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Mechanic Uploaded! TERMINAL!

23 November 2018 - 10:55 PM

Okay, after I warmed up to the idea of Link (I still think it's a crazy idea, but now I know it was made because of the anime and that all mechanics actually come from the anime) and thanks to both a crazy dream doing homage in a way to the first episode ever of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters as well as some other of my favorites from that era, I designed a brand new mechanic. It's a crazy mechanic, but I got it from translating a dream to real life (so, if it works, hold on your horses, Konami). Anyway, let's get upgraded, people. A Link Monster counterpart from the main deck is on the way.





As I said, it came from a dream. I was dreaming an episode with a lot of drama. In one moment, the main character, a jumper wearing small fry named Yuu Kaido (who, unlike 15-yo Yugi, is actually a small kid), who was facing a Kaiba knock off called Frederic Star, draws a card he never had in his deck and had never seen before, at the same time a wind blows his hair forward giving him a more YGO Main Character cut (funny scene related to it), and he decided to play it with inspiration from the whole scene. As everybody else called shenanigans and cheating, an AI that was the acting judge shone some light on it, allowing it to be played and thus his victory came. And with that, I woke up. I got that dream, stronger and stronger, the entire week. Now, with the thanks to Discord User 345boneshoss#8427, I got to make the template of these cards in the proper way (as well as a kind of rough draft of the actual card that was used .


A Terminal Monster is a type of Monster card originated from the main deck. It can either be a Normal or an Effect Monster and it has the same background color as those, but its frame has an overlay of black and white circuitry lines. The art had been extended and the text boxes have a layout similar to the Pendulum Monster boxes, with the set number located in the ATK/DEF line as well, but with a different form to showcase both the Terminal Effect and the Download Effect. Like with Link Monsters, these cards have arrows called "Gate Arrows" that are cyan colored rather than red coming from the now extended art box, no stars to indicate their level/rank, which they lack of, and the ATK/DEF line has no DEF in it, instead having a "GATE" label with the card's Gate Rating.




Terminal Monsters are Special Summon monsters, as they can't be Normal Summoned or Set. Their way to be summoned is the "Terminal Summon". This summon is strange in the way it works:

  • First than all, it doesn't require a sacrifice, but rather an equilibrium: Any player can do a "Terminal Summon" at any time during their Main Phase as long as the total Gate Rating in the field remains equal or lower to the total Link Rating in the field at all moments. This is known as the "Link/Gate Balance"
  • In case the total Link Rating is lowered by monster removal or other effect, the Terminal Monsters will be sent to graveyard at the end of that phase starting with the player with the highest Gate Rating total in his side of the field starting first. This is a condition of the summon and cannot be avoided.
    • Example: There's a total Link Rating of 9 in the field and a Gate Rating of 7 split in one Gate-4 Terminal monster in one side and a Gate-2 and a Gate-1 Terminal monster. If one of the Link Monsters were to leave the field and lower the total Link Rating to 6, then the Gate-4 Terminal monster would leave, as it's the only Terminal Monster of the player with the highest total Cate Rating on play.
  • Terminal Monsters have three types of effects on them instead of two:
    • Monster effects, which are the regular effects they have if they are Effect Terminal Monsters;
    • Terminal effects, which are effects that are active if they are in a zone a Link Monster points to;
    • and Download Effects, that are effects the Terminal Monster grants to any Link Monster it's pointing to and that remain on said monster while it's on the field (hence the name Download Effect).
  • Normal Terminal Monsters, just as Normal Pendulum Monsters, are considered Normal Monsters in regards to effects from other cards. Effect Terminal Monsters are also considered Effect Monsters in the same regards.
    • However, it should be noted that effects that special summon Normal Monsters would deal with the limitation of Link/Gate Balance at the end of that phase.
  • Terminal Monsters have a "Gate Rating", which is like a counter-Link Rating and, just like its counterpart's, it's equal to the amount of Gate Arrows it has. These arrows are basically to work around the Download Effect. As mentioned before, this is what bases the Terminal Summon, as the total Gate Rating on the entire field must be equal or lower as the total Link Rating in the field.
  • Terminology Extra (the lore includes them; it's all part of the same inception):
    • If a Terminal Monster is summoned to a zone a Link Monster points to and it also points to that Link Monster, both monsters become "Connected".
    • The network of linked zones formed by the Link Monsters and the Linked Monster is called a "Link Chain".
Sample Cards


I would like to hear your critiques and any advice you have to perfect them (it's an archetype featured in a dream, any help is welcomed).


EDIT: Given the fact there are Terminal Arrows aiming down, I'll add a corollary: Terminal Monsters can be summoned in the ED Zones. However, that's a risk in itself, because it would leave the player without the ability to summon from the Extra Deck.

[Written/Ongoing] Psy-Factor, Descend!

25 October 2018 - 08:39 PM

After being bummed by the lack of critique on my other cards, I decided to give it a try to another idea I just got and make it as complete as possible from the get-go.





This set still has a lot to grow, so I will accept any critic and guide you have about it.

[Written] Weirdz Rebirth

07 September 2018 - 07:41 PM

Let's bring these bad boys back. These are basically random card ideas that... I dunno, they just came to my mind a while ago. I dunmno if it's possible to make these into a proper archetype, but maybe...


Weirdz Warlok

Weirdz Singing Damsel


Weirdz Hex - Lighten Up

Weirdz Hex - Gag Reflex


Weirdz Blade


Weirdz Hex - Elemental Reinforce


I'm open to any suggestions. ANY.

They are Mysterious...

25 December 2017 - 11:32 AM

This is my idea: An archetype that's mainly Pendulums and Links. I know it won't work with the new type of duels that appeared, as those don't admit Pendulums, but that's how I got in the game. So, the thing would be that the Pendulums evolve into Links, i.e., the Pendulums are each a required Material to Link Summon the Link Monsters. The Pendulums are all Lv 4 and the Links are all LINK-4. Also, all Links require [Pendulum Monster]+[1 monster from the type]+[2 effect Monsters], because why not. Examples below.

Illusionist Extraordinaire Murasaki Hot

Mana the Mysterious Performer


[TCG-HELPME] First Win Deck

25 April 2017 - 10:56 PM

After some thinking and the fact my brain can't work properly as of lately, I decided to post the only deck where I got to win so far, albeit by accident.

Odd-Eyes Attempt Deck


About the win, it came down to delay the thing as much as I could until I played Gravity and his effect caused my enemy to kill himself. I'm not convinced this deck is good at all, dunno how to improve it (although I'm trying) and it's a deck that saw some changes due to advice from a lot of people and my lack of money/access to some cards. I will try get back in action somehow, probably getting a better deck. I also have to define how will I play, likely I make it closer to an Odd-Eyes with Draco/Magician/Performapal Support.


I have a second Deck formation I was trying, adding a side deck in case I need it (I DO!) and all that, but I dunno... what do you think, people?