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A sprite you say?


#7069402 Pokemon: Mind and Soul [IC/PG-13/Not Accepting]

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As the elevator doors opened, he was greeted by the sight of other people picnicking, some of them taking photos. Ivan took a deep sigh, realizing his mistake when coming up here. Still, there were some vending machines with snacks in them; he would bring some for the trip ahead of them. He glanced over at the railings before adamantly turning away from them - he was not curious to know how high they were. Unfortunately for him, he would get to look over them as he saw Po make a beeline to look over the railings. "H-Hey!" He yelled out, chasing after the small panda Pokemon. "Whoa..." While he was able to catch up to the mischievous Pokemon, he had done so right next to the railings, giving him a good view at just how high up they were. Realizing this, he grabbed onto the Pancham tightly. "You idiot! You could have fallen off!" He scolded the Pancham, which only caused it to giggle, responding.


Ivan sighed. "Well, at least you're safe... Let's go get those snacks, shall we?" The Pancham nodded, although it wasn't like it had much of a choice now that it was being tightly held by the former delinquent. As Ivan made his way towards the machines, he did his best to avoid the few eyes that were now staring at him due to the ordeal. He noted that there were definitely more people looking at him than he had expected. Sure, what he had done was a small scene, but not really much worth all the looks he felt he was getting. Something was up, he thought. Meanwhile, the Pancham was turning back and around the other people, giving them a cheeky smile.


"Alright, let's see..." He muttered as he stood in front of the machine, deciding on what snacks he wanted to get and how many. He didn't really have all that much on him, not enough to buy these snack for the long term. As he was making his choice, however...


"Oh, Iiiivan~" A familiar voice called out for him. He turned, and was greeted by Genny, who was making her way towards him at a brisk pace. Was she done already?

"Yo" He waved at her with one hand, still holding the Pancham with the other. The small panda Pokemon let out what sounded like a greeting as it excitedly waved its hands.

#7065752 Pokemon: Mind and Soul [IC/PG-13/Not Accepting]

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Ivan yawned as he leaned on the rails, watching the flying Pokemon wiz by as the breeze blew through his hair. On the rails next to him was a Pancham, staring out in the distance. He was still in disbelief that they had been told that they needed to go in this adventures with partners, especially during and not before they were stuck on the boat. And here he was hoping to have his grand solo adventure through the region too! Finding teammates would of been hard, had it not been for a rather energetic girl who recruited him shortly after the announcement. She had gone to go find them a third, and he hasn't seen the girl since.
"I wonder where she went..." He ask to no one in particular, moving away from the rails and reaching into his pocket. The Pancham seemed to shrug, turning away from the scenic view and towards Ivan himself. Ivan sighed, pulling out a comb from his pocket and slicking his hair back with it. "I guess it doesn't really matter now does it?" He looked around to make sure no one else was listening in on him. Once he thought he saw no one in earshot, he turned back to Po. "We're ditchin' her and whoever else she picks up the second we can anyways." He spoke a bit quieter, although not by much, as he finished with his hair. He put the comb back away in his pocket, turning to the Pancham, which was nodded in agreement. Ivan gestured the small panda Pokemon to follow him back into his cabin as he started making his way towards them. "No ones getting in my way this time."



Eventually, the ship docked at their destination. "Finally." He simply said, laying down in the bed of his cabin. He got up, making sure to grab all of his stuff from the room, releasing his Pancham from its Pokeball. The Pancham yawned as it appeared, taking a look around it. "C'mon Po, we're here." Ivan said, putting on his jacket from the only thing that was neatly hung in the closet. The Pancham let out an excited chant, practically jumping as it followed Ivan out of the cabin. There were multiple people on the ship that were trying to help him out of the ship, but he quickly told them off as he made his way out of the ship. Or at least try to, as he got lost once or twice trying to.


"Hello, and welcome...to Korova! I got word of your arrival and sallied forth to greet you! I am the dockmaster here, and I wish to be the first to welcome you all to my fair city, the jewel of this region, in my eyes at least, New Point Landing. I'm sure you'll find it accommodating to your needs...You may not even want to leave, gwahahahaha!" Ivan was still technically on the boat when he overheard this, being one of the very last to leave the boat. He couldn't help but cringe at the sound and, eventually sight, of the middle-aged man that had greeted them with so much "enthusiasm" - they reminded him too much of those Trial "Helpers" they had back in Alola. He made his way down the ship, shaking his head on the way down.


Ivan spotted the girl that had recruited him early standing in the crowd, next to her another girl that he could only assume was his other partner. She seemed tall, having to crouch down to Jacklyn's level to meet eye to eye. "Yo! Jacklyn!" He shouted, walking towards the girl and waving. When he finally did walk up to the two girls, he turned to the taller one. "So this is our third, eh?"


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As he saw the two clones attack him, Isami quickly transformed into a normal sized snake, dodging both of the attacks. However, as he prepared to regrow and counter attack, the original Shin had launched a series of ninja stars at him. Isami tried to dodge the onslaught of stars coming his way, but two of the six had managed to hit him. Luckily, one of them had only grazed his cheek a bit, but the other one had struck right on his tail, leaving a notable gash on the side of it. Isami winced in pain, before turning into a much larger snake, launching himself upward to try and attack the red clone.
The red shin had seen this coming, raising his arms to block the uppercut. Meanwhile, the Yellow Shin would be found laughing. "Ooooohhhh! Nice hit there, Snake Guy!" The red shin, however, didn't seem to find anything about the situation funny.
"WHO'S SIDE ARE YOU ON, IDIOT?!" The Red Shin shouted. Meanwhile, Isami turned back into his small snake, constricting around the Red Shin's arms. "THE HELL?! OH FOR FUC​K'S SAKE!!!" Red Shin shouted, which only seemed to make the Yellow Shin laugh more. "Quit your laughing...AND HELP ME, YOU IDJIT!!"


"Okie dokie!" Yellow Shin said happily, as he begins to try and grab a hold of Isami's tail.


"Careful! He's been crafty thus far." The Original Shin simply said, making his way towards the group. Things weren't looking very good for Isami, as he felt the Red Shin's attempts to break free. Not thinking much about it, he tried to swipe his tail at the Yellow Shin.


"Hehehe, oooohhh he sure is feisty!!" Yellow Shin laughed as he moved some and kept trying to grab at Isami. "Hold him still, will ya?"


"DON'T YOU THINK I'M TRYING!?" the Red Shin shouted in a furious manner. As Isami continued to try and swipe at the Yellow Shin, his hold on the Red Shin was starting to weaken. It didn't take much longer for the Red Shin to break away from Isami's hold, causing him to drop to the ground. "Okay, that's it! I'm steppin' on this dumb thing!" Red Shin shouts, preparing to step on Isami. He froze as he saw the foot approach him, his life flashing before his eyes. However, the foot suddenly stopped.


"NO! We'll kill him if we do that!" Yellow Shin protested.


The Original Shin sighed as he moved and reached down to grab Isami. "He's right. Killing isn't the best way to be a hero, nor win the tournament." he sighed. Isami was in too much shock to protest as the boy grabbed the snake. He turned to look at the Shin that was holding him, his eyes filled with fear. At least he hadn't been stepped on.


#7063417 [OOC][PG-16][Started][Not Accepting] Persona: Philosophy of Man | Co-hosted b...

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Noting interest. 

#7062807 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

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"You're late." he said, shaking his head slightly. "Now we can finally get started on this match."

"Sorry about that! Hehe..." There wasn't much time for chit chat, however, as the battle started. Isami watched as Shin walked towards him slowly, almost like a stroll. However, as he got closer, he seemed to make copies of himself in different outfits. It was a bit intimidating, especially when the three of them started running towards him simultaneously. He started backing up a bit, before taking a deep breath. He focused his attention on the original one and, as they got closer to him, he started slithering towards the one he was focusing on. As the two got closer, he quickly shifted into his snake form, slithering between the boys legs and stopping behind him, before returning to his half snake form he had at the start of the battle. 

#7055296 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

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As he was dazing off at the clouds, he heard something in the distance that broke his attention away from the clouds. He had dozed off a bit while day dreaming. Checking his watch, he let out a gasp in horror at the realization that he was, in fact, late for his match. Getting up, he made his way towards the arena as quickly as possible. He made a quick stop to one of the restrooms to properly change into his hero costume before going to the arena.


He arrived at the arena in his half-snake form, panting from the mad dash he had made to get here. Luckily, it seemed like he wasn't so late that he was disqualified. "I-I'm... here!" He exclaimed, kneeling over a bit to catch his breath. "Sorry about... that..." He took a deep breath, turning to face his opponent. His opponent was a bit intimidating, although not as much as Gin. He smiled as his opponent. "Alright... I think I'm good now." He stood upward. "Good luck!" He said, before getting into a more battle-ready stance.

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#7051995 Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

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Adarid Team Karaoke

They had decided to keep the lamp, much to Lok's dismay. Nine did his best to keep it out of Lok's sight, but it didn't really help. He could feel the lamp's presence there. Gwen mentioned feeling something about the lamp too, although she seemed to be drawn towards it rather than creeped out by it. He wondered if she felt the same thing he did, or if she felt something completely different. 


During their travel, the group crossed paths with a family whose wagon had gotten stuck. They offered a ride to where they were going if they helped them out. Lok nodded as Nine made his way towards the wagon. Lok also went forward to help push it out, although his contributions were minimal as he tried his hardest to push it out alongside the others. Still, they managed to get the wagon unstuck. 


As they continued on, now in a wagon, they met a crossroad. Fiona reminded Lok of the concept of form change, mentioning that they could do it at Trailsau. They also had the option to pass through Alpha or go straight to Northshore. He marked Alpha off of his mind as a destination, wanting to come back with something related to Hoopa in his hands. The idea of Trailsau was compelling, although Nine didn't seem to want to go there. That made the decision somewhat straight forward, as far as Lok saw it. "So, Northshore it is then?" He spoke up, pointing towards the direction. "It's the only other option available, after all."



Icecrown Team Showdown


She felt her strength being drained yet again as Tianzi made the fire. At least this time she was laying down, so the weight of her hands didn't really affect her all that much. Still, she felt strange as she tried to sleep for the night. As she was trying to fall asleep, she felt something tapping on her head. Turning, she was greeted by Isole, who seemed to have a question. "You seem...strong, practical, why...do you stay with this group?" The girl whispered to Scarlet. It was true that the group that she had found herself in was... unique, to say the least. 


"Why? That's a bit difficult to explain..." She whispered back, shifting her body to better talk to the girl. Her arms made his a bit uncomfortable, but it wasn't too bad. She smiled at the girl "When you've been travelling alone for a long time, it gets a bit... lonely. It's nice to have company around." She paused for a second. "I can't speak much about Tianzi just yet, but Taiga is good company. She might not look it, but she's a sweetheart deep down underneath that rough exterior. Don't tell her I said that though!" She giggled softly, before turning away from Isole. "I don't know if that's the answer you were looking for... I'm not the best at explaining things... like this." She sighed. "We should rest." 


She woke up the next day, feeling her strength back as she did. She turned back to the slope. The climb, as Isole noted, didn't seem all that bad. It was still a long way up, but it was definitely doable. "Welp... final stretch!  Let's get a move on my Terrible Teammates!  Taiga the Terrible's Treacherous Team shall have their reward!  FUFUFUFUFU!" Scarlet shook her head, chuckling as the shark girl dashed forward. 


"Terrible names aside, she's got the right idea. Let's not waste much time down here." She nodded to the others, before dashing towards the wall. The handholds were a bit difficult for her to fully use, considering her claws. Still, she could still pierce them with the sharp jaws of her pincers as she pulled herself up, flinging herself upwards on each grab. Fluttering her wings, she was able to leap large distances and slow her decent enough to get a good grip on the ice, leaving it cracked. 


As she reached the flat top of the wall, she was greeted by a wall glistening from all of the gems embedded on them, the light from the peak making it look like they were glowing. Taiga wasted no time in looking the gems as Scarlet turned her attention to the gijinka adorned in gems - in fact, her lower body seemed to be gems. "It has been years since I last saw visitors and now you are the third group to appear to me in several weeks time. Truly the world is shifting...Welcome to my mountain. I am Diancie, and I am very happy to see new faces. What could you be here for, though, I wonder?" Diancie spoke from her icy throne as Scarlets eyes lit up. They had been traveling for such a long time, and yet this was the first time they had encountered a legedary. Instinctively, Scarlet bowed as Taiga spoke about looting the place.


"I wouldn't of phrased it like that, but she's right." She begun, walking towards Diancie. "See, word around the town down below is that there is a great treasure up here." She turned around to look at the area. "And treasure there is! Although I can't say I was expecting to meet a legend up here..." She turned back to Diancie, realizing she hadn't properly introduced herself. "Where are my manners? My name is Scarlet." She stuck out her pincer, expecting a handshake. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Diancie."



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something something smash that mothafukken like button

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Cute birb

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#7047341 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

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He watched as the space outside of them started moving again as it did before. As they flew through space, they passed a set of stormy clouds, before flying over a charred ground. The terrain had definitely seen better days, or at least Cyan hope it had. He saw what looked like buildings, or rather what was left of them, below him as they flew to their actual destination - a gigantic statue of a dragon. "This is the last place the bombs were dropped. Before the Great Dragon came and forced the people to keep their fighting from destroying the planet." She gestured at the statue. "That was put here after. Supposed to be in honor of the dead. Personally, I think it's just to praise the Great Dragon." She stood from her seat and looked over at Cyan. "Want to take a closer look?"

Meanwhile, Cyanthrax had already gotten out of his seat, firmly planting his face on the screen again, looking at the statue. "Fu​ck yeah I wanna get closer!" He sounded a bit too excited as he removed his face from the screen.
"Don't fog up the screen, gramps." She says as the ship flew near the statue, parking near it. She led him out of the ship and out onto the ground. He felt the crunchy ground below him as he took his first step. The air had a stale, ashy taste, nearly dry. He paid little attention to the air and the ground, however. Instead, he made an immediate beeline to the statue without saying much of a word.
As he got closer to the statue, he felt something in the air, almost like a tingling feeling. The strange feeling seemed to intensify as he made his way closer to the dragon statue in the middle, becoming harder and harder to ignore. However, ignore it he did, as he got in front of the statue. He reached out to touch it, before immediately recoiling as the statue seemed to shock him. "What the fuc​k!?" He shouted. He could of sworn that he had heard something whispering to him, although it was in a language that he could not make out. 
"What is it?" Odine asked, keeping a fair distance away from the demon and the statue. He turned to angrily.
"The da​mn thing shocked me!" He shouted with a hint of pouting in his voice. "And I heard... something." He answered more quietly, turning back to the statue.
"Something, like, what?" Before Cyanthrax could answer, there was a screaming to his left and a man dressed in rags came running out, holding a sharpened rock in his hands. Cyanthrax crouched down slightly, prepared to deal with the assailants. However, before he had a chance to do anything, he saw a trio of bolts fly through the sky, killing the cloaked man almost immedietly. He turned back to look at Odine, who had her pistol out. "Locals. People who stuck around here went a bit batty. So what were you saying?"
"Huh?" He had lost his train of thought for a second, before remembering what they were talking about. "Oh, right. I don't fuc​kin know. It was in a weird language." He stopped to think for a bit. "Never heard anything like it, and I've heard my fair share of languages " He turned back to the statue. 
Odine tapped the pistol a few times, seemingly in thought. "Maybe there's something inside this thing...or under it. Wanna try and look around a bit?"
"I guess." He shrugged, before starting to look around it. He started with the sides of it, glancing around the statue. He didn't find anything of interest in his search. He took a deep breath, prepared to touch the statue again. Before he could, however, he heard a robotic voice. 
"You are in an unauthorized area" Three mechanical looking lumps started flying around them, holding a barrel that reminded him of Odine's gun. 
"What the fuc​k is that?" He shouted pointing at the trio of machines, turning to Odine.
"Looks like security drones, military...maybe." She replied, turning to them.
"Well they're being annoying! What should we do with them?"
"Well if we don't leave they'll probably shoot at us. And more will come if any of them stay flying. What do you think, Gramps, your move."
"Sh​​it..." He thought about it for a second, turning to the 'drone'. He could easily deal with the three of these right now, even if they did shoot whatever Odine or Elijah's weapons shot. However, having to deal with a hoard of these things, which were apparently disposable... it sounded like a drag. Whatever the statue was was not worth it, at least not now. He shrugged. "Fuc​k it, I'll leave yer sh​itty statue alone." He starts walking backwards towards Odine, keeping his eyes on the drones. "Whatever it is, it's now worth it to deal with you shi​ts."
"Sure." she said, shrugging, before turning her back on the drones, heading up the ramp back into the ship. Cyanthrax followed behind her, keeping an eye out on the drones.
As they made it to the ship, he took his seat. "Wonder why they're guarding that piece of slab." He turned to his hand. It didn't seemed like it was burned or anything. "Actually, never mind. I don't really give a sh​it"
"Probably cause I was right..." Odine glanced over. "What, did it scare you, Mr. Fighter?" 
The demon scoffed. "Please! It'd take more than some fuc​king electric rock to scare me." He turned back outside the window and towards the statue. He glared at the drones that were hanging around it. "Fuc​king 'drones'... whatever the fu​ck a drone is..." He muttered under his breath, his glare intensifying.
"You look plenty scared to me." Odine teased, before glancing at the statue alongside him. "What are you hiding..." she says, almost like she was asking it herself. 
"So, where to next?" He asked, leaning back on his seat as much as he could.
"Wha? Ah..." Odine seemed to be a bit more distracted than earlier "Let's grab something to eat, any preference? Porridge, for your poor old gums?" She teased again, causing Cyan to glare at her.
"I'm not that old ya know! I'm only..." He started counting on his fingers, trying to keep track as to how old he was. "...I wanna say like 300? I lost count to be honest, but that's not the point! Sh​it's like 20 in human" He barked, slightly pouting.
"Old enough to be hard of hearing, apparently. What do you want to eat dumbas​s?" She responded, causing Cyan to scoff again.
"I don't fuc​kin know! Surprise me" 
"You're not very good with women, are you?" Before he could respond, she had set the ship to start moving before the demon could sit up straight, causing him to nearly fall forward. 
"Bi​tch, I'm great with women!" He said angrily, but also a bit boastfully. "Not my fault ya keep callin' me gramps! Feel like I'd dealing with some child or something..." He crossed his arms, straightening himself up as they flew.

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You must be joking, surely?


I seriously hope you are the one joking




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Godzilla please don't destroy us. >:

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I got an idea! What if we take YCM, and push it somewhere else!