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Nice profile pic

thanks, yours is good as hell

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approve this *unzips post*

#7127726 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

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Isami gave up trying to find his slip. He must have left it at home at some point. He was pretty sure he was on the lower floor though, and if he wasn't someone would correct him. Terro said he lived on the lower floor too, mentioning that he was there before anyone else. He then mentioned a party, which seemed to bring more people's attention to what they were talking about.


"A party?" Isami said. "That sounds like fun." He said, smiling, before turning to Ichiro.


"...I...dunno actually where I'm roomed in...I...left that paper at home..." he admitted sheepishly, sighing before shrugging. "S-Still...a welcoming part might actually be a good idea I suppose."


"Don't worry, I think I left my paper at home too." Isami said, shrugging. "So... when are we doing this?" Isami asked the group, tilting his head. 



#7126811 #PostYourRoster [DIRECT SPOILERS]

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#7125547 Super Showdown Society

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#7124814 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

Posted by Reptilious on 21 October 2018 - 09:17 PM




Isami was impressed with how much Aaron seemed to know about the rules and regulations. He also didn't completely understand the rules, but from what he gathered they weren't allowed to fight the villains until they were legally heroes. It felt a bit weird, but Isami didn't mind too much. He honestly preferred helping people in ways that didn't involve fighting. "Wow..." Isami muttered in amazement.


The conversation quickly became about the events that happened prior, Ichiro joining in. "I spent most of the time helping people get away... and then I went outside to help Gin and everyone else." He simply said, hearing everyone else. "I tried to get Shiki to hear me but... I guess she couldn't hear me." Isami said sadly. "I feel bad for Akira, though. He had to fight this one villain with big metal fists. She looked tough." He said absentmindedly, slowly drifting into day dream mode as he recalled the prior day. 


"So, what rooms are you guys in? I'm on the top floor." His trance was broken as Aaron mentioned rooms.


"O-Oh, uh..." He said, clearly not aware of which room was his. He started searching his backpack for the paper that he wrote what room his was, although he was having a hard time finding it. "I... I think I was on one of the lower floors... maybe.." He said, still searching his bag.

#7124458 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Posted by Reptilious on 19 October 2018 - 05:13 PM




As Cyan was greeting the fresh meat, Xia stepped in. "oh oh, since you're new you probably don't know where anything is! Well, I don't either, but it'd be fun to get to know the whole place together then! And Cyan, you should come along with too!" Cyan simply shrugged. It gave him something better to do before a fight other than hitting the bar again. Plus, by the sounds of it, they were gonna hit the bar again anyways. 
"Lion's Piece of Shit more like," A familiar voice rung from behind him. He turned to see Aria, who seemed to have a look of pure hate on her face when speaking from him. Cyan smirked, glad to see that she was doing well since their last fight. He was afraid she'd end up crumpling again at the sight of him. In fact, by the sounds of it, it seemed like she was hellbent on taking him down. Good, hopefully this would lead to her being stronger - it'd make it oh so satisfying to kick her a​ss again.


"Lion you say?" Morgan responded back, giving the demon a look almost as cocky as his, "all I see is a tabby cat." His eyes flared up a bit, as he picked up his sword. His grin, however, didn't fade at all.


"Aww, how sweet! Y'all already got nicknames for me!" He said, laughing as his weapon dissipated in a burst of flame and smoke. "Anyways, we should get going. Gotta show the newbie 'round the place." He said, turning around and started to walk away. "Oh, right!" He stopped, pulling out his watch. As per usual, he signed himself up for a random fight.


As we was doing that, he got a message. 


From: Aurora

To: Cyanthrax

I'm still paying you back for those drinks like I said. How much do I owe you?


From: Aurora

To: Cyanthrax

Actually, just meet me at the food court. I still need to eat breakfast.


And here he thought he'd have to bug the girl for his money back. He started typing on the machine, taking his time as he got used to using the device to send messages.


From: Cyanthrax

To: Aurora

was a chaep ass so 5


From: Aurora

To: Cyanthrax

less ya wana pay for min still


From: Aurora

To: Cyanthrax

then its 10 hehehe


From: Aurora

To: Cyanthrax

see ya at ood court


Without taking a second to glance over and proof read, he sent the various messages to the girl, before turning to the group he expected to follow. "First place we're goin' is food court! I got business there."

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#7123870 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

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A week had passed since the incident at the stadium. It was still hard to believe that him and his classmates had a tournament where Star Killer City was now. He spent most of the time at home for various reasons. While he didn't really have much intention to get out in the first place, his sister insisted that he stayed home due to the dangers that came up from the recent events. She even offered to take him to school from now on, although that idea quickly flew out the window once they got the message about the dorms. They were hesitant at first; Isami had never lived on his own, and the idea of being away from his family made him rather sad. However, they both agreed that it would be for the best, as Kawako nor his parents wouldn't be able to take him all the time. 


The other notable thing that happened over the week was getting interviewed over the events. He wasn't questioned nearly as much as he thought he would be, mainly whether he was at the scene and what he saw. He answered as truthfully as he could, which still came out a bit vaguely. Isami was still trying to process what exactly had gone down. Fortunately, no one had asked him about what happened outside the stadium - they seemed more focused on what happened in the arena. Specifically with Shiki, as some had thought the two had at least had a romantic relationship in the past. Isami was quick to clarify that he had only met the girl right before the incident, which lead to more questioning. It was all rather stressful, despite not getting it as hard as he thought he would. 



And just like that, it was time to go back to class. The class day was rather lenient, as to be expected after such a horrible day. Isami spent most of it distracting himself, although not even the clouds could clear his mind this time. Eventually the school day ended, although this time...


"As you are probably well aware, I am Lord D.  The Number Two Hero in all of Japan." Isami was a bit startled, vaguely recognizing the character in front of them. Lord D. went on to explain to them that them fighting the villains was illegal due to the fact that they weren't technically heroes yet. This was news to Isami; he thought they were already heroes, at least on the legal side. Although it did make a lot of sense once he thought about it. He went off, noting that they were going to have their exam earlier than usual, and sent to their dorms. Isami got a bit nervous at the mention of those. He had forgotten that he was going to have to live away from home now. 


"So... um... anyone know what law they're talking about?" Terro asked from his side, a sheepish smile on his face. "I never even knew there was a law...,"


"Yeah... I didn't know that either..." Isami responded, scratching the back of his head. "I just... kinda assumed we were already heroes, ya know?" He said, laughing softly. 

#7122207 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

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Isami's grapple was successful, although he quickly found himself suddenly in the air as Gin's father flew through the air. Luckily, Isami managed to land in a nearby bush, although it still hurt to be hurled through the air like that. Transforming back to his human form, he shakily got out of the bush. "Ugh..." He groaned, brushing off bits of leaves that got stuck on him, although he had a fair share of twigs in his hair. "W-Where did..." The boy asked, looking around before...




Isami watched as Gin fired off a beam that send his father flying, before taking out what Gin had left in him. The boy let out a sigh of relief; they had done it. He turned to the others, who all looked exhausted in their own rights. "Hey, Isami... um..." Isami turned to Terro as he tried to remember Erika's name. "Well, can you two get Akira to a hospital, or Nurse Neko? He shouldn't be walking and as for me... well... the adrenaline's gone..." Isami gasped as Terro collapsed in front of him. 


"Ah!" Isami shouted, stepping back. He turned to Akira, who wasn't much better off, before turning to Erika. "We shouldn't just... leave him here, right?" He said, concerned. He glanced at both Terro and Akira, deciding which one he was going to help, before deciding to go help Akira. After all, Terro had told him to do it. "I think... I think I'll go help Akira get to Nurse Nekko. I think you should probably stay here with Terro..." He made his way towards Akira, his lower half transforming into a snake. He turned back to Erika. "Unless you wanna help him and I stay with Terro?" 

#7122179 Yui Rates Music 2.0

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since I said I was gonna do it, even if the original intent was kinda lost

#7121813 RP Smash [IC/Conditional Acceptance/PG-16]

Posted by Reptilious on 05 October 2018 - 08:30 PM




The rest of the night was pretty fun, going from bar to bar with someone. It had been quite a while since he had done this, and it seemed Xia was a lot more sturdy than anyone he had gone drinking with. He made a mental note of having a drinking contest with the girl some time, although that would be a while - he didn't think either of them had the money for such a daunting task. Even this night he didn't buy all that many drinks, only purchasing 3 of them. It didn't help that they had spent most of the night playing cops with children. Ah well, it was better this way for his wallet.



The next day was here, Cyanthrax awake as early as ever. "More of them?" He said, confused. Just how disposable were the rest of these clowns, Cyan thought to himself, as he stretched. "Well, better go greet these scrubs." He smirked, heading out of his door.


He got to the battlefields rather early, although they weren't aloud in until everyone was there. In the center stage was a rather unassuming boy who introduced himself as Masaru. Cyanthrax rolled his eyes; another kid joining their roster. Why were there so many kids in this anyways? As the demon was about to make his debut to this newbie, however...


"This is my show now." Suddenly, an impressive show of flame and bone erupted from the shadows, crashing above them. A young witch made her way into the center stage, every step as powerful as the last. She even talked down to the crowd as she introduced herself.


Slightly irritated, Cyanthrax was impressed with the young women's confidence. Not many had the nerve to call him a peasant. He'd have to see, however, if her flame would stand up to the inferno that was Cyanthax. 


The demon walked forward, each step leaving flames in his wake. He walked slowly towards Morgan, a grin and a chuckle escaping him as smoke started to peer out of his mouth. "Ah, I see you are a being of culture as well!" He said, a hellish flame appearing out of his hand to form Jigoku, which he began to casually twirl around. "Best showman? Maybe. Your little fire crackers were quite amusing. Best fighter?" He stopped in front of the witch, slamming his sword into the ground. He chuckled a bit. "Hate to brake it to ya doll,  but that spot's taken by the one and only Cyanthrax, Lion's Sin of Pride!"

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Natu shabby

#7121642 Locke & Load: A Nuzlocke Blog Starring Yui

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thread theme

#7121324 Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by C...

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Their plan, as far as Isami could piece together was to hit him with all they got. That seemed like it was a bit difficult, at least for Isami, due to where Gin's father happened to be at the moment. His quirk was completely close range, and currently he had no way of getting close. As Gin's father monologues at his classmates for a bit, an idea struck him. He wasn't able to get close to Gin's father, but knowing what he knew about his classmates quirks...


Isami didn't hesitate, tossing himself onto Terro, transforming into a much smaller snake and clinging onto the boy's shoulder. He didn't seem to mind; in fact, he didn't even seem to noticed that Isami had just hitched a ride onto the earth shaker. "I hope you have a way to reach him..." Isami said quietly to himself.


It was then that Akira shot a rather powerful looking attack towards the villain. "NOW!!!" Whatever plan they had, they were going with it not. As it turned out, Isami's hunch was correct as he noticed Terro starting to move. The snake clung onto the shoulder for dear life as the boy accelerated, fighting the urge to hurl the ice cream he had moments ago.


"Kuro Tora Ryuuga!!" Terro shouted as his knee met the villain's chin. Or at least Isami assumed he did. The snake had gotten disoriented and dizzy from all the movements, nearly falling off Terro mutliple times. He was, however, able to see what Terro was doing and, more importantly, who he was attacking. It was now or never.


Without hesitation, Isami sprung forward off of Terro, enlarging into his terrifying large snake form, this time aiming to constrict the villain rather than bite him. "Hissssssssssssss!" Isami hissed loudly, not really having any cool name for what he was doing. Not that he could even think straight at that moment - his head was feeling dizzy.