have to talk about that kinda stuff at a party?  Lighten up!  You guys should dance!"


"Dance?" Isami said out loud, tilting his head. It was a party, but dancing was not something Isami had considered. He wasn't much of a dancer, having danced a grand total of two times in his life. Isami chuckled softly. "I guess I can try that. Never been much of a dancer though." He said, rubbing the back of his head. He scanned the room to see if anyone wanted to dance, before swiftly deciding that he'd wait for someone to ask him, or until it got awkward. Whichever came first.


He, however, didn't want to just stand there. Instead, he opted to head over to the punch table to get himself some punch. Maybe someone would ask him there.