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[HS] One Night in Karazhan

29 July 2016 - 02:51 PM

Shit's 12 hours old nobody made a topic on it yet.







Currently only 7 revealed cards so far.


7 big images ahead

That is all.

[MtG] Modern Bogle [tourney report included]

02 July 2016 - 12:53 PM

Deck as I took it in
Edits made after tourney


Match 1 // UW Turns


Match 2 // Suicide Aggro


Match 3 // Tron


Bonus Match // UB Mill


Mind you this is my first time playing Modern in a competitive scene ever, so I count this as success.

I normally don't shitpost

02 May 2016 - 12:01 PM



But this was too good to pass up

[HS]How far can we push Yogg-Saron?

27 April 2016 - 07:53 PM

Disclaimer: This is a theoretical scenario with hypothetical events that you will never see in an actual game, I'm merely creating the biggest bullshit scenario for the sake of stupidity.


Hypothetical scenario: Priest vs Druid

Priest goes first, starting with Lorewalker Cho and 2 Flash Heals

Druid goes second, starting with Lorewalker Choand Astral Communion

Key: When I say Class 1, that means that class's first turn.


Thinks to keep in mind:

Hearthstone has a 89 turn limit (45 turns for first player, 44 turns for second player), as such once we hit turn 89, we have to finish the experiment.

Priest will draw Brann on their 5th turn, and Yogg Saron on their 6th turn. Any earlier will cause them to be discarded, and later will mean fewer spells played.


Turn setup and play:

Priest 1 - Pass

Druid 1 - Pass

Pruist 4 cards, Druid 5 cards


Priest 2 - Summon Lorewalker Cho

Druid 2 - Summon Lorewalker Cho, then use coin

Priest 6 cards (2 coins passed), Druid 4 cards


Priest 3 - Coin, Coin, Flash Heal, Flash Heal (in any order)

Druid 3 - Coin, Coin, Flash Heal, Astral Communion (Astral must be last).

Priest 10 cards, Druid 0 cards


Priest 4 - Coin, Coin, Flash Heal, Flash Heal, Astral Communion

Druid 4 - Flash Heal, Flash Heal, Flash Heal, Coin (Druid must not use any more cards here or the priest will overdraw)

Priest 8 cards, Druid 5


Priest 5 - Brann (drawn for turn), 6 Flash Heals, then both coins (in this exact order)

Druid 5 - 4 Flash Heals (no more)

Priest 8, Druid 6


Priest 6 - Draw Yogg for turn (do not play), all 8 Flash Heals

Druid 6 - 5 Flash Heals


At this point, priest and druid should trade Flash Heals, healing up any Fatigue Damage they recieve. At 45 turns, the most Fatigue a player will take will be under 30 (Druid drawing 4 for hand, having a deck of 26 for 44 turns, Priest having a deck of 27 for 45 turns). Druid will only be able to heal 25 a turn, but Priest can heal 45 a turn, and can target the Druid to help when needed, preventing Fatigue Death, until.


Priest 44 - Flash Heals as normal

Druid 44 - Coin, Coin, Coin, Flash Heal, Flash Heal


Priest 45 - All Coins, all Flash Heals, then Yogg-Saron


On turn 7, Priest began playing 9 spells a turn. That will be 39 turns, x 9 spells per turn = 351 total spells played during those turns. Add the 8 from turn 6, the 8 from turn 5, 5 from turn 4 and 4 from turn 3 and you get 376 spells played over the entire game.


Add in Brann, assuming the game doesn't force end in between battlecry activations, and Yogg-Saron will cast a total of 752 spells.


Thanks Blizzard.


(If I got any math wrong correct me, please)

You expected your old, classic cartoons...

21 March 2016 - 11:38 AM

BUT IT WAS...wait, which one would be Dio? O.o